Origami Pokemon Eevee (sakuB) – Paper Folding / Papier Falten / 종이접기 – Paper Crafts 1101

Yah Koi ~ Eevee! Thank you for clicking Likes, subscriptions and alarm settings are a big help Get a sheet of paper 20 x 20 cm Turn the paper over at the beginning of the music Fold diagonally to form a triangle Unfold Repeat one more time Fold it in half Turn the paper and fold it again Fold the small square into a triangle Fold the other three corners in the same way It is important to fold it as close as possible to the edge Just open the three triangles Turn it over Fold along the white lines Folded in half, Kud… dock Turn over Fold along the red line Put your finger Press along the line Always fold the edges carefully fully unfold Fold along the white line Fold up and put it on the floor If you make it a habit to fold it on the floor , origami will be easier Put your finger and press down to make a small square Fold it inward along the white line Fold the corners carefully carefully carefully Make a small triangle by folding it up to the middle horizontal line Unfold Check that the line just folded is square Fold it as it is Press both sides while pressing the center It looks like this Flip over Unfold Use both hands to make a triangle Fold half of the small triangle along the white line Unfold it and put it inside Repeat the other way in the same way It became a small square. Flip it over and compare it to your own fold. Turn it and flip it over Put one up Fold it vertically in half to show centerline Unfold Divide the triangle under into thirds One Two Must match the centerline When unfolded, a spider web shape Our friend Spiderman Fold along the white lines Press the diagonal of the four corners Naturally a small square inside With the middle finger of the left hand Press the back of the small square forward Collect at the same time How easy is it? Turn over and turn Fold it vertically in half to show centerline Unfold It’s a repetition Origami is often symmetrical so we may need to repeat it twice If you enjoy it, it was over quite quickly Compare with yours Put your finger in and press Fold along the white line Unfold and fold up Fold in along the fold line Arrange it well Flip over Unfold Flip a white triangle along an arrow With the thumb on the vertex Press it carefully Do not be afraid of wrinkles Tidy up carefully Take care of the corners The triangle color has changed to white Unfold Flip the left side the same way When flipping The paper may tear a little Don’t be so heartbroken But don’t give up. If you have mastered this technique, Already you are origami master Please go down Fold along the white line Do the same at the bottom Unfold Put your thumb and press Unfolding naturally A triangle is created Repeating downwards Please repeat the other side again Unfold a thumb, a big finger Ugh … Repeat On the occasion of getting used to It always ends Fold along the red line Fold both sides in small triangle shape First fold half up Put it up in the middle The right ear is made Make the left ear the same way Fold along the white line Unfold It’s time to flip a difficult skill Unfold it a little bit to make it easier Press first from the vertex Turn over and arrange well Repeat The fold line is going to be flipped Be careful Arranging corners Fold it down Fold the left side down Please take a good look at the catch Fold it back along the white line Fold the bottom Fold the existing fold more inward Arrange both ears Fold it back along the white line Fold the corners too Use your fingernails when the paper is thick Press Press Complete the face!! If you’ve been so hard till now You can fold the rest tomorrow Please subscribe and likes Get another sheet of paper Folded in half Spread it out and turn it over again I’ll fold it in half from now on Half folded Fold another half Unfold and turn Repeat Prefolded lines always become the baseline Now we have 64 small squares of the same size Fold it in half to make a big triangle Turn it and fold it in half Flip over Please fold along the white line If you press the corner You can easily fold it Fit the corners of the small square along the white line Fold diagonally Repeat left one more time Unfold the upper part slightly A square should be created along the white line Like this Flip over Take it down Fold it hardly Unfold and fold in triangle shape Unfold again Put the white line up If you hold one side with your left hand, Then the paper will be folded naturally along the diagonal of the two small squares In the same way the other side Fold in Unfold it and put it inside Slightly open Fold diagonally along the white line On the other side Unfold it Fold up to make a triangle Pull that part out with your fingers Spread out well Press the vertex And fold it in Cute tail was completed! Flip back Fold along the white lines Fold back along the white line to make your feet Repeat on the other leg Complete body! ASSEMBLE! You can use the glue to fix Bonus video Draw a variety of Eevee’s face It’s okay to screw up You can fold it again referring to the video Complete! Well done! Eevee~

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