The Craziest Procedures That People Actually Go Through!

The Craziest Procedures That People Actually Go Through!

Here are some of the worst procedures that
people actually do! 10 – Palm surgeries You guys ready to change your destiny?! Not everything is written in stone, and for
Japanese men and women, fate certainly isn’t. In Japan, one of the most popular fortune-telling
methods is palmistry, which is the art of reading the lines of the palm of your hand. Some people would say lines on your palm don’t
have anything to do with actual life,ME, AHEM, but apparently, palm readers in
Japan charge people money to tell people their fate! And then, people try to fool these palm readers
so they can get a better fate! What a time to be alive!!! Palm lines are basically wrinkles in your
hands. If a surgeon makes an incision in your skin
with a regular scalpel, it’ll just heal and turn white. If you make a mark with a laser, it’ll also
heal and won’t leave a clear mark. So some entrepreneur out there thought of
a way to extend or create some of these lines in the palm. The lines on the palm have to be made with
an electric scalpel, making it shaky and uneven because palm lines are never straight and
regular. What an electric scalpel does is basically
burn at the same time it cuts, so the result is a shaky line just like the natural lines
on your hands. Hey, whatever it takes to fool the palm reader
right?! 9 – Toebesity
Ever look down at your feet and feel like your toes aren’t pretty enough for flip-flops? Well, me neither, but apparently there are
people who look down and hate what they see! Every year, more and more people are getting
their toes reshaped to a thinner, leaner version of itself, as crazy as that sounds! This is called toebesity surgery. And many people are willing to go under the
knife for a purely aesthetic reason. But what do surgeons actually do to those
toes? When someone wants to reduce the size of their
toe for aesthetic reasons, doctors will cut away some part of the tissue around the toe
as well as some of the bone! Obviously this way, those little piggies are
gonna look MUCH sexier. As you guys can imagine, this procedure is
fairly dangerous. When not done by an expert, a botched operation
can result in permanent complications! 8 – Voice lift
Unfortunately for all of us, aging is a reality that’s gonna catch up with everyone. As we get older, our vocal cords stiffen and
our voices become raspy and hoarse. You can use botox or go under the knife to
look younger, but voices never lie. Or do they?! The latest luxury for aging folks is the voice
lift. This procedure is designed to make the voice
sound more youthful by making it higher and clearer! Vocal cords work as string instruments. When air passes through them, the vocal cords
vibrate and meet each other at least 150 times a minute. As they stiffen with age or illness, vocal
cords vibrate less and less. So doctors developed a procedure to bring
the folds together. Voice surgery is actually nothing new. Before, it was used exclusively by patients
with diseases that robbed people of their voices. Now, a lot of people are undergoing this procedure
in the hopes of sounding twenty years younger. Nevertheless, doctors and experts are warning
their patients not to do voice lifts unless they absolutely have to. This surgery may not be the greatest option
in the long run, because as time goes by, the voice of the patient can get even worse
than it was at the beginning, sounding even lower and raspier. And apparently, once you get this procedure
done once, you can never get it again. 7 – leg lengthening
Obviously there are some people out there that want to be tall. However, what about wanting to be tall to
the point to breaking your legs and being off your feet for months?! It’s a painful surgery and expensive as
well. So how does it work really? Doctors have to break the legs in half and
then install a telescopic rod into the cartilage of the bone. This essentially pulls apart the two halves
a millimeter a day. In the meantime, bone and veins and muscle
will have enough time to regenerate itself, only to be pulled apart the next day to regenerate
again. Wow that doesn’t sound fun. AT ALL. To grow just an inch, a person has to endure
this process for at least three months. There are some people who have grown six inches
in height with this procedure! Just imagine the commitment level that that
guy must have had to have endured this procedure for over two years! That’s a ton of time and stress to have
to go through just to be taller, but hey, I guess it’s worth it for some people. 6 – Fecal bacteriotherapy
You guys ever hear of Fecal bacteriotherapy? This procedures consists of fecal transplantation
from a healthy patient to a patient that’s sick. Yeah…..this really happens! But why would anyone ever want to have a procedure
like this? Who wants someone else’s poo inside THEIR
body?! Well, in a healthy body, there are TRILLIONS
of bacteria that’s living in the body that help us out with many basic functions. As gross as it sounds, we do need that bacteria
to live inside us in order to survive. Our bodies benefit from the bacteria as much
as they benefit from us. But sometimes we get parasites or infections
that decimates the existing microbiota in our body, or in other words, the good bacteria
inside us. With less of the good bacteria, this means
that the parasites get stronger and the bad bacteria have less competition for resources,
and our bodies get weaker. So this is where fecal transplantation comes
in. Doctors introduce healthy colon bacteria in
the infected body by a colon enema, orogastric tube, or even a frozen pill. FMT is a highly effective treatment for many
different colon infections. There are infections that simply can’t be
