Sketchbook With Me · How to Have More Time For Art in 2020 · ad · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #9

Sketchbook With Me · How to Have More Time For Art in 2020 · ad · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #9

Hello my loves and welcome back to my sketchbook. And huge thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring
today’s video. Today I’m working on a spread inspired by
some Poinsettia petals that I pressed while I was clearing up all my Christmas decorations,
I thought it would be nice to just write a quick little journal of my time this past
holiday season. I wanted to go for a vintage look- I’m finding
myself more and more drawn to that kind of style- I absolutely adore old books and just
the charm of found items and old relics. I actually got the idea to stain this paper
with watercolour from a Skillshare class I took that was specifically about adding a
vintage look to your journal. The class was taught by Helen Colebrook, who
I also avidly follow here on YouTube, you must check her out, but in this particular
class, she really went into her process and techniques, which in turn helped me feel more
confident in giving it a go myself. And I find Skillshare is wonderful for building
on your existing passions or skills, deepening your knowledge on things you’re interested
in while also providing so much room and potential to discover something entirely new to learn
and sink your teeth into. Skillshare offer thousands of classes on all
sorts of topics like illustration and design, building a business… even languages, I think
it’s the perfect platform to make the most of this year, to develop new skills and take
your creativity up a notch. As an online learning community, Skillshares
classes are easily accessible, nice and digestible in your own time, and affordable at $10 for
an annual subscription. As I’ve said, I’m really interested in getting
more into creative journaling, and I’ve already spotted a few classes on there that I think
can really help in that, more from Helen and a few others that I’ll link below. I’ll also have a link below that gives you
2 free months of premium access to however many classes you’re interested in, so check
it out if you’re looking to to make 2020 a year of personal and creative development. Now, onto today’s topic. If you do happen to want to improve your art,
one of the ways you’ll always be told is most effective, is to spend more time on it, work
on it every day… but somehow, life always gets in the way. You don’t *have* enough time in your day after
school or work, eating, socialising, exercising, cleaning, taking care of assignments or kids!…
to make time to just draw can sometimes feel like a waste, and if not, it might just feel
impossible. Now, I’m lucky. This is my job. I can spend time on drawing- I kind of have
to- but even so, I’ve found myself feeling guilty for making art when I could be being
‘more productive’, or, I get all my other work out the way, just to feel too tired or
unmotivated at the end of the day to sit down and create. So where do you find the time? I’m assuming you’re watching this because
you really *want* to make art, whether as a hobby or as a career- but I still think
it’s important to get clear on how much it means to you, in the scheme of things, and
why. When the issue is motivation, which it often
is for me, I find it really helpful to be clear on why I’m dedicating however much time
it is to this thing. Of course making art makes me happy- most
of the time- but there are times when it’s hard, when it’s boring, and when it all seems
a bit pointless- those are the times where you can talk yourself out of doing it at all-
and in those times, it’s good to be prepared, to have a reminder that this matters- because
you have something you want to communicate and you’re doing it through art, because art
is something you can escape into, because mastering a skill is something you’ve always
wanted to do, because you dream of building a career from your passion… So what is it for you? Because if this really does matter, then let’s
start looking at finding you some time. I would recommend spending a day tracking
how you’re spending your time outside of work or school. Be honest and be specific. If you can, I would even try and do this for
a couple of days or even a week. Have a notebook or use the notes app on your
phone, and whenever you go from one task to another, write down the time and the task
you’re starting. I’ve done this before, and it’s quite eye-opening
to see the hours of scrolling, of watching telly, texting, playing video games, general
faffing about, seeing those hours add up. I personally don’t believe in this idea of
constant hustle, of always doing something that *means* something. I do think we need down-time, we need to give
our minds a break, but it helps to put your day into perspective. If nothing else, to see that there is some
time in there. Now, you might do this and see that actually
there really isn’t much time in there. You could be a single parent, you could be
working two jobs, you could be doing your dissertation, in which case I would look at
whether you could delegate a task or two to someone else at all to free up any time, or
at least share it, and at the very least, if it’s all you can do realistically, see
if you can carve out an hour for art on a weekend or a day off. You don’t have to be making masterpieces,
at least not all in one sitting. Sketch on the go, in the in between times. Bring your sketchbook with you and doodle
on your lunch break or on the bus or on the sofa instead of watching YouTube videos- or
while watching YouTube videos! Don’t expect to me making tons of art and
be discouraged when you find you can’t. Commit to making a little bit when you can,
whenever you can. Add to a painting a little at a time over
the course of a few days or weeks. You’ll actually find that you’re making more
art, because you’re not putting that pressure on yourself to finish something. When you know you haven’t got time to finish
it, you’re probably gonna find it hard to even start. When you’re just taking each little step at
a time, you’ll find youself moving forward without even realising it. When you’ve found that sweet spot of time-
and it may just be half an hour before you head out for the day or before you go to bed-
and when you’re clear on your motivations, clear enough to not talk yourself out of trying
to make it work, then the final thing to do is make the act of making art habitual. Make it as routine as brushing your teeth,
or grabbing your phone to scroll through instagram first thing in the morning. I know I’ve done my Skillshare bit so I’ll
keep this brief, but if I could recommend another class, Thomas Frank has a fantastic
class on there about building habits that last. It’s a good hour of real, actionable steps
to really make a difference to how you approach building your positive habits this year and
I think it could really change the game for a lot of you guys watching. I truly believe this year is gonna see so
much growth and achievement. I don’t know, I just feel like we’re ready
for it. Let’s start with finding a small slot of time
we can commit to making art, a little at a time. Thanks for watching guys, and thanks again
to Skillshare for supporting creative channels like mine. Let me know what you thought of the video. In the future, I’ll try and talk more about
the art I’m working on, in this case it just felt a little self-explanatory. And if there’s anything you’d like me to talk
about in more detail like this, let me know. Check the description video for the tools
I used today, the link to 2 free months of Skillshare and the classes I mentioned. And otherwise, I’ll see you in the next video,


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    but i would also add that ten minutes can be enough to do a sketch and keep the practice going. i truly believe you can find ten minutes to draw if you allow yourself to 🙂

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    Thanks for the chill time Minnie, your advice reminds me of what's important. I need time to breathe, and not feel as if I have to do this, I have to do that. You make me not feel guilty about taking time to do… nothing. Just to take a moment, do something 'meaningless', when that meaninglessness is integral to my mental/physical health.

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