Maynia 2019 Vlog

Hi friends so here we are mania a day
one its about quarter after eight in the morning I
don’t need to leave for work until like 10:30 so I figured I would stitch for an
hour while I enjoy my coffee so since I’m working today and I’m a little tired
from getting in late last night my plan it’s just just start a Mill Hill today
since they’re already kitted up and I don’t have to think really about floss
colors and fabric I originally was gonna start with this Sun but so as
many of you probably know in school of magical stitches and literature
the first 12 days of May we’re having the Quidditch World Cup and so for the
Quidditch World Cup you get I think one point for every hundred stitches you stitch
and that works out great for maynia because it means um we don’t have any
homework for the first 12 days so for most of maynia I can work on whatever I
want which works out great for new starts and it will encourage me to get a
lot of stitches into those new starts but anyway so part of the Quidditch
World Cup is of course every team– in every game of Quidditch there’s a Golden
Snitch and so the first person in each match who stitches a thousand stitches of
gold is considered to have caught the Golden Snitch so I was going to start
maynia off with this project this Golden Sun but I think since our Quidditch
match has already been going for about five hours somebody has probably almost
caught — Excuse me! Down! since our match has bee going on for
already five hours it started ar three o’clock this morning somebody’s probably
close to catching or has already caught the snitch so I’m gonna be strategic and
I’m going to save this project for Saturday morning because I
will probably get home from work around three o’clock in the morning and if I
start this when I get home from work and stay up to put some stitches in
maybe I can catch the snitch so that’s my strategic thought right now to
save this for the match against I think it’s Ravenclaw who’s our second match
but for now I’m going to start this s’mores project and try and get a few
stitches in before I go to work our first our first match is against
Gryffindor, boo! so I I definitely want to win that one so I’m gonna try and get
several stitches into this this morning to contribute to that match I’ll see you
guys later hello it is the second day of mania this
is how far I got yesterday um on the s’mores kit I might throw that back in my bag to
work on today at lunch just cuz uh that’s easy, Mill Hill kits
might be my new lunchtime projects we’ll see it all depends I ‘m going to spin
the wheel now to see what my next start is gonna be it’s about noon got in
from work at 4am I have to leave for work in like less than two
hours so I have some time if I skip unnecessary things like showering and
washing dishes I have a little bit of time to pull some threads and fabric for
a new start so we’re gonna spin the wheel um so let’s see let’s see what the
maynia of gods have chosen for us today– boop! ah that is okay
let me get it out and I’ll show at you so the tiny decisions app picked by the
bay funky flowers Hannah which is this iris so I have some of the DMC
pulled already so I just need to pick fabric and pull these green colors if I
have them and that should that should make me ready to start and hopefully I
can get a couple stitches it before I have to go to work so let’s go upstairs and
see if we have the right threads okay so I went through my stash and I
have all but one of the called for threads I don’t have this lighter color
here or this lighter gold color that’s 833 and I have– no that’s
832 and I have 833 which is one shade even lighter
it might work okay but I might also go to Michael’s at some point and try to
pick that up so I’m trying to decide between doing it in the called for colors
on color and cotton tea leaves which is this kind of like greeny Brown neutral
here or changing the stem color and using these brighter greens and doing it
on this color and cotton lemonade which is a brighter yellow you know this is
like more prim and kind of nicer for the design but this one is more fun I think I’m gonna go with tea leaves and
it’s a smaller count so it will be smaller overall okay
so I’m gonna pull out a Q snap and start that up okay so that’s as far as I
got I have to get ready for work now but I can already tell this is gonna be a
super easy nice enjoyable stitch so maybe I will bring it to work with me to
work on during lunch and see how much more I can get done my lunch won’t be
till like 9:00 p.m. which is kind of my regular stitching time anyway so that’s
good so yeah okay guys I will talk to you later
okay so I got no more stitching done yesterday because it was a crazy day
work was crazy long. At lunchtime I just needed to eat and like zone out
I couldn’t stitch. I got in from work at like 8 a.m. it is almost 4 p.m. now and
I have to leave in 30 minutes to go back to work but it is our last night and
then this movie will be over and I will be on a bit of a mini staycation so I
just have to get through one more day so anyway I don’t have a whole lot of time
right now to do a proper new start on anything so I thought the best thing to
do would be to start a mill hill kit and then I was going through all the kits I
had and you know none of the floss comes pre sorted and I didn’t
want to have to deal with brown versus medium brown and some of my other kits
are just like ones that are just beads and I don’t really have time to put a
bead in right now so this is kind of my only option to start today and so I’m
gonna start this little gingerbread cottage and I think I’m just gonna put 1
or 2 stitches in and then leave for work so hopefully this weekend I can catch up
on some of these and get some progress done so
yeah I’ll see you guys in a second all right
