XFL Fantasy Central |  ESPN Takeover with David Bearman and Matthew Berry

XFL Fantasy Central | ESPN Takeover with David Bearman and Matthew Berry

Welcome in once again to another episode of XFL fantasy central I’m your host rod a via gum as you can find me on Twitter at RJ Villagomez find the show on Twitter at XFL fantasy cast week 1 is done We’ve got actual legitimate football to talk about we’re gonna talk about some fantasy leaders a little bit of waiver wire Who you might want to pick up, but then it is an ESPN take over We’re gonna talk sports betting with David Behrman of ESPN, and we are also going to talk to the great one Matthew berry the man himself the fantasy guru If that’s yeah, I cannot wait for you to hear Matthew berry So let’s go ahead and just get on with the show because I know you’re waiting for it. So here we go The time has actually Finally come where we get to actually dig in to some real Statistics from real games and actually break down some real performances. I Just I almost felt like this day was never gonna come but here we are and and we have a lot of great stuff to Get to today actually, here’s what we’re gonna do okay, and I’m good at Oy around maybe for the next couple of weeks at least to figure out the best way to Present the kind of game recapping because look everybody does breakdowns. Everybody does game recaps almost the same way So I like to be the guy that does things a little differently I like to present the information in a way that not everybody else is doing it and so I know that people have their Power Rankings and stuff like that and and their waiver wire and and you know all that stuff So my philosophy here in this in this first part of the the first episode of the week Is I’m gonna actually give you guys what I call three up three down and three to grab what that means is Three players that really performed spectacularly and and could have won you your contest and/or Your league matchup. All right. Now here’s the thing. I’m not going to ignore season-long altogether. We’re going to talk about waiver wires But I will say that I don’t know your league’s setup. I don’t there’s a lot of different league setups out there There’s not even one standard way that everybody sets up their league So I’ll talk about players and stats and points as it pertains to it at least draftkings points But you’re scoring may be different but the players names are I think what you should take away from it and what you should feel That you should be paying attention to are that are the names that are that are cycling and you’ll hear a lot of them especially as the week’s go by and these players turn into either really good players or They drop off the face of the earth because here’s the thing One week and I tweeted this out earlier one week is not a trend one week is an occurrence So we have to see this over two or three weeks so if we get excited about a name and all of a sudden They don’t perform for the rest of the season and it’s bound to happen right Or if we asleep on a name and then all of a sudden they blow up in Week three The thing about fantasy football and if you’re new to it, then I’m sorry. You just ruined your life but really the whole thing is that you you have to understand that in fantasy football and My guest has said it time and time again in Matthew berry. He says you take the range of outcomes That are most likely to happen and you play from there, right? Obviously, there’s gonna be outliers every week of people that perform way above expectations people that perform way below expectations and so you just have to ride that median and and sort of You know live by it and die by it because this is a game where it’s frustrating and of course Everywhere hindsight is 20/20 right? You everybody can say, oh, I totally called that Well, yeah, okay But if you make enough predictions if all you do is make predictions all week long about every single player chances Are you’re gonna get some right aren’t chances. Are you gonna get some wrong? So, you know again just take every piece of advice you hear from anybody including myself with a grain of salt Especially in the beginning of this season Because we still are learning. Everybody’s still learning. These players are still learning systems These players are still moving around some, you know, there’s players that have been dropped in the last couple days There’s players that have been added in the in the last couple of days and we’ll talk about one of them Coming up in our three to grab sections. So all right let’s do this three up three players that performed well above what I think anybody expected them to And and then we’ll go to the three down but three up PJ Walker Okay. Now this one may not be that much of a surprise cuz everybody I think had some sort of expectations But I don’t I didn’t hear very many people banging the drum for PJ Walker and if you are cool Give me a tweak at fantasy acts FL fantasy cast and let me know you were one of the ones on PJ Walker because I want to follow you so I can get all of your good fantasy knowledge as well But PJ Walker the Houston quarterback man, that guy came on and and had himself a game. He was 23 at 39 272 yards for touchdown Passes an amazing quarterback performance in his first game of the XFL season He did throw a pick but I mean whatever for four touchdown passes is still a great performance He did add four rushes for 26 yards to his game And the thing about PJ Walker is that III think I might have tweeted this or I might have just told somebody that I was Watching the game with but moves a lot like Lamar Jackson, you know And and one of those guys were I’m not saying that he’s elusive as as elusive as Lamar Jackson but he looks like he can if If he gets enough reps and if he can play enough games and you know if he can stay healthy he looks like he could be a very dominant XFL quarterback if if he can just get himself situated in the scheme and You know, he’ll do some good things and he already did some great things in the first game but if you played him on draftkings You got 34 34 0.48 points out of him good for the top spot at the quarterback position For the week and draftkings and you know the thing about it was that there was so many people that were on other folks You know He was actually he was over 20% Oh no over 25% own actually PJ Walker was so it was a fair amount The split between him and Carr Darryl Jones was was pretty big But I still think that you know because of the quarterback news that had come out earlier That’s why more people ended up on PJ Walker And I mean, it’s the reason why I ended up playing PJ Walker in a couple of my tournaments, too Because I didn’t really trust anybody else other than my Brandon Silver’s love Mmm, he’s not even in our three-down section because I just didn’t I don’t think enough people were on him I I just I don’t know I held onto this unhealthy Absolute obsession with with Brandon. Silver’s was gonna be the giant breakout star of the week. Uh, Brandon, but that’s okay I mean there’s still the rest of the season I know he may not start and he’s injured right now, but you know I still have hope for my Brandon Silver’s it’ll happen. I promise Okay, maybe not anyways The next the next player in our 3-up section is James Butler Wow the running back out of Houston Where the heck did James Butler come from? The guy just came and stole this show It was amazing to me to to see Him just break out the way he did Two touchdowns one through the air one on the ground and he just outshined guys like Williams and Henderson who were supposed to be the guys that were there and and we’re the ones that were supposed to be the guys that That were gonna carry the rock for Houston, but here comes James Butler right 30 yards on the ground with the touchdown two receptions for 20 point are 20 yards rather and a touchdown and even 19 points in Draftkings and definitely