Tattoo Artists Guess The Prices of Tattoos

hi I’m Denise hey what’s up my name is taka tomara my name is Jose Herrera today I’m gonna be guessing the cost of these tattoos [Music] so for pricing a tattoo it probably varies $20 Sid who’s to say I feel pretty confident about it yeah yeah I can do it I bet I can get close to it let’s go tattoo number one looks pretty big so black outlined flower stuff I don’t think this will cost around 300 bucks I would probably say it’s about I have to know I would guess this tattoo probably cost around 400 bucks oh yeah I guess they kind of cause it got a deal I mean it’s pretty big it seems like it’d be a lot of work watery woman it’s like a half sleeve a lot of black and gray negative space from the shoulder maybe to the elbow probably say it thousand dollars again I’m thinking this one’s probably around four five hundred no no what actually three hundred let’s do 300 because I’m really gonna guess in the cost of the tattoos okay [Music] is age-old favourite dandelion kind of blowing into birds I’ve done this tattoo it before many times I would probably say like 180 first something like this my quick guess will be 250 you know what let’s go with 300 all right cool not 200 bucks how do i best guess okay this one is a script it’s hard to read but this is pretty cool man I like it the script is definitely a very specific skill there’s artists to make a living just off of it so my final guest some probably $300 I think this will go around just 50 I would guess this one cost 250 200 huh little off I guess they saved 100 bucks [Music] there are small small tattoos we have an exclamation point Justin black maybe like an inch I say 80 bucks for something like this I’m sure every tattoo shop it has their minimum so I will go with the $80 I’m gonna say hundred bucks Oh depends what you got though you know I think I’m going pretty good so far so this is an astronaut with ribbon around him floating through the galaxy would you call this guy a marine er what Al’s it again just like the one before because it seems like it’s pretty huge like on the RHIB a while 18 no 2400 now there’s sense it’s almost $1200 yes I could see oh wow um way off dude this is very cool like it keeps in a nine tailed fox or the chick this is huge it’s like a full sleeve shoulder tourist I have to see you like a Japanese type of work I like you know that’s cool thousand five hundred for something like this since it’s like so huge maybe even more because of the size I will say $4,000 whenever I’m here I guess 100 I’m surprised actually if its massive oh it’s a great deal in Lisbon tell them to get you something like a little bit bit doesn’t know your hand like a hand size honestly it’s huge it looks like it’s maybe it’s whole by dying photograph old-school Americana style all this probably $500 price say 500 bucks for something like this mm-hmm this was probably like 500 bucks okay so it’s $1,000 so that’s really awful thousand Wow good for you good for you person is super light looks pretty and doesn’t seem like they get a lot of Sun one will go for four hundred three hundred and fifty dollars 250 now there’s a lot of color which I guess oh it was close all right fine whatever I don’t think I did that well it’s kind of cool seeing another you’ll charge is horrible I didn’t do as good as I thought I would do it’s difficult I haven’t troubled pricing my own tattoos so that was really stressful you know it’s a hard to price of tattoos because you are selling your piece of yourself in the way how do you even like you know [Music]

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