‘Not Good Enough’ to Art Journal · Perfectionism and Art Journalling When You Can’t Draw

‘Not Good Enough’ to Art Journal · Perfectionism and Art Journalling When You Can’t Draw

Hello my loves, welcome back to another art
journalling video. Today I’m working in my DIY sketchbook again
on a spread inspired by a casual evening in that I had last week, watching a film with
my mum. We watched ‘The Others’ which is one of
my favourite ghost films even though I haven’t watched it for years and I’m drawing the
big haunted house from that- which I found out when I was looking for references is actually
a Spanish palace. As I’ve said before in art journalling videos,
if you’re struggling for ideas, it’s great to just think about even the most mundane
things that you’ve done that day or in the last few days and see if there’s a way to
translate that into a drawing. If it’s something you watched on TV or on
YouTube, you could draw characters, people, settings, even just concepts inspired by whatever
you’ve seen. Same with things you’ve read or just done,
places you’ve been… I also went to see Avengers Infinity War last
week and, like with this page, rather than going with a really obvious and literal image
to document that in my journal, I decided to go kind of abstract and just have fun turning
paint splotches into crystal formations to represent the Infinity Stones. From your comments, I get the impression that
a lot of you really want to do more art journalling, because it is such a fun and fulfilling way
to record memories and express yourself creatively and work on your art skills all at the same
time. And I get the impression that people are overthinking
it a lot, not wanting to get it wrong or not accurately capture different moments and memories,
or they don’t think they have the skills to make something that looks like. I’ve definitely been trapped in that mindset
before and I’ve recently started thinking about it more as if I’m taking snapshots,
taking pictures. Even when I was younger, before digital cameras
or camera phones, when I had my little film camera and I had 30 shots, I’d still just
snap pictures of unimportant things, 5 close-up’s of my favourite doll, a lot of it out of focus. And especially with cameras on our phones
now, we take pictures willy-nilly all throughout our day, of anything and everything that we
might possibly want to remember, or just like the look of. For most of the pictures I take day to day,
I don’t really agonise over angles and composition and lighting, because the picture is probably
just for me anyway, its main purpose it to be something that I look at to spark a memory
and capture how I felt in that moment. Yeah, occasionally I’ll try to do a scene
justice, if I’m on holiday and I see something that I think looks once-in-a-lifetime, I might
spend longer thinking about how I’m going to compose a photo, and you can have the same
approach with your art journal. Spend time on the things that are really special,
and use the rest of your time and space to quickly record memories however suits you
best. Whatever you do, however you do it, it’ll
mean something to you. The paint splotches I did will remind me of
going to see Infinity War, how we went to a small cinema in the daytime so there were
only 4 other people there. I’ll probably remember how I felt when the
film ended, no spoilers, don’t worry. The ticket I stuck in will remind me how flipping’
much it cost. This page I’m doing here will remind me
of staying up late to watch this film with my mum and how when it ended she said it doesn’t
get any less creepy no matter how many times you’ve seen it. Anyway, I didn’t really know what I was
gonna talk about today so apologies if I’m just saying things I’ve said before. I hope you enjoyed the video, let me know
what kinds of things you like to journal about, I find it really interesting and I think it’ll
help to inspire others in the comments too. Other than that, I will see you soon for the
next one. Bye!


  • ghazaleyes00 says:

    You’d make amazing asmr videos omg

  • Llama Bean says:

    I collage because I've never spent enough time practicing my drawing. If I can find other images to compose my own vision out if then that's fine with me. Over thinking will kill all creativity.

  • Helena Torres says:

    I love your art!!

  • Dream Up Art says:

    I wrote this whole thing about feeling intimidated with drawing/painting/sketching, and ended up deleting it because I basically just talked myself into giving it a try. What's the worst thing that could happen? It could look terrible, and I'll have one less terrible drawing to get out of the way on my road to improvement. Thank you for the video, Minnie! You really have inspired me to just go for it!

  • Yvonne Fay says:

    One of my favorite movies too, you totally captured the manor in The Others. I love this, beautiful!!

