string art boceto parhelio múltiple  por jorge de la tierra

string art boceto parhelio múltiple por jorge de la tierra

music hello that such friends welcome once again to a
tutorial on how to make designs or sketches for the works of string art, for
today I bring you a new design a work which we will call parhelio
multiple, to perform such work let’s use a table of
dimensions 70 x 70 centimeters. I want thank all my subscribers for
your comments. if you like this video do not forget to give it
I like to subscribe to my active channel the option of notifications so that when
upload another video you’re never aware forget to share thanks. design
what we are going to do next is very simple first thing we’re going to
to do is leave a margin on each side of our 2 centimeters table let’s draw the diagonals for
find the center then we are going to make a
circumference series from center 6.5 centimeters 13, 19 points 5
26 and 32 points 5 centimeters. surely if you are watching this video
it’s because you want to do the work that I’ve called multiple parhelia for it
I invite you to click on this side of the video where you’ll find a notification
that will take you to the video where I have tensed the threads. then we will make a series
of divisions for later place the lace. for the first
circumference we are going to make divisions from one centimeter to the second
circumference let’s perform divisions of 0.9
centimeters the third division circumference is
08. centimeters to the fourth division is 0.7
centimeters and for the last division is 0.6
centimeters. the dimensions of the Nails that we will use are the following
for the first circumference nails 2.5 – inch
the second circumference nails of 2 inches the third circumference
one and a half inch nails the fourth circumference one-inch nails and
the fifth circumference nails three quarter-inch music music


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