Nail Artists Share Their Horror Stories

everything’s just start flying and like you know I got dodge I’m AM B I am a manicurist in Whittier California I have been doing nails for about five years and more recently in the last year I have been running my business and emails and nugs so for a few years I worked at a salon I had a reoccurring client who had come in honestly probably every other month or so not very often she would only come to me when I had a really good deal she was the type of person who didn’t like Western medicine didn’t like to go to the doctor very much believed in just the power of positive thinking she also had a terrible terrible terrible disgusting foot fungus on all ten of her toes when I started doing her pedicures I told her about it I told her she could go to the doctor and take pills and you know get rid of it she basically told me thanks but no thanks I’ve been healing this with the power of essential oils and I’m gonna manifest this into healing I didn’t know how to say no to this woman and in hindsight like these were the first few years I was doing nails and I should have just told her like I can’t do your nails but I didn’t I continued to see her for years I think about three years and her toes just kept getting worse and worse and worse when it comes to like toe fungus what we learned in school is it starts out as yellow and it ends as black so it kind of goes from like yellow to green to brown to black I saw this woman’s toes go through that entire process I was really trying to like hint at her like please like stop making me do your toes I would tell her like okay you’re gonna have to bring your own tools because I can’t sanitize your tools with my other clients tools and nothing fazed her and she just kept coming to me as her toenails just disintegrated she also would only tip me no more than one or two dollars hi I’m son boy also known as nail bandit I’ve been doing nails I was so six I work in salon i freelance a lot I do a lot behind the scenes fashion magazine covers and I worked at this salon in in Hawaii just graduated from nail school and I was just you know in the getting into the pic hair trimming your toenails file shape with us in the prepping stage in the beginning of the service kind just like relaxing or I started to clip the toenails and you know usually when you cook your nails or clip any artificial no everything’s just start flying and like you know I got dodge nail tips I was like clipping you know try to pulse me and not hit my face after that later clients like she’d start jumping and I’m like are you okay do you want me to grab you something I should say no I just I don’t know what it is but it’s like really irritating it was getting tarrying I looked out I’m like hair and they may look at your eyes but she opened her eyes I was like oh my gosh yeah I told him oh my god can you take it out so I took it out I was pretty nice when I was in school the school that I went to was right down the street from a retirement home all of our practice was on 80 and 90 year old men and women a gentleman came in for a pedicure and I was signed up to do his pedicure and he had come in in a white tennis suit and he came and he sat down he took his shoes off and he put his feet in and I took one foot out and I started and I put it back and then I lifted his other foot out I’m I level with his knees basically so as I lift his other foot out of the water I noticed something dropped one of his testicles has come out of his tennis shorts I didn’t know what to do I completely ignored it and I just kept doing his bed cure and to this day I don’t know if he was just a sweet old man who just had no idea that his balls were out or if he was a creep I hope it’s not that one but it might be I had this gig that I was calling to do an in-house service for a client flying in from Miami and she was looking for a no artist at night because they had some kind of Music Awards or something and she needs to be ready I was called and came up to her room and you know sat down and she had like great like Longclaw nails but you thought carbine nose was long her was longer I was working I realized I noticed that one nail was lifting it was like flapping and I was like oh what’s that it was gonna like fall off like it’s like talking to me and then look under it I can see like the nail bed it’s like on yellow and gunky and you know it had love this color and I’m like so she had like a no infection under that one particular it was lifting I can’t give that diagnosed because I’m not a doctor agree I’m just no artist you know I asked her like so what happened to this now and she said it’s been like that I’ve been going to the same lady in Miami for a while and she told me it’s okay and I’m like that’s a bad no I’m so scared to file it because I don’t know it might just fall off and I’ll be okay it was very uncomfortable and very awkward because like I wish she told me that she had an issue her nail so I can’t come prepare myself I don’t want my stuff to become tab and then make sure all my clients nails start falling off humankind’s have some kind of fungus there’s something funky going on that is not normal I usually just way you’re not suppose it work on them but I’m like alum here you know I made it work and you know I did the best of the cab but to this day I wonder if the notes okay I hope that now has been fixer been diagnosed and treated [Music]

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