that’s it that’s all I got time for today I threw a couple stitches in
that counts as a start right? I might even pull those out they look a little wonky well
who cares I mean the beads are gonna cover a lot of that anyhow but
anyway that’s what I got and I’m hoping for way more stitching time this weekend
and I’m definitely gonna get a lot of stitching time on Monday because I’m off
so this vlog should get a little bit more interesting once work is
done in roughly 16 hours anyway I’ll see you guys I’ll see you guys in the wee hours
of Saturday morning or or Saturday afternoon depending on how I feel bye
for now good morning well, good afternoon
rather it is Saturday May 4th may the 4th be with you it’s about 2 o’clock in
the afternoon I got a an around 8 a.m. this morning and crashed for a little
bit but I am now officially on what I like to call fun employment the job I
was on we finished our last day of principal photography around 7 a.m. this
morning so I’m free for a little while and now have way more time to devote to
important things like maynia so let’s spin the wheel here and see what our new
start will be for the day horsing around okay that is a little
house needle works ornament I will pull it out and show to you okay so you’ve
probably all seen this before this is from last year’s farmhouse series by
little house needle works horsing around it’s the only part of the series
I bought um and so as you know from probably many of my past videos my mom
is really into horses she has a horse she rides regularly she she still goes
to shows where she participates in show jumping so I like to stitch her little horsey
things or give her a little horsey things and I happen to like horses as
well of course so I’ll probably Stitch this a couple times once for me and once
for my mom so I I’m fairly certain that I not have– oops thats the chart– I’m
fairly certain I do not have any of the call for fancy floss I’m pretty sure I
have none of it so I’ll probably just pull DMC and geez I showed you the chart
twice oh well I’ll probably just pull DMC and
color and cotton or I’ll futz around in my fancy floss and see what’s there
and I’ll show you what I pulled and then we’ll get started
it’s nice that this is a small one so maybe I can get a lot of progress on
this today and maybe you know who knows maybe get a finish this weekend okay
okay so hard to see in the later afternoon light but I pulled some colors
so I think for the green I’m gonna use color and Cotton’s Christmas tree which
is a really nice green color I’m gonna use color and Cotton’s garnet
for the red colors the white will B5200 the brown is this
lighter brown color I will for the chicken in the fence I’m going to use
DMC for 433 which is the called for and I might for like the chicken beak and
his legs I might use this Christmas gold but it might be too close to the fabric
color so we’ll see and then the horse my mom’s horse is
gray she has a light her horse is light gray but I didn’t want to do a really
light gray horse on this fabric this is a little piece of 36 count vintage
country mocha which we got at the flosstube retreat in New Jersey
you know in our swag bags so for the horse I’m gonna do color and cotton a
graveyard which is like a brown gray so that’s what I’m gonna do and I will let
you know how far I get okay and I just wanted to show you where I’ got
yesterday on horsing around so I got the whole border done and almost
completed both the trees and the fence and a couple of the snowflakes so
I’m pretty happy with that progress still a lot left to do but I think that I can
actually get this finished this month if I am able to pick it back up this week
so that’s good news I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out so far and I
just love this green color color and cotton Christmas tree it’s just
beautiful I hope she dyes more of that so that I’m
able to buy more beacuse this is the most perfect the most perfect green I think so we had a busy morning we had
errands to run and then we went to go see endgame and you know that movie is
three hours long so I’m only just getting to my new start now so let’s go
ahead and spin the wheel and see what it will be oh that’s kind of nice okay use
it up so I’ll show you what that is hang on one second okay so use it up is is
this folk art samplers pattern as you can see it is pretty simple and it
should go pretty quickly alright I bought this off the silent stitcher she
had a bit of a de stash sale on Instagram and I bought this because my
husband’s family uses this– this is kind of their motto use it up wear it
out make do or do without so it’s a little more primthan I usually stitch
but I thought it was cute and yeah it should really only take me a couple of
hours so that’s good news that means I might actually get a
finish in maynia so I’m gonna go upstairs and pull some fabric and threads and get
it started okay so the nice thing about these small patterns is it gives you a
chance to you know especially when they’re only text it gives you a chance
to play a little in your stash– who is that coming downstairs? hello big! so I decided
to go with this scrap of cashel linen we got in our grab bag from the
New Jersey flosstube retreatt last year it’s called dark teal green twenty-eight
count I’m going to use some dinky dies in the colorway dragonfly it’s from an
oops pack so I’m I’m not sure if this is if this collar is an accurate
representation of dragonfly because usually in the oops packs there’s
something wrong with that thread that’s why that’s why they’re so discounted but
in any case I thought this it’s like this pretty pinky purple green and then
this very pale lilac color is the second color I’m going to use here for the dog
so and this is from a silks for you grab bag so I don’t know I don’t know what
this color way name is either– you’re trying to jump up on the table huh?