led him to the top of the leaderboard for the draftkings contests and you know the thing about it is that Everybody else that was that was out there that was rostered. You know, he was point zero one percent owned It’s just gonna let that sink in for you point zero one percent Owned I went looking and digging and absolutely trying to find an instance of James Butler and nobody none of the top any Lineups had James Butler. I mean I went about 200 down and and looked to see if anybody played James Butler nobody in the top 200 played James Butler, so That’s why I asked for the screen shot on Twitter I was like Kenya please show me where a James Butler was played because I want to see or James Butler was played But hey, listen Big Ups big huge ups And and if this is not a Twitter account, you’re following make sure you head down and follow right now Alex McKinnon, he’s tweeting at Alex McKinnon XFL that’s a le x MC ki and an O and XFL the man broke down the entire ownership of The guys on draftkings for the main slate and he’s doing God’s work. Thank you very much Unfortunately, I really honestly wish I had the time to compile stats But I don’t and he does and I’m so pleased and happy that he can for us so I’m getting most of my ownership percentage stats from him And draftkings ones for the ones that I couldn’t find so Again, thanks Alex. If you’re listening, I certainly am gonna give you all the props in the world for Being the man in the trenches and digging up these stats. So anyways, so yeah Butler was a guy that That really came through for some one person. Maybe I don’t know – I don’t even know how to break down that percentage But for the one or two of you that played him you probably did in cash, but you probably felt like a genius after that So yeah, definitely and I know that that’s gonna be a hot waiver wire add It’s not one of the ones in my three to grab because I’m gonna talk I talked about him here But if he’s out there on your waiver wire, you might want to pick him up and stash and depending on how deep your benches you know in the conversation I just had with with Matthew berry, he’s got a Two-person bench and he’ll tell you the rest of it later, but he’s only got two people a two bench spots So that’s gonna be difficult to try to grab some of these guys that I’m telling you to grab if you’ve only got two Maybe you’ve got four. Maybe you’ve got six on your bench So you’ve got to be very judicious with with your bench if you’ve only got four even So make sure you’re spending that that’s those waiver claims Wisely, when you’re when you’re going to pick stuff up now. Look at James Butler may have been a flash in the pan We don’t know Would I roster him again in in one or two of my contests? Sure Because why the heck not I mean it’d be kind of dumb To not I mean obviously his ownership percentage next week Snowden be point. Zero one. I’ll tell you that much right now It’ll bump up quite a bit It’ll be people chasing points, which I mean again You probably should put one or two and this depends on also how many rosters you you float out there How many lineups you float out there on draftkings on FanDuel? If you’re a person that plays 150, you know If you play the max entries ya you’re gonna have some exposure to James Butler You just you’re gonna have to do it for 150 lineups but if you play one or two or even three You might want to maybe head yourself and maybe just play James in a lower GPP a lower price you know that way you don’t lose a ton of money if he doesn’t if he doesn’t go off or if you’re Putting four or five or six lineups in a multiple multi entry You know, maybe one lineup has them in it and then, you know couple you you go the other way, but you know It’s just a matter of how many line if you’re playing and how much exposure you want to a guy that could very well not Get in the end zone at all next week and we could say that with just about everybody on this list maybe with the exception of PJ Walker because you know PJ Walker is gonna probably turn into a pretty good performance again this coming week So that’s not too much of a I guess risk to take but again the risk you take in PJ Walker now that he bloat he blew up is that everybody’s gonna want to play him and His ownership percentage will be higher than the you know 26-28 that he was this last week, so Again, this is DFS man. This is the risk we take if you’re in season-long, you’re starting PJ Walker It’s not even a question right PJ walkers in your lineup Don’t even think about it. Just leave them there. Don’t try to get cute just play PJ Walker Especially if you’re in an eight-team League because that’s all you got You know, you ain’t gonna go and pick up a flowers if he’s still available and if he’s made a running back slash quarterback On the off chance that that happens, but yeah anyways, alright So we’ve already gotten PJ Walker James Butler the third up its Austin Pro L man that guy He just came out of nowhere I really honestly came out of nowhere five receptions 88 yards two touchdowns good for twenty six point one draft kings points And you know again if you if you drafted him good on you, if you didn’t then you’re probably not alone I don’t think a lot of people saw a guy like Pro L jumping out to that big of a start in the season And he really he just came on strong and he never let up for for Seattle In a you know game where they really needed somebody to come out and do that the next leading receiver For the Dragons was Dante’s bird. He only had two receptions for 32 yards You know Just there was nobody catching the ball but Pro L. He had the five receptions on ten targets So, you know Silver’s was looking his way early and often Until he got hurt but even BJ didn’t come in and do anything he did absolutely nothing BJ Daniels did so it was all Silver’s – Pro so, you know that Pro L is Silver’s favorite target while he’s in there now With the injury report that Silver’s is is on the injured list What does that do? Who knows now at this point because BJ Daniels is the backup but we haven’t seen enough out of him on the field yet to actually know who his Receivers of choice is going to be and it may not be Pro Li it may be Dante’s Bird We never know. So keep an eye on that situation. I’m not sure that anybody really wants to jump headlong into that Seattle Situation this week, you know again last week it was it was a good situation if you had Pro L But if you didn’t then it wasn’t a good situation And again, we don’t know we don’t know what’s going on with that team And once we find out more I think will be a will be just fine. All right, so that’s the three up Let’s go ahead and move to our three down. In fact, hold on real quick. So Pro L was 5.3 6% owned. So again not a lot of people were on him and and again if you did have him then most of the actually most of the winning lineups actually did have Some sort of Pro L or spruce in there Because spruce was right on his tail with twenty four point three points on the day But he wasn’t one of our three ups because Pro L stole the show Alright, so a bonus up actually before we even move on some more is the New York DST hoo-boy Defensive touchdowns sacks interceptions fumble recoveries the whole nine good for 24 points, man That was probably one of the best place that I had of the week Was my Guardians defense pick and that was that was a lot of fun to watch them go off So there’s your bonus up for the day. Alright our three down These poor guys it leads off with Sammy coats the receiver for Houston two receptions 26 yards good for four points six draftkings points Sammy man everybody was in on Sammy all Season long everybody was talking about Sammy in fact 51 point Two three percent of the main lineups in draft kings had Sammy coats in him So that goes to tell you that everybody with name recognition. I told you about it when we first talked about Playing in these games and playing