Wispy Alcohol Ink with Guest Artist Mindy Eggen

Wispy Alcohol Ink with Guest Artist Mindy Eggen


  • Sherry Woods says:

    I have had zero success with alcohol inks. I’ll try again with Mindy’s tips.

  • kReN .afourthlife says:

    What wattage is the blow dryer? What gold medium is Mindy using?

  • Edna B says:

    Enjoyed this very much. I've done it for years, but never used a dryer gun so learned something new. Do you mean a hair dryer?
    If not, what kind of dryer and where can I get one? Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards.

  • Angela Hartley says:

    I tried to sign up ffg or the blog and there are to many subscription requests and I was blocked!

  • Denise Bilquin says:

    Wow Mindy your alcohol ink backgrounds are fantastic and you have inspired me to try my hand at this technique!

  • Fit Kitty says:

    Beautiful! I love playing with alcohol inks, and this is going to be fun! Thank you to Mindy for sharing her technique!

  • Violette De La Lune says:

    the backgrounds are amazing. As well as the cards. Well done.
    BUT: I wished she used sealants while working on the cards. Because rubbing fingers on alcohol inked yupo paper causes a pain in my gutts. And it's cards not framed paintings. So the reciepient will touch it and probably rub slightly over it. I love the look of the cards, really. I simply wanna know more about about this technique.

  • Kelly Degn says:

    Swooning over these!

  • Elizabeth Eddy says:

    Thank you so much Jennifer! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜I’m so blessed to have you in my life! I so agree with what one of ur viewers said about ur “calming voice” !! EVERY single time I watch ur videos, not only does it inspire me, but YOU remind me that there are truly genuine, caring people in this world!😊💗 The last few years have been very tough. I just lost my dad in August, I was the only one with him when he passed. ( I felt blessed to be with him) but it was hard at the same time!😢 It took some time to be ok with this, but then I found out my partner of 8 years was seeing someone else? So he’s gone! At 54, I’m getting to the age that I won’t tolerate this stuff anymore. Both of my boys are all grown up living their lives, ones 1 hour away, my other is in Maine Ma. 3 hours away. So it’s very lonely! I could go on with this silly sob story, but I don’t want to bore you! I just wanted to thank you from the bottom my heart for keeping my spirits up! I don’t really know, if you know how much you do for so many of us! In the past I’ve never written much to you because I know you get bombarded with messages! So thank you from the bottom my heart! Liz E Cape Cod Ma!💗

  • FeMcBride says:

    These are so pretty!

  • diane zalusky says:

    Mindy, what heat setting are you using on your blow dryer? Cool, warm or hot?

  • Marina says:

    Hi, Mindy, background junky here. Stopping point? What's that? It's the hardest part. LOVE all of them but the most is the one that says "Friend let's have drinks" The blue gold is to die for. Love red too. Actually, what I discovered when I don't like how my background turns out I die cut from it and it looks fabulous. Of course, it's not about your cards. Great job, Thank you for sharing.

  • Renee VanEpps says:

    I LOVE these beautiful cards and this technique! Appreciate the tips and need to break out my alcohol inks for sure 😉 Thanks Mindy!!! My fave two cards turned out being the pink and purple on the heart, and the blues with gold glitter "STARS" die.. STUNNING!!!!!!

  • Roberta S says:

    Beautiful backgrounds Mindy. Will have to breakout my mini hair dryer and give this a whirl.

  • Theresa Pillow says:

    These are gorgeous, I keep a blow dryer in my art room. Never though to use it for alcohol inks. I absolutely love the blue ‘big thanks’ just love how wispy that one looks!!!

  • May Loo says:

    I like the backgrounds you made. I guess it's better to use a limited numbers of colors (?)

  • Diana Mahar says:

    Beautiful cards…..

  • Lesley Dickson says:


  • Lettering By Laura says:

    Way to go Mindy!!!!!

  • Shona Austin says:

    What a wonderful new way to use the alcohol inks.

  • GHL MK says:

    After your most recent alcohol ink video, mine came out to play. And now this one! This is icing on the cake. I didn’t think you could use a blow dryer, I’ll have to dig mine out of wherever it is. And I love that Mindy used drugstore alcohol. Thanks for sharing!