um so yeah I’m gonna get started and hopefully this– hello
come on– I was saying hello oh hi hi yeah don’t walk up on momies silk okay so
hopefully we’ll get this done before Game of Thrones starts in a couple hours
okay so raise your hand if you also always think you can stitch faster than
you can so this is all I got donr in the like
hour and a half before Game of Thrones started and then I had to put my
stitching away because I can’t stitch andwatch Game of Thrones at the
same time unless it’s an episode I’ve already seen so in any case um this is
where I’m at and and I’m pretty happy with how the colors are turning out it’s
about 7 a.m. right now on Monday and I have the whole day to myself Dylan left for work like 3 hours ago I tried to get up when he left but for um
I don’t know it’s hard to get up at 4 a.m. unless you got a flight to catch or
you gotta get to the office it’s hard um so my plan for today is I would really
like to start Rachel Holmes this is by heartstrings samplery Rachel holmes
sampler really excited to start this one I have this all kitted up except for one
or two threads and those threads are coming in a 1-2-3 stitch order which is
going to be delivered today so I figured while I’m waiting for the mail man to
come I will try and finish this guy and if
I’m able to get this guy done then I will go back to working on horsing
around to try and get some more progress on it
so hopefully hopefully between now and like I’d say my mailman usually comes
between 2:00 and 4:00 o’clock I will be able to get at least one small finish in
so I mean I say that and then we’ll see how fast I stitch I don’t know I’m gonna
go upstairs and put Vonna on I’m behind on a couple of her floss tubes and she’s
always pretty inspiring to get things done so I’ll go I’ll go do that and I
will check in with you guys later after my threads are delivered
so it is Monday evening 8:30 and I’m pretty happy to say that I did get a
finish today so I will only end maynia with at worst 18 wips if I do all 19
days so I have one start to finish and I’m really happy with how it
turned out I think these colors work really well together
and I think it’s pretty cute so that’s all done I finished that this afternoon
before the mail came but then we had some errands to run
we decided to buy and pot some plants outside we were trying to get like our
little outdoor patio ready ready to enjoy dinner outside and then found that
we have a little love seat outside and that loveseat must have been home to
some stray cats or some raccoons over the winter because when we removed the
cover that had been keeping it dry all winter it was a disaster under there so
that was that was something we had to deal with this afternoon but anyway a
little finish and 400 stitches for the Quidditch tournament which which is
great so I am hoping to start heart string samplery Rachel Holmes
tonight some glare on that picture so the fabric I chose for this is lets see where’s the
sticker um cashel linen 28 count in summer khaki Zweigart fabric and I
realized yep look at all those so I don’t know what
happened those marks certainly were not there when I bought this so I must have
I I noticed these tiny marks here and then
I tried to get them out with some water and I seem to have made them worse so I
think I think there’s still enough room on this fabric that if I started on you
know on them you can see kind of the darker marks there on the the other way
around you know with this towards the bottom I probably can still fit the
design on without having to worry about these marks that’s a little frustrating
I don’t know what I did I’m sure that they weren’t there when I bought the
fabric so I must have screwed up some how but anyway here’s something
pretty to look at so here my threads and I noticed as I was pulling out all the
threads and checking them off the the list that I forgot to buy one of the
colors I forgot to buy the darkest brown right here that is for the dog and
the roof of the house um which is weeks dye works bark I forgot to buy
that so I don’t know what happened there either but I think you know I think I
can um I can at least get a start in this probably making you seasick I can
just get a start in this border here around the edge and on the owl and then
I will I’ll just have to order bark with my next 1 2 3 stitch order so I mean
this is a big one anyway so this will certainly not be a maynia finish right
but anyway I’ve got to try and get a couple stitches in before I go to bed
and I will see you guys in the morning good morning guys it’s about 7:00
a.m. on Tuesday and this is my pittiful start from last night I only got a few stitches in I wasn’t feeling so good i’ve got a bit of a
head cold i’m sure you can hear it my voice and so I had taken a nightquill and and you
know once you take a nightquill– stitching is bad buisness on nightquill right? so um also I was feeling a little down about this project and how I was
missing a thread and there’s something wrong with the fabric and then I don’t
know I should not have waited till so late at night to give it a start probably so
that’s my bad oops anyway but a start is a start and I
do love this chart and I will get back to it in the very near future and so for
now I woke up this morning excited to stitch I’ve already spun the wheel
in a previous take that is no good so you’ll just have to believe me but
