Turning On Trump, ‘Art Of The Deal’ Coauthor Says Inner Hole Drives Lust For Fame, Power | MSNBC

Turning On Trump, ‘Art Of The Deal’ Coauthor Says Inner Hole Drives Lust For Fame, Power | MSNBC


  • Geoff Gyro says:

    Christians for Trump?
    In the USA, 99% of Evangelicals support Donald Trump, the shallow, mean spirited, greedy, vindictive, childish, hothead President of the United States.
    The mind boggles.

    Do you think todays anti immigrant Christian conservatives would have time for a poor Middle Eastern refugee who spoke out against the piety of the rich, preached for pacifism, advocating for what was basically socialism, giving away their wealth and loving thy neighbor?

    Todays Christian conservatives in the USA would likely demonize Jesus as a woke, liberal, anti American socialist.  
    I can hear them now. “Why would anyone listen to a poor refugee over our supreme leader, Donald Trump? Jesus sounds like a never Trumper communist paid by George Soros. He doesn’t even speak English! 
    Probably a terrorist or worse, a Democrat.”

    If Jesus, Mary & Joseph came back today as refugees in America, would these hyper conservative Christians cage little baby Jesus in a detention center, label Joseph & Mary as undocumented, then deport them into a war zone? 
    Or maybe as Trump suggested, aim low & just shoot them in the legs if they approach the border or fry them with an electric fence. 
    After all, immigrants entering the USA are likely to be “terrorists, rapists, murderers, drug dealers, or freeloaders, looking for a handout.”

    These days, I have no doubt, a vulnerable, desperate refugee family like Jesus, Mary & Joseph would get more support and be welcomed in the Atheist community before being accepted by MAGA Christians. 

  • alan james heidemann says:

    This rooftop music is much better than the Beatles show.
    The children are cheering in scream.
    Bravo I fed my soul finally a holiday dinner I like.

  • Pearl Barkley says:

    Money won't change you…
    But time will take you on…
    James Brown

  • Donna Snyder says:

    When you do not love there is a hole not filled!! Soul is doomed!.

  • Annette youtube says:

    "A lot of people say,
    'Don't glorify money, but if I had a Iot more money, everything would be better.' "

    I think if we had a more solid support system here in the USA, money wouldn't be as big of our focus, if you didn't have to worry about education, medical and retirement costs.

  • Tabitha Sims says:

    Considered and informative. Thank you both.

  • diane whalen says:

    Hey Arie ask why all those minions follow Trump.The psychology of his minions why do they follow Trump.

  • Heywood Jablomi says:

    Thumbs up if your energies need some fine tuning!!

  • Leo Barbato says:

    By winning the presidency, Wacko Trumpo has shown the world what he is, few others already knew what a low stature of a person he is but, now the world knows. He will go down in history as he deserves fit.

  • Brexit Refugee says:

    The “only me” decade.

  • Jason Daley says:

    Nah….give me the money

  • gamanin8 says:

    there's grass on the roof?? How deep does the soil have to be to support it?

  • Nick Kelly says:

    a special Thanksgiving segment Really!, more trash talk, misery loves company 24/7. using words you don't truly understand!

  • Lisa Harris says:

    Man, that video was deep. Really made you think. Lots of interesting points made I thought….especially about the different "energies ". So true. Introspection at best.

  • sanjuansteve says:

    Despite the title of the book Fear, I think we're neither discussing the properly framed problem, nor the big picture solutions yet. #FearIsTheProblem. Fear is the root of bullying, misogyny, homophobia, racism, bigotry and greed. Fear allows people to mentally wall-off their own empathy to virtually zero.

    Three of the biggest generators of fear are 1) out-of-control capitalism and historically unsustainable and exponentially growing wealth and income inequality levels (if you lose your job you might lose healthcare access, your home, car, partner, child custody rights, etc), 2) fear-mongers like Fox/Faux/Fear News, the GOP, etc. (they’re all out to get you, all the time), and 3) religion ('evil' is waiting around every corner, all your life with eternal unimaginable fiery torture as a deterrent).

    Let's be honest, no amount or size of Great Walls, or military spending, or nuclear arsenal, or non US soil military bases and ops, or international weapons sales, or personal weapons and magazine sizes, or of school teachers with guns, or of privatized, militarized (and systemically racist) police and mass incarceration, or of mass deportations including the Dreamers, or of bans of entire groups of people, or of intentionally torturous (and often permanently orphaning) separation of immigrant children as a deterrent, or threats to shoot rock-throwing refugees, or torture of POWs, or control over women, or Space Farces, or border moats filled with snakes and alligators, or anything else will ever Make American Republicans Feel Safe enough…

    Every single American Republican policy puts fear and greed (fear) before people and planet (including equality and empathy) and no single policy in the world in the modern era is as patently bigoted and of the scale as their continued fight to ban (and register, and ''pre-arrest'', etc too) all Muslims (a bigotry-blanket of fear/hate covering all 1.8 billion people of all colors, from all nations, of all ages, of all sexes and sexual preferences, etc).