treated any other way. The good news is, as bad as it sounds, fecal
transplantation is supposedly not painful at all, just tough to think about. 5 – Facial hair transplant
Beards are probably the fashion trend that’s had the most staying power in the last few
years. Who knows who really brought back the beard,
but I’m gonna hand it to the hipsters as the ones who brought beards back into fashion. Beards are now everywhere and hey, that’s
prompting some dudes who can’t grow one, to want to get one! Don’t let biology stop anyone from getting
a beard right?! Modern medicine has developed a method in
which hair can be implanted onto facial skin. Essentially, hair follicles are taken from
the back of the scalp where hair is the thickest and implanted into areas on the face where
there aren’t any hair. Pretty simple right? The procedure involves minimal downtime, and
the actual time for the procedure itself depends on how much hair is needed to be transplanted. Once the procedure is over, the hair falls
out in about two weeks, but after that, new hair grows in, and boom, there’s a nice
new fancy beard for anyone that wants it. Ahhh the miracles of science! 4 – Eyelash transplants
Thousands of women around the world use extensions for their eyelashes every day. Many women even feel naked when they don’t
have lashes on. Truth is, lashes give faces symmetry and without
them, people just sort of look odd. Putting on glue and fake lashes everyday isn’t
a fun thing to do however. So modern medicine came up with the solution
to everyone’s problems. Just like there are beard transplants for
men, there are eyelash transplants for women. Eyelash transplants work just like any other
hair transplant. The doctors remove hair from the back of your
scalp and then put it where eyelashes normally are. After a couple of months, biology and science
will have done their magic and that patient is gonna have new eyelashes to enjoy. However, just imagine the number of times
the doctor has to poke that person’s eyelids with a needle, though. Ayeeeee! 3 – Veneers
Ever want to have teeth as white as possible while being able to have all the food and
drink that stains teeth? Getting porcelain veneers are essentially
the only way you can literally have your chocolate cake and eat it too! Veneers are basically a tooth-shaped and of
course tooth-colored layer of material that’s placed over a tooth. It covers up the imperfections that a tooth
might have. If someone’s teeth are misshapen beyond
typical repair, dentists usually recommend getting veneers. There are a few different types of veneers,
and the most popular types are composite and porcelain veneers. The composite veneer is the cheaper and easier
option. When you get this, a resin is applied directly
to your tooth, kinda like a nail polish. The dentist waits until the resin is dry and
then shapes the tooth. However this type of veneer lasts only around
five years and isn’t resistant to stains. The other type of veneer is the porcelain
veneer, which is much more durable, but much more expensive. It also involves shaving down of the teeth
in order to fit the veneer over the tooth. To be honest, any time any procedure involves
cutting or shaving body parts that isn’t hair, I’m gonna be a firm no on doing that
procedure unless my life depended on it! 2 – Belly button surgery
Who doesn’t want to look like they’re at the prime of their life?! Everyone wants to basically stay looking forever
young, as long as they’re alive right? Plastic surgeons keep developing new and even
more radical procedures to make every inch of a patient’s body look like they’re 20
years old again. And that’s how belly button surgery was
came to be! Someway, somehow, this procedure is popular
among both women AND men. Personally, I couldn’t care less how my
belly button looks, but then again, maybe my belly button just doesn’t look old? I don’t know. Belly buttons are basically round scars, and
what doctors do is open your belly button and reshape it. Some people not only change the way their
belly buttons look but also where they’re placed. You want that belly button higher or lower? Don’t you worry, belly button plastic surgery
can fix that for you. However, people who’ve undergone this procedure
say it hurts a lot afterward. I’m pretty sure this is a hard no for me
as well. 1 – Hemispherectomy
I’d like to say you’ve probably heard about this one but the truth is, you probably
haven’t. Hemispherectomy is a very rare, and as you
can imagine, a very painful procedure. People who endure hemispherectomies are usually
patients with very serious seizure disorders. You can guess where this is going, right? Well, a hemispherectomy is basically a dangerous
surgery in which half the brain is removed from the skull. It may sound like it’s something that’s
almost unbelievable, but it IS a procedure that’s rarely done. The operations is a last ditch effort for
patients with very extreme epilepsy. Kids who endure hemispherectomies are the
patients who’re most likely to recover successfully from this procedure since children’s brains
are still growing and shaping themselves. Their brains can heal and make up for the
parts they’ve lost. Unfortunately, adults lose this ability as
we get older. Adults who get hemispherectomies have a harder
time recovering and adapting to normal life. As brains are still mysterious things to medical
experts, we still don’t know the exact results to be expected after hemispherectomies are
performed. After the procedure is done, some patients
have trouble with math, while some others have trouble with language. It all depends on exactly how much of the
brain is removed, and as crazy it sounds, this operation isn’t an exact science! Here’s what’s next!


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