Make the prettiest milk carton bird feeder

Make the prettiest milk carton bird feeder

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. I’ll show you how to make a beautiful bird
feeder! To create this model of bird feeder recycle
a 2 litre milk or juice carton. The first step is to make a hole on either
side of the box. You can make holes in any shape you want.
The important thing is that the birds can easily access the seeds that you are going
to place in the box. As you can see, I made the holes at a few
inches from the bottom of the milk carton to leave enough room for the seeds. When you are satisfied with the holes, cut
a wooden dowel that is longer than the width of the milk carton. The dowel
will serve as a perch for the birds so that they can easily access the food. Measure where you want to insert the dowel
and make a hole with small sharp scissors on each side of the box. When the holes are
large enough, slide the wooden dowel through them and make sure both sides are equal. Glue
the dowel in place. Put a coat of white paint on the box to hide
all the writing and pictures. For birds, it doesn’t make a difference if
the box is painted or not but if you spend time creating a bird feeder,
why not make it pretty? In fact, I put several coats of white paint
to try to get a uniform background. The bird feeder is truly a project where everyone
can bring out their creativity. The bird feeder that I am creating is mostly
a reaction to a long and cold winter. It’s so cold that I wanted to create a Spring
garden on my milk carton. So I decided to paint a blue background over
the white paint. When the blue paint was dry and uniform, I
painted the grass on the bottom of the milk carton using a very thin brush. I painted blades of grass all around the box
to about the height of the perch. Next, I decided to decorate each side of the
box with different pictures. On one side, I painted a bee. I painted the
head black, the body yellow and the wings white. I drew the lines on the
body, the veins of the wings and the antennas with a black felt tip pen. On the second side, I painted a flower. I started to make the stem and the leaves
using green. Then, I painted the petals of the flower in
purple. When the purple paint was still wet, I added
a little bit of pink. And I finished by putting dots of pink paint
in the centre of the flower using the back of my paint brush. On the third side, I drew a butterfly. I painted the wings yellow and the body in
a dark brown. I put several coats of yellow to hide the
blue background. Then I put purple and pink dots on the wings
and yellow dots on the body. When using the dot technique, allow enough
time for the paint to dry because the dots of paint are thicker and
take longer to dry. On the last side, I painted a vine with green
stem and leaves. To add a little colour, I painted two large
red dots to represent two ladybugs. I made the red circles with the back of a
brush. When the paint was dry, I represented the
head and the little spots on the backs of the ladybugs with a permanent
felt tip pen. When the paint is dry on all sides of the
milk carton and you are satisfied with your project, add a coat of acrylic varnish. The acrylic varnish gives a nice finish and
protects the paint. Take sharp scissors and make holes in the
top of the box. Pass a string through the holes to be able to hang the bird feeder from
a tree branch. The last step is to fill the feeder with seeds. And now … your feeder is ready to hang and
feed the birds. To print the illustrated instructions for
this project, click on the link below the video. If you create a bird feeder, send me pictures
and I will put them on my blog!


  • Countess' Slave says:

    What a great idea!

  • moonlightontheriver says: gonna try it..will the cardboard get ruined in the rain ?

  • Bronze Heart says:

    Thank you for posting this video, my daughter Abigail (5) and I are using your idea today to make a pretty bird feeder and I just pray it comes out as pretty as yours did.

  • PRMami1576 says:

    Beautiful, I love your bird feeder! I have tons of milk cartons, will sure try to make this one! 🙂 Thank you!!

  • zaibun Chaudhry says:

    awesome will follow these instructions to help my kids with their science project which is to make a bird feeder

  • Milk Carton Magic says:

    Thanks for the idea, I will try it out with my classes next term. I also like your website too especially the starship enterprise!!!

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