    Fear (and the empathy and critical thought it kills) is what separates the right from the left. The fear at the root of ”Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” — Albert Einstein

    Liberals hate American Republicans because all of their policies put fear and greed (fear) before people and planet (including equality and empathy).

    American Republicans hate liberals for the exact same reasons, because they’re afraid we’ll get in the way of their fear and greed.

    We're closer to American Civil War II than most believe where our own families would again take up arms against those that do not join in their extraordinary fear and greed based bigotry, just like last time.

    With a $15 min wage, tuition free education, universal healthcare, a universal basic income (UBI) and internet access for all, we'll raise the starting point of capitalism from zero, we'll let you die with no money, to a level of life with dignity, reducing societal daily fears on a massive scale which will free us to welcome the coming automation revolution with open arms rather than fear and great harm.

    #getALLmoneyOut #EqualityMovement #StillSanders

    Call me overly positive, but I think we’re leaving the era of ‘greed is good’ and celebrating wealth and entering an era of altruism and equality. #EraOfAltruism #CelebrateSelflessness

  • George Cass says:

    Impeach trump

  • Lisa W says:

    Don't you just love when rich people tell us money doesn't matter? LMAO!

  • Mo Belanger says:

    best video I've seen for a long time… inspiring, meaningful

  • igloo winter says:

    false. ask the climate scientists or the sexologists whether the problem is an "overvaluing of science".

  • Robert Evans says:

    Trump's "inner hole" seems to have encompassed his whole being.

  • George D. says:

    They don't let Ari out. On holidays they let him use the roof but that's about it.

  • I. M. says:

    "Peace before prosperity." – P.R.

  • Michael Atkins says:

    Well Spanky wants a war on Xmas and Thanksgiving I'll be happy to give him one here you go Spanky Have a Nice Native People Genocide Day and Celebrate Kwanzaa MAGA Make America Greatfull Again #resist

  • MR intel says:

    Money does not make happy or fulfilled. But not having money (food, health care…) makes unhappy.

  • Nathalie Dufour says:

    Tony gets the Psycho to a t. And he's been doing the internal work on himself and shares his understanding to our benefit, lovit !:)

  • rafael albizu says:


  • medianexchanges says:

    playing out the clock just like a third string fasicist

  • 8alot4t says:

    Trump will never achieve fame for anything but controversy, lies, corruption and division of the nation.
    He has absolutely no talent for anything at all but arguments and a deep-seated hatred based upon fables and fantasies.

  • USugo says:

    meanwhile, between him and twitter, they have created a monster

  • Disappointed Steve says:

    These guy's are gonna fight for you! 🤩 … as spoken from "The Roof"! GTFOOH Limousine Liberals!!!

  • Paul Hurst says:

    Great interview!

  • Auntie Em says:

    I like Tony, but how did he get mixed up with Trump?

  • James Neilson Graham says:

    Wow! Ari, you mentioned democratic candidate Marianne Williamson! I thought Marianne had been expunged from the airwaves as far as MSNBC was concerned. Any chance of interviewing her on your show? She may never get the chance to take on Trump, but she would best him in debate if she did. Nice to see a relaxed context here for your interview with Tony Schwartz – quite a contrast to the stultifying headteacher-behind-the-desk format that characterises most of your studio work . . .

  • Pipe Tunes says:

    I’m 59, no SO, no kids, no parents, no siblings. I had a good run. I much prefer suicide to death by climate change. If the fuckwad skates I’m out.

  • Dallas Smith says:

    Everyone needs to be a Bernie.

  • Cicakkibin says:

    Beautiful bokeh on Melber. I can’t listen to this conversation for too long…..could be the dunning effect?

  • Starving Buddha says:

    Tony Shwartz just put it better than I’ve heard anyone frame the problem. tRump is just the manifestation of a mass consciousness that has lost its way

  • The Krakra Show with Krazy Kristy says:

    How is that his only choices? Stop thinking bernie wont win. Bernie2020!!!!!

  • Michael Keyes says:

    ‘Money doesn’t make you happy. But I have grass on the 11 th floor which is necessary for and makes me happy!’ ‘You poor people, feel rich and you can have grass on your high rise too!’ ‘Only thing that matters is the unmeasurables like my money, that I measure the stacks of each day’

  • hillyerichill8 says:

    As a Nation we half to care for the sick elderly and poor or the morality of a nation will Begin to deteriorate and then collapse

  • Bruconic Inferno N4NO CLAN says:

    He who thinks of himself will always blame others.