it. It’s name recognition, right Sammy coats Everybody thought Sammy coach was gonna come in and just dominate and and you know, he didn’t he came in he had two catches He had 26 yards on these two catches, so it wasn’t an actual huge dominant performance so this is why I cautioned you about name recognition and and actually Being very weary of the folks that are huge names, which the next one on our list is as well The third three down is Cameron otters Payne right Dallas running back just totally not used at all to be honest with you to two carries for six yards and He caught or he threw a pass for ten yards So that counted is a point as well Where he actually did anything was in the receiving game where he had four receptions for 13 yards, but all of that only equalled 6.3 Draftkings points. Now. Here’s the thing about a cap. I guess as everybody’s here’s the thing about artist pain though, is that he? He was in the midst of of most of the running backs Because there was not a lot of dominant running back performances this week short of Butler and Trey Williams You know, everybody else was sort of middle of the pack And even even Lance Dunbar came in and did something but everybody else was under double digits, you know The Davion Smith’s the kit Kenneth barrows The Hollies all these guys were all jerel Presley even was only at six point nine points so this wasn’t a huge running back week But even in a not so huge running back week Cameron artist Payne just did not deliver at all. He didn’t kill you completely But he certainly didn’t help you win like a James Butler did and then last but not least on the third down on the three down is Kristen Michael which if you watch the games if you played fantasy if you played see a DFS you absolutely know 100% what I am about to say and that he did Nothing nothing Seven carries For no yards. He had one reception for negative one yards good for a Negative point one performance and and boy it was a frustrating day On the ground for Kristen Michael and that the battle Hawks offense So I mean again that was another one where everybody came in and they were all in on on Kristen Michael to the tune of What was he at? He was at twenty point four six percent owned in the Maine So not a huge I mean, but that’s a huge ownership share when you consider that you know, most everybody else was it was under? under twenty Jarell Presley was the highest next owned next to Cameron artist Payne at twenty nine point seven, so You know Kristen Michael came in pretty highly owned and everybody was was putting a lot of faith that he was going to get it done But he did not for the battle Hawks. So yeah, I mean Matt Jones or Matt Jones. Yeah It was the one that came in and actually did anything on the ground 21 rushes for 85 yards So it I know he’s owned which is why he’s not really on the pickup list He’s pretty well own people were picking him up So but if you started him and or if you put him in your draft Kings lineup You’re actually pretty happy because he got you some actual points where Christian Christian Jones did not And Matt Jones was not even that high own. He was one point four eight percent owned He got you eight point five points so a little bit better than Cameron artist pain, but not as good as a Trey Williams or a James Butler so Alright, that’s the three up. That’s the three down. Here’s three to grab. Alright, here’s the ones to keep on the waiver wire List for you if your waiver wire is gonna process tomorrow or you know earlier today Here’s some three to grab keep SJ green on your radar Alright, the the Dragons just picked him up off of the Canadian Football League Situation and here’s the thing about SJ green. Alright, he’s a great Cup champ He’s a future hall-of-famer in the Canadian Football League. The dude’s got over 10,000 yards so many catches so many touchdowns That he is just a phenomenal talent, right? He’s easily over 30. So he’s on the older side of it. And the reason that this is this gets into a whole Thing that I’m gonna I’m not gonna go too far on because I want you to understand that Not everybody is coming over because of all kinds of craziness. But so SJ green just he demanded too much of a Salary in the in the CFL because of his accolades because of everything he’s just too expensive to stay there now and He decided he wanted to give the XFL a shot And see what he could do in the XFL. He has nothing left to prove in the CFL I’ll tell you that much right now, so he’s coming over I think purely just to see what he can do over here in the States And you know what on Friday’s show I’m gonna talk a lot more about the whole You know process of of Canadian football and some of these other football leagues and how they correlate with the XFL but just keep in mind SJ green is a name to put on your waiver wire list and In a couple of weeks. He’s a guy that you’re gonna probably want to roster on your DFS rosters quite a bit So alright cam Phillips is another one the Houston rod receiver. We’re all eyes were elsewhere Cam Phillips grabbed some some good Attention he had four receptions for 67 yards and a touchdown good for 16.7 points Receiving. So that’s that’s a good good performance for cam Phillips And then last but not least keep on your radar. Dan Williams the Tampa Bay reciever He had six receptions for a hundred and twenty-three yards. He was the lone bright spot in that just horrendous Tampa Bay offensive performance and so you definitely want to keep your eyes on him and see if he can follow up on that performance and And and and do great things. So, all right Those are your three to grab we talked about three up three down three to grab let’s get on with the rest of the show because I got to tell you the rest of it is amazing and You’re gonna hear Matthew berry in in a few short minutes. So, all right. Let’s get on with the rest of the show I’m joined today by David Berman He is the deputy editor of sports betting at espn.com a man that knows where to put his money and he’s put his money on the XFL and we are all glad for it David. Thanks for being on the show Hey, thanks for having me I appreciate it exciting weekend with the XFL launching and it was good to see it looked like it was a Successful first weekend and I know our ATP ratings were good on Saturday and I seem like a lot of fun It was a lot of fun Okay. Look I know it was a lot of fun for me because I barely had a little bit of money on this But you’re a better you are a man that tells people where to put their money How was it for you to experience it football in February? First of all and a brand new league. What was that like for you? Well having in February fantastic it fills one of those voids where it’s you having NFL on the college football season are over and the bowls are done and Super Bowls over and they’re like, alright Yeah, you can dabble with you know NBA and NHL and all that but the end of the day it’s where the where you make your money’s on you know playing football games and It’s interesting and scary at the same time because we call this like a soft new market that there’s many people out there who really Really know and I’m not going to even pretend to tell you that. I’m an expert when it comes to these teams Its rosters its coaches if you make your handicapping based on what you haven’t seen yet Which can be a scary thing cuz you out there and and give the picks give your analysis and you could be a hundred percent Wrong or 100 percent right? So it’s a little bit scary but at the same time it’s one of those leagues where You have to dig for the information. You have to study the rosters And yeah, I always joke about the NFL if you do betting the NFL on Sunday You already lost because everybody else been into the market the already moved around whether with a pros the public has done and by the time you get the Sunday if you’re betting if You’re done you might as well not do it because the NFL you