Pennywise  | Tutorial | Watercolor

Pennywise | Tutorial | Watercolor

hello welcome back with another video , i am Sarfraz and you’re watching my YouTube channel Sarfraz kunst_art today i am going to teach you how i paint skin tone and texture i will tell you step by step i am painting this (pennywise) first i applied a very light color to divide the area, which contained 80% of water and 20% of color and apply it on the surface to divide the tone where i have to apply texture . and some of the area i leave it as it is according to the refrence and mixed it together with water , first of all you have to start with your reference photo where the texture is given here i found that is use of tiny strocks and merged . and very lightly now i am doing it according to my picture reference with light color and mixed with water.. so you will get soft edge it doesn’t create hard edge and always try to mixed it with water and then again put color into the brush and apply i found that , it should be more dark then i apply dark color and mixed it with water whenever you are painting in watercolor always try to keep in your other a napkin and whenever took color into brush use napkin to remove extra color it will gives you same tone and it gives you a very nice texture . and it will give a very nice result if you found there in you reference pic which have smooth blended texture then apply water onto this area before applying color and it will blend automatic without using your brush apply color according to their needs first of all a big thank you for watching my full video and i hope you enjoyed my video if you did the gives a thumb up ad share it with your friends and as soon as possible i will upload full video of this so stay tuned to my channel, bye bye take care


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