Rotring Isograph Intricate Little Doodles In Moleskine Sketchbook

I was just thinking the other day about how much I’ve taught myself on this channel so far in the past two years. I mean when I first started I did not think that I was going to learn this much or be able to edit audio to all the visiting and it seemed like an impossible task or this didn’t seem like it was possible at that point and Now looking back on it it just it doesn’t seem like it was that hard really and Like now it doesn’t at least but I was looking around at different audio mixers for This channel to make better sound because I want a live stream and have better sound quality one live streaming the one I have right now is a focus right and the second generation and It does good, but the problem that I have is that it’s not really made for streaming, I mean does okay, but I can’t change the EQ and Lot of the other settings. I mean all it can change is the gain And that’s pretty much it. It’s got a line in a line out and then on there There’s a little knob that um changes the Direct monitor and the volume when I’m playing it back listening to it on the headphones and I mean it it works. Okay, but it’s not really something that works all that great for live streaming but anyways, I have here with me the Routing ISO graph and this is the 0.35. We published seen it in many of my videos and I’ve done quite a few doodles with this here and But today we’re gonna be doing a drawing again with our Good old roofing Raisa graph and our Moleskine sketchbook. So as you can see here This is my Moleskine sketchbook, I’m getting most of the way done with it, but I do have a Few pages left as you can see here Just a couple left. I mean not really that many but Yeah, we’ll get there eventually but anyways Got my wrote a nice graph here and Kind of not too late as After 10:00 p.m. At the moment and I was gonna record this earlier but There’s always people driving by and was really loud cars Or there’s trains going by and it’s always in the moments that I want to record something and I don’t know why that is maybe it’s just by chance, but Who knows maybe I’m overthinking it I gotta be positive. But anyways, let’s go ahead and uh Start on this doodle shall we a Lot of times and I gotta pick a topic to talk about for a video I’m kind of just stuck I’m not really sure what to talk about and so I remember long talking about random things and sometimes not really related to the topic or the drawing itself, but Anyways my days gone pretty good and That’s drawing here that I’ve done in my Moleskine sketchbook with 0.35 routinize a graph this drawing took me about an hour and a half No probably two hours to complete and I was using the other camera that I’ve got to put it at a different angle now that I’ve got my whole setup all organized in And all of that but um, yeah, I don’t really remember what I was going to even talk about. So I guess right now I’ll just pick something to talk about and I’ll just go from there seeing as I’ve got several minutes to ramble, but Yeah, I was really tired today. I don’t know why I woke up with a lot of an injury this morning and then I was really tired and later on during the day and That was at only 4 p.m And yeah but this sketchbook is getting close to being done I’ve cut about and maybe 15 pages left somewhere around there and I’ll be doing a review of it whenever I get it completed but it’s been fun drawing it so far and Come a long way in it it felt like it was gonna be forever until I got this sketchbook done, but Drawings seem to go a lot faster when you just have fun great rather than worrying about trying to get done or two to rush to get through it or to complete it and I’ve noticed that my drawing has improved as well By just drawing and just starting something Rather than worrying about the end result or how it’s going to be But yeah, what was they even talking about oh yes my day And my day has come pretty good I’ve still got to rearrange some things in my other two rooms and then Yeah fold my laundry and go through that what Not a whole lot of anything really exciting right now at the moment Mostly just working on things. So I want to think about what you talked about on the spot. I Kind of don’t die. I don’t really know what to talk about. So Maybe in the future. I should probably plan the topic they talk about rather than just rambling and Yeah but as you can see, I’ve got in the background my keyboard my focus right audio interface and That I that is the ones I’m planning on upgrading possibly in the future Because when I’m live-streaming I can’t Controls the EQ and compressor and all that So I’m looking around and there’s so many buttons on them and then I realized it All those extra buttons are for the other channel different audio channels that are for different mic or line in or line out and so I’m actually not using any more than 10 buttons and knobs and most of them already understand how to use so It’s not too complicated Although I have to figure out if I wanna get an audio mixer that is powered already or if I should get one that is Unpowered and by my own aunt for it although buying an extra AM for it will cost extra money, but I’ve heard that by having unpowered one and getting my own and biking It’s been less on the mixer, but get better quality. You’ve now got a binary amp though ends up costing more by a little bit but Not too worried about that right now just working on what I can and I’m doing what he came with my doodles and just making The art the best I can with the equipment that I have and Using what? I’ve got to put it out there and share it with everybody else out there that uh wants to see it and At the moment. I’m trying to see if I can get to maybe a thousand subscribers by January first I’m not sure if it’s gonna happen, but regardless if it does or not, I’m just having fun and my focus is just Keep doing what I’m doing try to help others and keep improving my drawing but Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video If you’d like to donate this channel Check out the links below in the description. If you’d like to buy any artwork from this channel, check out the links below as well Thank you for watching and have a great day

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