got to get there and beat the market XSL you really don’t know what to expect The heavy heavy action for her sharps, not so much public which I think will change over time but it was fun to at least have something to watch get out and I was I was I Was as honest as can be when I when I gave my pics out on on Twitter and at db1 sports I said listen take this with a grain of salt. We haven’t seen one play of action yet We don’t have it seen any the new rules to kick off the rules the two-minute rules so I’m gonna give you what I Think based on what I’ve seen from the rosters and the talent pool and I did pretty well week one, which was great Just you never know when it with a new week starts up, you know it makes me happy to hear professionals say that especially professionals in the DFS industry in the sports betting industry because there’s so many people that bang their chests and say oh yeah you have To pick my picks because I know everything and yet we don’t this is all the kamo chance you could do all the research in the world and then You know a guy that that was heavily touted going into it is going to you know Pull up and not do anything a Phillip Nelson who was gonna supposedly do Okay, and Landry Jones’s absence is going to not put the ball in the end zone Yeah, you look no further than the late game yesterday the st Louis Dallas game where you had two former NFL right backs That were supposed to they were if you looked at the the DFS and the the fantasy league there was two of the top side picks in the draft and artist pain and Michael and I did nothing combined nothing and they were basically Relegated second and third string for the whole game and it wasn’t like these teams were scoring 40 or 50 points in that game either They just weren’t used. So you really don’t know what the coaches are thinking you know what how mommy’s offense was going to do and they did what you expected and dumped it here and dumped it there and Dumped it there just it was Dunbar and it was artists pain. And you know, you had Matt Jones running on the other side So you really don’t know what to expect and and I appreciate you saying that about his bidding what we do and do not know I saw plenty of handicappers over the weekend say you have to take Seattle +8. It’s the lock of the century and I’m like really Lack of a century on a team that you haven’t seen one play of action yet Can’t do that if it’s a grain of salt now I’m not one that that much NFL preseason or baseball spring training because he just he unknown out there Exhibitions, they’re really not playing or anything. In this case. It’s a league. It’s a professional football league these games do matter and you count so I have no problem getting in there and betting it you just have to realize that you You only know what, you know, and to be honest I did a fantasy draft on Friday night for three hours and when I was done with the three hour Obnoxiously long draft at the Google Docs because there’s no other way to do it I had the rosters pretty darn set And if you look at my fantasy team and the best I gave out there’s a lot of correlation there I took the New York defense and thought the New York defense was going to be good and that on, New York I took a couple of Houston players and thought she seems gonna be good and gave it out and Houston was good so, you know, I value Tampa Bay and Timofey didn’t play well, so a lot of Bets that I handicapped are based on the rosters that I did for the fantasy and because I could’ve been wrong on both ends I had a good first weekend, but you never know the ones over Oh, I mean you have to take know no longer look than at my actual season-long fantasy roster to say Wow, this guy, you know if there’s a miss there’s a there’s every well I mean I maybe got one guy, right but everybody else was just I mean, you know, I did a lot of research and We’re so biased sometimes in our research that when we when we start going down a rabbit hole, we think Oh, yeah This is gold and then we convinced ourselves of that. And then when we go into it armed with the knowledge that we know Sometimes we were blinded ourselves to other stuff. So yeah, I know exactly what you mean Yeah, I always compared fantasy and gambling in two different funds like, you know, people would completely disagree with me That one is more of a crapshoot than the other and like I think with betting You can study game plans and coaches and expected point values and get a pretty good feel of how a game can do but fantasy wise you’re not in the locker room when the coach decides the two deeps and who is going to use win and you Just I call it the Bill Belichick. You have no idea what running back that guy’s going to use on any frickin day You’re gonna pass the ball 60 times and and use is running back for six carries Or is he gonna, you know running run the ball right down the middle with Leggero point we never throw the ball You just don’t really know what the game plans are And that affects what you’re doing with betting and fantasy and you know Nobody expected a team with Bob sleeps and how money to be held with three field goals. And that’s what happened So you make an interesting? Comparison between fantasy and bedding and and I’ll be honest with you completely honest with you boys Betting has always scared me because I just I feel like like you just said like it’s more of a crapshoot But I know that it’s not so When you talk about sports betting let’s talk about some of the factors of it and what you can bet and what’s out there right now I know that I’ve seen that some lines on the championship have actually changed since week one and which they should I’m so But let’s talk about the world of sports betting for those who aren’t really necessarily Involved in it that heavy. What is it? What does it mean to be a sports bettor? Sure. It’s sports betting to me and there’s a certain talent to it You also have a certain amount of obviously, you know luck involved with how the games go But when in terms of handicapping games you look at the sides of the game, you know The plus minuses of who’s favored with the point spread You could take the money line straight up a team that went out right which would have paid dividends yesterday with st. Louis and New York who were both underdogs and getting two and three to one on the money line or you gonna get the totals You know the over/under how many points are gonna be scored and I thought that was the biggest misnomer of the weekend was really know Has a new rules of an effective total so I gave out the picks, but I didn’t bet the totals I bet besides in all four games because I had a pretty good feel of who’s gonna be better and miss last night’s game But hit the first three but you can also do player props and it’s not out yet for XSL but for NFL and college football though a lot of player props, which is very similar to fantasy where you’re actually projecting What a player is going to do Instead you have direct money on that player as opposed to a whole fantasy team or DFS game and I I For one love them all but I prefer the the art of the sports betting because you can sit here in handicap games by Themselves whole raw service roster as opposed to putting together your own Mini roster that has no correlation to each other like who you put a quarterback in in your fantasy team versus your running back There’s no correlation between the two on different teams. Whereas there is when you’re actually placing your wager on a game It’s one game everything matters in that single game. So that’s where I see the biggest difference Whereas your fantasy team could be good or bad, but it’s depending on eight and factors of eight different players That’s good You got a little more control over What you are are putting your money on when it comes to betting it sounds like and that you can pick and choose Exactly where your money goes again versus like a draftkings