The Fermi Paradox II — Solutions and Ideas – Where Are All The Aliens?

The Fermi Paradox II — Solutions and Ideas – Where Are All The Aliens?

There are probably 10,000 stars for every grain of sand on Earth, in the observable universe. We know that there might be trillions of planets. So where are all the aliens? This is the Fermi Paradox. If you want to know more about it, watch part one. Here we look at possible solutions to the Fermi Paradox. So will we be destroyed or does a glorious future await us? Space travel is hard. Although possible, it’s an enormous challenge to travel to other stars. Massive amounts of materials have to be put into orbit and assembled. A journey of maybe thousands of years needs to be survived by a population big enough to start from scratch. And the planet might be not as hospitable as it seems from afar. It was already extremely hard to set up a spaceship that could survive the trip. An interstellar invasion might be impossible to pull off. Also, consider time: the Universe is very old. On Earth there’s been life for at least 3.6 billion years. Intelligent human life for about 250,000 years. But only for about a century have we had the technology to communicate over great distances. There might have been grand alien empires that stretched across thousands of systems and existed for millions of years and we might just have missed them. There might be grandiose ruins rotting away on distant worlds. 99% of all species on Earth have died out. It’s easy to argue that this will be our fate sooner or later. Intelligent life may develop, spread over a few systems and die off, over and over again. But galactic civilizations might never meet. So maybe it’s a unifying experience for life in the Universe to look at the stars and wonder “Where is everyone?” But there is no reason to assume aliens are like us, or that our logic applies to them. It might just be that our means of communication are extremely primitive and outdated. Imagine sitting in a house with a Morse code transmitter: you’d keep sending messages but nobody would answer, and you would feel pretty lonely. Maybe we’re still undetectable for intelligent species and we’ll remain so until we learn to communicate properly. And even if we met aliens we might be too different to be able to communicate with them in a meaningful way. Imagine the smartest squirrel you can, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to explain our society to it. After all, from the squirrel’s perspective, a tree is all that a sophisticated intelligence like itself needs to survive. So humans cutting down whole forests is madness; but we don’t destroy forests because we hate squirrels. We just want the resources. The squirrel’s wishes and the squirrel’s survival are of no concern to us. A Type 3 civilization in need of resources may treat us in a similar way. They might just evaporate our oceans to make collecting whatever they need easier. One of the aliens might think for a second “Oh, tiny little apes! They built really cute concrete structures, oh well now they’re dead.” before activating warp speed. But if there is a civilization out there that wants to eliminate other species, it’s far more likely that it will be motivated by culture rather than by economics. And anyway it will be more effective to automate the process by constructing the perfect weapon, a self replicating space probe made from nano-machines. They operate on a molecular level: incredibly fast and deadly, with the power to attack and dismantle anything in an instant. You only need to give them four instructions. One, find a planet with life. Two, disassemble everything on this planet into its component parts. Three, use the resources to build new space probes. Four, repeat. A doomsday machine like this could render a galaxy sterile in a few million years. But why would you fly light years to gather resources or commit genocide? The speed of light is actually… not very fast. If someone could travel at the speed of light, it will still take 100,000 years to cross the milky way once, and you’ll probably travel way slower. There might be way more enjoyable things than destroying civilizations and building empires. An interesting concept is the Matrioshka Brain. A mega-structure surrounding a star, a computer of such computing power that an entire species could upload their consciousness and exist in a simulated universe. Potentially, one could experience an eternity of pure ecstasies without ever being bored or sad, a perfect life. If built around a red dwarf, this computer could be powered for up to ten trillion years. Who would want to conquer the galaxy or make contact with other life forms, if this were an option? All these solutions to the Fermi Paradox have one problem. We don’t know where the borders of technology are. We could be close to the limit or nowhere near it. And super technology awaits us, granting us immortality, transporting us to other galaxies, elevating us to the level of gods. One thing we do have to acknowledge is that we really don’t know anything. Humans have spent more than 90% of their existence as hunter-gatherers. 500 years ago we thought we were the center of the universe. 200 years ago we stopped using human labors as the main source of the energy. 30 years ago we had apocalyptic weapons pointed at each other because of political disagreements. In the galactic time scale we are embryos. We’ve come far, but still have a long way to go. The mindset that we really are the center of the universe is still strong in humans, so it’s easy to make arrogant assumptions about life in the universe. But in the end, there’s only one way to find out, right? Hey, everybody! We finally have our own subreddit. Come by for surveys, discussions about future videos, FAQs, and stuff like that. 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    3:00 "Mostly Harmless" nice reference

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    muy buenos videos pero porfa en español

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    MASS EFFECT 3:15

  • Uri Heth says:

    I believe that we will never find aliens, because no one will invest their entire life to developing technology that might have some use in thousands of years, people would rather focus on their own life.

