Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks (Episode 27: Screenshots, Paper Artist, Photo Editor Review)

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks (Episode 27: Screenshots, Paper Artist, Photo Editor Review)

hello everyone Michael here with the
galaxy note 2 youtube channel and welcome to another episode of galaxy note 2
tips and tricks episode 27 today I have the S pen out again for a good reason
and it is because i want to continue on the same path that we went
on yesterday I showed you yesterday the app Photo Desk it is
free from samsung apps… you could do some really cool things like add some music and voice and some pen animations to an existing photo and it really is unique for what it can do and
you should definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it yet and today i wanna show you Paper Artist and
Photo Editor…Photo Editor you need to get from samsung apps just search simply
for photo editor and it is probably one of their most recommended apps
paper artist comes with the phone so i’ll try to integrate that all into what i want to
show you… so let me start off by answering a question
somebody asked me how can i take screenshots when i’m watching a video
I think youtube video and it works for any video you’ll notice that when you’re watching
a video this is a photo that I shot on vacation when you’re watching a video
and you try to do like one of these motions actually does not work so what you have to do home button
and power button they need to be pressed simultaneously not like a few milliseconds apart
but try to do it simultaneously and when you do it correctly
you’ll get that noise and the picture the screenshot ends up in ends up in your task bar
your notification bar and i want to let you know that tapping on the picture and clicking on edit will definitely do different things when you click on the picture
it will ask if you wanna open it in gallery or open it in the photo desk app or
some other apps that could recognize the screenshot or when you click on the edit button
it opens up paper artist directly and this paper artist is really
interesting app.. it infuses sketch drawing with the photos that you take and you might have seen some filters like this
but it is absolutely beautiful and how it handles these images so simply you could just with your S pen
just go over items that’s you wanna add color to and it’s really like magic but
let me just do this quickly you’ve probably seen this in the samsung
commercials so let me just do this quickly and it’s it’s pretty amazing for what it does
let me show you a couple of other things that it has really like it has very large amount of filters
I kinda like this one too it’s like you paste the photo
like a ripped photo over another one and it looks it looks really cool let’s let’s open this photo in photo editor that was an app that you could get
from samsung apps so we have this photo and photo editor
let’s just check out that features we have in photo editor there’s transform obviously rotate and crop
I’m sure you guys are all aware by now if you wanted to do one by one crop
like a perfect square.. you could just tap on the square button select S pen ratios and lock that in sure that looks all good
that’s centered click on done and then let’s see color i think
definitely they’re playing with contrast and brightness some hues there and then there’s effect
this is more like instagram something like instagram and then there is really cool decoration one… you could add a very nice spin yet it actually looks really
nice there or you could just add these wooden frames or not I kinda do like the vignette
so let’s keep that let’s put done there and let’s go back to decoration
you could add funny stickers one of these in there if you don’t like it or you could resize it here and then you could rotate it
you could delete it
so you could also do these grid type photo arrangements
so let’s split it in three add some more pictures then let’s let’s get the one I created
previously here’s some pictures of me and
my girlfriend in an island here Korea and then I’ll put another one there let’s put that on the bottom and that looks good
let’s push done and then maybe we could add one more decoration there
we could write like maybe the date will be 09/09/12 and if you think ‘oh man that looks ugly’
you could erase that or just hit back and you could just write Jeju 2012.. if you like creating these type of memories
and you like sharing them definitely the galaxy note 2 is alternate device for it maybe find away to use a feature
that you may or may not already be aware of I’m you know by now that you could do a screen capture by doing a palm swipe a little lesser known is that
you could hold the button on the S pen and then you could tap on the screen and i want to show you this example I open google apps today
I saw something kinda funny it’s recommended for you that app
I think google has figured me wrong so i thought i’d share on facebook so i tap and hold the button on my S pen and it just took a screen shot
and you could see that it took a screen shot and these animation S pen options are available to you so I’ll mark it up WTH google you could also circle around just the part you wanna capture so again i’ll hit the button on the S pen
and i’ll just circle it okay and then i’ll just fine facebook on here then I’ll type not that there is anything wrong with that and then I’ll post it so anyway that is the end of this episode
I hope you got something out of it and if you haven’t been to my channel yet
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and I’ll twit when i put up a new episode once again thank you for watching


  • William Chuisano says:

    Cannot find samsung's photo desk app.. 🙁 could you post a link?

  • One kilobyte of ram says:

    Samsung really should have went with a 1080p screen on the note 2…..

  • Ebubekir Inanc says:

    i agree, dude 4K or 16k on a mobile screen would be fucking weird,

  • Dixa1 says:

    1080p on a screen this small does not matter. if you have a tv at less than 46" you can not visibly tell the difference between 1080p and 720p.