lineup where you’re right you’re spending I don’t know maybe fifteen dollars on an entry fee and you have to make sure that all eight of those players perform Whereas you put fifteen dollars on an over/under on let’s say Kristen Michaels Yardage total and if you bet the under then you already won whatever the the odds were. Right, right Yeah, you’re basically more concentrated on direct winner loss as opposed to you know, daily fantasy You have eight different players or seven different players depending on what pool you’re in and you’re going up against all the other players who are in there all the other teams that are In the thing and you have to worry about that Which you can’t control whereas and betting you don’t control the action that’s on the field But you control what you’re betting on and more of a singular data point of I’m betting this total this over/under This side or and one thing I didn’t bring up before was the future but the future wagers on You know when you want to jump in on like if you had jumped in on Houston Which I did before week one. I got them at six to one They’re now the favorite at three and a half to one to win the league title again who knows there’s still nine more weeks to go but like St. Louis was eight to one and now they’re four to one depending on it’s a strategy of when to jump in on it and Same thing with the betting line You know if you had gotten in on the over-unders at 40 and a half Which is when they posted You got ahead of the game when they went all the way up to 51 and 52 and some of them hit the middle R as if you waited till the very end if you wanted it bad and Under there. All Misty’s you’ve got the ender and the score was 12 9 so there’s a definite art and strategy to when you get in and out of a bet and Then there’s the holy game wagering which we take a whole nother show to discuss but that’s also stuff that it’s playing like playing a Day trading with the stock market when you get in and out of the game And I I just I have a better feel for controlling that as I do a fantasy lineup Which you’re competing against everybody else in your league or everybody else in your pool? And by the way, there are eight different units there that may all do different All it takes is one player to do crappy and you’re not going to win. Yeah, like a Kristin Michael Negative on my point on my bench it yeah line up It was it was horrible if he would have done anything and I mean anything I would have at least cashed that week. So, huh? I’m telling you. So let me let me ask you because I’m curious How does one get into a place like ESPN and dealing with sports betting? Sure. Well, my original background was in TV and radio doing play-by-play and doing radio shows and stuff like yourself I was working in minor-league baseball for a while doing a play-by-play and media relations I like baseball and it led to eventually a researcher job stats and researcher job opening here dias pan back in 2005 So it’s been about 15 years and I started in our stats and info department basically producing stats for games and notes for games for games and brought an ax show so every life show on ESPN whether it be Sports center NFL live baseball tonight or college gameday every show has a researcher and for those who watch College GameDay and see Christa there FeliCa who has now become a talent on the show pushing betting in Sports game betting and gambling. He’s a researcher on that show as well So that’s the type of stuff that we were doing When I started I worked my way up into management and managed different aspects of the department But also created a group at ESPN that concentrated on Sports betting content and I’ll stress the content part It’s not like we had our own you know, or in our own sports book We were pushing the content for the different shows which four five six years ago It wasn’t really popular and people really weren’t paying attention because it was illegal in those in all states But Nevada the passpo law being overturned by the Supreme Court A year and a half ago is what kind of changed the tide for all of us where it was? okay, now supports betting is going to become legal and state after state after state, you know up to 13 states now and projections to have 20 to 22 states by the end of 2020 That we’re going to need to have a more of a bigger group of people at ESPN That handles sports betting and I oversee choc, which is the digital website You stay in that combat class choc, and I received a datoria of content on that and and worked with the TV side Which I was on for 14 years before moving over to digital and helping launch daily wager Which is on six days a week on espn2 and having an official show And dedicated website to sports betting content. We’re not a pallet service We’re not a book will we create content around sports betting which? Just like a couple of years ago daily fantasy is popular and years before that fantasy became popular And when it became popular those always waves of things that become popular You just got to prepare yourself that you’re gonna you know be involved with that when that comes around boy You sound like you just had yourself in the right position every time to move forward. So that’s awesome and and there’s a lot of people that are listening out out here right now that really want to be the next you and so That’s got to be a little humbling, huh? It didn’t come linked. I do think myself every day that I have a job that I go to work with But I enjoy that I love and purchasing content for things that you know that it’s a different thing every single day But it’s still the area that I wanted to be in and for a while I was overseeing a whole bunch of different sports more you like some more than others And different aspects of the company and and now this one role is concentrating on the growth we’re spending which I’m very very happy with so when you looked out on the landscape of Twitter and and all the sports betting and all this stuff that you you saw out there how I don’t really not afraid of how accurate or how much should we be paying attention to some of the books out there that The folks that are giving advice because I know like you said in the unknown it’s difficult to know who to trust So, what did you see as a collective out there in the Twittersphere? I? would say in the Twittersphere over the weekend that people were prominently right on the teams I wasn’t the only one who hit three out of the four games in terms of We all missed that Dallas hit that played better began their missing Landry Jones, but I think we all expected Houston to play Well, I was one of the few who thought New York would beat Tampa which is why New York was the underdog at home But I liked their defense a lot and really didn’t trust the Tampa offense I think where people missed the most was the totals and it’s week one and people are obsessing over the new rules which are interesting and fun, but at the end of the day if I learned anything from doing the same exact exercise with the AAF a year ago you still need players and players to score touchdowns and there was an abundance of bad plays During some of key moments in the game yesterday and Saturday and coaching decisions. And this is not the National Football League It’s a you know A different league and whereas I thought it was fun and it was you know different you still have to remember it’s not the NFL and they’re going to be coaching mistakes and player mistakes and issues that any team would have in the first game of the season which is why I thought the whole The new rules were going to make these 50 to 40 games was a little bit overblown Three of the four went under the total and the fourth one barely went over the total So and then again The first one should have gone over had they not pulled the field goal off the board so it could have gone either way But the other two games went under the total by a