Making A CUSTOM Coptic Stitch WATERCOLOUR Sketchbook

Making A CUSTOM Coptic Stitch WATERCOLOUR Sketchbook

Hello guys and welcome to my channel. I’m
Amanda and we are here with me making my own custom sketchbook and I’ve got to
say I am addicted. I have made three custom sketchbooks in the last five
days or something and I’m loving it. So I decided to share it with you guys. The
first one that I did was a bullet journal so if you want to make the
bullet journal you can do it in the exact same way as this but you obviously
just switch out the paper which ever paper that you use. In
this sketchbook I have used a Daler Rowney artpad I think it is a hot
pressed paper or they call it smooth. I’ll show you it and in the video and I
used the backing of that to make the covers so I am very bad at
measuring and cutting things so mine isn’t perfect but I like it that
way because if it was perfect then then obviously it doesn’t give that homemade vibe. So the first thing that I did was put glue on the backing covers. I cut out all of the measurements and stuff if you really
want to go and see how to make these sketchbooks or books in genera
then I do recommend Sea Lemon and Nic the booksmith. I’ll put their links in
the description below as well as the videos that I watched to be able to make
these books because they were super helpful and I wouldn’t have been able to
make these books without those. Then I got a paper pad like scrapbook paper I
guess from hobby craft and I used the watercolour version. It’s just new in and I
absolutely love this paper and you could make your own covers obviously with
watercolour paper but I decided not to because I don’t have any fixative
or finishes to protect the cover and I don’t want to get it all grotty but
these covers, this paper comes with pre-protection I guess and then for the
end pages or rather the bits that you stick down. I put some cards together
card stock I got some blue card stock from hobby craft as well and I stuck it
down, two bits together and stuck it down to the cover as well so that covers
it and makes it look better and these cutting out parts: I am rubbish at
it. It’s not – it’s not straight, it’s not the best and I did use the full bit
of paper rather than cut it down to size so that it looks cool like sea
lemon does it but and I thought I was gonna cover those bits anyway so it
didn’t know if it will end up or anything like that and I’m bashing it
with my bone folder which is a very handy tool if you’re making books by the
way a lot of people say you don’t need it but I would rather use the bone
folder than a butter knife or something like that. Here I am sticking the end pages together and sticking it on the cover
and I decided for this sketchbook that I would go for five holes on each side of
the book with a little bit of a bigger gap in between. On my bullet journal I
did eight in between and I think the more that you do the more sturdy
the book is. The book does wiggle so if you don’t like that then these books are
not for you but I am addicted. I love doing this see there’s a paper there. I
love doing these custom sketchbooks. I picked the covers. I picked the amount
of pages. I picked the paper type and the threads
that I threaded it with. So that’s exciting! These pages were pretty thick. Sea
Lemon does say about four pages per signatur. I did two and a signature is
just paper within each other just to make little booklets
pretty much but I did two with this because this is watercolour paper.
I have myself a custom watercolour book and the pages do stick out and the
covers don’t really cover that and it’s a bit scraggly but I don’t really
care. It’s really cool. I like it and I think that instead of buying
sketchbooks – although I really do love to buy a sketchbook but I think that more
often than not I’m gonna make the sketchbooks because it’s so fun to make
and it’s so satisfying to do and satisfying to finish. While you do
it – unless you click yourself and make yourself bleed like I did – [laughs]
uh-huh, I don’t know it’s just so relaxing. I was listening to music I was
chilling out in my art room on my own. Just poking holes in paper and sewing it
together. It was so fun and then at the end, if you don’t do it wrong like the
first one, I missed a couple of stitches on the first one and I did three at
either side and I measured it wrong then obviously it’s super satisfying but I
am using all three books for a different purpose that I’ve made. I’m using my
first one that I made for morning pages a journal and then the second one
that I made for the bullet journal and then a third one is going to be a
watercolour sketchbook I’m probably gonna use it for sketchbook summer because I
want to do watercolour for sketchbook summer this year. Here I am and I
decided to slow down the first stitch just to show you how long it
too. This book actually didn’t take me as long as the 8 per side Coptic
stitch binding book but it’s Coptic stitch binding and I’ll put the
link down below for you to figure it out but this is the first stitch and it literally
takes ages and then my thread was tangling a lot but it was
quite easy to untangle like super easy because I did the beeswax. I didn’t show
that but it’s a double stitch sorry a double threaded needle with a knot
on the end and you just go in the first signature hole and out to the other side
and then just so on the cover you need to go up and under like under and up the
book cover and then you stitch around it it’s really hard to explain, yeah, you burl around it… You can see it on the video and then you go
back up through the signature like I’m doing now and you just
repeat that all the way along until you get to the other signature and then you
just put it through that signature instead of the signature that you’re on
so I’m showing you it. Itwas quite hard to film. Hats off to the book binders who do
this on youtube like honestly it’s so hard to get it and frame and to not get
your head in the way and then if you do it a different angle like you may get
