LITTEN NAIL ART TUTORIAL | Pokemon Sun and Moon Nail Art

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Litten party! One of my absolute favorite parts of creating
my looks, like last week’s Litten makeup tutorial, is sprinkling in all of the little details
and themed elements throughout my videos. From the top of my head to the tip of my pinky, I live for the details. So in today’s video, we are talking one of those details: Litten
nail art. So, let’s get started! Let’s start off with a little supply list. I am going to be using gel polishes to create
this look, so we’ve got our base and top gels, colors that match Litten’s color palette like
black, yellow, and orange. An LED lamp, rubbing alcohol, and some little detail brushes. All of the gel polishes in today’s video were
supplied by Madam Glam, my go-to nail polish peeps. And by the way, this video is not sponsored but I do have an affiliate code if you guys
want that. It is ALEXA30 and will save you some dollars. OKAY! Because we are using gel polishes, we are
going to prep each nail first with a clear, sticky base gel before adding
color. Throw ya hand in the dryer for 30 seconds
to harden up the base gel before moving on. We will cure polish a lot in this video, every time we change colors or layers, so I’m gonna toss up this little icon up in the
corner whenever it’s time to cure. Got it? So for my Z Crystal themed nail, I am going to use a fiery yellow-to-orange
color-changing polish as the base. This is from Madam Glam’s Chameleon gel line
and is a heat-activated color-changing polish. You apply it just like any other polish, but it reacts to the heat of your body so
it changes between yellow and orange depending if you’re hot or cold. It is literally my favorite nail polish invention
of all time. It’s so cool. I will do a real-time demo after this nail
is done so that you can see the color-changing in action. Stay tuned. Using a black gel polish on a tiny tiny tiny
tiny brush, I draw out the symbol of the Fire Z Crystal. I just use a reference photo and draw the
shape as best as I can. Even though this symbol looks pretty big in
this video, this is the size of your thumb nail. It’s small, and if it’s not perfect, no one
will notice. So don’t be scared to try it out! After you cure the black gel polish, just
add a final top coat over that nail, cure it again and then that nail is good to
go! If the top gel that you are using leaves a
sticky residue behind, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove the
stickiness and finalize that nail. Not all top gels do this, so it will just depend on whatever you’re using if you need this step or not. Alright, Chameleon Gel demo time! I’ve got some little containers here. One with hot water and one with cold water. So first I will show you the warm color which
takes it to a bright yellow. This is real time, you guys. As soon as I walk out of my house in the summer,
it goes yellow. So cool. Alternatively, the cold one orange. This ever-changing polish is a really fun
base for a design like this. The black is a regular gel so it doesn’t change,
but the background is just constantly like swoosh — fire! Next! In these next three nails we are going to
be creating a little Litten face. Two constantly kinda evil and sassy little
eyes with the forehead pattern in between them. Start with a layer of the base gel and cure
it. Then I do two coats of black for the background. In my experience, two coats of the Perfect
Black gel polish is all you need for a completely solid black
color. Like if you’re not into nail art and just
want black nails. I dig it. It’s a good one. Now let’s draw out some evil eyeballs. I am using yellow to draw the shape I want
for the eyes. I am doing an expression where the eyes are
lower in the center and raised on the outer side so like this face, but if you want more of a “I don’t give a
fluff” expression, you could do them straight across too. That would also work. So I do two layers of the yellow, curing it between each one. Curing between layers will let you build the
polish in design and opacity, which is one of the reasons I hugely prefer
gel polish. This would take absolutely forever if you had to wait for each layer to dry with
regular nail polish. I add in a little crescent moon shape of orange underneath my eyes shape to mimic Litten’s
fur colors. I do two coats of the orange and add in a little bit more to the yellow
to really even that color out. Now with the tiniest pointed tool that I can
find, I apply a liiiittle bit of black polish to
the eye to create that kind of vertical cat-eye shaped
pupil, slit kinda thing. I draw it kinda like a long skinny upside
down triangle. Cure it, add a top coat, cure that, and then
clean it with alcohol. Pointer finger complete! The middle finger is going to be Litten’s
forehead design. Base coat. Cure it. Two coats of Perfect Black. And cure. The lower half of Litten’s face is orange so I am going to put an orange tip on this
nail to kinda be that part of the face. The forehead pattern is really easy. It’s a straight vertical line down the middle, and then it’s just two horizontal lines that
run through it. The bottom line is a little bit longer than
the top line, but yeah, that’s it. It easy! I do two coats of the orange for both the
fingertip and the design. Finish it off with a top gel and an alcohol
bath. The ring finger is exactly same as the index
finger but the eye shape is mirrored. So both should be pointing their lower corners
inwards towards the middle finger. If that is confusing for your application, again straight across eyeballs are 100% acceptable
and they would be the same. And finally, we have a lil extra finger
over here. What to put on the pinky… hmmm…. We have a Litten face. We have a Z Crystal. Really you could put anything you want on
that pinky. It’s small though, so choose wisely. I decided to make that my elemental nail and put some color-changing flames on it to
represent my fire-type starter. I did 2 coats of Perfect Black and 2 coats
of Sunshine- that’s the orange and yellow color-changing
Chameleon gel. Add a top coat and that finishes off this
Litten-themed nail art. I love how these turned out so much. I love the little face and I keep pulling my middle finger up so the forehead pattern sits just above the eyes
when you look at it. Ahhh, it’s so cute. I love it so much. Okay babes, that’s it! Thank you so much for watching today’s nail
art tutorial. I think these videos are so much fun to make so if you guys want to see more nail art that
goes, like, alongside my makeup looks, let me know in the comments or by giving this
video a thumbs up. I will link everything I can for ya in the
description box below. Thanks again for watching. I love you guys so super much. I will see you in my next video. Byeeee!

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