today we’re gonna start gardening Santa which is one of the Prarie Schooler Santas I’m sure you’re all familiar with it and I’m gonna go I know exactly what fabric
I’m gonna stitch that on so I’m gonna go pull all that out and put in some
stitches and I will see you later today after I’ve got some work in on him okay
nothing this is– why mania is kind of a challenge for me because I have a hard
time starting projects because nothing can ever be simple right? unless you buy
a kit and even then so this this is poinsettia Santa or gardening Santa
poinsettia Santa I can’t remember what he’s called um but there he is and I’m
showing you the chart so the main symbol that F symbol down there they call for
221 and they call it red looks like red right well 221 you’ll see
on my color card is really the colors must have changed right because this is
an old chart so now this is called dark shell pink and it’s really like a pink
brown so then I went and so I pulled a couple Reds that I thought might work
and I kind of feel like 347 it’s like red it’s like Christmas red
but it’s got kind of like a vintage feel to it much like the called for
green which is 501 and 503 are the called
for greens or in here and sorry my hands are filthy and here so I thought that
this red would go with those colors because those are the main colors and in
all of these designs really is that red and green and then for white they call
for ecru but I don’t think that’s gonna work I think I’m gonna go with
B5200 I’m gonna use 349 for the poinsettias and the lobster that needs to be like a
more orange red and those don’t really doesn’t really appear anywhere else so
that’s fine so that’s what I figured out so far I will worry about the Browns
the brown colors the watering can and the wheelbarrow and the pots later on
but I’m gonna just try and at least get a start on the border and it’s hat and
maybe his beard for now I’ve got like an hour’s stitching time left after I figured
all that out so I mean if I was a smart person I would have done all this work
you like March and April of kitting all these things up but I’m not I mean this
is the part of the fun for me too like having to run to my stash and see what’s
there and pull colors so and this is 28 count DMC Irish linen which you can
sometimes find at Michaels I have a couple pieces of it and I think I don’t know am I gonna go over two or am
I gonna go over one? if I go over two they’ll be like – they’ll be like 5 x 4
a little more than 5 x 4 inches closer to 6 x 4 ont twenty eight count I
think over one they’ll be like three by two
hmm I guess I’ll go over two – it’s it’s okay I have giant pillow ornaments on
your tree right? okay so it is– what day is it ? it’s Wednesday it’s Wednesday and
this is how far I got yesterday this is a pretty good start I think I’m gonna
work on this a little bit more today because I’m working on this for one of
the extra credit challenges and magical stitches which is to stitch something
you might find in a fancy winter ball and I’m saying that maybe maybe
there’d be some flower arrangements with poinsettias because they’re kind of like
they’re winter flower traditionally Christmas flowers so yeah I need about
200 more stitches in this to fulfill that requirement so I will probably try
and get those in today and get a little more work done on him but first things
first let’s spin the wheel and see what our new start is um be untidily..? that I think that is
a typo for bee-utiful I’m pretty sure that is a yes
let’s so let me just pull that out yes so that was supposed to say bee-utiful
but I guess my phone auto corrected it too bee untidily but anyway that’s a
this designed by the nebby needle um which I have been looking forward to
starting for a little while so and this will fit into the magical stitches
challenged for something that lays eggs because bees lay eggs
I think right? okay so I’ve pulled some threads so this design calls for a
picture this plus mello which I stitched on before my Kathy Berrick Cat and Mouse was on
that and that’s super yellow and I like yellow but yeah so I think I’m gonna
stitch this design on picture this plus Ariel which is this very light blue
color I had the Khol– oh by the way remember
like two days ago when I started Rachel Holmes and I was like oh I didn’t buy
they called for bark uh well I just found it I did buy it I just I don’t know it
was in the wrong place so that’s good but anyway okay so I have the called for Khol and I’m either gonna do the wings in ye olde gold and the little orange
spots in the body in red pear color or or the audible is I’m gonna do use these
dinky dyes from those oops packs this is maybe Khobar and Aussie gold and then
they have this labeled as Kunundra and I know for a fact because I have
that color that’s way off this like pinky brown color this looks a
lot better in person than it does on camera but that’s kind of like my other
thought I’m gonna start by stitching the body I thought it might be nice to like
do the black in cotton and then the body cotton and then do the wings at least in
like silk to give them that kind of shimmery effect so I’m leaning this way
but I kind of feel like these colors are stronger maybe they’re too strong I
don’t know I’ll start with the black and then I’ll see I might do I’ll see how I
feel about the wings and the silk and then I’ll make a decision about the
bottom the pink here I’m using the pink instead of the
