STENCIL REVOLUTION ArtWork  Painting Publix Flowers on Brown Paper Bag February 15, 2020

STENCIL REVOLUTION ArtWork Painting Publix Flowers on Brown Paper Bag February 15, 2020

okay now I’m gonna be painting I’m gonna
paint on the front I’ve got a paint on the front of my Publix bag and maybe
I’ll take it back to him cuz they said they want us to bring him back to the
store so I wanna paint I’m gonna paint some flowers I’m painting flowers on my
Publix I don’t have I use this color I don’t have a towel to dab off on so I’m
just gonna keep going anyway and hopefully not mess things up too much I might if I have to if I have to one
night oh they told me I could just add water in here I do have my waters the paint store told me I could just add
water if if I get if it gets too thick if the paint gets too thick I thought
well I don’t want to use too much now we’re painting flowers that’s pretty
good I think I’m done with that Clifford right now I want to add some more colors
though we’re adding blue this is working up faster than coloring I mean we are
coloring though this is covering and it does count as covering okay we’re painting flowers did I ruin
it probably not probably not even a flower doesn’t look so great does it that’s pretty good that’s not bad let’s
move okay this should do it okay now this one is that one’s kind of thing I’m spreading paint around but
that’s okay but it’s okay just these are metallic metallic paints is what I’m using okay so I’m gonna put this back home
and I gotta I don’t want to overpower this color so I’m gonna oh we got purple
we got purple I knew that was gonna happen off red and blue make purple oh
yeah I knew that was gonna happen I was hoping it would happen anyway I didn’t
just know okay so okay what if like that going on here
oh I added extra leaves okay added extra leaves and so we can kind of
make we can work in a little spine down the center like those you see that oh
the colors love each other they just love each other
look at how they blend they make new colors okay let’s see if I can see better point
going on I just I like to have that little point in there I don’t know if
this is gonna work as well or not but let’s just see if okay yeah just a
little bit it doesn’t have to be perfect point but just a little bit I think
Publix will like this if I take it back to the store now I want to paint the
eagle I’ve had made a mess on my stencil I’m gonna paint the eagle’s claws bright
yellow to dab on so I’m just gonna be using a tiny tiny bit of well maybe a
little more than a tiny bit but okay that’s probably good so now if I lose my
place I can just but because of this fold right here I’m
having a little bit of issues getting it to line up so now I’m gonna have to just
I’m gonna go with red that’s what I’m gonna do
somebody I’m gonna try to line this back up yeah I think that’ll work and then
I’m going to use kind of a more powerful color so I’m just gonna stencil some of
this on maybe pounce it so I don’t want it in
too much and see what happens here okay I’m gonna just hold it hold it in place
like that and parents bouncing bouncing a little bit more I
want it to be want the red to be a little bit more powerful on the ego and
make a red eagle I don’t know why but I just feel like you don’t see I hope this
works and that I didn’t like mess it up too much or that it didn’t leave too
much oh we can’t even see the Eagle Eagle that’s terrible we can sort of see
it but I guess this is what we’re gonna have to that’s kind of disappointing
that’s kind of really disappointing that I can’t see it better news maybe I need
to let some of it dry and put it back on again I don’t know maybe that’s what I
need to do that might be too wet me too much there are some of the face right
there that’s some of it I can align this back like let me see okay I’m gonna have to go heavy I’m
gonna have to go heavy on the color I’m gonna have to do a a heavy heavy color
so because when they’re bullshit I’m glad this wasn’t running paint okay so
okay let me get that out don’t let me see here I don’t know hopefully I won’t
mess it up some of this probably will blend in
together hopefully I can let this dry and I can work with this on here right
now and maybe get a fight fine tip pen actually the stencil looks really pretty
the stencil is but I can get a pen I’m gonna have to get a pen or something to
actually enhance it a little bit more because this is a small stencil though
and so being that it’s a small stencil it will work for fine tip drawing maybe
not paint as well but it it does look a little bit like Eagle Eagle there and
you guys saw me use this so we’ve got a little bit of something going on there
and I can and I use the yellow as as I’m gauged so I can kind of line it back up
again like that once it dries and maybe add something else in there to fine tune
the face a little bit yeah so anyway that’s it for this bag and if I decide
I’ll let you guys know if I decide to take it to Publix and I’ll let you know
if they take it back if they take back the bags they really need to have a bag
take back program well the girl said they were so she said bring her bags
back to Publix

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