The String Project

The String Project

[instructor talking, then kids playing violin]

Mark We’re having our first meeting of the string project, a new program being administered
by Temple University Music Prep on the behalf of the Boyer College of Music and Dance. [instructor talking with kids]
I think this is the perfect example of living
out the Russell Conwell vision, if you will, of finding the acres of diamonds right in
your own backyard and developing those. [instructor talking with kids]

The students
are from around Philadelphia and hopefully serve a large number of students who might
come from the area right here around Temple, but we’re not limiting that. [instructor with kids] Our great love is for helping young people,
children, and so to have The String Project as another tool – as an ability to reach out
to students who might not otherwise have these opportunities is really a great and exciting
piece for us. [instructor with kids]

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