charted orange tone because I want this to hang next to my Prairie schooler Bees
and if you’ll remember those colors are like dark gray light blue pinky
brown and gold so I think we’ll keep that color combination up okay so I’m
going to throw some stitches in and we’ll see how it goes good morning guys look how much I got
done yesterday I got 700 stitches into this guy I’m super super happy with how
it’s looking I decided to blend the darker silk and the lighter silk of the
gold colors from the dinkey dyes oops packs together for the wings and I am really
happy with how it’s looking but anyway let’s let’s spin the wheel so lets not
knock my coffee over on to my project with silks hockey Santa okay that’s easy because I
already have poinsettia santa out and I will just do them on the same fabric
so that’s a prairie schooler Santa you guys have all seen that before but yeah
I guess sorry I I guess I’ll do him in the same colors as poinsietta Santa
which means I shouldn’t have to pull anything which means I should be able to
get get a good chunk of work into him today okay guys I will I’m gonna get to
stitching I have an appointment this morning and things to do this afternoon
so I will see you tomorrow morning with an update on where I’m at. Hello it’s Friday night I
didn’t check in yesterday, yesterday was kind of crazy I had an appointment and I
did stitch a few hours in the morning before my appointment but I I just
thought oh well I’ll just keep stitching on the Bee and then I would do my new
start when I got home so I did get some more work done on the B got this pinky
orange silk in from the dinky guys oops pack and did some more work on the wing so
I’m hoping to finish that before the end of the month I’m gonna keep it on my
snap in a project bag ready to go and and then I got home from my appointment
and had a bunch of things to do so I actually didn’t get to my new start
until today so I I’m one behind I have got to do another one tonight before I go to
bed so this is the prairie schooler hockey santa and this is really all I
got down on him this little corner here with this pom pom on his hat right there
but I did I mean I just started this a few minutes ago and I’m gonna put it away and
spin the wheel and do something else but I I did I did get a lot a lot of work
done today on the poinsettia Santa I got 500 more stitches into that for an
extra credit challenge for magical stitches so I did that and then today I
also I also finished my first maynia start which was the little s’mores Mill
Hill so I got a lot of stitching in I just just really failed on the start but
that’s okay so I guess we will go ahead and spin the wheel and see what we’re gonna what
we’re gonna start before we go to bed okay
Fragments in time 2017 let me pull that out and I’ll show it to you okay so this
is Fragments in time 2017 I am fairly certain I have none none of the called for
colors or linen so I’m going to start this tomorrow but I just do not have the
mental capacity right now to do a color conversion even with the help of Google
I can’t even record this video clip properly so I might have something to do
with my after-dinner beverage our friends got me this glass for Christmas
wine whatever stitching forever but you know when you get to about here in
the wine glass it’s no longer easy to do color conversions so in any case I’m
gonna start this tomorrow and I’ll double up and do two starts tomorrow I
said that about today but tomorrow I’ll do it for real
so I will start this tomorrow and then I did spin the wheel again for another new
start for tomorrow but I reset it so you can’t see what it is because I it’s a
secret stitch that’s a gift and I think that the person who it is for will
probably watch this video at least she usually does
and if she sees the name of the chart she will probably know it’s a gift for
her so yeah so I’m not gonna tell you the name of the chart I’m not gonna show
you what it looks like I’ll just show you tomorrow progress on it and
hopefully from a little bit of that from a few little blocks you won’t be able to
tell what it is and remain a surprise so in any case I’m gonna relax now
and probably hit the bed– hit the bed? hit the hay I mean pretty soon and I will talk to
you guys tomorrow night it is Sunday morning I woke up early today for Sunday so
I just wanted to show you what I got done yesterday I did get both new starts
in so I made a small start on fragments in time I didn’t have the gentle art so
I pulled some DMC and then for the Aged pewter I pulled this winter garden by
color and cotton this is showing up a lot more green on camera then in real
life it looks closer to blue grey but as you can see from the picture that’s
that’s not that’s still not even the right color so I’m gonna maybe– the DMC
conversion for aged pewter is 169 but that’s pretty grey and this looks pretty
blue so I might just order the called for color for
this the silvery blue color and for the deer I don’t know
um and also grasshopper I’m missing and I didn’t really have a good DMC
conversion for that so we’ll see but I got a small start in. Yeah I have to
either go buy some DMC thats a better color match for those colors or
get the actual colors or I don’t know that’s a problem for future Kaitlyn
that’s what I got done on that and this is what I got done on my mystery my
mystery stitch pretty good chunk it’s just like you know a couple hundred
stitches of beige can you tell what it is yet?
