Portrait 101 – Digital Art TUTORIAL – Sakimichan Tut Review

hey guys it’s illusoryPixel here I’m
going to do a video tutorial and a step-by-step guide on one of the
portraits I did recently I haven’t done a video for a long time so I’m a bit
rusty so bear with me so yeah this is the portrait I did it
was originally based on one of Sikkim II chance portraits she did a portrait
tutorial I think it was called portrait 101 vol 2 or something and basically she
does this and this is the final work that she does and this is my final
version of it so as you can see two very different outcomes at the end although
it’s obviously inspired by her work same hairstyle thing right pretty much
similar things but completely different output end result so this is mine on the
left and this is hers on the right as you can see the difference is so
basically I had a user contact me already and they were asking for help
with their work like hey I like your artwork is amazing can’t you say which
technique you use for coloring on your work I think you use digital painting
can you give me guidance for carving your book I work so I thought I’ll just
make a video tutorial so I can share it with everyone if anyone’s interested so
yeah what do I want to talk about okay yep so I submitted a artwork to ready
and I got like 285 likes here in digital art and these other ones and groups are
not so popular so they didn’t get much traction there but 120 likes in digital
painting and 95 likes in fan art not bad not viral or anything like that but
not bad for one my first post I also got some likes on Facebook on level up I got
150 657 likes on level up I go mmm 49 likes on digital painting worldwide
artists and that was only good I submit I didn’t want to spam too many groups or
the same I’ll work although I know that it’s good to showcase your work as much
as you can but I just got bored after a while so that’s there already and
Facebook part of things so one of the things I want to talk about is when I
was in my portrait in comparison to tsukimi channels I wasn’t trying to copy
exactly the same as hers I had my own design choices and variances so that
results look different as you can see between the two and this is just me
picking my own preferences sometimes in comparison to what she was doing so like
with the head construction is different on mine compared to hers like I think
her neck is a bit longer that they do in anomie style head is more cheerful de
round here chiselled been a while mine’s more round and salted I guess but as you
can see like even when mind is a bill I think I not only problems like for
example the amount of top of the head that we show and hers as well would
imply that the characters facing a little downwards that’s why you see more
of the top of her head and ears would naturally go higher but I feel like I
did I did the head looking kind of down so you can see the top of the top
portion of the head more but at the face I kind of still drew straight on which
kind of makes gives up ever weird vibe and one of the critiques I got was for
my muse on reddit and they were saying this was the draw paint over they were
saying like the eyes are too far down you have to raise eyes off of something
make the nose bigger they made they change the color saying that it is more
it needs to be more cartoonish I think stylized to look like Sookie missions
work and they made the eyes bigger but in all honesty I don’t
I prefer my own preferences and design choices that I may like to me this looks
a bit unrealistic the eyes are too big for my liking I know that for enemy
stars it’s not they make the eyes big the colors are way oversaturated I was
even thinking mine is a bit over saturated as well but I kind of just I
just liked it I just liked the way it was I felt the painting was the feelings
of pain was getting the colours I just like the vibes the glow effects and the
purple and pink across against the black background I was liking it
here’s original so yeah I mean you know everybody has their own styles and
preferences I just prefer mine over this and as I
said what I wasn’t trying to do a direct copy of her so I was trying to make it
my own stylized in my own way preferences so
that was one of the critiques there were some very valid critiques someone said
there is I’m not detailed enough yet that’s true I did not spend that much
time when there is I kind of just want to get over and done with that is so I
could have spent more when there is and gave more love to the ears
someone was saying that the glow the white glow and highlights on the lips
were not realistic enough because like this one here I kind of just did it
because I think so kami channel so the glow here’s I just
kind of like wasn’t that mental mindset well I just like did why so and I just
did it but like someone said there would be a shadow occlusion shadow Indian
occlusion shadow down on the lips which is also a bad critique that was I think
that was the main points that people were saying other than that like I said
the head the construction of the head I already critiqued myself that could be
improved but overall I was very happy with it the overall end results it was a
worthy artwork oh well not completely original okay so let’s go into the
tutorial okay so this is step by steps and sorry guys I didn’t record the
actual process of making it because I didn’t want a video capture running in
