What is String?   –   Shoowaii Part 2

What is String? – Shoowaii Part 2

When I set my Universe ticking, I set the
numbers on the dials and decided how everything should be, but already my Universe has a mind
of it’s own. String seemed such a simple idea. String…
the smallest piece of stuff I could imagine. Each piece vibrating with it’s own frequency
and colour. I never reckoned on the power of sealing wax
to bring it all together. Even I don’t understand how it works, and I invented it! Sealing wax… like a magnet, but with a mind
of it’s own, attracting bits of string together in harmonic patterns – creating chains of
bigger stuff, the building blocks of everything that is to come – everything that I can
imagine, and everything that my Universe can imagine too. If this IS my Universe, there’s not much
left for me to do, but spend the rest of my life, showing you how it all unfolds.


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