okay so so I went through and I took
some things off the wheel it took the remainder of the preschool
or Santas I had on there off because I would have to I don’t have enough done
on hockey Santa to move over on that same piece of fabric and start another
one — yeah that’s my voice before coffee oops I yeah so I took out the
prairie schooler or Santas I took a couple things off the list that I’m just not
feeling like starting this week so everything on the list I’m pretty jazzed
about so let’s see let’s see what the wheel says pizzas shop oh I’ve had that
one for a while let me show you that one okay so this is the pizza shop chart
it’s cute so basically you stitch all the sides to this house or
storefront and then you put it together the same way you put together a biscornu
so it’s funny they call it a cell phone accessory I mean I’m gonna I’m gonna use
it as a Christmas ornament I think cuz we are we are a very Pro Pizza family
let me tell you that’s the best part about living in New York that like
almost any neighborhood you’re in you can walk a couple blocks and just grab a
slice of pretty good pizza almost always so it’s definitely one of the best parts
of New York it’s raining super hard outside I don’t know if you can hear
that it’s gonna be a gloomy day a perfect day to stay inside and stitch
all right well I’ll talk to you guys later tonight yesterday got all the red
outlined I got some of the red on the inside complete I didn’t get as far as I
would have liked I had some weird eye pain yesterday I don’t know maybe I’m just
like stitching and reading too much I’m not really sure what’s going on with
that but I I decided not to push it so I did a little bit of stitching but a not
really any reading and you know spent most of the day kind of lying down resting
which is kind of a waste of a rainy rainy day but it happens so not much not
much done on that but that’s okay I’ll get back to this it’s a fun stitch so I
you know um and I just been stitching it on this off-white color ADA which I
thought I didn’t have any white and I also think this kind of works better
right for a building especially a building in New York you don’t get super
white buildings in New York yeah so I’m not gonna spin the wheel today I’m gonna
I’m gonna start Brenda keys sampler sorry I’m a
dying start this so instead of spinning the wheel I’m just gonna go ahead and
start it want to stitch this on well I got 32 count smoky white which i think
is kind of kind of nice with the called for DMC that’s
my plan anyway morning guys it’s Tuesday morning and this is how far I got on the
samplers –hi Elliott yeah give me one second and then we’ll cuddle– so this is
how far I got on the sampler story yesterday by Brenda keys this is — off moms
fabric please– this is basically that block there which
is it’s hard to tell this picture is so dark but it’s a birdhouse some birds and
a dog and a dog house in a tree so I just got to getting a little start there
on the corner I put like two hours of work into this and then I had to do some
other things but the colors are a lot more Brown than I thought they were
gonna be that’s okay so this morning I’m not gonna spin the wheel I’m going to
start afternoon in New York about four days and four starts left right? today’s…
five five days five starts left so I just kind of want to start getting to
some of the things I’m excited about I mean I’m excited about everything but I
feel like since there’s only so many left I’m gonna just start choosing
things that I definitely wanted to start in in maynia and go from there so this is
one of the ones I definitely wanted to start that was kitted up so I’m just
kind of trying to decide on fabric the main color that– one of the main
buildings colors is from the seagull color it’s a little dark in this room so
things are not showing up this true to color but that’s kind of my real concern
is that this gray shows up on the fabric I think this is this is colored cotton I
think it’s blue jay or blue bird I think it’s too blue this is silk Weaver
morning mist and this is picture this plus mercedes
just kind of looking at these I think although I think morning mist is
the prettiest color I think that Mercedes is probably the best bet hey
guys it is it’s still Tuesday morning it’s it’s about 8 8 a.m. like 1
hour later I intended to work on this until about 8:30 but I got these 27
stitches in and I think I think that’s it for me on this one for now um I have my
light on behind that camera I’m not sure if it’s helping or hurting but so so I’m
still having eye problems I think I think I need a new prescription I do have an
appointment made but they can’t see me for a couple weeks and I don’t I don’t know
why it feels kind of like this happened overnight
all of a sudden on Sunday it was impossible to stitch but possibly it’s
been happening for a while and I only just noticed because we’ve had a few
rainy days where it’s been darker in the house and a few you know I had a
significant I had a week where I was able to stay home and stitch for a long
time so but um I struggled with these 27 stitches – it’s not that I can’t see them
it’s like it hurts to see them if that’s if that makes sense which i think is an
