Nail Art Sugar Velvet

Hello everyone, You asked me on Facebook to teach you the sugar effect technique My inspiration was by Tammy Taylor’s video and by Janna’s technique on Facebook I apply a beige nail polish as base I take a fluorescent Color Club to make a gradient on the foam I put the beige and the pink and directly add some pink gradient Very rapid to do I clean the outlines with acetone as usual While it is drying I try to make the other nails I tried to make the mate total look You will need resin powder I am using red and fluorescent orange that I mixed with some glitter You need very thin glitter like pigments So that it looks pretty I mix the powders in my palette I apply a top coat for semi permanent nail polish on a base of the same color of the resin mix to make it stand out And now, before it dries, i apply some powder on the nail Put in under the lamp for about 3 minutes It depends on the gel type I chose a semi permanent as I will be able to remove it with acetone curlers it is not possible with a normal gel And I don’t like to polish, it is annoying I’ve brushed the nail, and it is done I do not cover with top coat For the others nail I first apply my top coat I make my decoration on the top coat as it’s not a decoration that will be covered, it should be look matte I take a white thick gel that does not flow So that the decoration does not lose its shape Once the gel is done I apply my powder If you are not using glitter but normal resin powder you will have a velvet effect However resin holds really well compared to velvet That does not hold well I’ve had only negative reviews on this powder Here it holds really well I loved it but it gets dirty at the end of the day You need to brush your nails either with alcohol, or water and soap I hope that you love this technique See you next week for a new video Bye!

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