Tutorial!POURING ART!Cum realizăm o pictură cu vopsele acrilice si răsină epoxidic

Hi dear! I returned with a new tutorial that I will create a painting with the technique of pouring and resin epoxy! For this I used the following materials: acrylic paints of different colors black, white and metallic colors! We need more of medium, silicone oil, water and epoxy resin! When preparing colors I used some acrylic paint and two parts of medium! After the color homogenization I added 3-4 drops of silicone oil in every color Except for the white color that played the role basic color! After addition of silicone oil we mix, but not much! Once the paints are ready we start mixing them in one order we want! According to the mixing order will come out completely different! To accentuate reaction between silicone oil and medium I used a gas lamp! I wish you a pleasant viewing! After what the painting has dried, we can apply epoxy resin! Dear here ends this tutorial, thank you for watching, and if you liked this idea too pouring technique don’t forget to tell me your opinions in the comments section! If you like the content subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to activate the bell! I hug you dear and we will hear soon to the next tutorial!

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