  • S.A. S.A. says:


  • ChaiTeaAtMidnight says:

    Minnie, I saw this and clicked because I’m trying to figure out the style I want when I illustrate my children’s book, and your building and the trees in the background gave me a better idea of what I think I’ll do.
    Thank you! 😁

  • Butterfly 0054 says:

    That is good advice. When I have art block or feel bad about my art I draw my art supplies or foods I ate.

  • CuriousOrigins says:

    Man, I loved the Others. It was the movie that made me fall in love with the horror genre. It is just the perfect example of a ghost movie. And it's so gorgeous throughout.

    Awesome piece, that turned out real nice. Your ability to capture buildings is amazing.

  • Michelle Wilson says:

    That drawing is gorgeous! I am indeed trapped in the "not good enough headspace" but I'm​ trying to break the unproductive cycle.

  • Trinity Stone says:

    Oh my gosh I love The Others too! I'm not sure if it's my favorite ghost movie, but I haven't really thought about it…

  • Sue Wilkinson says:

    I long to be able to art journal but my lack of drawing skills doesn’t help and I feel too hide-bound by fear to start!

  • eman obaid says:


  • Ryuu Atsushi says:

    Your voice is so smoooth, omg I love it, it's an authentic ASMR XD

  • Rebecca Page says:

    I like to trace around a bank card lightly in pencil several times across the page–some vertical, some horizontal, a little overlap is fine, vary the white space. I fill in these minis throughout the day, popping the frame when necessary, writing little notes around the frame. At the end of the day or later in the week, use color and graphics to tie the page together. So much less daunting!

  • Jennifer H. says:

    I'm currently in a bit of a rut – searching for references that will help me on my next art pieces. One thing I realized though today is that the pictures I'm using as a reference should not scare me because I don't have to paint exactly what I see. I'm trying to let go a little in terms of control and details as well. Really, really enjoyed this clip, although a little short, but we know that you're probably very busy. 🙂

  • Elaine Oporta says:

    I love to journal and document food or my cup of tea or coffee. I also like to draw windows 😊😊😊😊

  • TraMychael Ross says:

    I love all of your videos Minnie! Thank you for sharing!! Love and Light! 💜

  • Khamet geo says:

    Not on some creepy ish but your voice is so relaxing

  • Diane O says:

    Lovely journal page! My buildings always end up looking so lopsided and 'off' somehow.
    If I'm stumped for a journal page idea or short on time, I will just do a page around the date, embellishing the letters/numbers with patterns & colors adding different elements around or behind them. Today I incorporated umbrellas and raindrops since it rained all day!

  • Diane O says:

    I really think it helps to free your creativity knowing that these pages are for your eyes only. If you don't like it, no one needs to see it and you can move on, or paint over it or just rip it out and use as collage pieces!
    I've learned to tuck my art journals away since I found my husband flipping through them and his only comment was, "Are you having fun?" Ouch. So, I keep them on a shelf or in a drawer.

  • Jeraldine Council says:


  • MURARI 2893 says:

    I used to spend a lot of time trying to create perfect elaborate pieces in my journal.. but I found it too stressful and wound up abandoning a lot of them mid way.. so I take a more relaxed approach now.. I doodle a lot, make henna and mandala designs, and just explore my tools and medium.. not putting pressure on myself has helped a lot and that's thanks to your videos 😀

  • Yza White says:

    I have a friend that likes to draw the most random situations in our classroom. One time, I got a peak of her art journal and it's filled to the brim of just loose sketches of students and teachers and I found it really cute.

  • Lesley Rickman says:

    Love this spread. Gorgeous!

  • Melanie HP says:

    What your mother said at the end of the film could be written at the bottom of the page. 😄

  • Kayler Hart says:

    Thank you for this video it’s a short one but really informative & motivating! I like to journal about how I’m feeling or just coming up with something after listening to a song. Just random pieces that are made from things I’ve experienced. Journaling in my current sketchbook has been a collection of memories in an important year of my life. And I can’t wait to look back on it & remember what I’ve been through. Thanks for the video again! Throughly enjoyed it☺️

  • reindeeya says:

    hi Minnie!! i swear each of your videos seem to answer a question that’s been bothering me a lot, it’s like you read my mind!! coincidentally, i was wondering if you could talk a little about finding your own unique style in art? As in with illustrating characters? thank you!! 💕

  • mo bandy says:

    I just love listening to you talk!! Lol!

