Strip quilt project (quick & easy!) | Quilting Tutorial with Angela Walters

Strip quilt project (quick & easy!) | Quilting Tutorial with Angela Walters

Strip quilts are so fast and easy to make!
They are the perfect go-to pattern when you need a cute quilt, quick.
Hi, I’m Angela Walters, and I want to show you how making a quilt out of strips, from
start to finish, is oh so easy. First, pick out some fun fabrics. I’m using
flannel which means my quilt is going to be so cozy. Don’t worry about finding fabrics
that match perfectly. The more variety, the better! You can choose as little as 4 prints
or as many as 13! Decide which fabric is your favorite, this
will be the most prominent color in the quilt. Cut it into four 3″ strips.
Cut a total of eighteen 3″ strips from the coordinating prints.
Pair a strip of your favorite fabric and three strips of co-ordinating fabric and / pin and
sew with right sides together to make a strip unit.
Don’t forget to press the seams to the side. It’ll make cutting the blocks much easier.
Rotate the strip unit, straighten the left edge, and carefully subcut into three 10 1/2″
blocks. Repeat with the rest of the fabric, making
more strip units and more blocks just as you did with the first set of fabrics
Once you have the blocks, this is where the design comes to life! Lay out the blocks in
a row, rotating every other block. Rotating the blocks creates a zig zag effect.
It really gives a basic block a fun look! Now you can pin and sew the blocks together
in rows And then do the same to sew the rows together.
Don’t sweat matching up every seam – close enough is good enough!
Press it and just like that you have a fun, fast and easy strip quilt top!
But it isn’t a quilt until it’s quilted. Don’t let the thought of machine quilting deter
you from finishing your quilt. I promise it’s easier than it looks.
Here I am going to use a smaller quilt made of 4 blocks. But all the steps are the same,
no matter the size of your quilt. Pick out a fabric for the backing of your
quilt and cut it so that it is at least 2″ bigger than your quilt top on all sides.
Place a piece of batting, roughly the same size on top of the backing. Again, make sure
that it lays flat. A wrinkle in the batting is no fun to deal with while quilting, trust
me. Place the quilt top on top of the batting. Using safety pins, baste the layers together.
This helps ensure that none of the layers move while machine quilting.
For this quilt top we’re going to quilt straight lines.
A walking foot, if you have one, is your best bet for this type of quilting.
Starting from a corner, quilt a line diagonally to the opposite point. See how the walking
foot feeds all the layers through evenly and helps prevent tucks?
Continue quilting onto the next block, going from corner to corner until you reach the
edge of the quilt. Repeat in the next row of blocks and continue
until all the blocks are quilted with the same parrallel, diagonal line.
I like a lot quilting in my quilts, so I like to repeat the diagonal lines in the opposite
direction. Keep quilting until your happy with how it
looks. Once that’s finished, all you have to do is trim it and add the binding.
Thanks for watching! To get the pattern for this project, supplies, and more expert instruction,
be sure to click the “i” in the top-right corner of this video.


  • LindieLee says:

    Nah..all the steps are the same but I'm working right now with a queen size quilt under my Juki and my arms are killing me ranging the large quilt under the machine. People should be aware that, no, it's not as easy with a larger quilt.

  • LindieLee says:

    lol…there is no 'I" in the top right.

  • Akaasheeps says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you.

  • llibertat mas says:

    I love it!! I'm going to do it!!!! 😊

  • Mags Nash says:

    Thank you so much 😊 that looked like so much fun

  • colleen527bluemoon says:

    do you have a video joining these quilt pieces together…? do you join them together by them selves or with another strip together, then bind?

  • Claudia Sanchez says:

    Question? You made a block but how do you connect all the blocks? You did not show us?

  • Miss Elmyra says:

    Love this idea! Thanks so much!💕

  • Jessica Laraby says:

    Hi everyone, please click here to support my GoFundMe campaign,Funding for quilt making

  • greylady 2 says:

    I can quilt something very small. However, when I try to do anything else, anything larger I am unable to do so. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Help?

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  • Brittany Tennyson says:

    This is what I used for my very very first quilt! I watch you so much my daughter (6 years old) helped pick out fabric and got the quilt! Thank you so much for being you! We both love you!

  • Theresa Morgan says:

    Like it!! Boy, ur hair is really getting long again…looks nice

  • ThatGrlTabi ! says:

    Could I pay you to make me a quilt

  • Michelle Smith says:

    Look pretty simple. I am going to give it a try.

  • Candi S. says:

    You give me anxiety.

  • Brittany Wessels says:

    Where can I find the pattern for this strip quilt?

    When I click on the link to buy the kit, it says unavailable.

  • Rahat Khan says:

    It is a beautiful quilt and looks like an easy one . However I have a question . I couldn't understand how are we going to use 18 strips . With 4 ,3 inches strip of the main fabric you will need 12 more strips making a total of 16 strips . Where will we use the 2 extra strips ( 18 – 16 = 2 ) . Please let me know . TIA .

  • Marie Jacobs says:


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