The 3D Printing Essential Toolkit

– My name is Tom, this is
the Enthusiasm Project, and today, I want to cover
the basic tools that you need if you want to 3D print. So whether you’re just
starting into the hobby, or you’ve been doing it for awhile, these are tools I recommend. I think probably most people
who are into 3D printing would recommend as your essentials, the things you really need to get started. So no matter which printer you have, you need to have certain tools to help you not only maintain the printer, but also just to deal with your prints and to help it print as
effectively as possible. And some of those tools are simple things that you have probably lying
around your house right now. Others are more specific
things that you probably don’t. Just to get started, this is
basically all of the tools that I use regularly when I 3D print. You probably recognize some of these if you’re into the hobby. First and foremost, simple stuff, pair of needle nose pliers. These, of course, already had, and most people already have these lying around in their house. Good pair of needle nose
pliers, pretty much essential. A glue stick, if you’re
printing on glass beds, you really need a glue stick. This is nothing crazy, it’s
just an Elmer’s glue stick from the craft department at any store. A putty knife for getting
prints off of the print surface. A set of Allen wrenches for
maintaining the printer. Depending on which printer
you have will determine which Allen wrenches you need. I always just like to have
a kit that has a little bit of everything, and that
way, no matter what, you know that you’re good to go. Now, those four things were
all things that I already had, and all things that most of
us probably already have. The other tools were things I had to buy specifically for 3D printing. For example, I wanted to finish my prints so I wanted to get a file so that way, I could sand them down. I really wanted this
small, like precise file, but it came in a three pack so I had to buy two other files with it. I bought another skinnier pliers just to kinda get into small places and pull out filament and pull out parts and prints and things. I bought a small cutter to
help really clip filament so it has that nice angle as
it’s going into the printer and that way, it loads properly. I also have the high
E string off a guitar, which is the exact right
size for cleaning out a clogged nozzle, and
then my favorite tool, which is basically a piece of
magic, which I had never used or heard of before I got into 3D printing is a deburring tool. It’s a small tool that
has a blade on the top that you basically just slide along and smooth out your
prints once they’re done. So if you have sort of rough
spots or edges or things, you can just smooth ’em
out, cut ’em off really, really easily and really safely because even though it has
a blade that’s sharp enough to cut that, it’s not
sharp enough to cut you. This is such a cool thing. If nothing else, at least
get yourself a deburring tool just because it’s so useful, it’s so neat. Now, the reason that I’m
making this video specifically is because I’ve been using these tools for the last couple years and some of them served dual purpose as my 3D printing tools,
but also as like, you know, a putty knife for when you need
to patch a hole in the wall. And I move my printers around
a lot from home to work, work to home, different
locations around the house, and sometimes, I move my tools, or I forget to take tools with me. And it’s always been kind of a problem I didn’t realize
was as annoying as it was. That is until a solution was given to me. A couple weeks back, I made a
video about these glass beds for the Monoprice Delta
and Mini 3D printers. Those were sent to me by
Pat from Dog River Tools, and I really liked ’em because
he made them specifically for those printers. They solved a lot of the
issues I had when I was trying to make my own glass beds. Pat also got in touch with me
and sent me out this tool kit, which he said he put together
as sort of the essentials that you probably don’t already have. So if you wanted to get into 3D printing, these are the tools you would need that you probably don’t already have lying around your house. And this is a cool kit, it’s
about 23 dollars on Amazon. I’ll put an affiLiate link down below so if you wanna go
check it out, feel free. Pat was also kind enough
to give us some promo codes so if you’re watching this
video, there’s promo codes down in the description below. One of them is for 35 percent off, which expires at the end of August 2018, and the other one is for 15 percent off, which is just kind of
an ongoing promo code. The reason that I like this
kit, it’s very, very simple. It comes in a little pouch,
which is actually really handy. I’ve just been keeping
this next to my printers, and then everything I need is right there. And if I move the
printer, instead of having to grab all this stuff, I
just grab this and move it and everything is kind of
just there all the time. And so what this kit includes
is a semi flexible putty knife for removing your prints. This isn’t as sharp as
the one I’ve been using, which is actually a good thing. It works really, really
well for getting prints off of print surfaces, but
it’s not as sharp as this one, which means you’re less likely
to damage your print surface, which I have done quite a
few times using this one. I’m a pretty clumsy person. It comes with a really
small file that has a smooth and a coarse side, which is
great for finishing up prints and getting into small areas. It’s kind of what I was looking for when I originally went
out to buy this file. It comes with a few PTFE grease packets for maintaining your printer. It comes with a really
nice pair of tweezers that have a really, really strong point, and they’re also angled in a
way that makes it very easy to pick up parts and filament. These I cannot believe I have
been going so long without. They’re much, much more precise
than the needle nose pliers, and they’re able to get into
tough places much easier than the skinny pliers that
I went out and bought myself. This kit also comes with five, these are kind of like acupuncture needles for cleaning out the nozzles. So instead of having to keep part of a broken guitar string
around, you just have these here. They’re in a little tube,
there’s five of ’em. That’s probably more
than you’ll ever need, then you can clean out
nozzles if they get jammed or stuck with filament. And finally, last but not least, comes with its own deburring tool, which is so cool because again, this is one of my favorite tools. I really, really love this, and it also comes with a spare tip. So this is enough to keep you going for the foreseeable future in 3D printing all in this one kit. There’s a few things you’ll still need that aren’t included in the kit, like you probably do still need a pair of needle nose pliers,
probably do still need a set of Allen wrenches. If you’re printing on glass, definitely do still need a glue stick. The things like glue stick and pliers, you can get at almost any store. Something like these
needles or a deburring tool or a really specific type of tweezers, much harder to come by. So that’s why this kit is really helpful, and I do wanna make it
clear that even though I am, you know, advertising
someone else’s product here, the reason I’m doing so is
because Pat just reached out to me, said, “I have this thing “that I think is really useful for people “who are interested in 3D printing. “Would you mind checking it out?” I really like it, I didn’t realize how convenient it would
be to have these tools in one spot all the time. So regardless if you buy
this specific kit or not, these are the tools that you need that are really, really helpful if you’re interested in 3D printing. So if you buy this kit, if you piece together the
kit like this on your own, or if you already have the
stuff lying around your house, I strongly recommend that
you have a dedicated set of tools specifically for 3D printing that you always know where they are. They’re always ready
to go, and that’s going to save you a lot of time
and a lot of frustration. And for the most part,
especially with the promo code, this kit is actually a bit
cheaper than it would be to just piece all of this
stuff together on your own. So I just think it’s
something that’s pretty useful that I wanted to share with you guys because I have been really using it. I’m gonna continue to, and
it’s really helped me out. And again, the Amazon
affiliate link to this kit is down in the description below. With a few promo codes, you can save yourself a bit of money. So I hope that’s helpful to you. When I got into 3D printing,
I spent a lot of money and time and energy on stuff
that I didn’t really need to figure out the stuff that I did need so I think that this is a good way to make sure you’re not
wasting your resources, and you have exactly what you need. So please let me know in
the comments down below. If you have any specific
tool recommendations, please feel free to share them. If you’re not subscribed, I
don’t know what you’re doing. You should subscribe
right now, and that’s it. I really, really do hope this was helpful. I really do think this is a great kit that is something that’s
gonna save you a lot of time and frustration so hope that’s helpful. I will see you guys next time. Also got this little, oh,
oh my God, did you see that? It’s stuck in the table, and
now there’s a hole in my table. So these are sharp. Well, now we’ll remember,
this was the video that put that hole in the table.

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