  • Doug Thomson says:

    Many, many years ago (I’m an old guy) I read a study conducted by a sociologist who examined the winners of the Irish Sweepstakes (pretty much the only lottery in those days). He found that contrary to popular belief the winnings did not bring ruin to the winners. Of course it did for some. Others blew through the winnings with fruitless excess (and some of those enjoyed the experience), but the majority used the money well. It bought them “time”. Time to start a business, time to go back to school, time to collect themselves. That may be the gift of money, at least at one time. Today we have become such an ego centric, self-possessed, superficial society that who knows? Regardless, I do wish I had kept that study but it was just a happenstance find on another research project.

  • Li Li Marleaux says:

    Measure wealth not in terms of how much you have, but in terms of how little you need.

  • Neil Shirrell says:

    Nobody has ever overvalued science.

  • Tamar says:

    Great talk! Thank you 🙂

  • L. Ron Gardner says:

    The REAL problem is that the Deep State left-wing Democrats are far more corrupt and evil than Trump.

  • Dark Star says:

    Trump deserves to swing from a high branch.
    Entire Republican Party deserves it as they are all traitors to the nation.

  • steve coley says:

    "Art of the Deal" (greed/hate). The exact opposite of the "Art of Love" where contrast plus harmony (love) creates an explosion of joy called "celebration" whereby the joy created is greater than the sum of the parts.

  • elizabeth padilla says:

    It is difficult in this day of age to value what is clearly our spiritual self we have such a loathing for the wise and aged. Shallowness in social media is rampant and accepted as a god. Trump is the epitome of the me decade and when he was young he was really not that much different from today, but he is worse because of the supposed power he possesses over others.

  • Noz Mo says:

    🥂 here's to more republicans growing a backbone and calling Captain Stupid out on his BS!

  • elizabeth padilla says:

    Also, there is a netflix documentary called Joseph Campbell and the Power of the Myth. Must watch if you are interested a hard watch since it really deeply delves in the spiritual self.

  • suzanne adamson says:

    How enjoyable.

  • deepbigeyes says:

    Ooh my god, Ari blew this interview. He really has to stop it with the silly comparisons and pop culture quotes.

  • Ray Tempus says:

    That’s not how the poem goes. It’s, (“Me, Ooow-we”).

  • Nancy Walter says:

    Love this interview and we need to talk about this more so folks start getting a clue. Self awareness, self love (real love not narcissism), self care to bring our best to the world.

  • Here comes the sun says:

    I don't feel unhappy. I just feel poor.

  • Howard S says:

    This was old news when Plato and Descartes were talking about it.
    It's still relevant because the vast majority will never listen

  • Elaine Daprano says:

    I think of energy in Fr. Thomas Keating terms.

  • Uniqueness Entertainment says:

    Definitely positive message.

  • FONZ V/D WAUB says:


  • Dano Duncan says:

    drumpf doesn't "see" anything past his nose… you americans are doomed if he isn't eliminated via impeachment… 😐

  • Lena Ghio says:


  • Diane Dobry says:

    Science as priority–the disenchantment the world. We are experiencing the re-enchantment if the world. People looking for more than just the measurables and the proven.

  • SPI Life - South Padre Island Life says:

    Trump's inner hole has a name. It's called sociopath.

  • Scott O'Keeffe says:

    FFS, are we such thoughtless morons that we have to be told this stuff?

  • Sandra Grimes says:

    I don’t have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of but I’m happy. I don’t have any of the problems that people have that are constantly worrying about money. I’m satisfied with who I am and if I can help someone else it makes me feel good but if I can’t help them I won’t hurt them. I’m not seeking anything to make me happy because I’m already happy. Money might be a help but it doesn’t make you happy.

  • Eric Jensen says:

    Trump is moron's billionaire.

  • Clare Willison says:

    Best thing I’ve seen and heard on a NY roof since the Beatles 😘👏🏼

  • B B says:

    God knows every heart. Love

  • Vic Neighbors says:

    I enjoy Ari Melber very much, but boy, what a cheesehead !

  • raginald7 Mars says:

    Black Hole – No Light emerging

  • John O says:

    VOTE the whole rotten gop out in 2020!!

  • Greasyspleen says:

    We let Trump be President, and surprise surprise… now he's constantly trying to redirect all the resources of government towards filling his hole.

  • Sharon Massey says:

    MSNBC, now that you've mentioned Marianne Williamson, how about some substantive and well-deserved coverage of her platform, the breadth and depth of which surpasses every other candidate.

