Simple & Easy Zen Japanese Flower Arrangement Fluid-Art Poured Painting

Simple & Easy Zen Japanese Flower Arrangement Fluid-Art Poured Painting

hello and welcome to deliberately
creative I’m Stephanie and I want to welcome you to a fun painting project
using fluid acrylic paints a bit of string and a little bit of Zen let’s get
started and see how fast fun and easy this beautiful project really is
hey all so I am starting here with an eleven by fourteen canvas panel and I am
going to try and do an interpretation of a Japanese styled flower arrangement but
doing it with poured paint so what I’ve done first is I have put wet white paint
and pouring medium mixture across the whole thing and I’m just using a
relatively level flat surface to do this on hopefully I got my surface a little
more leveled than I did last time we’ll see so now I’m just taking that little
spreader out of the way alright so I am using paints here that were mixed for
previous videos and some of them got moved into other containers and I don’t
have the recipes written down I know generally that they were all a four to
one ratio of pouring medium to paint which would be like five grams of paint
20 grams of pouring medium and I know that this was rose shimmer and this was
rose shimmer mixed with white I cannot remember which blue that is
it’s a pretty blue so any medium bright blue I think will work because what I
want to do first is I am going to just sort of splash on some blue and I’m just
using the stick to splash on the blue then I’m going to take that spreader
and I’m going to sort of swipe across the blue I’m going to swipe this
direction and then I’m going to swipe the other direction and we’re gonna see
what we get we’re just getting a pretty kind of
woven background ooh that’s that is kind of cool just sort of
a woven look background not not anything specific I like that because remember I
am NOT doing a specific style I am thinking of a Japanese style painting
when I’m done that’s what I’m hoping for but it could end up being something
totally different by the time we finish now we’ve got this background and it’s
still wet I am going to try to put some flowers in straight up and down and
there’s going to be petals coming off of flowers off to the side so we’re going
to start off and I’m going to just get my string in here and pull a petal so
this is the rose shimmer without anything added to it whoops I don’t want
quite that big of a drop there we go so I am setting this down in a loop and I
am sort of pinching that loop together I’m trying to do this so you can see and
then pulling towards the junk the place where the flower would come together
that is looking cool so I want one more petal I’m thinking hmm I’m wondering I’m
wondering if I can get this on here in such a way
that you can actually see it better there and then I’m pulling and drawing
it together hmm that one’s sort of twisted off funny I’m going with it
though what I’m what I think I’m actually going to go for here is more of
an iris a Japanese iris painting that’s what I’m doing that style so I have
three of the petals that are pointing down I’m going to do two petals that are
pointing up the stem is going to come down like this and there will be a bowl
across the bottom yes that I think is gonna be really pretty so now I have my
rose shimmer that was mixed with white so now I want these top petals to be
wide and then come down so I think I need more paint on my on my string I
think it needs to be a deeper a deeper petal because I really want that roughly
edge so there we go so now I’m going to go right up on top
here just like this and then I want to make sure that it makes contact all the
way didn’t really need more paint there that paint is not quite as thick as the
other pink so I think I’m going to kind of mix them see that’s one of the things
when you’re doing this don’t be afraid to sort of mix your paint and see what
you get I’m going to actually stretch oops
stretch that out it ah yes bring it together and yes I saw that I
drug right through this right here no big deal because what I can do is just
go dip into that pink paint again watch where the ends of my strings are I’m
just gonna lay right in and just pull just like that and then I’m going to do
the same thing watch where the ends of my strings are lay it in and I’m just
gonna pull just like that oh nice really nice let’s see if we can
zoom in just a bit on that and I love the shape on that one
and I’m wondering hmm I think we’re gonna go with the dark pink just a bit
let’s see there mm okay oh yeah hey see sometimes you just have
to play I’ve never done an iris before I am figuring this out as I go along so
I’m I’m hoping you know wishing and hoping and praying and planning and
scheming then I am going to do the front pedal again I know it was really cool
the first time but you know what it’s really cool this time too all right I think I know it’s like I
keep reworking but I want that I want those bottom petals to be a little bit
bigger like that and out here so then what does that mean I have to
pull that is actually turning out really pretty so then what I need I actually
need a bud I need a flower bud and I’m trying to think if it’s going to be
tipped this way I think this is going up then the but I think will be tipped here
so it’s just a single bit of pink just a single bit of pink there just like that
so now I am going to want to get my green stem on and I’m putting all of
this in before I put the vase because then the vase will fit where I put the
flowers it there’s method here there’s method to this madness
now before I get too far though I am going to go ahead and get some green I want some green on that bud so let’s see
no I need more paint on that string don’t know what I was thinking there so let’s see the green on the bud comes
around over the pink and down that is pretty and I’m thinking hmm
now that I see how that works I am going to make this string really covered with
green because I want to leave I want a long leaf so if I get enough paint on
this greens so I think maybe I do it where I take the stick like that so
we’re just going to swing yes that’s all we need for that leaf then I’m going to
bring the stem down I’m just gonna do the same way I’m gonna do the same way
you know figuring things out as you go along is so much fun you just have to
let yourself have permission to play to create to enjoy you know give yourself
permission it’s okay it’s okay to say I wonder what would happen if and then try
it sorry I’m trying to get the stick
through my green there we go I just want to drop it right here
okay and now I’m just going to draw straight down in and curve just like
that and I’m going to flip over because they
still have a lot of green paint and there let’s see I think I want a little
extra curve on that green leaf over there the long one you know you see
things after and you go I wonder if I can fix it to be the way I want it to be
move over here you can see me a little better maybe so I’m gonna open that up
just a bit I want a bit untwist there we go okay well that was not as as fluid
emotion my string is starting to twist that was the problem and I can still fix
it so I’m not worried you know just relax breathe and relax and enjoy the
process that’s what I’m doing just enjoying the process so I want to
encompass that part of the leaf that dropped down and include it let’s see oh there okay so now we’re getting more
I want it to be a little bit longer come in okay so there we go we’re getting it
it’s coming over the top and joining in alright so now I think let’s see do I
have any yellow paint that was pre-mixed for something else looks I have some
yellow paint I want a little bit of those fuzzy yellow bits to show up here
so I am just going to take a little bit of this kind of buttery cream yellow and
I’m going to go just like that and maybe even let it come down just a
bit kind of curved there we go I like that that’s a lot of fun so now we need
a I believe we are going to use a shallow vase however there is a little
thing that is bothering me and because it is bothering me I figure it might be
bothering others so I’m taking a cotton bud and I’m just going to kind of clean
up the green right there and then I will grab a little bit of white just on the
cotton bud again and streak it in and streak it down so it looks like it
belongs nobody even know anymore oh and that’s
really pretty how this is starting to take on some that orange edge from the
pink and this is going to be a shallow dish so the leaf is pretty close to the
bottom I’m going to just use the stick and I’m going to go across like this and swoop like that oh yeah I’m making this
up as I go folks across like that and it actually is going off the edge of the
canvas there yes and I’m taking the stick sideways and just sliding it
through there we go oh that is so pretty okay so there’s the base going all the
way up to the flower what do you think I’ll show it to you when it’s all dry so
you’ll be able to see actually I’m looking at that going you know I think
I’m going to go ahead and make that line right there match this line over here
because I can and you know you can – I love that deep blue that is so pretty
and a little bit of green that’s reflecting in here that’s that’s really
nice – that is actually I’m going to grab a little bit of the pink I want to
put a little bit of the pink reflecting on here also look at that now we have
all of the colors reflected down here in the in the dish that is holding this
pretty single iris with a bud I hope you enjoyed this and stick around for the
reveal of the final dried painting alright so here we are here’s the
finished painting it is all dry I love the texture that this background
gives to the painting it gives it some life and energy you can see how some of
the effects of the combination of the paint and down here in the vase look at
that isn’t that pretty I love how that turned out
it’s the same colors as the background it’s got the same colors as the flower
then we’ve got we’re moving up into that leaf that we got to swoop over and swing
around and that pretty bud that’s just waiting to become and then growing up
into that flower that we pulled with the string and I like how the yellow drifted
back it sunk down in a little bit and it wasn’t as overpowering as it was looking
like it might be I hope you enjoyed this if you did please click the like button
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notified when new videos go up let me know down in the comment section what
you would like to see are there other flowers are there other types of sort of
figurative things that you would like to see me try and do I have a couple ideas
for things that are coming up and there’s room on my list for more as
always go out do something creative take care of yourself so you can take care of
those around you I hope to see you back here again really
soon bye bye


