Quilting with scraps – Foundation Piecing to make the String Quilt!

Quilting with scraps – Foundation Piecing to make the String Quilt!

Hi it’s Jenny from the MSQC. Today I want to talk to you a little bit today
about foundation piecing and making string quilts. Now string quilts have been made ever since
there was scraps. We have had scraps forever and it’s a great
way to make a quilt block to use all those little tiny scraps and little tiny pieces. And what I have behind me is a little string
quilt that I made with a honeybun which are inch and a half strips. It’s a Bungle in the Jungle honeybun. And it’s just, you know, we just lined them
up. But we’ve made this easy for you. So what we’ve done is we have ten inch foundation
papers for you to sew your strips on. And I have, I do a lot of binding here at
Missouri Star. When people send their quilts in oftentimes
they will want me to bind them. And I’ll have a little piece left and I
throw it in a, a bin. Hi it’s Jenny from the MSQC. Today I want
to talk to you a little bit today about foundation piecing and making string quilts. Now string
quilts have been made ever since there was scraps. We have had scraps forever and it’s
a great way to make a quilt block to use all those little tiny scraps and little tiny pieces.
And what I have behind me is a little string quilt that I made with a honeybun which are
inch and a half strips. It’s a Bungle in the Jungle honeybun. And it’s just, you
know, we just lined them up. But we’ve made this easy for you. So what we’ve done is we have ten inch foundation
papers for you to sew your strips on. And I have, I do a lot of binding here at Missouri
Star. When people send their quilts in oftentimes they will want me to bind them. And I’ll
have a little piece left and I throw it in a, a bin. And so I have loads of these 2 ½
inch strips. So I started making some squares with the 2 ½ inch strips. Now these are,
this is great fun because you can do so much with these. These papers come in a package
of 250. That is a lot of quilt blocks. And, and I just want to show you how I do it. You
can, because it’s a foundation you can do anything with it. You could put a piece in
the middle and put pieces all over it. But what I’m going to show you today is an easy
way to string piece. So one of the things I use for this is the
lapel stick. And it’s a great little glue stick but it doesn’t clog up your needle.
And it won’t, it dries soft. And it just washes right out. And I’m going to run a
bead of this glue from corner to corner right here. And then I’m going to take a white
piece and put it right down the middle. Now you could put any color of strip you wanted
down the middle. But if you always put a white one down the middle then when you start lining
these up you’re going to get a secondary pattern in there with this line. Also generally
string quilts are made using all different sizes of pieces. But I have a lot of 2 ½
inch strips so that’s what I’m going to use today. But please use your imagination
and use whatever you’d like. So what we’re going to do is I’m going
to gather up some of these pieces out of my bag. I always try to color coordinate them
and put them in bags or bins. And I’m just going to lay it face down on here. And I’m
going to sew it to this first white strip right here just a quarter of an inch like
we do. And we’re going to iron that back. First we’re going to come over here and
just do our quarter of an inch all the way across. You’re going to sew right through
the paper. And you stay right along there. It doesn’t really matter if you’re straight
or not. None of that matters. And the paper on the back is going to become your pattern
when we’re done because you’ll have all these different sizes of strips laying all
over the place. So then I’m going to bring this over here and I’m just going to iron
this back. Lay it right back like this. You want to make sure that you pull it all the
way over so that you don’t have any folds. And then we’re just going to add another
strip on there. Now if you want to you can, if you want to you can clip the extra off
but I kind of wait until I’m finished. This is a little piece of a binding strip. I’m
going to see if I can just take that off there. But I don’t have to. That’s one of the
really nice relaxing things about this. So then again you can see. I just lay that strip
right along there. And we sew it on. I don’t sew the strips all the way out to the edges.
I just sew them where the paper is because that’s going to be my block. Alright, let’s
add another. Iron open. And then we’re going to add another one in there. This little one
looks like it will be perfect and I’m going to have to iron this open. There we go. Set
it on there. They go together so fast. And it’s just a great way to use up scraps.
Normally, also they don’t like put their quilts together in colorways like this. But
I have my green bag right here. But normally they don’t really go together like that.
They just go together, you know, hodge podge, however you want to put them together. Now
I can see right here on the very end of mine, you can see right here I have a tiny little
piece of paper and that needs to be covered. So we’re going to put a little piece on
there, right here. Just sew down there real quick. And then we’re going to do the exact
same thing to the other side. Ok so now I’ve got all these strips sewn
on, crazy pieces. But all we do is turn it over and then we’re going to slice these
off. So we’re going to use the paper as our cutting pattern. So I’m going to lay
my ruler right along the edge of the paper. And I’m just going to slice along here.
That will take these off. And remember you’re going to want to save all these pieces because
they’ll work for little bits and pieces of the next one you do. Somehow I think your
strips kind of multiply. Your scraps kind of multiply when you’re doing this kind
of thing. It’s like no matter how much you think you’re getting rid of, there’s always
more. So I’ve got this almost almost trimmed. One more side. Cleaning up very nicely. Alright,
there we go. Ok so this is what we have. This nice little
block right here that we made with scraps. Now on the back is paper. The paper comes
off very easily. You can just crease it and it just comes right off. This is a great job
for grandchildren or you know, you. If you want, whenever you want. You can give it kind
of a pull, and it will also release. It will, just comes off really easy. So what I want
you to do with this is I want you to use your imagination and think about different ways
you can use this. Because this is, this is really fun. When you set these together. You
can set them, and I’m just going to lay some out here so you can see them so that
you have an X, an X block and an O block going together. See this will make the big. Let
me clear some of this off so we can put some more stuff in here. See how it’s going to
make this big triangular one this way. The other thing I want you to remember is that
these are the same size as layer cakes which is why we chose the ten inch square so that
you can pair them with the layer cake. Also remember that if you were to cut this in half
it’s going to be a half square triangle. So you know you’ve just got to let your
mind go. There’s all kinds of things you can do with this. And it will help you use
up some of those scraps. Or you could put one together that’s perfectly ordered with
a jelly roll or a honeybun like I did with this one. Anyway we hope you enjoyed this
tutorial on String Quilting from the MSQC.


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  • nrsicindy says:

    Some quilters use All Purpose, dry wax paper, Deli Wrap. I bought mine at Costco
    12" x 10 3/4, 500 sheets. Bonnie Hunter uses the smaller phone book pages for her smaller string quilt squares. Use a smaller stitch so it tears off easier.

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    consistent when cutting them out). Be sure to iron the strips down;;the paper tends to bow up. Because it was late at night I used printer paper. Mostly worked.

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