  • Mamma Roma says:

    What bugs me, is how examples of bad behavior are epic in every corner of the world written about and depicted through art, yet each generation refuses to harken back history and learn from those examples. I can't believe we're living in a world where people are fighting to survive the moment, rather than preserving what has been built for us by ancestors who overcame such atrocities. You look at Europe and the British Isles, and then you see the U.S already crumbling and going backwards instead of forward. And if I hear one more Trump supporter say what a great builder this guy is, I'll promise I will hit them upside the head with a 2 x 4. He is NOT the architect of of anything he builds nor has he ever swung a hammer into a nail of any property he SUPPOSEDLY owns. Even when he had the chance to save the sculptures form the old BonWit Teller building, >HE< BULLSHITTED the Metropolitan Museum into thinking they would be donated, then he turned around and DESTROYED THEM . So, good luck having him organize any kind of infrastructure bill. Like TOm Steyer says: HE A FRAUD and FAKE. No wonder those are his two favorite words, BULLSHIT and FAKE because that's who and what he is.

  • Barbara Dellis says:

    NICE. Like this guy.

  • FONZ V/D WAUB says:

    L O P A

  • Edward Ames Castellano says:

    When this old world…

  • ed young says:

    ari … king of the cultural references

  • Paul Davenport says:

    Trump made a deal with the devil. The choice was his and still is if he wants to recover his soul or not. If he chooses not to do the right thing…then I still have no pity for him.

  • JRG2733 says:

    Being human and faulty and mortal is not easy.
    Maybe we leave this life trying to do some good. Maybe we leave without intending to do harm.
    Maybe we were too sick, or brought up too deprived or unloved or abused to make choices.
    I fear, that is Donald Trump.
    May God forgive those who abused and misshaped him.

  • K Moon says:

    Clearly a conversation between two ppl who A) have the healthcare they need B) little to no student debt C) can comfortably afford their housing.

  • Sharon H says:

    Trump’s inner hole is a black hole and it’s sucking us all in. Deep within the hole is a nasty, foul, sinister energy which is going to be the demise of all of us.

  • JRG2733 says:

    We are morally obligated to understand, help, and accommodate the errors of the mentally and emotionally impaired.
    Even the Draconian Federal Sentencing Guidelines permit lenience for convicted defendants with "impaired mental capacity."
    And yet, society must protect itself against, and punish, exceptionally heinous criminals and existential threats.
    Someone who talks dirty to a cop posing as a minor on the Internet easily gets 15 years to life in prison.
    So what about a crooked President who cheats all his life and then sells out 320 million Americans?

  • ieyasumcbob says:

    Most people i know are just slogging away trying to pay back student debt and getting towards a deposit on a house.

  • Yamakawa says:

    Thanks Ari and Tony. More of these please. Y

  • Inez Qtaish says:

    Inez Qtaish say" JESUS Lord I am baby worship GOD % X lo + ++ red light television symbol white arrow pointing right black lines 8:29 9 2 light book ho hole Ly + holes red light

  • Inez Qtaish says:

    249 X Inez comments 249 television symbol wall holes baby red light

  • Timbone says:

    if everyone donated $1 or even half of people did that, it would fund most programs to lift people out of poverty

  • Jacqueline Wernett says:

    The ethos of Donald Ego negare quod exstat…Latin for I deny the Existence of that which Exists.

  • Muriah Sullivan says:

    It's a shame he allowed himself to be placed as coauthor or "Art of the Deal". His interview proves he wrote the while book while Trump took credit over something he'll never read.

  • Tabitha Totten says:

    Impeach and jail Trump

  • Honkytonkified says:

    Whatever hole Ari is trying to patch in himself is ok by me. Millions like me are better informed due to his "5 nights a week." His curiosity finds enough truth to balance a lot of perspectives.

  • Faith Nelson says:

    maryanne is cool. listen to her. she's not as woo-woo as people think. she just uses different words is all.

  • Richard Dastrup says:

    MSNBC is lacking real investigation into their stories. The network has been exposed to fake news. Rachel mad cow stories on Trump s tax returns. Rachel mad cow stories on the Russia collusion. Rachel mad cow theory on the the impeachment. Looks like a corrupt MSNBC bought and paid for by George soros

  • Red Neckle says:

    WARNING ⚠️ MSNBCLSD Brainwashing Switch is ON!!!

  • epigmelo says:

    Great insight. Americas soul needs healing.

  • cosmic voyager says:

    The United States of America has become so filled with such hateful, vicious, self-centered, corrupt, lying, right wing, fascist leadership it's becoming unbearable.

  • Farmer Bob says:

    Where are the Trump/ Putin meeting Transcripts?…Ohhhh, that’s right, Trump demanded meeting notes with Vladimir NEVER be taken!
    Trump Corruption purposelessly hidden from American scrutiny! 🙄
    #ImpeachRemoveIndite45 🇺🇸

  • Juan Ramirez says:

    They are talking way above trump’s intellectual capacity to understand. Trump is a reptile brain. Hence the reptilian White House.

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