the background so but I did save each stage so I have all the information here
to show you guys how to do it step-by-step so basically you just block
it in first like this this is the first stage where you’re just blocking in with
some sort of skin color that you like really with the heads it’s too it’s too
much to talk about in one video the head construction it’s there’s like so many
video tutorials on just the head constructing the head my recommendations
is guys through your Loomis heads practice your Loomis heads practice do
you know watch some tutorials on the Loomis says practice uluma says practice
your asaro had simplified us are as complicated so as practice your skulls
the human skull in different angles for these either different angles you do the write the abstract Riley
heads practice human heads you know it’s fun references and still you have to get
good at constructing the head there’s no other if you’re completely a beginner
there’s no other way you can’t do this without knowing how to construct the
head I mean it’s easier when you have a reference and you copy somebody else’s a
reference but to really be able to draw the head in any angle you have to
practice it like I said the Asaro head Riley abstract heads the skull the
Loomis said you and these are this is a big subject so you can’t I can’t explain
it in like two minutes here but you just have to practice it I could show you
show you examples if I can find it so here’s some Loomis head my practices I
did this is just some of them basically Loomis heads just practicing different
angles from different tutorials and different courses then you go on to you
know you do skull practices there’s these skull practices here you
know just keep practicing doing different ones different angles use
references more skulls yeah move on to simple sorrow heads sorrow
has practices that I do just you know keep practicing it takes a long time to
memorize these things and if you don’t do it for a while like if I if I don’t
do this for a month or two a few months I forget everything that I did so I have
to go back and do it again just so remember so it is a big subject on its
own like it’s not you know getting we good heads or memorizing his is quite a
big subject abstraction strike this is a Riley whitey head
method just you know again just laws of definite Persians practices is one way I
tried to make it look like show me so yeah just use your references what
else and this is all just for the construction of the head guys it’s not
the facial features it’s just for you to understand the head in 3d space so you
can construct it without it looking weird so yeah this is also more practice
and this is the complicated us or at or the regulars alright and it has so much
details in it I don’t even remember this like I did that I did these runs and I
don’t remember any of the information there’s just too much information to
memorize so I’ll have to go back and practice again and that’s it really for
the hits you just have to practice all these different methods you have to use
constructions structure understand the forms in 3d there’s no other real way to
go about doing it so once you do that you go into stage 2 here where we start
adding some color we use you know pink for the hair we add some shading very
rough work and we start using the lasso tool that’s all that’s all tool and
basically what this does is like the way you do is you just do the shapes that
you want and then you delete count on the layout though so if you want these nice sharp edges on
the hair or the shapes that you want you basically cut it the way you want like
this and it just cuts it out nice and smooth almost like when you’re making a
gingerbread man from flower and then you just use the whatever tool to cut out
the shape of the ginger man and you get a perfectly good shape out of it strong
shapes so that’s this tool here the lasso tool okay moving on here we add
some we’ve tried to bring out a 3d form so we are adding some ambient occlusion
around where the receding parts are like the hair that’s going behind her neck
and ears so the way you do this is you just basically choose your lasso tool
area then you pick your brush and then you get pick a dark color and I think
I’m normal layer again and you know Adam to multiply but for
some reason it’s not working for me because I don’t think I’m okay so that
it’s working you can also press ctrl H on your keyboard which hides the lhasa
tool selection area which makes it so much easier to see what you’re doing so
you get your soft brush and you just darken up the areas that you want where
there would be a million occlusion shadow shading you just want to do that
and that’ll pop up the forms more making it more 3d and here we do the same thing
but more on the hairs the strands of the hairs there is we added the face just a
rough and mark of the face it’s a very rough drawing at this stage it kind of
looks kind of manly stay making the shapes of the hair this is quite easy
you just have to shade in a way where you use a lasso tool and then you’re so
just like shade around the areas where it would be sinking in going into the
hair itself and then brightening up the areas that would be standing out and
hitting more the planes will be hitting more delight here just adding more
details not much success and just I did the whites of the eye let’s go down here
so this is next just adding some details on to the hair and basically guys for
