ROCK PAINTING tutorial for beginners squirrel

Hi this is Annamoon today we will paint together this rock. I sketched the squirrel with a chalk pen. If you want to practise a rough squirrel drawing you can check the link below to my blog. There is a photo tutorial for you. I used very thin brushes from da Vinci (watercolorbrushes) the sizes are 5/0 and 10/0 My primer is white primer from Schmincke I also used titanium white My other paints are Burnt Umber Vermillion Red hue Carbon Black and Hansa Yellow light Let’s start As you can see I sketched on the rock with chalk I put on some white primer on my desk I prime my rocks always to get vivid colors. I prime each area seperatly and let small spaces between So I do not lost my sketch lines I will speed up the priming. It is boring. Paint the priming strokes with the direction of the fur I remove the chalk with a soft wet brush There are my four colors and white I start mostly with the eyes. I like it this way so the animal looks not dead 🙂 I spray some water on my paints, so they do not dry too quickly I let some white free for the light reflections. The front part of the eye I paint a bit lighter I mix a light brown for the lightest fur parts I start with a bit darker brown Always paint the fur in the right direction. The fur will lock more naturaly For the tail I mix a dark reddish brown The space between the tail and the body is in dark shadows I darken the back of the squirrel, because of the shadow from the tail I do not have a special painting process. I paint what I see. I try to paint the darkest or the lightes areas at first It is important to block in a first layer of colours All the details and bits you can add later On the tail I alternate between dark and light colors I paint the rest of the squirrel. I am looking for dark and light areas. You can easily fix mistakes. Only let it dry and paint over I add the shadow with a mix of black, brown and water to make it translucent I sign on the back of the rock. So the painting at the front is pure. I rework the tail. There I miss some dark values. I nearly missed the whiskers If you enjoyed my video please give me thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. bye until next time

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