indication that I need to go to the optometrist so that’s unfortunate but I
think I’m gonna I’m gonna pause this project for now and I am going to go
back to working on that pizza shop because it’s on aida and after that
maybe I’ll I’ll go back to perforated paper and just kind of
give myself a break for the rest of the week so I’m gonna put this away I’m
watching Leah Noel right now catching up on on her maynia video pause right there
Lola has a new hat for the summer it’s cheetah print from a
gas station an upstate New York as all the best things are so okay well I’m
gonna go back to I’m just gonna go to a larger larger count — smaller count I
guess technically for at least today and I will check in with you tomorrow
and you know maybe tomorrow is a good day to start a mill hill kit um anyway
sorry this is like a four minute clip about twenty seven stitches but there
you go my friends so it is what is it today’s Wednesday it’s about five
o’clock in the afternoon so yesterday I convinced my optometrist
to squeeze me in and she took a look at my eyes and it’s possible I need a
prescription change but so basically she had me like cover my left eye and try
and read you know the chart they have and I couldn’t read anything on the
chart with my right eye even though I was wearing my glasses which are
supposed to correct your vision so that was kind of nuts but then she looked at
my eye and there seemed to be some like redness and some inflammation on the
inside of the eye that she said could be causing my vision problems so she gave
me some drops and they have made things so much better the pain is gone I can
see to stitch again I’m going in tomorrow
for a follow-up to double-check that I don’t need reading glasses but it it
might be fine so in any case I was able to stitch
yesterday evening after my appointment and then I continued to stitch this
morning and I was able to finish the pizza shop and it’s not assembled yet I
think I’m going to wait to assemble it till next week because we are going away
this weekend which I’ll get to in a minute but in any case all the stitching
is done and all the back stitching is done and it’s pretty cute I think I
really like the sketchy kind of cartoony look of the design and it’s not that
many colors and I used all the called for colors except for I think this orange
color was supposed to be 740 and I didn’t have it so I used 921 or whatever
the closest was and it it looks fine oh and maybe the gray was supposed to be
413 and I used for 414 I think it turned out really cute and I’m excited
to put together and I think it’ll make a cute Christmas ornament for pizza loving
household this is the bottom here which i think is really cute so yeah so um
like I said it’s about five o’clock in the evening so I still have to make my
new start my 15th new start and we are gonna go away tomorrow is kind of a busy
day I have some appointments and I’m going to meet a friend we have to pack and then
Friday morning we’re leaving bright and early to go to Lancaster Pennsylvania
for a little four-day weekend we’re gonna stay at ahotel we’re gonna visit
some quilt shops and some stitch shops my husband said plan a little weekend
getaway anywhere within three hours driving distance and
you know if he didn’t want to go to stitching shops he should have planned it
himself so we’re gonna go to some quilt shops and some stitching straps but
also some restaurants and the farmers market and see the sites of the area and
the weather is supposed to be better it’s finally stopped raining it might
get up to 80 this weekend so it’s gonna be really really nice so I wanted to go
ahead and choose my projects that I’m taking with me because we’ll be there
I’ll be able to get a start in at home tomorrow morning but then Friday morning
I won’t be able to get to it until Friday evening and we’ll be in a hotel
we’ll be in the hotel until Monday morning so my last three starts for maynia
I’ll need to pack with me so I think tonight and I’m gonna work on I had Dylan go through my list of potential starts and look at them all and choose four so
I think tonight what I’m gonna work on is this Mill Hill black cat it’s just
beads no cross stitches and I’m gonna work on that until dinnertime when after
dinner we’ll see about finishing it it should be a quick and the last four
he chose the bear and the bees which this has been on my wanting to start
list since I got it I feel like over a year ago so I’m
excited to start that one I asked him to choose a couple mill hill kits since we’ll be in a hotel and it’s kind of easier to I think it’s easier to take kits when
your traveling so you don’t have to worry about kitting things up cause they are already
kitted yeah I’ll just bring my floss card with me to help me sort the threads
and take up less space so I’m gonna bring this Golden Sun I originally was
gonna start earlier in maynia for the Quidditch tournament but I ended up not starting
it because somebody caught the golden snitch before I even woke up and then it
was canceled for the remaining remaining games were cancelled as I’m sure most of
you know so I never never got to it but I think this would be pretty to hang up year-round in my living room or to put on my fridge as a magnet I’m gonna