lot. It’s 12 9 in the total 52 and a half So I think that’s one thing where if you were paying attention in the Twitter world A lot of people are touting point two point two points and more points which is why the lines one from 40 and a half the 50s you have to sit back and say The starting quarterback is still you know, god bless them but Phillip Nelson starting quarterback is Landry Jones next week and you’re talking about Andrew Murray who got benched in the AAF. He’s about the kid potentially benched again in the XFL So, you know you watched Andy Murray and you’re like, right, this is not the NFL Anybody might have been a good college quarterback? But he hasn’t played very well in his professional days And that’s why tamp only scored three points, you know If you have to remember that these players are still here for a reason and go easy on the totals Yeah when you get benched for Matt Simms and you know, you lose your job there in the AF It’s not doesn’t lend itself to another chance. I think but yeah anyway Are you encouraged at all by the by how the XFL is actually? incorporating and I know they said they were making a kind of a big deal out of the sports betting and and I think Again, not being a sports bettor myself. I don’t know how how impressive it was that the over-under was listed on this on the Scoring bug but is that anything for you did to get excited about? a hundred percent Excited and I would say that was the biggest takeaway for me Even though I knew it was coming because I actually had many many conversations The XFL and our production teams here about how to how this would be displayed It’s the first of its kind which is what makes it exciting tears You know, we show NFL games, you know that on Monday night football. You don’t see that on CBS or Fox or NBC It’s not allowed and whereas the NBA is a little bit more um Flexible when it comes to gambling talk. It’s still not something you see in the broadcast You don’t see it on TV. You might see it in our shows, but the XFL has embraced gambling talk ambling graphics It wasn’t just having the line in your under on the broadcast The minute they took the field-goal off the board With the seattle team all of a sudden like when they kicked the field world are covering and it’s the ogor once they take it off it was still up in the air and when they fumbled the five-yard line, that was something that The game was I believe was it the 12 point game at the time them fumbling may have decided the game Right then and there but the total and the point spread were still in flux for the next six or eight minutes Which is something where as a fan of the game and a friend of mine is a friend is a fan of football But it’s not a sports bettor at all He stuck around because he was intrigued by the fact that the total and the side were still Part of the game with two minutes to go even though the game was over Same thing with the total in the Houston game, whereas it was a you know, an 18 point aim, but hadn’t been decided yet So there are ways where the broadcast can keep fans interested in the same way that you’re a fantasy guy right So there’s going to be garbage points scored by your quarterback who’s down two touchdowns and that receiver that you had that caught the touchdown Late in the game when his team was down 18 points means nothing to the game, but it helped your fantasy team That is the same type of thing. We’re trying to get across. The gambling is the game is really never over until it’s over so the fact that you can still have a gambling component to this and they’re showing it and Talking about it on the broadcast is completely new and exciting you your enthusiasm has just made me want to actually jump into sports betting because Man, the passion that you have behind that and listen So on that end, let’s say there’s there’s people that are trying to that are listening that are fantasy people But they really do feel like they want to dip their toes into this sports betting world What’s the best way for somebody who’s never done this before? What was the easy? I wanna say easiest but what’s the the less intimidating thing to do in order to jump into this world? Well, I mean as a selfish plug I would say go to espn.com backslash shop, which is where we’re gonna have every single Wednesday and Friday, we have NBA picks columns and there we’re gonna Potentially start XSL ones and we’ve done NFL and college ones throughout the entire football season I would say read read and read and if you want to actually play something start out small with saying okay. I normally have This team over this team Do I really think this team is three or four points better than this team and pick a side pick one? Don’t worry about the totals yet no idea how how these leagues are gonna gonna work but pick a side of the game that you think is gonna win and maybe just bet it with the money line and you think just win or loss or Lay the points and have some fun with it at low levels and you can’t really eat that a lot right now at the XFL anyway But that’s one way to play it or you don’t play the future market and put a little coin on Taking a Houston or st Louis to win the whole thing and watch them all year long just like you would your fantasy team so I’d say there’s plenty of ways to Have fun with it or if they do come out with player props just like you would do in fantasy is grab a player proper Too and and and root for that player to do. Well just like you wouldn’t fantasy. Where’s the best place to play? Depends on what state you’re in quite honestly If it’s illegal in the state, I mean if you’re if you’re in the body anyway Or if you need jersey could be anywhere if you’re in states like California and Connecticut You have to not admit that you’re doing it where it’s not legal So I would say that if you’re in a state that’s legal any sort of Caesar’s MGM FanDuel or draftkings or places that will give you the most options Outstanding, all right Well, then we won’t get any but anybody in trouble because I’d like everybody to be convinced you can listen to this outside of the confinement of a prison so Yeah, absolutely, man. Okay. This has been a lot. This has been great And I think some of the folks that come here for fantasy have been introduced to an entirely new world where I think I’m gonna actually try I’m gonna I’m gonna dip my toes into whatever because I think Tran Draftkings has some sort of sports book, right? So, yep, Jeff kings of the sports book sandal has one does GMR the Points bet if you’re in, Pennsylvania Those are the key places that you know that legalized sports betting and taking advantage of that with With the markets out there and if you decide not to place the bet anywhere you can still I guess the safest way to do it and dip your toe in is to Look at the point spread and look at the total and pick them even without putting money on the table Just pick them for yourself Like, you know getting a pool with your buddy, you know a betting pool and say hey I’m gonna pick these four sides and these four totals your gonna pick these four sides and these four totals and whoever gets the most right to lunch or something like that just to have the action on the game without necessarily being able to put money on it if you can’t because those either Finances or you’re in a state that’s not legal Other places to get information. I I said earlier but at db1 Sports is my my twitter handle and I send out information Daily on stuff that content at ESPN is pitching and just like you earlier today I put the the odds at with the new odds are dough to win the XSL title according to Caesar’s who we have a deal with Yeah, I was gonna say you tweeted me earlier when we were messaging back and forth to set this up but you were like, well, I got a big meeting with Caesars so I’m gonna have to you know, let you and so It’s the whole thing, we’re like, yeah, you never think to ever hear that