Top 6 Resin Epoxy Mistakes for Beginners

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So, let’s cover my 6 top Resin Mistakes that new students make. Hi everyone, Kellie here – happy Tuesday to you. We are going to talk a little bit about my
top resin mistakes. I hear a lot of my
students doing these and I recently added a new course which is called a FLUID ART and
one of the driving factors in making this video is because I have so
many students that struggle with resin. What I am hearing from a lot of you is
that your resin is sticky. It doesn’t cure properly,
bubbles in your resin, or there is LINT. Lint is always getting in your
resin. Hairs…or the list goes on from there. The first time I tried it, I
thought ….there is NO WAY I am going to be able to do this I had resin Everywhere! Let me share with you my TOP 6 RESIN MISTAKES that my students make. Mistake #1 – NOT MIXING RESIN PROPERLY. I know this sounds
a little silly. You are watching a class and they say: “This is how you do it.” But, what you have to keep in mind is
that there are so many different brands of resin out there, and each one of those
brands have different directions.
There is a ton of different kinds of resin, so … correctly mixing
your resin is the number one thing. If you have sticky or gooey
resin, then head back to your directions and look at your mixture ratio and make sure
you are measuring it correctly. MISTAKE #2 – Pouring your resin in a
dusty environment. In my house we have cats, we have dogs,
we have teenagers. I don’t clean everyday! I have a lake house with the windows open and so stuff
is just blowing in all the time we have a dirt road out here.
Even if you clean it every day you still can find some those dust
particles in there, It is really important to clean your area and not only when you’re
just about to do it but let it settle for a little bit because you know when
you start cleaning you start dusting everything goes up in the air and it’s all
blowing everywhere. So give it time to settle, after you’ve cleaned – then
what I do: Take a spritzer bottle of water and just cover my area with a little bit of water. Just a light mist.
That’s going to keep the air particles down or the dust down but
remember you don’t want to get any of that water near your resin.
You don’t want to do this before you start mixing your resin
or have it out. MISTAKE #3: checking your
piece too often. I know I’ve done it myself but we cover our resin projects
for a reason and that’s to keep stuff out! Make sure that you cover your
resin piece and leave it alone. Do your torching and get your
bubbles out and make sure you burn off any particles that are in there and
then cover it make. Make sure you cover it you leave it alone for a while. Give that
a chance. Especially some of these brands that take 24 hours
to cure even though you think you have it just right you know you’re all can’t
all open this up and I’ll check it out and before you know it you have a cat here and there something and it just sitting on top and at that point you can’t
torch it because it will mess up your resin piece. So…very
important not to check it too often I know it’s it’s tough to do. MISTAKE # 4: Not using a torch to remove your air bubbles. Now, I
a lot of people use heat guns a lot of people use blow dryers, but what that
does is it just blows the dust around if you’re using a torch it’s got the flame
on it and that’s going to actually burn off any particles that are in your
resin or near your resin. That will keep out all of those unhappy
surprises. Use a small butane torch, a little plumber’s torch , a creme
brulee torch or chef torch, one that you might have that in your house and
they’re not that expensive the butane ones are small if you’re doing big
projects you might want to get one of those gigantic propane ones. I have
one of those, but I don’t use it very often I usually find that my little plumber’s
torch works just as well MISTAKE #5: NOT LEVELING
your art piece prior to resin. Some of you might think about
leveling your table Your tables level everything’s good but that may not be true. Make sure that your art piece AND your table are
both level and take time to make sure that your art is level when you are
working with your with your resin. That’s what happens… if not levely – it just slides out to
one end. You have one side that’s a little bit higher than the other with the resin it’s just not perfect. MISTAKE #6 – last one, here we go:
TOSSING YOUR PROJECT AWAY. Don’t do it! You’ve done everything right,
but your piece still managed to get an air bubble in there… or… or….. or…. BUT don’t toss it! All you do is let that resin cure. At least for the art resin brand a light sand or very high grit or fine grit sandpaper and just lightly
sand it. It’s going to scare you at first because it just looks like it’s all
scratched up but when you do your another coat of resin on top – a clear
coat, it will be fine. Now you don’t just just sand the one area the area that has the problem because what can happen if you do just
a small area it’s not going to level remember resin is self-leveling so it might
have a little dip or a bump in there so make sure you sand your entire piece. I
know it sounds like a pain especially with a larger piece but RE-sand the
whole thing lightly wipe it off make sure you’ve got all of the excess off
there and then just do another top coat AND follow all those other directions!
That is my top six , I hope that was helpful if you’re excited to
give resin a try or if you’ve never done it before or you’re terrified of doing it
again because it was such a disaster there are tons of wonderful online
classes out there for resin Jane Montieth my friend has a great online class and she
shows you her mini mods. I have obviously a number of resin classes out there on
my website so feel free to check that I’ll leave the link down below for you
and then I just want to share with you my favorite brand of resin to use it’s
art resin. They have some great videos on their YouTube channel and I’ll link that
for you as well so now that you know what NOT to do, give it a try check out
my classes remember you guys that practice makes perfect so if you don’t
get it right the first time try try again.
Take care, hope you have a great week bye bye

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