Roasting My Own Coffee in Taiwan

Roasting My Own Coffee in Taiwan

Today we had the day off so my wife and I
went out just driving around and we went to a coffee shop that is kind of near our place.
And we started talking to the owners. They were ready to close up but they stayed open
for us to…you know, if we were gonna eat something they would have said no, but they
said if you are just going to get coffee that would be fine so we stayed there. We ended
up staying like two hours. Talked to the owner about coffee and he actually was growing three
little coffee trees outside, well let me just say this year I tried to cut down or even
quit coffee…That didn’t last a day! I just have to have my morning cup of joe. This guy
who owned the coffee shop took me outside when we were leaving and showed me a coffee
tree and started picking berries off. I have a bag here of the berries. First of all, I
am gonna give you a taste test right now and you know , tell you what this berry tastes
like. But then I am planning to plant some of these. I got the pots all ready and I also
want to look into how to actually roast some of these. I might be able to get maybe one
cup of coffee. He said it is not going to be you know, really good stuff. He says the
good stuff grows in the mountains. But, I am gonna try it. Really excited. So let’s
try this first. MMMM. Tastes good. Really sweet. Very cool. Doesn’t taste like coffee
at all. There seems to be two seeds in this one. That is cool! Now there is each half
of the bean goes together like this. And there is the berry around it. So that’s what is
left after you eat the berry. The berry was very palatable …It’s very good. I’m gonna
go ahead and hand pulp these. I was a little bit nervous at first because I thought they
were kind of…they would be kind of like pomegranate and I thought I would get it all
over my clothes but it is actually not that hard. You just take one of these coffee cherries…I
was calling then berries…before, but actually they are called cherries. Look at that. They
come right out. There’s the two halves there. And then what they do is…you can either
eat this or they often use this as mulch. So I am going through this…I only have like
20 or 30 cherries here and I have to pulp them all. I have 46 beans here which I am
going to let out to dry for a while on this paper towel. And then in this zip-lock bag
I have some more coffee cherries and I have to figure out how to do this but these are
gonna be the ones that I am going to try to plant. I have decided on the wet method of
processing these beans. They are actually seeds. It is interesting some of them are
floating and some of them are sinking. That’s usually how you can tell a viable seed. For
my purposes I am gonna actually end up roasting these and trying to make a tiny bit of coffee.
So, for about two days I will let these soak and what that does is removes the mucus membrane
from the outside. Alright it has been 48 hours and what I am gonna start to do…I have actually
started doing this already is take them out one by one and clean off any residue remember
there is like a mucus coating on the outside of these. They call them green coffee beans
even though they look kind of but green just means un roasted. So I am gonna lay them out
on this paper towel…I am gonna try my hand at roasting this little bit here.
So I have the roasted beans in kind of a small cereal bowl or soup bowl….I actually had
two of them and I was pouring them back and forth to cool them off faster. I think they
are slightly burnt…there is a burnt smell but it is a pleasant burnt smell. They say
the aroma really comes out after 24 hours so I have to wait. I have discovered that
there is I guess it is what they call the chafing…There is a cover which I am now
peeling off of each bean. Hopefully, that is going to take care of that burning smell
that I have. I guess I burned the chafing but I have these nice beans…there’s three
of then here that hopefully, will not be as burnt. So I am going to go through these beans
one by one. Nothing better to do! I am not promising anything here but still smells a
little burnt. Some of my beans here, pour them in my grinder. Grind them up. I decided
to go…I don’t have too much here! I’ve decided to go with the French press so I am going
to use this. Pour that in there. I’ll be right back. I am going to fill this up with water.
Not too much because I am only gonna make enough to go in this little jar here, glass
jar. Just a little bit. Seems a little weak. Alright,
here goes nothing! Might need some sugar and some milk. Maybe a little J.D. But that’s
it! Our coffee! Tastes better with the J.D.!


  • Janet Salvage says:

    love to cook things from scratch; but this? not so much!  Maybe JD w/o coffee!

  • runnersgarden says:

    ha ha…Irish Coffee without the coffee!  I know it looked like a lot of work (and I wouldn't do it again).  I will leave it to the pros.  Fun experiment though! 

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