  • Terrie Rodrigue says:

    Fantastic background and thanks for sharing…..well done Mindy

  • Kim L. McDougal says:

    I knew there was a reason I followed Mindy! LOL! She is talented and I love her soothing voice! I can actually watch her while crafting just like with Jennifer's videos! Thanks for sharing these tips cause I'm also going crazy over alcohol inks!

  • Wilma DuBose says:

    Beautiful work💞 I just had a thought! If someone could make alcohol inks into a powder…

  • virginia mclean says:

    these are beautiful backgrounds. i'm going to try it. Hope they turn out like yours with practice.

  • Jeanne Beam says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful technique for using alcohol inks.
    Gorgeous cards!

  • Kellie Harrison says:

    Wow that's so pretty. It reminds me of smoke.

  • Ang B says:

    I love these!!! I cannot wait to try!! Like this weekend! 😍

  • Kim Fehon says:

    Loved your projects Mindy. I too love the wispy look, so I am grateful for your tips on achieving them.

  • Ruth Van Mackelenberg says:

    Beautiful! I’m inspired 💖

  • Jenny Gee says:

    love this effect…the Thankyou card background looks like a wave…love it

  • melstampz says:

    So lovely! Gotta get more alcohol inks between all of your techniques Jennifer and Mindy's I'm so inspired. Thanks!

  • Judy Sander says:

    Thank you Mindy. I am a fan of your beautiful art! You and Jennifer make a fun pair!

  • Se Jones says:

    OMG! These are awesome and I’m definitely going to give this a try!
    Thanks for sharing Jennifer & Mindy.

  • Debi Vintinner says:

    Beautiful cards!

  • madusonkeeper says:

    I did some alcohol ink (landscapes) on tile and used the kamar spray as it does not wreck the alcohol picture.

  • Deirdre Murray says:

    Absolutely loved these backgrounds and the technique looks fun. I’ve got the inks and Yupo paper – now to get the alcohol and precision bottle and I’ll be off! Thanks to both of you! 😀

  • Terri Makely says:


  • Karen Reeves says:

    These are just beautiful and to think you just used a hair dryer! Thanks for the tips.

  • LINDA O'KEEFE says:

    Wonderful technique to create beautiful contemporary cards that appeal to my simple tastes. Thank you so much.

  • Kim Julius says:

    cant wait to try this. Thanks for sharing

  • Brooke Merrill says:

    Loved the demonstrations, but the type of blow dryer DOES matter.
    I followed the directions and on my lowest setting SET of a Hurricane.
    Such a mess and a waste of product.

  • Kelly Ornelas says:

    Ammmaaaazzinng Mindy 😍🥰

  • Jean Westackroyd says:

    Thankyou both for sharing these beautiful backgrounds !

  • kristie pratt says:

    Amazing!!! Loved these tips and the whole technique.

  • Nina Bell says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  • Mark Sielski says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  • Melodie Isreal says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this technique with us. I can't wait to try it. The cards were beautiful!

  • Jessica S. says:

    Your back grounds are so beautiful!! This is the first time I've seen the blow dryer technique. I love the effect it gives. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful cards. And Jennifer, thank you for having Mindy as a guest host.

  • Donna Mikasa says:

    Thanks for sharing a cool technique, Mindy! A hair dryer–who knew? I love the wispy results!

  • kerryd59 says:

    Are you wearing a respirator mask? For vapours, windows open is not enough neither are the paper masks at the doctor. The vapours are toxic and cause permanent damage to your lungs, you are directly above the vapours so are inhaling them.

  • Dianne Baldwin says:

    Hi Mindy thanks for such a gorgeous video. Is the surface glossy so that it spreads so beautifully ?? Now to get trying this technique. Thanks again for sharing and to Jennifer.

  • Sheila Perl says:


  • Gail Davidson says:

    Just gorgeous! TY.

  • Alonda Panck says:

    So amazing! Great tips, love your work and your cards. Such talent!!

