VETO POWER: The Only Weapon You Need To Crush Your Temptations

VETO POWER: The Only Weapon You Need To Crush Your Temptations

You have promised yourself not to take that
extra chocolate chip cookie, then, 10 minutes later you are staring with awe at its empty
case… You have promised yourself to go jogging in
the evening and suddenly the laziness monster creeps in and dissuades you from taking action. It turns out that if we could get rid of these
tempting impulses, we would be far ahead in life. The following technique was discovered by
neuroscientists and if you cultivate it through practice, you will be virtually free of the
commands of your temptations and impulses. You will no longer be subject to your impulses. Rather, you will become the master. To inhibit distractions you need to be aware
of your thoughts and internal mental processes. This will give you some room to catch the
wrong impulses before they take hold. This is what happens in your brain before
you take an action: Imagine a simple act, as the desire to move
your finger, or stretching your hands to grab your phone. What science has recently revealed is that
half a second before a voluntary movement, the brain sends a signal called an action
potential, which relates to the movement about to occur. This action potential happens long before
you are consciously aware of the desire to move. Your brain decides “I will grab the phone”
about 0.3 seconds before you are aware of it. Once you are aware of this desire to move
— be it grabbing your phone or moving your finger — your brain has made the decision
for you 0.3 seconds ago. After this point, there is 0.2 seconds during
which you are aware of being about to move, but haven’t yet. This 0.2-second window is a decent amount
of time, long enough for the mind to notice the urge and intervene. Put differently, you don’t have much power
over what you will desire to do, but you have this veto power to intervene and reject it. It would be far easier for you to exercise
this veto power during this 0.2-second window, otherwise, that impulse gets momentum and
much more difficult to suppress. In the words of Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz:
It seems that you may not have much free will, but you do have “free won’t”. Many things on paper sound very lucrative. This technique is quite powerful in itself. But there are a couple of caveats along the
way which might prevent you from gaining the most of it. Firstly, the use of veto power requires awareness
and mindfulness. You can use this veto power to suppress any
destructive impulse — from the desire to devour that delicious chocolate to the desire
of venting off anger. But, in the heat of the moment, what happens
is that you probably won’t even remember that you have this mighty veto power in your
arsenal. Thus, ideally, when the impulse arrives we
want the thought of having this veto power to come along with it, and we want it as soon
as possible; otherwise, we will miss that golden 0.2-second window to use it. The most simple way to gain this awareness
and establish this association (between impulses and veto power) is to constantly expose yourself
to this idea. What I would recommend you to try, is to write
it somewhere that keeps reminding you about it. I usually put such dramatic insights into
the background of my phone. Or I write it on a sticky note and post it
where I am constantly exposed to it. I use my monitor a lot, so it looks like this
for me. Secondly, you have to make the use of this
technique almost automatic. The simple way would be to exercise it regularly. Of course, you know that already. But here’s the catch, it doesn’t have
to feel boring or feel like a burden. You can make this process far easier by remembering
the following simple fact (which is also rooted in neuroscience):
Remember that each time you exercise this veto power, the next time it will be slightly
easier for you to do it. If you follow these simple steps, i.e. reminding
yourself and keep using this veto power, you will reach a point where it gets almost automatic. It becomes a part of your personality. Consequently, you would be a more disciplined
person. So, remember to suppress the impulses as soon
as they arise, before they suppress your progress.


  • The Art of Improvement says:

    "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." – Viktor E. Frankl

  • The Jaxx Channel - Self-Growth Health Wellness says:

    Retrain the brain, retrain your life.

  • başar turaç says:

    wow Im early

  • Zoe Quist says:

    Love your channel! Thank you for your artistic contribution to the betterment of the world.

  • Project Eli says:


    The key to achieving your Manifest Destiny are the CONNECTIONS that you embrace. Conversely, the biggest deterrent to reaching your Manifest Destiny are the CONNECTIONS that you embrace. Thus, it is imperative that we examine where we must make an empowering connection and, where we must make a disconnection from elements that disempower us. This disconnect, your Emancipation Proclamation, is as vital to your forward progress as the accumulation of new empowering habits and rituals are to your growth. Let’s look at some places where it is essential to CONNECT and others to DISCONNECT:

    Connect: A Positive Mental Attitude and a Morning Routine that jump starts your engine. Each day is a gift and not to be taken for granted. Only deposit high-test fuel into the engine that is your mind. This includes expressing thanks for at least 20 things each day. The first one may be that you are on the “right” side of the ground (above not below). Your attitude of gratitude may also acknowledge your spouse, children, electricity, oxygen, sunlight, orange juice, a place to sleep and eat, and countless other things that become ubiquitous in our daily lives (perhaps a dictionary?). Your last and most important gratuitous thought is visualizing the successful attainment of your most desired outcome that is yet to be achieved. Give this final thought some quality time and effort. Emerge from this experience with the sincere smile of accomplishment. Make this connection daily each morning and before sleep.