  • Cory Teague says:

    the app was recommended because one of your friends +1'ed it!!! LOL.. it wasn't me though! I don't use that particular app 🙂

  • One kilobyte of ram says:

    lol!! you must be blind, I can tell the difference…

  • alazabe91112 says:

    hi mike
    i went to buy note 2 korean version
    but i want to know is it Compatible with accessories made for global note 2

  • alazabe91112 says:

    i have last order
    can you pls try this app and see if it work with the phone or not
    Light Flow Lite – LED Control

  • Steven Richards says:

    Hey Mike, I've noticed that there is a plethora of photo editors out there but a very limited selection of video editors. Is there anything out there similar to iMovie for iOS?

  • Mark Anthony says:

    I didn't know that you could crop on top of the screen shot, hmmm there are so many little tricks to this phone. I also found out that when you're reading a text on a page, you can hold down the button on the S pen and drag the pen to highlight a sentence or word and from there you can copy and paste share or search.

  • Senthil Babu says:

    3400 subscribers in such a short period of time. That's amazing man! Congrats!

  • chris law says:

    Good job! Hi Mike, I am still using 4.1.1 but why there is no update available when I check?

  • SUMITH 1 says:

    to take a screen shot from a video no need work that much hard. there is an icon on the screen itself in the middle of the screen above the video.

  • Liam Sandie says:

    Hi, do you know how to edit the arrangement of the "share via" icons when you click share?

  • Tommy The Nailguy says:

    I cant find photo editor to download

  • Tommy The Nailguy says:

    Ok I found it thru samsung apps but after I downloaded it said my device is not compatible with this app, strange!

  • Yaas says:

    There is also a small icon that appears on top when u touch the screen, which allows you to take screen shots

  • Yaas says:

    But didn't realise photo editor was so good

  • Yaas says:

    By the way, this might be irrelevant to this video, but I have noticed that you use the stock browser mostly. Do you feel that it is better than Chrome?

  • ryanspianoaccount says:

    Mike , great review as always. If you get a chance sometime can you do a review on how the allshare works. On my previous s2 and note1 I would just click on allshare and could use my playstation3 and play videos photos no problem but with note2 it appears different like you have to register or something. Thanks Mike

  • Julian Santos says:

    How do u get a pass code ???

  • C. Bret Nichols says:

    Just finished watching all 27 videos, thank you so much for your time and effort, it would have taken me a whole year to learn all these functions without a good teacher! 🙂

  • Vox says:

    1 tip… on the stock video player,once you open there is an icon on top middle it's camera icon press that and will capture screenshot on video your watching.

  • Ewechewb says:

    How much value would you place on the product warranty for this device ? I have the choice of buying with coverage for either one or two years and want to assess if the price difference is worthwhile. I have read reviews that say the screens on all of these phones have a limited lifetime anyway – that the colours fade after a year and you may get burn in straight away. What kind of faults occur ? Problems like a unit not turning on at all – or the S-Pen not being recognised ?

  • Ewechewb says:

    Thanks very much for your advice – especially as you are a heavy user and that is what I expect to be. I didn't know that Samsung would cover me for cracking the screen – I thought that would be regarded as an accident – and entirely MY fault, MY problem and MY responsibility.

  • Kha Doan says:

    I have question. How could you backup touchwiz interface ?

  • Back says:

    How u added more icon to your bottom on the phone

  • Robert Miller says:

    Mike, can you provide link to Photo Editor download. Where were quite a few "Photo Editors" in both the Samsung and Play Store sites. Thanks…your video's have been very helpful

  • JoeCzo says:

    Recommended for you: gay chat and dating jackd LOL

  • Brett O'Hara says:

    great stµ ff,

  • Max Walker says:

    Like Robert, I would like a link to the particular Photo Editor app that you demo'd. I

    BTW – I've had my Note II for 2 days, and am really finding your videos helpful. Thanks!

  • niner4life79 says:

    I don't have Samsung apps on my new note 2

  • Konalavajava says:

    "Samsung Apps" has to be the worst app & website I've ever had to deal with. Who writes this crap for them?

  • Xolition says:

    You've taught me so much about this phone!

  • juan galaviz says:

    Just a heads up. The Verizon Note 2 doesn't came with Samsung Apps. Even when you do get it, Samsung doesn't recognize the Verizon Note 2 as being compatible with Photo Editor so it is NOT available for download. I had to search around and find the .apk on the XDA forums.

  • Javier c says:

    Lol WTH google

  • im eelaza says:

    does the paper artist application can be download to samsung galaxy s3?

  • Sarah Shah says:

    Hi! I just got a Galaxy Note 2 and love your videos. I didn't find the photo editor you mentioned in the playstore (I've got Verizon). The photo editor I downloaded is Photo Editor version 1.3.5 released on nov 12, 2012 by [email protected] Would you provide a link to the app you used in your video to make it easier to find? thanks so much!