  • Judith Jarvis says:

    WOW…these are just fabulous. I know what I might be doing this afternoon…when I get some quiet time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Julie Harden says:

    Beautiful backgrounds, I loved watching you create them. Thanks for sharing x

  • Debbie Bonner says:

    Beautiful Mindy.

  • Andrea Gallucio says:

    Did you use hot or cool setting?

  • Bunny Hoyle says:

    These backgrounds are very pretty.

  • Sabine V says:

    Absolutely stunning!!! Thank you so much for showing the technique!

  • Joanne Hoffmann says:

    HAPPY DANCE!! This is absolutely wonderful and so much fun! I am in love with alcohol inks and Mindy's tips and tricks to her technique have my mind in a whirl. I'm so excited!! AND I have ALL the supplies in my stash plus a blow dryer with adjustable settings!! Mindy…thank you so much for sharing your stunning cards!! Jennifer…can't wait to see what you share!! You are BLESSING!!

  • Lisa Henke says:

    So beautiful ! Great tips and so inspiring.

  • Norine Mueller says:

    Just beautiful

  • Barbara Martin says:

    Yay! I love playing with alcohol inks, but I’ve never used a blow dryer! So much fun!

  • Natassa Blazaki says:

    Dear Jennifer, just read on your IG story, about the nasty comments you got about your voice. I'm texting you here and hope you'll read my message. I've been following your channel for quite a while. It's been a long time since I started having panic attacks and as a result I've lost my inspiration and courage to create anything. Also, someone spoke very badly about my art. Only, that was in person and I can still hear his voice. I'm not writing out of sympathy or anything like that. What I write is totally true. The last couple of months, I've spent hours and hours watching your videos, cause the tone of your voice calms me and I try to figure how I'm going to make similar voice overs for my videos too. You are an amazing artist, your hands perform miracles and your voice is one of the most soothing I've ever heard! You're voice is one of the major reasons I watch your videos over and over! Although I don't know you by person, I totally understand what you are going through and I'm sending you the warmest hug I can. Always a follower ❤️❤️❤️

  • Scrapjanny says:

    Lovely! I use masks and gloves too, and they make working with these products much easier.

  • Maria Nyce says:

    This was a wonderful collaboration, thanks so much to both you, Jennifer & to Mindy for sharing these fabulous backgrounds! So grateful to you both, blessings & hugs!!! (P.S.: Only listen to the positive people, Jennifer, the rest need extra prayer to wash away the negativity!) Love ya, you're an awesomely blessed and talented, brilliant young woman, NEVER FORGET THAT!!! HUGS!!!)

  • Brenda Jennings says:

    Great technique! Thanks to Jennifer for sharing. I love the alcohol ink look but I haven't tried it so I'm excited to give it a try! Thanks so much!

  • Marilyn Bailey says:

    Fabulous video….love alcohol inks and look forward to trying them with a blow dryer! /thank you!

  • Carol Dubois says:

    Gorgeous. Thank you for letting, Mindy teach us this beautiful technique.

  • Shirley Younger says:

    WOW! I was blown away, you are so talented both of you ladies. I need to go shopping for supplies. I can't wait to try these techniques

  • Kelli Hull says:

    Fabulous! I think the channel is Bunny Nest (?) she does WOW work with her blow dryer

  • Sandy Boni says:

    I have wanted to try alcohol inks but was quite intimidated, but after watching your whispy edges video, I can’t wait to try your technique. Thank you so much for sharing..

  • D Skene says:

    These are just beautiful! Thanks for the tips on how to make the wispy backgrounds.

  • fastquilter600 says:

    Thanks for sharing Mindy's video. Great ideas and a good way to use up the Yupo paper I have and all the alcohol inks in my stash. I haven't found a place to buy Copic refills but I'll keep looking.

  • Pear Blossom Press says:

    Oh, I love Mindy!!! These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Desert Stamper says:

    Thanks for having a guest that showed a very unique technique that I'm anxious to try! I've made a couple alcohol ink backgrounds in the past, but didn't use the dryer. Wow! What a difference!

