The Most Famous Drum Beat In The World – Drum Lesson

everyone I’m Jared and today I’m going to teach you one of the most famous drum beats of all time and that’s the funky drummer B James Brown and the drummer there was Clyde Stubblefield now I recently watched an interview with Clyde Stubblefield and John J Bo’s Starks and they’re basically talking about when they play what are they trying to do or who are they trying to sound like him both of them kind of said they’re not trying to sound like anyone and they’re not going to sound like anyone else but themselves so they just play like themselves and whatever you get is what you get and so that’s what I’m trying to do as well so please don’t think I’m gonna make it sound exactly the way Clyde Stubblefield made it sound because there’s no way I’ll be able to do that I’m gonna make it sound the way you know a white Canadian guy the sticks and British Columbia in Canada it’s gonna play this groove and so I did my best it’s a really hard groove but it’s super fun when you get it now this group has is the most popular ever because it’s been sampled over seven million times okay so tons of artists have basically taken a chunk of the beat and put it in their song that’s what sampling means or something to that effect so they’ll take like a four bar loop or an 8 bar loop and I mean Clyde plays in many different ways it’s not the exact same every single bar they’ll open high hats are a little bit different some of the snare shots a little bit different and so what I’ve done is I’ve just you know chosen one of my favorite portions and we’re just going to talk about that and this is in the little break where he’s saying ain’t it funky and funky but yeah let’s just jump right into it case with sixteenth notes and we’re going to start just by kind of breaking it down limb by limb so we’ll start on the hi-hat now I’ll play the hi-hat part for you at 60 beats per minute now the hi-hat part there you could say it sometimes just on the EF 2 and the e of 4 but there’s a few times where he had adds it in on the of 2 and I think it sounds so cool so we’re going to kind of throw it in there and learn this version now another thing I’ll say is the close with your foot is very important as well so when you open the hi-hat for that sixteenth note when you close the hi-hat again you want it to be a very strong closed and when you listen to the song you’ll hear like him open and you’ll actually hear the and stomp the pedal back down so it’s hard to focus on you know open and the foot at the same time but that’s something you want to eventually develop so now let’s talk about the snare part so I’ll basically continue doing the hi-hat and we’re going to add in the snare the snares on counts two then it’s on the AH of two then it’s on the a of three the AH three and then count four and then ah for now the hardest part here is obviously the three going into the for that quick little accent okay the quick little goes to accent so it sounds like this at sixty beats per minute and after you got that you can just add in the basic foot pattern okay now the kick is on the one end of one it’s on the end of three and then the e of four now eventually you can just experiment with different kick patterns sometimes just doing on the one end in the three and this is just kind of the one I chose there’s many different played throughout the song okay so I’ll do this again at sixty beats per minute and now I’ll play it up to the tempo of the actual song which is around 94 beats per minute here we go and that is how you play one of the most popular drum beats in the world like I said at the beginning I’m not trying to sound exactly like Clyde Stubblefield I will never be able to but I’m really trying to learn this beat because hopefully it’ll inspire me to create something different or create something of my own hopefully it will help me work on certain techniques like that right hand technique or the ghost note technique or the accenting I mean there’s many hidden things in here that we can take from it and learn okay one other thing I want to mention is that the way he played it on the album you can tell he’s hitting very lightly and it’s just like very soft and relaxed right there wasn’t a lot of tension and I’m still trying to work on that myself because that right hand you know even doing this lesson it’s like wow I can feel it in my arm here and so that’s another great kind of byproduct of learning cool grooves like this so I hope you enjoyed this lesson it was a blast teaching it to you and kind of dissecting it and figuring it out myself and so I really hope you take something away from it and get inspired to get on the drumset now if you haven’t checked out my new successful drumming course there’s probably a link somewhere on this page either below or above or somewhere there a point everywhere and I’d love for you to go check it out it just basically takes you to building a solid foundation of the note values and all in to all the techniques and then from there it teaches you how to create play along to music and stuff like that so I’d love for you to check it out if you can otherwise I’ll see you in the next video you

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