  • Jim Miller says:

    I have the same problem with Samsung App store. The search function fails to find anything with 'photo' in the name. I have the Verizon Note 2. I don't think Samsung App works well this version of the Note 2.

  • Dona Wallerius says:

    Does this app. also have the function of removing an object from the photo and adding it to another as they did in a samsung tutorial? Or does another app do this?

  • Jim Miller says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that.

  • HyzLy0 says:

    All the people who disliked this video likes one direction and justin bieber

  • White Dragon VIP Service says:

    hey Mike I just got this I got the Galaxy Note 2 OMG I love this phone it awesome phone I ever had 🙂 I going for Iphone 5 VS to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 my wife told me get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 it the best phone ever your video help alot great teacher 🙂 keep it up

  • Anoop Singh Ranhotra says:

    Not that anything is wrong with that … LOL

  • Daphne C says:

    Hi, How come my Note II paper artist is different with yours? dont have that much function like yours

  • Daphne C says:

    Thanks for your reply. I found out the one i downloaded from Play store ,not Samsung that's why.
    But i have another question about While the Video recording, i don't see any button i can take picture at the same time. Do u know Why? my phone bought from Australia. is that any different??

  • Jaimiel Rivera says:

    i have both paper artis and photo editor app on my Gnote 2, however i tired editing pictures with paper artist, then I tried shaing it via Photo Editor, I can't find it on the list.. Please help me.. is t here something I need to do to make photo editor available on the share list… thanks mike.. 😀

  • Mustafa Alikhan says:

    Dude, Nice Job . . . Just switched over from an iPhone 4S and I was completely swamped by the amount of stuff my new Note 2 can do (the iPhone was relatively simple) . . . your videos helped out heaps!

  • browntroutfisherman says:

    Hi Mike… Any idea how to import an image into paper artist from say a "cloud location" instead of from the phones gallery ?. I tried different ways but cant see a way of accessing my cloud storage directly from paper artist.
    My note 2's gallery shows all my cloud storage normally when I'm not in paper artist.
    This might be something other people have been trying to do as well.
    Thanks, Paul

  • Anoop Singh Ranhotra says:

    The Seinfeld bit was the most hilarious 😛 LOL

  • Anoop Singh Ranhotra says:

    Try it wth Astro File explorer or any other explorer .

  • browntroutfisherman says:

    Thanks for the tip, Astro file explorer is a great app but even with it loaded on my phone, paper artist still defaults only to the standard phone gallery when you try to import an image into paper artist. Do you know how I get paper artist to default to Astro file explorer ?.

  • Anoop Singh Ranhotra says:

    Nope..thats the default..unless u root and change the access file for paper artist which is a headache..the lonnger process is opening individual file in any file explorer and the sharing it to paper artist … thats what i do.

  • ertfox says:

    These are great. I've have my note 4 days, and you making easy. Thanks. You DA man

  • dabrits says:

    I couldn't get the s-pen tap and button hold to take a screen shot. Similarly, I couldn't the finger tap and rotate to bring up the camera…

  • ohhmygawd says:

    I wonder if the galaxy note 2 unlocked version is worth the money

  • Charina Russo says:

    I've had my GN2 for 3 months now, and I love it. I'm still learning it, and discovering new things. Do you need to root the device for the home screen to go from portrait to landscape…. and also which photo editor app do you recommend? And also, I want to edit someone out of a picture, can you do that with the GN2?

  • dracbrown10456 says:

    I watched another video where they showed u can take a video screen shot by pressing the up volume button n home screen. So not true n that was the most important thing i looked forward to. So upset about that. Has anyone tried that yet?

  • Guy Andrews says:

    Lol im watching this from my note 2 weeeeeee

  • Guy Andrews says:

    And thanks for the tips man!

  • Bruce Madden says:

    Can not get the "animated" version through gmail from Photo Desk(very nice); only the version with the photo and write ons goes through?? Is there any way to get this done as it really is cool/nice/useful/crative, etc.?

  • Noha Haggag says:

    Where does paper artist save photos????

  • Emily Paterson says:

    To take a shot of a video …press the camera sign and it takes a photo!!!!! Derrrr!!!

  • medina936rs says:

    How to delete screen shots from my gallery? I've been taking alot since Oct and it's saving all my screen shots… I want to delete.. Do u know how?

  • Thampee72 says:

    Some informations are hard to understand for french like me but its very usefull to know the Galaxy note 2. Thanks for this and sorry for my bad english 🙂

  • flyboy8533 says:

    I agree with Daphne. When you search the play store for paper artist it comes up with a different app. I see the one you guys are using has an S on an paint tripod. The only one I can find let you put a picture on old paper but has no other functions. Am I missing something.

  • Gilohana88 says:

    Hi mike like ur videos.. how do I save my agenda when im using google voice on my email. It saves it on alarm automatic..where do I go to set this

  • Betsy P. says:

    Thank you!  Just what I wanted to know.  Your videos are awesome!

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