  • Karen Aquadro says:

    Jen this was wonderful ❤️. Thanks to both of you for the tutorial

  • Linda DesGroseilliers says:

    I've been working on wispy alcohol ink paintings for a while. I bought a Revlon hairdryer that is shaped like a curling iron. There is no actual handle, I hold it at the end away from the blower part. I have arthritis in my hands and find this shape a lot easier to work. The dryer has a low heat and a low airflow setting so is perfect for alcohol inks. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  • Helen Budz says:

    Just fabulous backgrounds, Mindy. I'm just beginning to work with alcohol inks so your video was ever so helpful. Thanks for sharing it on your blog, Jennifer.

  • J Si says:

    Love them all!!

  • madebymarshamom marsha says:

    Wow now I need to add inks to my craftroom….

  • CravNCraftN says:

    These are absolutely stunning!!! Thank you so much for being a guest & sharing your time & talent!!! Jennifer, thank you for having Mindy guest host & share her talent with us!! Both of you are incredible!! God bless!! 😃💖

  • Sharon Johnstone says:

    Thank you ladies, fantastic collaboration & what an awesome tutorial and so inspirational that I'm certainly going to give it a go. Can't wait to create something so beautiful.
    I do have one concern, I find my Isopropyl tends to dry quickly on my Yupo paper and not a lot of time for movement. Perhaps I'm not using enough???

  • Positively Papercraft says:

    WOW!! I have to try this! Those backgrounds are stunning

  • Christa Beard says:

    These cards are amazing.  I can't wait to try this technique out.  Thank you for sharing.

  • LindaMaeNot says:

    This was so informative and a joy to watch! I will definitely try my hand at this. Thank you for sharing your skill with us. 😃

  • Stefanie Staniak says:

    Gorgeous! With results of this technique, I think I will try working with my alcohol inks again. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks Jennifer for having a guest host.

  • Tracy Camp says:

    These are absolutely stunning!!! So beautiful. I'm new to card making & this technique is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing❤

  • Margaret Nehorai says:

    Beautiful cards. Question….I have a ton of 4×6 photo paper and would love to use it up somehow. Would this work on photo paper? Any thoughts? Thanks.

  • Terri Conrad says:

    So good! Thank you both Jennifer and Mindy!

  • sacconner says:

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Mindy!

  • Nancy Lynn says:

    OMG, I was in a 'trance' the whole time! Absolutely phenomenal cards and technique, Mindy! Thank you so much for sharing (I can't WAIT to get started) and a huge THANKS to you too Jennifer!

  • Jackie Sorich says:

    Thanks for the great video and super ideas.

  • MegaMiaow says:

    Very beautiful backgrounds, although I winced a little when she said she used copic refills for them lol

  • Pamela B says:

    Mindy, very pretty backgrounds! I love this look. Better break out my alcohol ink and try this technique.

  • Sherrie Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness! I've been wanting to try using my alcohol inks on Yupo paper FOREVER! Jennifer has some wonderful videos using these products. That's the reason I purchased the stuff a couple of years ago. But never had the courage to try it. Well….after watching this video, Mindy…I just HAD to do this. I can't tell you how beautiful they turned out!!! I had everything I needed handy here in my craft room…so I went for it. Every single one turned out amazing. The only thing I'd like to tell everyone. If you purchase the fixative solution stuff…don't lay it on it's side in a drawer like I did! And USE it!! Mine has been laying there for awhile now. The product solidified in the little bottle. 🙁 So I'm on my way over to Hobby Lobby to buy some more. I don't think any of these products will have a chance to sit. I'll be making all kinds of cards! And now I have to watch all of Jennifer's videos to try her techniques, too. The hair dryer thing worked so well. I have two levels of air flow…but I stuck to the lower level. Thank you Jennifer for having Mindy as a guest here. I'm so excited. My card backgrounds look like works of art. 🙂

  • Ryan Salamangca says:

    I hope you make an acrylic pouring card 🙂

  • PJ's Place says:

    Just beautiful!! Have known about Mindy and have seen a couple of her videos. Now…I'm a new subscriber to her channel 🙂 Thanks for the awesome inspiration!!

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