Nude Nail with Acrylic Flower & Micro Beads – Nail Tutorial – Fashion Matching Nail Art

Kirsty: So this one we already have the nail
created, and what we are going to do is, we are going to use the Modern muse colour, because
that matches perfectly. I am going to do two coats of this colour. Then we are going to press some glitter into
this. So the colours I have got are Pink fairy wings
and we have got the mini glitter, chunky litter and the super fine glitter. So just a second
coat of colour. So we are going to press the glitter into
this, we are going to start with the very fine glitter, press that into the sticky layer
here and then we are going to go for the medium size glitter. Then into the larger glitter,
the chunky one. So we have got a graduated fade of sizes of glitter. Seal that in with
Mega gloss sealer gel. And we are going to do a couple of coats of this. I am going to cure that first layer. So we are going to do two coats of top coat
because we have different gradients of glitter. We want it all to be smooth on the surface,
especially this chunky glitter. This chunky glitter will be harder to seal. So this is your second coat. So that is just
an easy way to do a sparkly nail on top of a nail that has already been created. Pop
that into the lamp for me. So you don’t have to set it inside the nail
like we did with the [00:02:44.15 – inaudible] you can do some work on top. But the [00:02:48.07
– inaudible] is quite chunky and i think it is a much better product to be encapsulated
into acrylic or gel. But with the glitter you can sit that on top of gel polish and
put your top coat on and seal that in. So it can be changed really easily as well. So I am going to finish that nail with some
oil. So that is quick and easy to do. Makes it
blingy. So, on this nail we are going to sculpt this
nail out. I have already removed the surface shine from this nail. Dehydrate. Prime, two
coats of primer. You want to see a video on how to fit a sculpting form you can here. Adam: Every time! Kirsty: Because it’s backwards on there. You
can have a look here it will tell ya, just follow that thing there, it will take you
straight too it. On this one, we are going to get the tab and
use the flat side of the tab. Like that to create a flat smile line. It is going to help
when I am helping fit the form to this nail which is really flat and straight and quite
short. And I am going to do a full Warm beige nail. I am going to pat and pull that out to create
the length. Next bead I am placing at the back near the
cuticle. And then coming straight over the top to create that apex. And if you don’t
know what an apex is, check this video out, it will tell you all about the words that
I use, that you might not know what they are. This is just what happened: I have just been
doing — oh my god, why has the nail longer? It looks longer on this finger; I don’t
get it at all. I am going to number two on the form. And I couldn’t figure out why
it seemed longer. And it’s because I put the tab further up, because the nail was shorter
and to give it more length. This is what Adam came up with and he was right. Not very often. Adam: I am right sometimes! But like I said,
I’m not just a pretty face. Kirsty: Pinchy, pinchy time. So I am going
to pinch this, then I am going to file it. And then — you won’t believe what we are
going to do. Are you excited because I am? We are going to use Mega white — just get
a flat [00:07:03.14 – inaudible] down first of all. Then I am going to get other beads
and work with a couple at a time. This first one we put down, we just want to squish that
nice and flat. These ones, we are going to press out into petal shapes. Just going to
take this form off because it is ready to go. We are building; I am building a flower that
is open in the centre, completely open. I have no idea what flower this is, I am not
very good with knowing my different types — Adam: Not a horticulturist? Kirsty: No, is that what it’s called yeah?
A what? Adam: Somebody that’s into gardening isn’t
it? Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: Horticulture. Kirsty: I just know what flowers kind of look
like, I don’t know the names of different types of flowers. But it’s basically open
in the middle — so can i like — you know sunflowers open in the middle? You know what
I mean? Its got that space in the middle. That’s the kind — I’m not doing sunflower,
but it’s that kind of thing. Adam: It’s an open flower? Kirsty: Yeah. Just got an open bit in the
middle, a round bit in the middle. And I am laying them over the top of each
other like this. I have just remembered I need to make two of these so — I am going
to repeat what I have just done. And make sure when you put it down, you have
put the side that was touching, it was touching the form, that side down, so it sticks together.
So kind of like a half moon shape. Going to start doing some more petals. Lining
them up in the production line. Right, now we are going to get the clear builder
gel. Dotting tool, take some gel, pop it in the middle, do that with both. Adam: You mean both? Kirsty: Both. Do that with both of the flowers.
So you just press in those little beads into the gel, to give the flower its centre. Then
i am going to pop that into the LED lamp because it’s builder gels. Going to whizz over with the file. While that’s
curing in the lamp I am going to finish this nail by filing it. Just going to buff that now to smooth it over. Going to apply that same colour because we
love it so much. I am going to do two coats of this. And we are going to do the same on
this nail that we have previously done. I am going to seal this with Mega gloss sealer
gel now. Then we can put on the flower that we have made. I am going to use clear acrylic now to adhere
the flower. Quite a dry bead. I am going to pop some clear acrylic under
that to support it. And I am going to do that on both nails. Using some of the clear sculpting gel, we
are going to apply some more of these beads. Just to add to the design. And it’s shiny, as the acrylic isn’t. Going
to use Antique rose, because I have already used the rose ones in the flower. I am going to do this on both of the nails that
have the flowers on. I am just cleaning off the sticky layer with
some of the gel residue soak off solution on the brush. Just literally wiping over and
then I keep cleaning the brush in-between as well.

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