  • vincent says:

    hi minnie, could you suggest me some good courses to learn online related to art , pattern creation etc….? thank you

  • Rosekirachan says:

    Watching your videos are relaxin, motivating and inspiring!

  • Sydney Harkness says:

    Can I say how much I just love you videos! Any and every time!!! Yes! Your voice is so soothing and clear, crisp in a way. Lovely. Content ALWAYS inspires me nearly every time I stop what I’m doing and start creating. Your videos never fail me. Even when there’s no “art” or “tutorial” I’m so appreciative of the plethora of feel good, picture perfect bliss you provide us with. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU 💜💜💜

  • Lil Kaeppchen says:

    Everybody says they dont Draw because they cant. Im only to lazy for this. Amazing Picture by the way

  • MrsPeniman says:

    Thank you, really needed that 🙂

  • ThisIsNasu says:

    Beautiful !! Usually when i journal, i always do a collage of things i kept from the event or photos that i took. idk its fun playing with the compositions when doing the collage 😉

  • Sharon Bear says:

    How about tips on drawing people!? Tips to draw them fast on the go during urban sketching in your art journal. Thank you for this video!

  • Marcus Shaner says:

    Everything you post is magical.

  • Sue says:

    Maybe a dream journal will help with concepts/ideas too! I have crazy, vivid dreams and I sketch on post-its until I'm ready to sit and flesh it out. It can be really inspiring to the point I get obsessed with drawing the subject of my dreams. Hopefully, this helps others. I had terrible art block until I started tracking my dreams and they became more vivid over time.

  • Marcus Shaner says:

    Lol. Do you ever sneak up on your mum with a veil or shawl over your head and say, "But I am your daughter!" In a creepy way? Yeeesh creepiest part of the film!!!

  • Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane says:

    I love that Good enough hoodie Nathan Zed really did something special

  • rainroadoodle says:

    I actually just kinda do abstract-y stuff for the background and just write everything out.
    When I journal I actually don't really focus on what I am painting, mostly working and colours and composition. But occasionally I would draw something in it that is related.

  • tracey johns says:

    hi Minnie, I just watched your art vlog week of work Robin clonts work out 😀 fab to watch thanks 😊😊😊 I do feel so overwhelmed. I still haven't made the leap to full time art and I feel it's never going to happen 😢 but watching your videos always make me happy and feel uplifted and motivated for the quest 😀 love and peace to you xxx

  • Gisi says:

    Would you consider to make an art podcast? Your voice and words are inspiring and relaxing :3

  • loleta says:

    sometimes i just genuinely dont care what the finished piece would look like🌚

  • BlackSwan Studios says:

    Hey Minnie! I’ve always really enjoyed your journal/sketchbook videos and what you talked about in this is video is quite true. To remedy this I was thinking, what if you released a video once a month to assign us all a sketchbook theme or topic, something that you and all of us can work on together and share through social media. Sort’ve like Inktober if that makes sense 🙂 great video!!

  • Katywu Ste says:

    The others is a very scary movie, I couldn’t watch to the end

  • Daniela P says:

    I can draw landscapes, cars, people etc. but the buildings just look horrendous!

  • dandra ilus says:

    Beautiful and really glad this one is less than 15' long which is the time I can afford to watch a youtube video, I've been missing out most of your recent uploads bc they were too long for the time I have to just chill in here

  • Ann-Marie Löfberg says:

    She is amazing!

  • Sarah Tu'itahi says:

    I would love to see you draw a hairless cat XD
    Love your videos! Keep up the great work!