    Disconnect: The snooze alarm and a morning routine that evolves into a MOURNING routine. Get up! The snorgasm is highly overrated. The action precedes the feeling. Motion creates emotion. Eliminate fast food (social media) from your diet and provide yourself proper nourishment for your mind. The first thing that you put into your body is your catalyst for achievement. Which “domino” do want to jump start your day? The first and final thoughts of the day should belong to you ALONE! Outside “troubles”, whether they are the world’s, the weather’s, or a social media contact must be disconnected until you have your bearings and a smile on your face (and even then…). Disconnect from elements that deter you from your PRIMARY FOCUS. Make this disconnection daily.

    Connect: To a goal/dream that you find WORTHY. Find a singular FOCUS and connect with it in as many ways as possible. These may include (but are not limited to) a mentor, additional education, joining a “tribe” (people that share the same interest), reading, trial and error, and most importantly, VISUALIZATION. Action is a necessary component. Do at least one thing daily that enhances your dream and brings it closer to fruition. Make your connection mental, physical, and spiritual daily.

    Disconnect: To the repetition of meaningless, time consuming, distracting activities. Singleness of Purpose is a major key to progress and achievement. There are very few millionaires that have a high bowling average. Choices MUST be made concerning the expenditure of time. This is not to say that sampling different offerings on the desert tray of life is wrong. What it says is that if you repeat something that is not pushing you forward three times in succession, it has become a habit. Excessive social media usage, video gaming, and TV watching, for example, can become habit forming/addictive. When your connection is mental, physical, and spiritual, a habit is formed. You become your habits and then your habits become you. Disconnect from disempowering habits.

    Connect: With people that are positive and active and empowering. Keep company with people and things that are moving you forward. Find a mentor. Attend seminars and seek out the wisdom of great achievers through books, film, and whatever media source you can.

    Disconnect: With people that are negative, inactive, and disempowering. Stay away from “bad news” sources. Choose your friends and associates carefully. We are creatures that succumb to repetition. Cause and effect. You become those with whom you surround yourself.

    Connect: To your higher self. Connect to an endeavor PASSIONATELY. What is your higher self? Your higher self is that spiritual part of you that connects with the Universe through intense obsession with a singular goal. Repetitiously CREATE the vision of the desired outcome followed by the inner feeling that it has already been achieved. These two elements are the “ignition switch” that incite the Universe to become your partner in achievement. The Universe has no limitations and can offer its assistance through both logical and illogical means utilizing your subconscious mind and/or a series of events that you could neither plan nor predict. The “fuel” for this partnership is tenacious action and inner fortitude. When you become your higher self, you become one with the Universe: the creation and the creator.

    Disconnect: From your distracted self. Disconnect from passionless endeavors. For lack of a better term, your passive self is that part of us that distracts us and consumes our time. Why do we allow this to occur? ANSWER: We are relative creatures. If the distraction of the moment is relatively better than what we currently are doing (or feeling), it becomes the favored option. Do a rethink and favor activity that helps us make progress (vs. passive, time consuming activity).

    Connect: To empowering shortcuts. Model those that have successfully gone before you.

    Disconnect: From shortcuts. Say what? Here comes my inner “Fred Flintstone”. We live in a world where technology can shorten our time frame for many things that we want. What is not good is that there is a “hurry-up philosophy” being attached to many SUCCESS PRINCIPLES. While I may seek to meet my future spouse through an on-line connection, I don’t want to shorten the courting period. Too important to not have all the info FIRST HAND. OR, reading a classic or instructional book. The nuances and creative skill of the author and the message therein must be consumed FIRST HAND. Commercially, short cuts sell. SUCCESS PRINCIPLES must be consumed FIRST HAND.

