string art boceto o diseño  big bang por jorge de la tierra

string art boceto o diseño big bang por jorge de la tierra

let’s see how to make the design sketch for the work that we will call big-bang to make this work we are going to use a table of dimensions 70 x 70 centimeters The first thing we are going to do is leave a margin of the sides horizontal and the vertical sides of 2 centimeters likewise we will draw the diagonals to find the center and the vertical half and the horizontal half of said table now we will build 4 circumferences from the center of radios 7, 16, 24 and 33 centimeters respectively now let’s subdivide the first circumference and the second in 45-degree sections to get 8 parts in each of them from the vertical half we will begin 45 degrees to the left or to the right for the first and second circumference and for the last circumference we will also divide it into 8 parts of 45 degrees but we will do it in the following way taking as a reference the half of the vertical part or half of the table we will leave 22.5 degrees for the left and 22.5 degrees to the right to get the 45 degrees and then we continue making the following divisions also of 45 degrees up get 8 parts If you want to know how I have tensed the threads for this work, I invite you to give click on the following notification now let’s build a star of 8 puntas utilizando la segunda circunferencia y la cuarta circumference then let’s join this point with this point and this point with this point to form the first tip of our star we continue performing the same procedure Now we are going to make some tips in the following way from the first circumference to the intersection with the third circumference said lines they have a distance of 19 centimeters then we are going to make some tips on the outside of the last circumference for it we are going to make some projections taking this point as a reference and this point we will draw a line of 7 centimeters on this side of this part and the opposite part for each of the sides of our star, remember that the reference points are east and east finally we are going to make the following projections we are going to build a point on the inner part between the first circumference and the second we project this point of the second circumference with this point of the first circumference or the internal part of the star with the tip of the first circumference. let’s draw a line 7 centimeters on each side music I want to remind you that the designs or sketches of all my works are for sale in addition to a tool that you allows to give distance and level to the nails Shipping to anywhere in the world after having used our tool to give level and separation to the nails we have placed the following amount for the star from the outside we have used 31 nails in each line of three quarters of an inch separated one from the other 0.6 centimeters for the inside tips we have used 21 nails also of three quarters of an inch for this point we have used in each line 29 one-inch nails you also separate 0.6 centimeters one from the other and for the outer tips we used 12 nails in each of the lines, in total at each point 23 one-inch nails separated one from the other 0.6 centimeters in total for this work we used 1,275 nails if you like this video do not forget to like subscribe to my channel activates the notifications option so that when you upload another video you’re aware never forget to share thanks music

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