this drawing I just use two brushes the soft brush the soft brush is
the one with the soft edges around it’s just like it’s like an airbrush it has
this when you paint it has it doesn’t have a strong outline it just blends in
the fades in and then I have a hard brush with some blending plot properties
so if you if you look at the brush it has some so it’s a hardness is a hundred
percent spacing 25 percent and yeah it’s just a regular brush with some settings
high 60 settings I think they were included in Sikkim each Ann’s brushes as
well when you buy her tutorials but the thing is they’re basic brushes that you
can make them easily in a few seconds and if you don’t you don’t need to get
it from her it’s just basic settings if you don’t know how to do basic brush
things it’s quite easy you just learn how to do that and that’s the only two
brushes are used in this whole thing and like for the hair here you just get one
of these brushes and you just blend in you just blend in like this you can make
the brush smaller to get like something’s actually it’s a faint lines
you just vary the brush sizes and then you just alt-tab picked up a darker red
and go back over it picking so I’m just using the what do you call it
the eyedropper tool to select the red and go back to the brush tool just paint
it like like this and you just keep doing this over and over until you get
like the effect you desire and you know you will naturally build your talent to
Ren this on here but again understanding here is a whole
different topic in terms and volumes of the hair construction it’s too much to
talk about in this tutorial itself so these are very specific areas that you
can go on to learn about a lot so here just adding more details adding more
details to the hair giving a hairline using the lasso tool that we talked
about earlier to just darken up these edges to get make the hair pop up more
so it looks like her the hair is over face and it’s creating
shadow I just started detailing the hair more changing colors here just rendering
more adding more fin strokes now here like you can see we’re getting a bit
more serious with the rendering the detail using a small brush over the live
shapes and just adding small details it just as once you do the big shapes and
then you add the little shapes on top it just starts looking good I got this
stage I always already enjoying my work like in the early stages you’re just
painting you’re like damn it looks terrible what am i doing is horrible but
once things start coming together it starts to you start to appreciate it
more here I’m just adding more color more
details the different hair strands the whites and the hair strands I’ve added
blush to face very roughly dunno how I wanted that to look at the moment I
color we started rendering their eyes side rendering her lips and stuff still
very rough on the face so if you can hear the neighbors shouting stop that
more detail at this stage is just more details adding more details is here I
started playing the constructs of the head it’s starting to look a bit weird
added these little flecks of hair you just get you
just get a thin brush you just do little licks in a natural rhythm that makes
sense to the hair here so playing around with a face liquify tool just giving her
a smile you know the liquefied toys really good
you can go on the wrong way again you could okay with the liquify tool you
could change her smile you could use this increase let’s you can bring down the nose you
can do whatever you want you have to be careful with it I am NOT every time I
use it I end up I’m doing what I did because it’s very easy to make the face
look very unnatural like if I just do that
you see it’s wrong it just looks awkward it looks bad if you don’t notice these
mistakes it looks really amateurish like someone might upload a work where the
eyes are not nicely symmetric or you know yeah you could have a little bit
yes people say that your face is not 100% symmetrical which is true but also
they say that the more symmetrical your face is the more beautiful someone is so
if their eyes are pretty much lined up it looks better
then if your eye was deformed or your face was a little deformed and you were
like that it just looks really awkward because your brain is very good at
recognizing faces if this was on an animal like a bird or something or
pigeon or like a cat you wouldn’t notice the difference as much as you can with a
human being with human being any little deformation on the face you can pretty
much tell straight away if I do her nose wonky and I think a lot of amateur
artists or beginner artists make these mistakes I still make these mistakes
it’s really annoying and when you flip your image or you come and look at your
image a few days later it looks bad because you had you don’t construct your
face very well so you need to be careful with that oh and another thing I’ll just
quickly bring here it’s kind of going too much into it but you could if you
have one of the latest versions of Photoshop I don’t know which version it
was I think it was like after 2018 or something
they had this face recognizer so you could do basically recognizes the
face of your character and then you could use the presets like the distance
of the eyes how much do you want to bring it close it’s really good if you
want to just make small differences small changes smile