  • KM Crafts says:

    This turned out so fun! Also, is it really bad of me to say FIRST?

  • Tippy Mueller says:

    I would LOVE to see you do a video on the tope 10 things that could go wrong, things to look out for, epic fails, etc. Such as what is too thick and what happens, what causes crazing, what will prevent sealers from sticking to paint, what happens when paint is too thin, what to never do and why. Show us all the bad stuff. Let us see and learn.

  • durnillakas says:

    Thank you

  • Marcy Davis says:

    Another great video. Thank you and I'm going to have to try this one!

  • Jeanetta Townsend says:

    As always I love your videos. Irises were my mothers favorite flowers, mine too. I'm going to be trying this soon. Thank you for your tutorials. Have a blessed day.

  • Linda Ursin says:

    A very interesting way to create petals. I've used string before but not like that 🙂 Looks fun to try

  • Betty Morgan says:

    One of the things I like about you is your joy and enthusiasm.

  • Mona L creates says:

    Lovely flower Stephanie!! Enjoyed my watching as usual!! 🙂 Hope you will be all well soon from that cold!

  • Jannette Knutsen says:

    Wow lovely you really rocked this one 🌾💖

  • DeliberatelyCreative says:

    Whoohoo! Thank you so much for stopping by and spending a little bit of time with me. This painting is so easy and makes a lovely painting to hang in your home or share out in the world! Your painting will be your own design and you can paint and sell as you choose. That's what I love about the spontaneity of fluid acrylic paints! Remember to Subscribe and Share this video with your friends and family! Take care of yourself so you can take care of those around you!

  • Anne Christine says:

    Thank you! Love Japanese style anything! More sea life, seascape please!

  • Myriam Noel says:

    Un travail recherché 😍😍😍merciiiiiiii pour ce partage bravo 👏👏j’adore magnifique 😘❤️🌹

  • StitzArt says:

    Awesome, love that bud,get well soon

  • Marty Dennis says:

    You are so Creative Stephanie! where do you get all these ideas? when i want to have a smile in my heart i watch one of your vids. you get so excited

  • Laura Lawson says:

    I loved this idea. I have a commission someone wants an iris and tried one and didn't like my results. I'm going to try your techniques you used. I'm sure it will come out great! Love your positive energy!

  • EllasGramma says:

    Maybe do a painting using q-tips as your ‘brush’ ? Very sweet flower!

  • Trish Goodwin says:

    What household paint do use for the bases and flooding please.

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