your arm in the way it’s just like it’s so hard
hats off to them I hope it’s okay for you but yeah I really enjoyed
doing this and the pages in my sketchbook
do not lay flat – well they do lay flat okay so like if I go to the second
page they won’t lay flat like it will go up so I suggest investing in some clips
or something to clip it to the cover of the book and then it will lay flat
better or you could like bend the book back so that it lays flat. It is really
difficult to to get it to just like well it’s not really difficult actually they
just kind of come up a little bit it’s because the paper is so heavy and stiff
it just doesn’t want to lay flat so that’s what I suggest but the books with
the card stock paper definitely lay flat perfectly well and I really like it
so it’s just something to keep in mind and I loved it and I didn’t script this
video or put any points that I wanted to say down so I’m kinda like struggling to
fill up this this video with voiceover but I am really happy that I
done this I don’t know I just had I don’t know why I decided to do it I
think I was watching a lot of sea lemon videos and I was like here I want to
make a sketchbook it looks easy let’s do it is not easy that is like it’s
a learning curve you’ve got a you gotta learn and but the more you do it the
better you are because yeah I am a bit gutted with this one because I ran out
of thread halfway through and I didn’t run out of thread with my bigger one
which is weird but the reason I ran out of thread with this one was because
I was untangling thread for three hours before I did this and I cut the
thread because I really just didn’t want to untangle a bunch of thread so I cut
the thread and then I untangled the rest of the thread on its own so that was
easier for me pull this the end through so I didn’t have a long string of thread
otherwise I would have butobviously the less thread you use the less it’s
likely to tangle and the quicker the stitches go by because I had so much
further than the first one I had to like keep pulling my arm out to full length
and then doing it again and again until I just had one stitch which was craziness
I really like this thread as well. It’s cotton thread. I was gonna use
embossing thread that my mum has my mum is a sewer. She makes cardigans and
blankets and dolls and stuff. So she had a lot of supplies for me but I just
went out and bought my own because it’s just not suitable for a book binding but
yeah it was, it was pretty pretty fun a big adventure I really loved doing it
and I definitely suggest that you guys do it too because it’s just so great and
if you are into sketching and you are annoyed by the choices that are
available to you. You can just buy a paper pad of watercolour paper or any
type of paper that you want you can even mix up the paper you can have some watercolour and some not. Mixed media paper anything you name it you can have it and
you can just stitch it together and away you go.
I think that I want to use all of these supplies to make books. I’ve still got a
stack of card stock I probably will make a bullet journal out of that and I also
want to put down in the description below a video tutorial on how to make
Dotted paper. There’s my big ginger nut in there in the video I’m so sorry. Yeah I’ll put down in the description
below any of the links that you need to figure it out. I got all of my supplies
from Hobby craft because I just wanted to do it now and so I went on
a little trip to hobby| craft and then I did it. I did the book
and I can’t wait to start sketching in it. This video was getting kind of long.
I was gonna draw in it but the video was getting a bit long so if you want to see
me draw in this then look forward to sketchbook summer because I probably
will be doing that um in this book. It’s only twelve sheets so it’s
only 24 pages which isn’t really that much for sketchbook summer but I will be
watercolouring so I think that that’s at all acceptable number of pages.
The creator of sketchbook summer says that you have
to have a hundred and ten pages but I will be sketching in my royal and lannickel sketchbook as well which does have a hundred and ten pages. I don’t think I’ll finish
both of the sketchbooks at one time anyway that’s enough of that so I’m just
quickly showing you the rest of the stitching and then it cuts off and I’m
really sorry but you can’t really see much anyway and it’s just the same
process and I will link the videos that show you the whole process my battery
died basically and I had to wait until the end to record the finished
product but I’m super happy with this I hope that you enjoyed looking at it as
well. Tell me if you’ve ever made a book before and what kind of method you
use if there’s other stitching methods I really like the Coptic stitch there is
other ways that you can bind books as well but tell me in the comments below
what you’ve done. What kind of books you’ve made, what paper you used, what kind of
covers you have and all that jazz because that would be awesome and
remember and subscribe to this channel if you want more videos like this and
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notified of all the videos that i post. I usually post on fridays now hoping to
increase the videos after all the stress is gone in my life but for now we have
one a week and I’m happy with that so look at that it’s beautiful
sorry about my shaky camera but I really love it
and in this little clip I will show you that the pages kind of like fan out I
was gonna add – you seen elastic at the start with the video. I was gonna add the
elastic band to it but I don’t have my hot glue gun right now it’s packed away
because I’m moving so I will be slapping an elastic band on this book when I get
my hands on that glue gun but until then I’m just gonna have it open like this
and I love it. Thank you so much for watching again guys please wait until
the end I will show you some other videos that you can click on and I will
see you in my next video bye guys