  • Sabrina Fountain says:

    Lovely video as always, Minnie. You are such a huge inspiration. I always get so excited when I see a new video of yours! ❤️☺️

  • Kitty Cat Annie says:

    I really enjoy your videos, Minnie! I did art for years and years until I discovered this whole community on youtube, and even though now I've stopped, your content is truly something I still look forward to and get inspired by! Not only is your voice very calming and soothing, and your art brilliant and beautiful, but the things you say, the lessons you teach us – precious. Thank you and keep up the good work! <3

  • Michelle Shean says:

    The current sketchbook I have has been definitely the most free and loose and it's been amazing. I never knew I could get so attached to an inanimate object, and the only way I can describe my mindset going into it is to just go in with the intention of thought vomit

  • Colleen Dontigny says:

    Lately in my journals I've been drawing interesting things I find on my hikes. My work days are so mundane and monotonous that it's fun to explore nature and see different mosses or mushrooms.

  • MultiMarou says:

    Thank you!!!

  • tigertan5 says:

    You’re so inspiring it’s not even funny. Thank you for everything you do

  • Mitra Maheri says:

    I struggled for years to pick up a sketchbook and always left them unfinished which made me feel like a failure. However, when I was pregnant with my daughter I decided to fill a sketchbook documenting the pregnancy for her to keep when she's older (if she's even interested that is 😂). It ended up being really therapeutic and helped me massively in the last two weeks that I was overdue 🙈. It sparked something in me and I haven't stopped sketching since🖋 📙 💕 💕

  • Elena Kuznetsova says:

    Lately I started to draw small things around me – the food or coffee I've bought, the present I've got from my friend. Some ideas for future projects (like creating a fish-shaped clay pallette for my watercolours and so on). I'm not always happy with the result and sometimes I think that I'm not really impoving in my drawings, but it does help me to remember that day and the emotions I've felt.

  • Elena F.C. O'Dogherty says:

    Awsome!! I also struggle sometimes about what to journal, your tips are very useful. Btw I miss so much your draws of people, you have a very unique style on those 😘

  • Adil Draws says:

    Nice work.

  • Amy Pini says:

    Perfect Video 💗 and Beautiful Art 🌟

  • Megha Jain says:

    Your voice is sooo sooothing! I am a photographer and I struggle with holding myself back because I am extremely critical with my work, edit style and keeping my mess in room in check. Your videos make me relax

  • Edith AM says:

    You really inspire me by showing how easy it is to just start drawing!

  • bernie Mac says:

    I need to draw more .. Have you ever thought about hosting sketchbook workshop?

  • Anna Sebesta says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I've had a weird idea in my head from when I was a kid that writing/journalling and art needed to be separate. I've always written and always made art, but it's only recently (in my 30s ) that I'm beginning to discover ways to combine the two. I think this summer I will start my own art journal. It is intimidating because I am the epitome of a perfectionist… but I really want to give it a try. Thank you again!

  • Sayuri Kitamura says:

    Thanks for talking about this topic!

  • Suma Shreya says:

    Omggg! That was so so very beautiful!!!
    Can you help me… the thing is I love art.. but I'm afraid to do coz I'm not good at it.. what do I do? How do I overcome.

  • Hoop Of Spiders says:

    Eh, if you're saving the ticket to remind yourself how expensive it was… in the future you'll look on that as being cheap! Ha ha! Cool drawing.

  • eddie reynolds says:

    i can’t draw to save my life

  • Kevlandia says:

    I love love LOVE this sketch!!!!!! I would totally buy this and frame it! 😀

  • Jay Upadhyay says:

    Is that pen ball/gel pen

  • Ana Stretcu says:

    Because I also struggle with perfectionism (who doesn't?) I don't want to mess up a perfect travel journal soooo I decided to get some practice before my trip and now I started doing a weekend journal to ease into it and not feel so nervous about it anymore. So far so good 🙂

  • Bianca Hapa says:

    And here I was sayin… " why does it have to end so soon?'

  • cicada dreams says:

    This gives me a lot of hope!

  • Katie Jobling says:

    Perfectly timed video 😍 and your pencil/pen marks always amaze me!