bring that one, I’m going to bring Merry Christmas Santa which is the Santa Dylan chose he said that this guy
had a good beer the other Santa’s also have good beards but I guess he thought
this beard is better so there we go and the last one I’m going to do is a
little house needle works one more stitch I I don’t have any of the called for
colors it calls for all classic color works I don’t have them but I’m just
gonna go through my floss box and see what I have to pull it only uses what is
that six colors a white, a black. cherry cobbler was that– a red, a blue, a brown
and a green so that should be pretty easy so I’m gonna kitt that up tonight
or tomorrow morning and kitt up the bear the bees tonight or tomorrow
morning and get these things packed up hello
it is Saturday afternoon I didn’t check in yesterday we got up early and then we
had a really busy day in Pennsylvania so I didn’t even get a chance to start anything
yesterday so here’s where I got on Thursday with the bear and the bees and now
I’ve got a squeeze in two starts today to catch up so I’m gonna take a couple
of minutes here to start the mill hill kits that I brought with me we’re in
Pennsylvania for three nights so obviously I brought about ten projects
in case I finish everything hey guys I hope you can hear me okay I’m on the hotel
balcony which has a reall fabtastic cie of the mini golf place not every balcony can be a winner anyway I wanted
to show you guys where I got to so it’s Sunday afternoon it is the last
day of maynia I have been enjoying my vacation thouroughly so I haven’t been
doing as much stitching as I normally would go figure
brought how many projects did I bring? A lot of projects pretty much so
far I’ve only stitched on this so this is the mill hill golden sun kit
I started this yesterday and then I decided to go ahead and finish all the
stitching because that was what I needed to finish my magical stitches homework
before before midnight so I finished all the stitching and then I still was
10 stitches short so this line up here I just threw in to make the number of
stitches I needed so so this is ready for beading so that’s great and
then I got my second to last start started I got started on Merry christmas santa I got a whole three stitches done on his hat and that’s
where I’m gonna leave that one because it is time for my last maynia start.
I hope you can hear it’s pretty windy out but okay so my my last start is gonna be one
more stitch by little house needle works and so I pulled from my stash I
pulled some dinky dyes oops packs threads I have blue what is I think supposed to be blue groper, Valley mist, the red I pulled was Kayla’s Rose
the black I pulled is black coral the brown is ironbark and Acacia is the green again
these are from an oops back so the colors here might not be an accurate
representation of what the colors are supposed to be so I I was kind of I
decided to make a game-time decision I packed both color and cotton
Carrara marble which is this very light purple color and color and cotton
treasure map I decided to make a game-time decision about those two and
then I thought oh this week’s dye work teal color I got recently at the stitch store in Pennsylvania that might work but I I don’t think it does it means I’d
have to pick a different blue and I think it’s just too strong of a color
so that one’s eliminated and then you know I just think this light light white
purple color is gonna blend in to the Carrera marble fabric too much and I
suppose instead of using it I could use like B5200 but I have a lot of
projects on a light gray blue or purpley fabric and you know I mean I
also done a lot of projects on brown so that’s not saying much but I I think
I’m gonna go with the treasure map it’s a the larger count so I’ll have to use two strands
maybe it won’t look– no this is just to close although I do like the
purple if you think I’m wrong don’t tell me cuz
I’m already I’m gonna have made the decision so I’m gonna get I’m gonna go with the
treasure map it’s closer to the original design and I think it’ll be just fine
so oh some cat hair followed me to Pennsylvanians okay so I am going to
measure my starting point and throw a couple stitches in and you know maynia
will be done so the next time I see you guys well I guess when I get home
tomorrow I will do a little recap or a little intro but you have already seen that
and edit this vlog together might be pretty long sorry not sorry and I will
catch up with you guys in June I’m I’m ending my maynia on today the 19th the
19th day of mania when 19th starts so far I finished three of them but I’m
thinking I’m going to spend the rest of the month just really trying to finish
everything that I have started in maynia and so I’ll recap that for you in June
when I see you again with a regular floss tube update and then any projects
from maynia I don’t get finished before June 1st are going to I’m going to go
into my year of WIPS because I believe in June we’re allowed to add projects to
that so that’s my plan anyway I hope you guys have a fantastic maynia if you if
you observed I hope you had a great time and I hope wherever you are today that
it’s sunny and beautiful and you’re enjoying some stitching

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