in your life. Oh my god I got a meeting with Caesars. So you’re just gonna have to hold on little podcast guy But no I’m just I’m just so thrilled that you joined the show I really am because again the the amount of community that we can build around this XFL can only help everybody out and open new avenues because again your your focus hasn’t necessarily been XFL, but you know, Maybe the next person in line Behind you is gonna pick up this XFL torch and run with it and and it just it’s nothing but great stuff No, I appreciate that. It’s been a lot of fun and I think the first week of the XFL was good You never know where it’s gonna go from there obviously you hope that it sticks around longer than the Alliance did and I think the way It’s set up and the hours and time they spent in marketing and ticketing and promoting It has have proved the very good week one at least Yeah, I mean it’s definitely been like you said packaged a lot better than the AAF was and it I know a lot of people were saying that The AAF took its time and it’s it right and I think this weekend actually proves that yes The AAF rushed it but the XFL sat back had some patience and and put out a good product. So go bet on it, right? Absolutely, you’ll have fun put some stuff down Even if it’s a couple of jellybeans here and there Even if you’re just betting a friend dinner Go ahead go ahead and and pick the four sides next week and whoever gets the most wins. I love it I love it and then post your results to to me and Your David on Twitter because we want to see who gets that steak dinner David. I Appreciate you spending time with us I know that you have to rush back to go meet with MGM and Caesars and you know, all that all the fun stuff But thanks for taking some time out and for talking to us and introducing us to sports betting Absolutely any time let me know Absolutely, all right David Biermann everybody you can bear Biermann Yeah, I have beer on the mind cuz it’s a day off David Behrman everybody. You can follow him on twitter at db1 sports Thanks again, David Thanks Well, normally my next guest would not need entry any introduction whatsoever because you’d be able to see him but that’s not happening today So I give you ladies and gentlemen, the definitive voice of fantasy football and the talented. Mr Roto himself Matthew berry Matthew. I appreciate you spending some time with me today Oh Absolutely. Absolutely. All right So look I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you have energized an entire Fantasy football community by taking part in this XFL adventure. So what made you want to take that leap in the first place? Fantasy football we have no inner selves. So there’s that The other thing is is that there’s a group of friends of mine that we did. We didn’t AAF fantasy football league last year and We had a lot of fun with that And so it’s you know, and if you follow Fantasy Twitter at all It’s a lot of names you’re familiar with it’s it’s got fish. It’s my clay Jeff, man JJ Zachariah Tsin Daniel got my co-host on the fantasy showed me. It’s been plus but the sow Leto And there’s probably somebody else I’m forgetting oh right McDowell so it’s a little eighteen team So 18 League and we had a lot of fun So when the XFL was announced we were like well, we got it. We got to keep the league going so so all those things and I think it’s just been close and I think they did the right thing the XSL in terms of Waiting to launch feels like they had a real plan feels like, you know Look just from the first week like it’s real football. Is it as good as the NFL? it’s not but it’s closer to the NFL than is away from the NFL and I think that’s a Big credit to everyone at the XFL It was fun to watch and well I thought so my next question was going to be I mean you you took in the whole first week What were takeaways from the actual play on the field and the presentation and what did it feel like that was? different than past spring leagues A lot of the changes they made to the rules And I apologize your listeners. I’m under I’m battling through a cold. That’s why I might sound a little nasal, but um, I think that you know, I mean I think listen the pace of play is obvious right that that was what I thought the kickoff rule is interesting the extra point rule You know whether you can go for one two or three and you can’t kick an extra point. I think that’s fun I thought the majority of their rule changes work in their favor that they were fun In terms of in terms of the play, you know, I didn’t get to watch all of every game. It’s clear that You know Houston’s gonna be a lot of fun June Jones and that You know run and shoot back in it. That’s going to be a really fun team Some of the Guardians I think I think the Vipers have their work cut out for them And that last game I was really surprised at You know, the renegades under Bob Stoops weren’t able to score more points I was been probably the biggest surprise for me week 1 well, I think a lot of us were expecting Landry to get the start and then when Philip Nelson came in it was just a completely different team So, I don’t know maybe we’ll expect to see something different next week if Landry is able to go but yeah I think that did take a lot of fantasy players by surprise because I’m telling you a lot of the Dallas players were highly drafted In no, what is your team? Actually look like are you or what are you looking at? What kind of rocks are you staring at right now? So my league as I mentioned 18 League its PPR we play a team quarterback So just again because of you know, sort of the AAF and the lessons we learned from that league It’s not switching out and we play team quarterback. We play one running back one wide receiver three flex to bench So that’s our team. That’s our sort of roster set up and My team I went I went with a Dallas quarterback situation so I’m hoping certainly those Landry comes home because Phil Nelson did not do a great job for me I have Nagle I stacked Dallas with with Flynn Nagle. I am my 3 where I have three running back. So I have draw Presley and then I of the DC defenders and I backed him up with Donald Humphrey I thought pumphrey would get enough PPR point to me flex were the most weak and that obviously is a handcuff to Presley and then I also Completely read you stand wrong I I picked the Henderson because I thought he was a better fit than Andre Williams for the June Jones often Which turned out to be right except neither of them were they didn’t use either guy? And then I have I would clear Luis who had a nice game For he for Houston as well Colby Pearson of New York and I knew he had a really nice set of practice and he paid him for the touchdown in week one and Then and then finally have case in case and Williams from Seattle. He was inactive week one. He’s hurt But I think he’s the most talented guy on that team As a past catcher, so hopefully he can get healthy food So your week one was kind of a swing and then a hit and then a swing and a Miss but who’s your opponent? And did you crush him like a grape? – and I think I barely beat him. We’re still waiting for the scores to come in but he had the tip he had Aaron Murray and So he you know, we had a two worst quarterback performances of the league, but luckily, you know Lewis had a nice game Nagel had a nice game and We Pearson had a nice game permittee. Yeah, damn Phillips, who are On Twitter someone referencing the fact that in Phillips was only took one of two players to play a hundred percent of the snaps Week one so in Canfield’s the Daniel wings is the other one So, uh, so yeah, but JJ had a couple of disappointments. He had Christian Michael which you know Yeah, I had him too Yeah, and you know what that is as a as a fan of the fantasy analysis and I put that in quotes because I have nowhere near anywhere you You know, I doubted Kristen Michael pretty much most of the the preseason then you know you go out