Roasting Green Coffee Beans At Home ☆ コーヒー豆の自家焙煎

Roasting Green Coffee Beans At Home ☆ コーヒー豆の自家焙煎

Hi everyone! many of you asked me to make more coffee videos,
so I’m going to roast some green coffee today. Peru Machu Picchu coffee beans are still my favorite so far. I just keep drinking this. I’m picking the bad beans out. I usually don’t throw away many beans. I only pick out the beans with mould inside. Okay! This coffee beans are always good quality. I only picked out about 10 beans out of 200g of beans. This room would be completely white with smoke if I didn’t roast under the fan. I think you can hear this sound, it’s the sound of a first crack. I just turned the fire off. The roasting is a little bit uneven but it’s okay for me. I have to clean all the chaff up after roasting. with a vacuum cleaner. It’s better to leave the coffee beans at least for a day after roasting, but let’s try it out now. Itadakimasu 😉 I’ve been consuming this coffee beans over a few years already. Because this is my favorite. That’s why I keep drinking this. If you know any good green coffee that I can buy in Japan, please let me know in the comment below! This butch is the last coffee I have. Please let me know 🙂 Bye!


  • Simon Doyon says:

    Freshly roasted coffee will taste better if you let it degas 24-48h after roasting. Nice video as always! 🙂

  • yuuji Y says:


  • 리진형 says:

    잘 보고 있습니다 ~ 커피를 좋아하는 1인이 한국 안산에서 ~ ^^

  • Arkansa Neon says:


  • Michelle De Los Rios says:

    Sending love your way. Thank you.

  • Mimoza kagi-ami channel says:


  • Adi Gunawan says:

    Try brazilian or guatemalan coffee, it might suit your taste.

    I used to buy coffee from onibus or fuglen in Japan.

  • shiho says:


  • rdpcl says:

    The first thing I thought was "Oh no, is he gonna use this for a Gerson therapy coffee enema?"

  • Andrias Scheuchzeri says:

    I wonder if it can be found in Japan or online, I highly recommend Loja and Galapagos coffee. I've been living in Ecuador for +5 years now, and sometimes we find locals selling coffee and varieties you can only buy directly from the producer, and wow, it's hard to explain without actually tasting it for yourself.

  • Martha Michael says:

    You should definitely try Ethiopian coffee beans 🙏🏿

  • yoseph laiyan says:

    Do u even scale

  • Sahala Rybert says:

    Maybe you have to try indonesian coffee. Like toraja, mandailing, aceh gayo

  • MGNON2 says:


  • Тёмыч says:

    Вас и России смотрят, с большим удовольствием! Спасибо за Ваш труд над видео!

  • AKILIFE - シンプリストの趣味と生活 says:


  • Paula Johnson says:

    I wanted a home coffee roaster, but it would set off every smoke alarm in the building.

  • Ximena Alessandra Asencio Acosta says:

    Hello. I from Perú 😄

  • Gianko says:

    Glad you like our Peruvian coffee 🙂 good luck finding green beans.

  • Paula Johnson says:

    In the US, YouTuber "Sweet Maria's Coffee" in California is the best general resource for home coffee bean roasters. I am not affiliated with the company:

    They source directly from farmers and sell premium green beans from all over the world. Dedicated home roasting equipment is also sold on their large, comprehensive website.

    If you're into home coffee bean roasting, free email newsletters will keep you posted on all of Sweet Maria's fresh inventory. It tends to sell out quickly.

  • Iryna Boehland says:

    such a cool roaster and grinder ! Lots of manual labor goes into your coffee

  • youparejo says:

    I thought it was about a guy throwing some major shade on coffee beans and I was like when did I subscribe to this? 😂

  • JacobLZP says:

    Mold builds character.

  • Js H says:

    I recommend buying green beans from sweetmarias. Not sure about shipping to Japan but quality and selection is really good!

  • Thea Barberi says:

    I haven't been on YouTube lately but I'm so glad to see you finished your kitchen and that you are including yourself in your videos! Success becomes you.