  • Jennifer Charlee Art says:

    Woo! You're a sketchbook making machine!

  • ALLJ Art says:

    what kinda sketchbooks have you guys made? if you haven't made them before, do you want to and what kind would you try? 😊

  • Askalan Akagi says:

    Wow those look so good! Love it!! 😁

  • Arden Rachel Art says:

    When I first saw the title, I thought it said "making a copic sketchbook", but I think a coptic stitch copic sketchbook is something I'd like to try to make, mostly for the tongue twister 😜

  • sambeawesome says:

    This came out so cute! πŸ˜€ I love it x3

  • Taryn Seng says:

    The watercolor covers are soo cute! i love the purple one. i made a watercolor sketchbook back in high school. it wasn't that impressive tho lmao

  • Rand'em -Emma Butcher says:

    This is so interesting!!!!! I was wondering how people make these ,I am totally going to have to try my own one day! πŸ™‚
    I think it is so satisfying to make something like that and be able to use it as well.
    I made my bullet journal so jankily,.. it just did not work lol, mind you i just used sticky tape hahahaha omg you should see it lol… it works but it isnt amazing to look at πŸ˜‰

  • April Rains Fine Art says:

    Those are such cute sketchbooks! I love the covers and the beautiful thread colors. I've made one with that kind binding but a whole lot bigger and just with printer paper. It's for all my super casual and practice sketches, the kind of stuff I'm reluctant to put in other sketchbooks and usually end up covering up. And I love the wiggly binding! It's kinda fun XD
    I've made a few others but it was too long ago to remember what they were exactly. It's definitely something really fun for me; looks like you enjoy it too lol

  • Katy Vaughan Art says:

    I love your nails!! This turned out awesome πŸ˜€

  • Confuzed Ginger says:

    Ahh loved the video the books turned out so cute! Also I love you accent! I’ve made a coptic book before too and the thread can get really annying since you need to have it so long. Also what’s sketchbook summer?

  • Cacti eating Cat says:


  • Cheryl Pesuti Massie says:

    Your sketch book is great. I took a class a while ago making a sketchbook glueing the pages together back to back. My next book will have the Coptic stitch as I think its pleasing to look at. It's not hard to do just flips around a bit as I'm sewing the signatures together. It is fun and I hope all who walk by my table at the craft fair like them…Hugs from Arizona.

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