  • Emmanuel Alexander says:

    I guess aliens see our current theories and we see the greeks mythology…

  • Eco says:

    Why not put an human brain in an robot body
    That would make less weight on space ship
    With this idea
    Space ships could be lighter cuz no life support or food and water would be necessary!
    And yeah
    Like if u agree
    Dislike if u still agree
    Do nothing if u agree
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  • Cory Bro says:

    The random new alien.

  • gaming is a hobby says:

    I dont think humanity should advance to space until the Earth is united or controller by 1 "country"

  • Seedonator says:

    3:07 – 3:13 wow that was deep, now i feel bad for that ant hill i probably destroyed when i was little

  • IMSCARED says:

    maybe we are the most advanced of all alive beings of these world 😀

  • Cassie Hakes says:

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  • Mcbeg33 says:

    Matrioshka brain! That's it! It's basically a promise of everlasting life in heaven. This could finally unite our species to work toward a single goal: building a world without suffering, wars, genocide, etc.

  • Carlos Bryan Pereda Montes says:

    So basically aliens preffer play videogames instead of the boring real life.

  • Val3y says:

    Loved seeing the reapers

  • Sorest says:

    born too late to explore the world, born too early to explore the universe, born just in time to browse dank memes fml

  • Isaac Cadieux says:

    Or maybe life hasn't exploded yet maybe Stephan Hawking is right some day when the universe is dying also stars alien will leave dying star and invade to habitable planets some day and that is when every corner of observal universe maybe life is young as a baby maybe some life hasn't make the filter or evolved i think this is life in universe life can the just beginning

  • Jay says:

    I will thumbs down all your videos

  • Adam Garcia says:

    Love the reference to FTL. Love that game.

  • Inundations' Gaming says:

    Yeah… humans don't need to be Gods. Most humans can't be responsible enough with something as simple as managing their lives properly.

  • Megatron says:

    I want to see us as advanced as humans are in Halo. Maybe in like year 2200's- 2300's realistically but I'll be gone so what do I care…

  • Megatron says:

    We advance a lot faster than we think imagine in year 1919 compared to tech in 2019 and make an even bigger scale for 2119. Imagine watching youtube and seeing a video from 113 years ago lol😂😂😂

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    I imagine an alien coming down from a spaceship 3,6 billion years ago and casually sneezing and then leaving this barren planet, thinking nothing about it… and 3,6 billion years after here we are

  • Venix - says:

    So ur saying we can’t do shit about this?

    Oh wait! We’ll be long gone so chill your tits and lay back 😎

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    Far into the universe everywhere there is no life except for earth


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  • LeCutter says:

    Any species that's mastered FTL travel has zero need of our resources. Water? Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe with oxygen being number three. And since we created radio and it's been going out into space any sufficiently advanced species would know to interpret them and understand what they are.

    And alien species may just want to wipe us out to prevent any up and comers from displacing them at the top of the food chain one day. There's no reason to presume aliens would be our friends. Imagine your anthropologists have had the earth under observation for a few centuries now. My assessment would be they're far too savage and primitive to be allowed to move out among the starts and I'd recommend annihilation. And you're over complicating how they'd do it. More than likely with would be a targeted bio-chemical attack that would selectively wipe out humanity while leaving everything else in tact. That or some sort of neutron bomb saturation to wipe out biological life only.

    Doesn't much matter really. We're already into the next extinction level event on this planet. WWIII will occur sometime before 2050. It's pretty much all over but the crying at this point.

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  • Tis Toni says:

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  • B K says:

    The comparison to squirrel's is just not right, two intelligent beings would be able to translate very easily. Really should have factored that in to make this more realistic!

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    What if the planet we live in had and will have alien.
    Think dinosaurs as alien which are no more,now think us as alien we will lose all population someday.
    Then there will come another generation of species who will find our bones and think us as alien we arrived in earth.

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    When we think of aliens we think of perhaps monsters, or maybe we might think of species with high intelligence and machinery, but the true definition of ‘alien’ id basically a being outside earth. Who knows, maybe an alien species might be looking like humans, with 2 hearts, 3 brains, 3 arms and all of them being 8 foot tall minumum.. The power of the universe is too strong and complicated for the human brain to understand.

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    I believe quantum theory will be the key to unlocking the universe to us. Once we have a complete understanding of it and unify it with general relativity. We will be able to create so many advanced technologies, including a functional warp drive.

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    I like the Orville/Star Trek reasoning, the galactic civilization knows about us but is waiting until we reach some milestone until they contact us, or we already reached the milestone and they didn't find us yet and we have to just wait.

  • TheAileZX2 says:

    Every universe has its own net. It may seem like fiction, but whole worlds where we made certain decisions, and even scarily enough, our ANGRY THOUGHTS, could really exist. We are in a unique world where my OC is having just as much headway into peeking into our universe, as WE humans have with quantum physics. (I sound crazy. But with all of these universe theories going around, I like the infinite universes approach.) One day, my OC may take a peek and scare the heck out of me.

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    If light takes so long to cross the universe then our messages couldn't reach aliens for centuries and our telescopes wouldn't see them for the sane amount of time and there messages would to the same.

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