VENADO hecho de papel     DEER   made of paper

VENADO hecho de papel DEER made of paper

Hello, today I show you how to form these
figures. We wrinkle the paper. You can use sheets
of magazine, of notebook, newspaper. We form into small balls and accommodate. We wrap with other paper. We press well and put tape. We give it this way. and continue with paper. we continue on this side to form the
neck and head we fold the paper inwards. we press this piece well,
Here with another paper we wrap. we press the paper well, we form
the neck, it’s four centimeters, we put tape
around, on this side. paper inward
and we give an elongated shape, from the neck down. We press well. we stretch the tape well,
here we press, on this side.
we cut half a sheet of paper we fold, into. We opened the paper and settled here. we put the tape and continue giving
shape. a piece of paper we folded towards
inside and accommodate here. measure 2 centimeters where we put the
tape. from here here it measures 20 centimeters, around. equal 20 centimeters. on this side where the tape begins are
23 centimeters at ten centimeters, we mark and
we mark at nineteen centimeters, in the 10 centimeters we form two
holes at 19 equal holes. four wires of 12 centimeters each
one, we accommodate in the holes that we form. 4 centimeters inward,
We accommodate the following, we put tape around. we fold a piece of paper, we turn several times on the wire. And we put the tape. We do the same in these pieces. we tape
on this side. we give two layers of paper and glue on
the whole piece, let dry between a layer and another. we fold paper napkin towards
in. We give this shape and paste on this side. We do the same here. we cut the paper napkins, We wrap the wire. we paste another strip of paper napkin, fold the paper napkin strip and paste here. we fold paper napkin, we paste on this side. we cut in thin cardboard
these figures. fold in half. We stick the ears here. we glue pieces of paper napkins
in the whole piece. We fold the napkin this way. for this piece we do the same,
press the center fold sheets of paper measures 25 centimeters,
we fold them like this and we paste on this side. here too.
So we accommodate and fold these pieces. on a cardboard we accommodate
below the deer. this we bend forward
this one too. and we accommodate like this and paste with
tape. This is how the pieces are stuck. this part of here we go through
Here, we fold it like this. We paste this piece. we fold the paper napkin towards
in and we hit like this
on this side. We do the same here.
and here it is. so we leave it we don’t put paper napkin. we press. we put tape,
here we also press. stay thin. Now we glue pieces of napkin
paper throughout the piece. 12 cm wires,
we cut the napkin into strips, let’s put the glue and wrap with paper napkin. Here we bend. And we hit like that. we continue bending
And we hit this side. we put the glue and wrap the
wire. we fold again and paste here. we put the glue. here we do the same,
We turn to glue these pieces. It is a separation of 5 centimeters,
we continue to put the glue, the Strips of paper napkin. we do the same 2 centimeters of
separation. we continue to wrap,
two centimeters and we form another figure. press here,
on this side. and we hope it dries.
We do the same with the other piece. we bend and trim the wire of this
shape. We bend on this side. We bend the wire. we form two holes on the sides of
the ears, we put the glue and we accommodate. In this piece we do the same and paste,
pieces of paper napkin. can trim.
and then paste with tape. and glue pieces of paper napkin. to shape now we paint, use paints
camel acrylics, we paint in cream color, press here and paint in color
black. with a wooden stick or thin brush. we continue in black color, in black color, and in brown color. and I painted this figure in light brown,
the base in cream with green. already the paint dries, we put the varnish. I hope you like it and I invite you to
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