  • Jade Giddings says:

    PLEASE please please do a video on how you made your sketchbook please & thank youuuu

  • Tania Figueroa says:

    I've learn sooooo much with you! Thanks for sharing so much. I've struggled with the thought that what I'm drawing/painting is not good enough. I'm struggling so much with that thought that I'm thinking about going back to art school.

    Can't wait for the next video!! 🙂

  • Kerby .Pascual says:


  • ohitspaula says:

    Your voice is so aesthetically calming as well as your sketches and I’m living for it

  • cookieDaXapper says:

    Great job, and encouragement Ms Minnie!!!!!………..ha ha ha, "holiday". English slang and sensibilities, keep it going dear sister, PEACE family of the pen.

  • Tanya Adams says:

    Lovely watching you. So far my journals are all random, none filled. I’m having trouble finding a good journal that you can use watercolour, acrylic or pen and ink. I find the paper isn’t strong enough or I’m going in too wet or too….. not sure. What are some good journal brands that have versatility?

  • Dany Monte Art says:

    I just love your work!

  • Abbie Stabby says:

    This is definitely inspiring to start my own! ^_^

  • ink hart says:

    What the crack I just joined and I'm getting an asmr vibe please Lean back from the Mike please I mean no disrespect btw

  • morganpony2 says:

    I paint pictures of my day, I try to do a picture a day, but I don't have time to paint them all everyday. Instead I write a quick entry and write down what I will paint to remind me of the day, usually this is a picture from out and about. I don't worry too much if the picture doesn't come from the exact day or time or place. Sometimes I use older pictures for example. It can be hard to get something unique every day so I take lots of pictures on special days and then use these pictures when I have a boring day of just work. I tried thinking outside the box, but I prefer the feeling of having a complete journal and paintings just from photos. I've found that way it all feels connected. But that's just me. Thanks for this video. I'm in a low mood patch and painting is really hard. I've worked hard on the journal so far and I'm scared that I'll ruin it more than I care to admit, so actually cracking the paints is proving difficult.

  • Alykia says:

    I want to draw weird stuff in a journal…but I don't even know where to begin with that. The last thing I did was flowers with eyes in them. haha

  • Griffly Art says:

    I don't do art journals because my life is boring, not because I'm too scared of my lack of skill.

  • Audrey Brewer says:

    I am really sad about how many details of memories I've let slip away because I was too scared to "mess up" a page in my journal, so I didn't end up documenting anything at all.

  • Reina Aqua says:

    my art journey shall commence , i truly need to focus on something healthy like art

  • Sheila Klein says:

    I always try and sit through the adverts on YouTube because I know that is part of the way you make money, but on this 3:30 video, there was an advert almost 5 minutes long. Sorry, won't do that one.

  • Dthe Vyda Crystal says:

    first time writing here, but I've been following your work a while and I think you a very talented artist and calm person! Oh, and I LOVE your accent, so cute!
    I LOVE THIS MOVIE! "The Others" is só amazing because is not really scary, but very deep in the emotions of the characters IMO.
    Great artwork, lovely video, cheers from Brazil! <3

  • shazsplat says:

    You have such talent. Your voice is highly addictive to listen too. Very calming. Calm is confident! hugs from Norfolk

  • Justtubingby says:

    You're one of the most genuine human beings I've come across on YouTube.

  • 531ally says:

    All of your art is so great! Thank you. I was wondering, do you ever track of how long a piece takes? If you do, any chance you could share that in the video description?

  • Que14kt says:

    Hi ma'am, what pen are you using?

  • tatake Studio says:

    Love your nails..

  • Maria Nikiforova says:

    thank you for such a nice video! I feel like its gonna help me a lot and btw your scene turned out amazing!

  • Palux Hale says:

    Yaaaasssss! Me and my mom LOVE that movie 😍

  • Blessed Mrs says:

    Hi Minnie love that film too. And I just have a love of old buildings. Lovely voice excellent tips n video Thankyou. You are a beacon of Hope to Millions. God Bless You. Love and Light from England

  • MrQuaazga says:

    Hi Minnie! I'm into art journaling and I love it. I enjoy watching your videos.

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