  • Juan&Jen Silva says:

    Personally I like Ethiopian or Timor coffee

  • Fajar Eko Saputro says:

    i love your channel, your video, and your tutorial.

    btw, can i get your manual roasting?
    i traid to order from website link that you write on the other video.

    but, i don't understand japanese.

    hope you help me, please.

  • Catalina Maldonado says:

    Fantastic video, as always! Cheers from one coffee lover to another! 😊☕

  • candy lime says:


  • Stringer B. says:

    You should rest the roasted beans a few days before grinding.

  • Jennifer S says:

    Can someone tell me the type of hand vac he uses?

  • ezgi eftekin says:

    Can you make no music version of this video. I like to listen roasting , grounding, dropping sound of coffee before going to bed. ❤️ I like the contend of your videos.

  • Patti DelMercado says:

    That was very interesting. I wouldn't even know where to buy green coffee beans, and it would take forever for me to roast mine, because we like a dark roast with a full bodied flavor. Your beans looked like a very light roast, the flavor must be very mild.

  • Pink Tie Podcast says:

    Recording this video was a little bit to hectic and the music doesn’t really fit. 🌚

  • Rhinofeed says:

    I'm surprised you manually turn it! I would put a little motor on it or something.

  • Michelle Guevremont says:

    thank you for coffee! you had an electric grinder and a Italian coffee percolator before? why go manual?

  • edinayee says:

    can you try to find geisha coffee beans and roast them yourself?

  • Jun123 says:

    What a mess 🤣🤣🤣

    Nice video.

  • rhijulbec1 says:

    Please. Please. Keep doing videos like these and no more pandering for pseudoscientific quackery like those horrid juicing videos which were promoting a dangerous diet with no science behind it at all. Thank you.
    Jenn in Canada 🇨🇦

  • 1228ののっち says:




  • Regina Adhitya says:

    What a lovely kitchen!

  • そうがわまゆみ says:


  • Irish Ballesteros says:

    I love coffee and just watching this video made me imagine the rich smell and taste of it.

    By the way, your kitchen looks great! ❤️

  • r eule says:


  • Aniket Tonpe says:

    I just love watching your videos, it's just as Peaceful & satisfying as your channel name. The raw sound of the instruments & you work with is so happening to listen. Coffee is one of the most loved part of my life & you are make is more awesome by showing us new techniques and recipes. The combination of modern and old instruments is awesome. Love you Man. Just keep going and with all new videos.

  • fumi watanabe says:

    こんにちは。はじめまして。コーヒー豆のホームロースト3年目です。いろんな種類のコーヒー豆を飲み比べていますが、"BALI BLUE MOON"というコーヒー豆、もしまだお試しになっていなければ是非一度試してください。お奨めです。

  • Saurabh Parmar says:

    Why don't you get an automatic turning device to roast the beans?

  • Valentina Fumega says:

    i love how satisfying is this video and your little chit chat, really it relaxes me !!

  • TM Davidson says:

    Thank you 😊

  • Ya13579 OX says:

    May I know how long does it take for the roasting process?

  • angelica says:

    Love the new kitchen😍

  • r fin says:


  • 贅沢微糖 says:


  • Daniel Naegeli says:

    I enjoyed this video; wondering since you roast this brand consistently could you comment on various aspects. How does the coffee taste vary by waiting one to four days after roasting to brew? Also do you notice a difference when grinding and brewing warm coffee beans?

  • Naufal Huda says:

    If you do love coffee so much, you must try coffee from Indonesia.
    I suggest you to try Arabica from Bali, Toraja, Aceh, and West Java… It's so delicious and delightful to do some experiment with that coffee. Because it has complexity of flavour and aroma.

  • O.A.M says:

    0:18 "Ma nigga"

  • โอบป้า FoodDiary says:

    i love this video thank you

  • 一興さん says:


  • yash kothari says:

    Hi, I'm a coffee connoisseur from India. Let me know if you would like to receive some amazing single estate Arabica coffee from South India. DM me

  • aedean says:

    Thank you for sharing. Epic video.

