RAVE! Plum Easy Patterns Quilting Projects – Beginner Friendly | SEWING REPORT

RAVE! Plum Easy Patterns Quilting Projects – Beginner Friendly | SEWING REPORT

there’s a line of quilting products that
I’m absolutely loving and I got to talk about it so let’s do this welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects
and there’s this company called plum easy patterns and I am a big fan so guys
I have an update I’ve been doing some quilting projects I have finished this
folded star hot pad and I have made a bunch of orange peel blocks from
templates there was no like hassling with the curved piecing and this is not
raw edge applique this is like legit PC okay so both of these patterns slash
projects came in my max email subscription boxes which are put up by
Maxie makes and I’ll link everything below because I’ve done videos with the
unboxings but I haven’t been able to finish a lot of my like subscription box
projects but I’ve managed to get through quite a few of these so first of all I
love the max email subscription boxes I think the projects are fantastic the
fabrics and just the patterns that max has been curating I just think are great
for like the beginner sewer slash quilter who wants to step it up a little
bit there’s always a bit of skill building and I find that each box I’m
like genuinely excited about so a few of these boxes one had this project this is
the folded star hot pad and then again the orange blossom quilt pattern and
both of these are by the same company called plum easy patterns so they put
out both of these and the folded star hot pad was actually done using this
very interesting like interfacing template so I’ve got a little video to
show you but basically you just make a bunch of prairie points and it’s super
easy for Max’s video and then this template actually has enough for six
more hot pads which is a lot of hot pads and it’s actually like these come
together really easily without a lot of stress and it’s a lot faster than I
expected so I gotta say I think this project is a really good one I like
this looks like it’s a lot harder to do than it really is
and when you see how easy it is in reality you’re gonna be like oh my gosh
that’s cool so I did this for me two and a half hours is actually pretty fast and
from start to finish that’s about what it was the box came with all the fabric
you need all of the supplies I did I could have hand bound the back I chose
to machine bind it I missed a couple spots but I then I finished it with hand
sign but if you want to make it look super good I would recommend hand
binding it but I thought this is a really fun project it looks really cute
and I it came with quilt batting but I also threw in a layer of in select a can
hot stuff out of the oven so you don’t burn your little fingers this thing
looks so good guys it looks so good and I was really excited to actually finish
something so this other pattern the orange blossom quilt so this box came
with some freezer paper templates and you can actually purchase refills so you
can buy freezer paper sheets and we’re not talking like the stuff you get at
the grocery store this is commercial freezer paper it’s like cardstock with
wax on it and it came with everything already cut out it came with four sets
so that was enough to make sixteen of these blocks and I thought this was also
really fun and not too difficult project once you watch the video tutorial like
you really kind of get it and I could make more of these like pretty much in
my sleep I don’t know how long it took me to do these maybe like probably a
total of like four to six hours but this was the first time doing this sort of
project and whenever I’m doing anything for the first time it just takes me
forever but then when I do it again it’s a lot faster so I think if I was gonna
do more of these I don’t think it would be nearly as long and I could probably
make a bunch of these I’m really excited though because I think these are super
cute and it’s got a little like it’s got like these uh you know contrasting edges
and actually doing these like edges like kind of like is it called like the
snowball or something this actually took a significant amount of time for me but
doing like the actual if you’re gonna do just orange peel blocks with know like
corner piece it would be actually significantly faster but I gotta say
from because these are both from the same company I really like the
instructions and I think their concepts for the construction of all these
elements it’s very clever and it’s very efficient like putting this folded star
together I thought would take forever and it was really super easy and the
same thing with the orange peel templates you would assume this would
take a lot a lot more time than it actually does but the designer of these
patterns has really come up with some pretty ingenious ways of accomplishing
what used to be a more cumbersome goal so I gotta say I’m a fan of plumb easy
patterns I’m curious to try out more of their stuff I think it would be really
cool and I’m very proud of myself for actually finishing some projects from my
subscription box I don’t know what I’m gonna do with these blocks yet you can
do like kind of a mini quilt you can do a table runner you could also do some
throw pillows so guys let me know in the comments of what should I do with these
blocks yeah and the fabric for these is always art gallery fabrics this I’m not
sure what collection this is but this one is from there like they’re solid
collections so yeah I’m I’m definitely fan and I just wanted to tell you about
this company if you’re not already familiar I really like the products and
I think the instructions are really well explained and they really make these
concepts simple and easy to understand so if you’re not familiar with plumb
easy patterns get familiar you can purchase all the stuff on their website
some of the some of its available at like cool shops or other online stores
but I’ll leave a few links below if you want to check them out but yes I am
definitely fan anyways I hope you enjoyed this video be sure to hit that
like button if you did leave me a comment and consider subscribing to the
sign report if you enjoy sewing crafts and DIY projects I’m Jennifer Moore and
I will see you again in the next video you


  • Carol Edwards says:

    I was intimidated to make the orange peel blocks but after viewing your video I am going to give it a try. Thank you! I am going to turn mine into a table runner.

  • Sewing Report says:

    Have you tried a Plum Easy Pattern before? If so – let me know what you think!

  • Sheri P says:

    Gorgeous! I'll have to try this. The fabric colors are bright and beautiful. Great job!

  • Michelle R says:

    Love ❤️ it!! It is sew stinking cute!!

  • Michelle R says:

    Ohh table runner!!

  • nancy pollard says:

    I got the same maxie box and had a blast making those orange peel blocks. I've stitched them together to make a table runner. I've yet to quilt and bind it. I recently got a box from needle sharp so I'm working on that right now. I really hate to leave projects unfinished but my needle sharp box has a summer dress pattern that I better get done as summer is ending. 🙁 Your hair looks great by the way. Florida must agree with you.

  • Cat Quilter says:

    I have tried PlumEasy patterns too. Love them. Thanks for sharing your success.
    I think you could do a small lap quilt with the orange peel blocks, alternating the either printed or solid fabrics. It would expand your design, and make your finished blocks into a larger project.

  • Desiree Miller says:

    That's my mother-in-law's company! She and my SIL are geniuses when it comes to making cool designs easier. I'm so proud to know them. My MIL was excited to see this and happy you liked the products!

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