see just all these I really like it it’s just like just helps a lot when you just
want to make small changes although like I said it’s very easy to go wrong and
start making your pictures look bad and that’s what happens to me I always get
carried away I started using liquify tools and then it goes horribly wrong
and I can show you an example of this of how horrible how wrong it could go here
is my chun-li head and here’s me using the tools that I just showed you the
liquify tools in the preset and like right now you might say oh ok that’s a
little better or you know maybe you don’t prefer her eyes I just like the
fact that she squint and squinting a little bit and then what happened here
it’s like getting a bit messy getting a bit messy adding stuff to try to fix it
but that I’ve deformed the head so much at this point because oh and then and
you get used to it so you don’t even realize that what you’re doing until you
come out and you look at it like I did and you’re like holy hell like it was so
much better in the beginning and what have I done to it by the end stages so
yeah the liquify tool you need to be very careful with it you can get easily
carried away here just adding more in those eyelashes started adding the lips
the gloss details just small details guys you just zoom in and you just get
like light colors and on the right leg again and you just just hide in
highlights and just work on it slowly and slowly I added this a white out glow
I think tsukimi Chen did it as well and I really liked it and someone critiqued
saying it’s not realistic but you don’t get
that kind of goal and yeah I know but when I added it I really liked it it was
just adding something to the painting and it made her lips look nice and glowy
and juicy so just decided to keep it here I was trying to replicate tsukimi
chance structure of the head I started making her Chin’s thinner and trying to shade and shirt the shape of
her head and I liked it it was a different version but it just didn’t
feel right to me so it was more like yeah in enemy stars you have long necks
you had these weird heads and stuff and yeah it’s a stylized but I think a lot
of beginners get carried away with that stylization and they do too much of a
round head too much of a long head too much of a long neck you have to use it
in a way to make your character look more beautiful but you have to balance
it out with making it look realistic other ways it just doesn’t look right
it looks ugly I see so many stylized enemies that don’t look good and even if
it’s like professional work I just don’t like the starways to exaggerate it’s
almost like a character where they’ve exaggerated something so much that it’s
lost its appeal like there’s no point of having you know long legs gives beauty
to your characters and they do it a lot in enemy they give the late the girls
longer legs but you exaggerated way too much she just looks like Slenderman or
something and I’ll just some giant Beanstalk or say it just doesn’t look
right so here we add gold rings and braids I don’t know what you call it
not a woman set on all these accessories and stuff yeah just adding them adding
the detail just I was getting all my spirit ideas from Cikini China obviously
because I was looking at her poetry I was like yeah that looks cool I want to
do that the hair putting lines into the hair going more just at this stage it’s mainly just
playing with skin color blending in stuff making you know highlighting the
right areas like here getting your dodge tool again
so you just like highlight the right areas that you think it lights gonna hit
and then you darken the areas where you want it to be more dark you have to you
gain this with knowledge guys you just from references from doing loads of
heads you start to understand way to do it or you could use a reference like my
reference was against it gave me chance artwork so I was doing most of her
things and the thing is because I’m using her as a reference her mistakes
become my mistakes because if she’s done something wrong I end up copying it and
I do something wrong like the lip gloss thing that I got critiqued on here this
wasn’t realistic it wouldn’t be highlighted here it would
be actually more dark around here because the the lip is going into the
mouth so as the planes turn away from the environment and back into the mouth
it will get darker and that’s how you get any inclusion but I saw her do it
and I copied her and her mistake became my mistake and that’s one of the things
you need to be careful with because when your copy when you’re working off
someone like Sikkim adjourn or any other artist if her Anatomy is off and a lot
of people say that not only is off sometimes I personally see it in some of
her work and some of her work is fine so it it’s just when she does something
incorrectly and you’re using her as a reference you’re very likely to make
that same mistake and the thing is the more you do it the more you memorize
that mistake the more bring that mistake and the more is
harder it is to get rid of that mistake if you don’t correct it because the more
you practice something the more natural it’s going to be for you and less likely
you’re gonna fix it so it’s always good to do your head constructions you’re an
autumn eat your skulls your yeah human body anatomy and stuff it’s always good
to go back to UM the correct stuff the correct material and study it where you