on the lame You’re like man this guy’s gonna kill he’s got this experience got that experience and then he goes out and he just lays a complete internal egg and You’re like, well, that’s that’s my prediction Yeah So much. There’s so much news. That was unknown about the league You know that was So, you know that that’s part of it right? It’s it’s always a challenge Like I couldn’t even find out the inactives for the for the renegades battle Hawks game You know I Try to figures I had DFS lineups and I had Nelson in a couple lineups and I was trying to figure out oh do I? Need to swap them out for Landry Jones in You know, there was just a real lack of information coverage of the league Compared to other league so fully a challenge so then my question is because of that lack of information in that that scarcity of actual stats and and just Basic stuff that you need to know for fantasy Is that why you think that the major players in fantasy daily the daily side of it? I mean I’m sorry this he’s alongside of it rather is that why they didn’t kind of dip their toes into this water yet? Are they still waiting to see what’s going on? You know ESPN Yahoo! Those types of platforms that that already have these season-long Setups is this why they’re staying away kind of for this first year Certainly I wouldn’t want to officially speak for ESPN. No, absolutely not. I don’t know. Well I The decision process was you know, I can tell you that in general So I suspect it’s the same at ESPN as it is at Yahoo Or CBS or NFL or wherever that you have a limited amount of resources any company and so Do you do both those resources to building an XFL product? Even though there’s already the skeleton of it built We’ve still gotta put the names you still gotta, you know, just scouring and still work to be done Are you doing that? Is it more important to your bottom line? To do that or to improve your football game or make your baseball is ready for launch because that’s what they’re doing right now No, they’re working on baseball They’re making sure baseball’s ready to launch and you know and in Front March Madness like our tournament Challenge game is you know our biggest fantasy game Play, you know a bracket game or on the NCAA tournament than any other game our site including fantasy football So I think it’s just an allocation of resources and how popular is the league gonna be gonna take around etc, etc So I have no inside knowledge of what the decision-making process was. But if I had to guess it’s Probably some combination thereof Yeah, I mean I figured the exact same thing I was saying beforehand I said, you know It’s difficult for somebody to to Get information two weeks before the league is supposed to kick off and launch an entire new product and I knew that no no huge company was going to take that risk because you you can’t You know again Like you said, there’s millions of other things to get ready for and you can’t really say well if this hits then we’re good but then if we fall flat on our face Then we just fell flat on her face and you know with established companies like ESPN like Yahoo! Like you said CBS You know those guys they’re not they’re not ready to take that kind of risk with an unknown League, especially Could you imagine if they would have all dived in with the AF? exactly At least you know, I mean there’s a there’s a guy that did they sort out of labor love all fantasy sports But my belief is that one of the major providers assuming the XSL continues the success it had opening weekend and You was coming back next year and there’s momentum. I believe somebody will offer a you know a Commissioner product for it and Certainly draftkings and FanDuel of you know, dive right in. Oh That’s a good and so that’s a good point too because god draftkings and FanDuel the daily side of it You I know you love playing daily fantasy. Did you have fun playing this first week, even though there were so many unknowns Yeah, I didn’t want a ton of money but I That was good I Had a couple of you know, BJ Walker Well, yeah, I would Phillip Nelson because I don’t know why I’m a glutton for punishment and I thought well great Let’s let’s see this Dallas Offense go and and Phillip Nelson did not go so That was my week one shellacking, but that’s alright Like I said every every week in fantasy in DFS, especially as a new week So we’ll roll out a new roster and see if maybe I can get into the green this time All right, Matthew like I said I know you are battling through this this illness and you’ve got a couple of meetings to get to But I think our listeners will take 75% you over 0% of you So I’m just so thrilled that you came on the show and Gave me the time of day and gave this entire community the time of day because I don’t think you understand the stamp of approval that Matthew berry TMR puts on something when he jumps in and I think the whole Twitter community for the XFL is So grateful for you to even acknowledge us and to play along with us And I think I think you’re doing a good thing for us whether you know it or not I’ve really enjoyed XFL Twitter as a word I think you know I’ve gotten a lot of my knowledge from following all of you guys and so I would say it right back is thank you guys for you know, really grinding and doing the hard work because it Helped me. Enjoy it helped me enjoy my XFL fantasy. All right. Well, we are going to let him go ladies and gentlemen it is The mr. Roto himself Matthew berry the definitive voice the o6l Oh, no, I could go on and on but I won’t because you got to go so Matthew. Once again, thanks for the time Thanks, Rob We’re done that’s it end of the episode. Can you believe it? What an amazing treat to have both of my guests on David Behrman and Matthew very both of ESPN Fame Man, I feel like a kid in a candy store that that just got turned loose with all of all kinds of money And able to buy as much candy as he wanted I gotta tell ya this was an absolute blast to talk to both of them And and I cannot believe that either one of them said yes to this show. I just you guys Just don’t even know how much you all are appreciated for allowing me to bring you the type of content that are bringing you and the guests that I’m bringing you because as Much as you’re enjoying it I am fully enjoying it and I just cannot say enough to say thank you to to you and to anybody that listens to the show that interacts with this show that makes this show what it is because Honestly, I’d do it without you listening and I’ve done several shows without anybody listening But the fact that you do listen and the fact that you do enjoy it just makes us so much more of a pleasurable experience Because podcasters sometimes don’t feel the love and I’m not I’m lucky enough to not be in that position I feel the love. I feel the appreciation that you guys have and And I just love to do this. So I hope you enjoyed Matthew. I hope you enjoyed David Please follow them if you’re not already, which I know you are But you know you Matthew berry at Matthew berry TMR and then you’ve got to follow David at db1 sports You know just so much good stuff. So, all right. Listen, that’s it for this show Next episode is coming out on the normal episode Friday, but of course this is two a week. So this is normal now, too But yeah keep this on lock subscribe rate do all that fun stuff Keep this show moving up the ranks because it’s a lot of fun to watch that arrow move up and so yeah week two is about to come up and we’ll have the previews will have Your fantasy 4-pack and it will have a couple of interviews with some folks in the know, right? To continue to have fun with you And as long as you continue to have fun with me, right, let’s do this all together great week one What do you say we do this again in week two, shall we and in the meantime? Don’t be like me on the last week. Let’s actually make some money


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