  • yeah oh says:

    リンク先の店だと「ゴールドトップ マンデリン」が好きです。

  • Snow Low says:

    Nice kitchen

  • 川上りさ says:

    カフェラテにするならブラジル プレミアムショコラが好きですね( ´,,•ω•,,`)
    ブラックで頂くならエチオピア ベレカG1がフルーティーで好みです(*˙˘˙)♡

  • izumi says:


  • Alaa Ll says:

    1:16 you’re so cute ( ◠‿◠ )♡ , I love your video so much ♡, you’re great 👍🏻, keep going. ♡

  • Sage Deimos says:

    Most extra cup of coffee I’ve ever seen

  • F2P says:

    How long it takes to roasting 200gr green bean like that ?

  • m k says:

    初めまして!楽しく拝見してます。コーヒー初心者なんですが 自分でやってみたいと思いました。オススメの道具ってありますか?お手頃で始めやすいのを紹介していただけると嬉しいです!

  • S K says:



  • マリ夫 says:


  • Bruce says:

    Ryoya-san, please do a house/kitchen tour. I absolutely love your aesthetics and design choices. Thanks for the coffee video, I love coffee too 🙂

  • SkynetMotion says:

    Have you tried the flash brewing technique? I am very curious about it.

  • copainJr says:

    I tought u have an Apollo grinder? Why use the porlex?

  • マスカー諭 says:


  • Muchas Gracias says:

    ベトナムコーヒー☕️ con soc coffee リスのマークの 豆🐿美味しいです。
    濃厚で ダークチョコの味。

  • 福田広宣 says:

    初めまして!コーヒー動画好きです!コメントが多すぎて確認出来なかったので前の方と話が被っていたらすいませんが、 京田辺に珈琲紅茶館という珈琲豆と紅茶を扱うお店があります。とにかく豆の種類が多くて、お気に入り探しが捗ると思います! マチュピチュ天空も扱っているようですので、私も今度買ってみようと思います。

  • Cativos na Cociña says:

    Ohhhh! Many thanks for this video… coffee beans from our Perú…¡ muchas gracias! We let a recipe: Octopus. Galician style (north Spain):

  • justadrivertube says:


  • Hej Andreas says:

    Is this for your Gerson enema?

  • unidos2000 says:


  • holuchisi says:

    Why does he have EVERY machine you could possibly think of!

  • Gary Peterson says:

    Nice kitchen 😊

  • TheDreamer974 says:

    Hi, did you try the "Bourbon Pointu" from Reunion Island?

  • Pamela Delgado says:

    Ohhh Peruvian coffee.

  • Melissa Govender says:

    How long does it take to roast the beans?

  • Brian Kim says:

    Can anyone tell me how the filter/drip is called? The one he uses at the end.
    Thanks in advanced!

  • Carlos Echevarrieta says:

    have you tried Guatemala coffee?

  • Eduardo Rodriguez says:

    I’m having a cup of coffee while watching this ❤️

  • Manuel Marzolla says:

    Try Brazil Mirtilo Microlot it's my favourite coffe, It smells like wine
    Much love from Italy ❤️

  • Daniel SM says:

    Relaxing video as always Ryoya, what happened to ur other handgrinder? ive heard that while bein somewhat decent(Porlex), theres some handgrinders that are considerably better than it on all fronts.

  • Ian Fourball says:

    左京区のきまめ屋という豆屋さんがオススメです!生豆を売っていて、その場で焙煎もしてくれます 豆の鮮度が良いのでどれも美味しいですよ

  • Chloe Kropp says:


  • Chloe Kropp says:


  • A T says:


  • Hodaka Kojima says:


  • tszlong poon says:

    I like coffee beans from Bolivia. did you try it before? May I ask what brand is the coffee dripper?

  • Wayne says:

    May I ask what is the brand of you coffee cup? THX

  • umarth says:

    Man, you have more gadgets than batman!

  • コーヒーノススメ Roastery. says:

    いつも見てます。自家焙煎でクラフトコーヒーしてます。(タンザニア キゴマ キボー ディープブルー AA)すごくいいですよ♪

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