know that everything is about to make me correct because it’s from or a picture
or advert you know like a scientific diagram or whatever I don’t know you
call in a Tony anatomy diagram and you just do the correct and not on me for
your characters and the proportions and stuff it’s always good to do that for
this purpose I was really just going for the rendering I was really going for the
whole psyche me Chan vibe I just wanted to do the same style as her so I kind of
didn’t care so much about the correctness of things but as you can see
my head is still more in line with the Loomis head rather than tsukimi Chan’s
head the structure of my head is more more to the material that I studied then
say Suzuki me China’s head which is it feels way more anime ish like stylish
it’s not something you would see in a realistic head and my one’s not perfect
I ever buy I would say it’s more closer to being a realistic head than hers and
I don’t I’m not saying she was trying to I don’t think she was trying to be
realistic in fact she paints so fast that I think that’s not her doll at all
I don’t think she was when she paint so fast I don’t think she’s actually caring
so much for being anatomically correct so we add
we adhere the freckles freckles on her head and we just keep playing around
adding details getting the colors right color balance stages it’s very important
to use the color changes like color balance and hue/saturation for example
you select whatever you have if the colors aren’t working for you you can
play around with it you can try different colors some of these all look
quite amazing like this looks like a Night Elf now like from World of
Warcraft or something just gives me the Night Elf five colors and you just play
around with the color settings and the cue get whatever you want whatever color
is pleasing to you and then you can play with the saturation which means that you
you’re deducting color out of it until it’s black and white you know you’re
adding a little color to it so whatever your style you like I personally don’t
like all the saturation looks bad I think all the time
it’s just overkill even if it’s your style
it’s just too potent I don’t like this but anything between like quite colorful
like from this point on say anything like less color works even black and
white works but if you want a black and white picture
black and white is very good to see if your values are working your shading
values so if your black and white looks good you know that your values are
correct I won’t go into that here because again this is another subject
values Studies is a subject but it’s on and two too much but a scope of this
video but yeah you can play with the colors this is lightness and darkness
overall lightness and darkness I don’t really use lightness and darkness
because it just it’s very linear in what it does it’s like it just darkens a
whole picture lightens the whole thing I don’t we use it at much and I prefer to
use these settings here brightness contrast settings this is a way better
control of brightness and contrast in the other one levels is also good like
again levels is another subject on its own but it basically shows you how much
of the balance is so sometimes it will show you it in some images will show you
like this area is empty and then it goes up it’ll show you that you don’t have
enough dark value so you can bring it in to balance out but this looks a rather
balanced out right now so this basically when you move this light it just makes
all the white areas brighter areas brighter and this makes all the darker
areas darker and this graph shows you which how much of each brightness you
have the level so it will show you that these dis darkness is the amount you
have here yeah I you just put you the explanation like I haven’t like studied
it right now to explain it to you specifically but I mean if I just do my
research I could explain it properly but for now just you know you get a general
gist of it so when you move this middle slider basically just moves the middle
values some more brighter or more darker overall control this does the same thing
as the hue saturation way just I would talk until something color balance this
is really good if you want to do specific color changes like you only
have a little bit of control with the hue saturation but with this you can
control your mid-tones and you can just control one set of cars so you could
just say like more reds or more cyan that looks cool actually looks kind of
like a left4dead poster so I think and then you are there screen so
basically just showing you would you would want more green in your picture or
magenta or yellow or blue and this mid time so if you go to highlights it means
that you only control the brightest areas in your picture so because my
picture is quite bright it’s mainly everything that is getting controlled
but it’s but if you do just shadows again because my picture is quite
balanced is it’s controlling everything but normally what would happen is like
if you pick shows only the darkest areas would be adjusted so the darkest areas
like here with tumblers so you can make the shades shaded areas more blue the
darkest areas more blue to imply that it’s nighttime and then you can go to
highlights and then add yellow which would imply that the Sun is hitting the
light spots of the face and it’s creating that color on the bright spots