    Connect: To nature’s clues. Take notice that a child spends 2/3rds of their thinking time using their imaginations (that is subsequently “educated” into extinction in favor of conformity). Observe how a devastated forest or a polluted body of water or a plant obstructed from sunlight adjusts relentlessly and creatively to sustain itself (to achieve the goal of survival). Observe how nature’s creatures follow their instincts in crisis situations. Connect to the proactive “mindset” of the creatures that cohabitate our planet. Observe how creatures can be trained through repetitive acts. Observe that sleep, rest, hibernation, etc. are a major component of sustenance. Observe how CONNECTING with other creatures is essential, cooperative and natural.

    Disconnect: From would-be sages that seek to accelerate nature’s way. Carefully weigh the advice from pundits that seek to “speed things up”. Many of the more popular pundits of the Law of Attraction have “how to’s” to help you accelerate your manifestations. Good in theory, bad in practice. Here’s why: Some things are meant to have a definite gestation period. I strongly advise against manifesting your unborn child in six months. If you are to partner with the Universe and become your highest self, have faith and trust in your partner to choose the correct gestation period for achievement. Be patiently impatient.

    Connect: To the mantra, “Be quick but don’t hurry.” When it is the right time to ACT, do so decisively and surgically. Your intuition, that special feeling in your “gut”, is the Universe directing you. It may not always seem logical at the time but, once again, have faith in your “partner”. Don’t try to hurry the feeling along, you’ll know when it is right.

    Disconnect: From the mantra, “When I see it, I’ll believe it.” You must know that there is more around us than what our five senses tell us. (Can you see a radio wave or hear a sound that your dog can hear but you can’t?) Your thoughts are things. Treat them with respect.


  • TaySqueaks says:

    So ready to implement this in my life

  • Finding Awesome with Nena Lavonne says:

    LOVE this. Awesome advice. Sincere gratitude!!!

  • Karan says:

    I am gonna commit suicide on 1st December 2020 next year if I dont achieve my goals.

  • Usman Faraz says:

    It's basically the 5 second rule

  • Success Wheels says:

    Seems great technique. here is the SUMMARY

    1. WHAT IS VETO POWER: It’s nothing but catching a wrong impulses before they take hold. Brain signals your actions before you voluntary move to act on it. You have point two sec to reject or accept that signal which is called VETO POWER.
    2. HOW TO USE VETO POWER EFFECTIVELY: Constantly expose yourself to the veto power idea. Best way is to write it somewhere which keeps reminding about it. This technique has to be made use of almost automatic. Each time you exercise this veto power, the next time it will be slightly easier for you to do it.
    3. Eventually it will become part of personality by increasing discipline.

    As always my crazy passion is to share summaries like started doing it on my channel with PDF summaries 🙌
    Can't wait to implement this technique to see the magic 😀

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    Inch by inch life is a sinch – yard by yard life is hard

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    Huh this is good advice

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  • Winston Smith says:

    Let me see if I got this:
    Me: I want to exercise.
    Brain: VETO!!!
    Me: I want water instead of soda.
    Brain: VETO
    OK…. getting the hang of it….

  • HellsInfernalRage says:

    Will definitely need to keep this info in mind for the future.

  • AK M says:

    Thank you. I'll use it.

  • J1o1k1e1r The Greatest Showman says:

    I love your videos, thanks!

  • Allen Tolman says:

    taking complete
    ownership of
    the vessel
    is the ultimate
    exploration made
    by curious discovery
    as the interventionist
    that labors love by
    actual nurture as
    the architect of
    ones very own
    archetype over
    time earning grace
    embracing pressure
    as the sense of initial
    discomfort by way of
    frustration tolerance
    expands awareness
    becoming the sense
    of invigoration facing
    forward as embracing
    further challenges as
    surfer of change the
    one actual constant
    searching for the
    deeper rewards as
    meaningful purpose
    utilizing on one hand
    liberating light whilst
    the other holds pristine
    mirror lens of acutely
    accurate qualitative
    fathom as mariner
    of the deep blue
    sea by way of the
    daily assembled
    avatar choosing
    to become more
    forthright awake

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    Needed this in November 🙏 will practice now.

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    I am eagerly waiting for this amazing videos each week bcz this is so much influencing thanks

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    300k subs!

  • Samuel Smith Med says:

    You are not your thoughts, but which thoughts you chose to act upon.

  • obi chukwunonso says:

    Most of our thoughts are "Not" under our control and attempts like trying to control your thoughts only lead to more harm of intrusive and impulsive thoughts. It's best to allow the thoughts pass. You try to push thoughts out, it pushes back and becomes a recurring thought.

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