if that’s what you were going for because I’ve seen a lot of artists for
example would go into shadows and add a little bit of blue into their shadows
just to make the shade give it more of that nighttime to feel where it’s like
that nighttime it’s dark and it’s bluish and or that cold feeling and then
sometimes in the highlights they would add the sunlight so wherever the bright
spots are they want the sunlight to hit but you could use this in any way you
want you could just keep playing with it until you liked it it actually makes
College shooting really easy because you just you could just stand and you could
just sit here and just change sliders until you really liked something which
means that if you messed up your colors in the beginning it doesn’t really
matter because you can fix it and that’s the power of Photoshop because if you do
this traditionally you’re screwed you you can’t you’ll have to repaint you’ll
have to add more paint and so it’s really important when you’re
when you’re doing traditional work that you get your colors right right off the
bat what you’re going for that’s why they do little value studies when
they’re before they do a portrait to do little value studies of what they want
their values to look like they do little color palettes suppose to see what they
want they’re painting to look like because if they mess up the final
painting they can’t just go in and be like oh yeah I’ll just change my
painting to whatever color I want they’ll actually have to repaint it so
they do little thumbnails or value studies and they’ll palettes color
palettes and so that’s to see what works and then they could do like multiple
ones so they could do five little fun there with different colors and then
they’ll pick which color they like and they’ll replicate it for the final
painting with us we could just go we could just wing our colors and then come
in here later and be like no that doesn’t look good so I’ll change it and
then you have a completely different color than what you started off with and
I think I did that here in where it was more red I started off with red and I
liked it but then I thought you know I prefer the
pink and white that Sookie Michel had going on so I tried to copy her colors
more and although I think the pink and white worked out better than the red and
white just looks more feminine more girly younger what other red looks more
like I don’t know but this kind of reminds me of that x-men character is it
Jane and Marshall is it Jenny doesn’t she have a no it was
like an x-men character that had like a patch of white hair I think no it wasn’t Jane it was star one
what was their name forgot I think it was this one okay it doesn’t it doesn’t
look like not it doesn’t look like a boy it look like her for some of you bad
memory never mind here at the very end I add I had what do you call it color dodge soft
light final bits just to make it pop up more also use the techniques of many
other traders like Sikkim each an and rostros and other people use is they go
into the color channels and they move the color channels a little bit to give
it a little bit of a blur and then they put the copy and paste it onto a new
layer and they erase the parts that they want to keep sharp and then they keep
the bits where they want to keep blurry it just adds this like cinematic poster
like look and I’ve seen so many artists use it and renderings you could also use
sharpen filters at this point I did some sharp and filters button i erase some
parts to make it blurry again in some parts so that’s why it’s some of the
pictures and this was this was the final picture but as you can see my very final
one this was the very final one afterwards I worked a little bit more I
changed her eyes and eyebrows a little bit I just it was it was not clean on
the first one here you see it’s very rough I didn’t clean it up
her eyes don’t look so good I mean it’s a bit wonky this one doesn’t even look
and I’ll make me correct it looks a bit weird but I mean it still looks okay to
your eyes because like I said it’s not a big big obvious difference your your
brain will accept it and your eyes wouldn’t notice there’s something wrong
with it but if I started making a big if it was off by quite a bit your eyes
would your brain without six right away see that little bit of difference I
moved a little bit but it makes a big difference so yeah I just cleaned up the
final eyes made it a lot cleaner again I messed it up here where I cut it and
forgot to blend it in again but I just basically just made it way more cleaner
like it’s a lot more cleaner than what you just saw and also I ended up giving
her less makeup here she has more eye shadow she looks more like smoke her
eyes are more smoky and here she just looks more plain bland I don’t know like
less makeup more what do you call it balanced makeup where they don’t over
exaggerated you just add a little bit of my eye makeup eyelashes my scar just a
little bit just to give that natural-looking Beauty kind of thing and
a lot of people have said I think three or four people who said that it looks
like Emma Watson the actress and someone even said it looks like an elven version
of Emma Watson and at once you know once I saw it I know what’s news I know she’s
in Harry Potter but I don’t remember what she looks like
so I went back to look at what she looks like and yeah I kind of see some
similarities so yeah there is some similarities just
it’s a purely coincidental thing I didn’t use Emma Watson as a reference at
all but yeah I could see there’s some similarities I think it’s the face and
the structure of her head so yeah that’s it guys I think let’s go back yep that’s
pretty much it I know it was just a step-by-step process an awful video and
but I tried to describe as much as I can commentate on it audio commentary over
it and I explained the major parts and yeah I mean to do like I said to get
good at heads to know how to how things look how shading works how light and
shadow works you need to learn heads you need to learn all these details that I
can’t explain in one tutorial this is more like a rendering tutorial like what
I did following tsukimi trance tutorial her
tutorial was good she doesn’t narrow tate much on why things are the way they
are for example proko would teach you why things are the way they are the
structure and why you know what you need to do about it and to understand it so
give me channels more like I’m just gonna paint and follow along with me
kind of thing and she will just tell you what school she’s using and I kind of
did that here because it’s a rendering tutorial and it’s not a construction
stop by to tell you how you can go about learning that and there’s a lot of
resources out there you can go and watch and I think that’s about it I will post
other work I’ve got stuff now I’m working on I just like this continue
this is like chun-li that I just got bored of just I just get
sometimes they just get frustrated we’re working all the things and not liking it
I mean I do really like this I’ll probably go back and finish it but it’s
just it looked a bit stiff the poster some way crop it something like this there’s a lot of things that started I
don’t finish like this this is from dr. stone Kohaku or whatever however you
pronounce the name I can’t remember off the top of my head this was another painting I did of suck
emissions reference this on the right was original reference that’s the key me
chanted the left is my own interpretation same thing again like
what I did I just did my own copied her techniques and chose my own design
choices so again inspired by her but redone completely from scratch and my
own design choices it’s two different images but of the same character in the
same angle in the same style so just try to practice how to render like her but
adding my own twist to it yeah so I think that’s it for this tutorial guys
and I hope you guys learned something and hopefully I could get better at
making video tutorials and if you follow me on youtube I could probably put more
work up in the future where I can improve on how I talk about these things
I’m a bit rusty like I said I haven’t done a video in such a long time
my voice is crackling it’s not even coming out properly properly because but
yeah so my YouTube account is a loser a pixel YouTube / /a loser a pixel yeah I
used to make gaming videos under that game at all and I stopped because it was
a very competitive saturated market and I really don’t think I was gonna go
anywhere with that and I actually wanted to develop a skill I read a book called
mastery by George Leonard and it’s about this guy he does like karate or judges
or something and basically he’s trying to get good at something it’s the
journey of mastery where you’re really investing in something for years to
build up a skill and I was thinking that with my art I could do something like
that I could invest in a skill a lifelong
skill while with video gaming it’s like no you you’re not really developing your
skill with anything and you can get good at one video game and sooner or later
I’ll be dead and there were one more move on so you’ll have to get proper
different game and the only thing you might be getting good at is making
multimedia videos and stuff but I just don’t see that as like it’s not mastery
skillset it’s not something that you build on for years unless you you just
specifically want to be like a video producer cinematics or director then
yeah sure then that’s fine but I’m talking about like just basic social
media YouTube videos which that’s not really life call journey to investment
so I kind of moved on to my art stuff that I want to do I also do free digital
design and kind of moving away from that now to more 2d stuff I really want to do
my own characters and fan art and stuff and I like engaging with people so I
like posting something that people appreciate and want to look at rather
than doing something a piece of art way that no one’s interested in so just
trying to get more engagement with audiences so I feel like people
appreciate the work that you output that’s about it guys and I think the
last thing I want to end on is yeah so come follow me on that thought that game
at all losery pixel subscribe to me I’ll
probably make more videos in the future and come and I just made a Instagram
account it’s abusing it for like one or two days
I don’t have any followers pretty much
but this well post my future work so if you can come and follow me and support
me in there as well they’ll be great and yeah that’s it guys
so that’s a loser a pixel it’s the gram comm /of losery pixel and I hope this
video was useful you learned something from it and I hope to do better videos
in the future so good luck have a nice day and work hard on your artwork right

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