Khadi Sketchbook First Impressions!

Khadi Sketchbook First Impressions!

Hello, welcome to the channel I’m Amanda and today we are here with a video about starting a new sketchbook. I have finished my old sketchbook. There will be a tour. If you want to go and see that. Then you can click in the cards or in the description below after this video to watch that but today we’re gonna start a new one. I have two new sketchbooks. I’ve got this one that I really want to try out but I think it’s gonna be a little bit similar to my last one. So I’m gonna hold off on this one for a little bit and I want to try this one. This is the Khadi (I don’t know how to say that) papers, there’s the website there If you want to go and check that out. I got this on Amazon. This is the smooth one. I don’t know why
I got smooth because I really like cold press We’re gonna try it out. It doesn’t even have – it has this – but it doesn’t have a cover. This is just
watercolor paper so I could paint right on top of this which is cool and I think I’m gonna do that but this paper is handmade so you can see it’s quite – the edges are not straight. it’s very rough and the paper is handmade, so the sizing and the texture is a little bit different on every page so we we’re gonna just swatch first of all and then I’ll do a painting in here. okay this is very smooth. I can already tell that I am not gonna like this very much [Laughs] Why did I get the smooth one? Anyway I’m just gonna use my Cotman watercolours
to start with and see how they fare. I’ve been really loving using these Cotmans. I stopped using them because I know that they’re not that good of a quality but to be honest they’re not that bad either. Let’s just swatch a few colours here. We’ll go with this colour which is CAD yellow hue. Oh, Okay. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect it to go on so nicely and smoothly. I have let these watercolors sit for a bit before I decided to use them. That didn’t really flow as well as I thought it was gonna. Let’s try a red. Okay. these are student grade watercolors remember. Okay. That flowed a little bit better. So I’m finished swatching. I can see is buckling and warping quite a bit I expected that though. It’s just sketchbook paper. It’s 210GSM which I typically use in sketchbooks but I prefer obviously a heavier weight. That is soaking. I noticed that it does have this weird freckling going on. I don’t know if that’s because it’s student grade but it’s happening down here. These are these are artist grade paints and it’s happening here. Can you see that speckling? It’s almost like it pilling the paper and I don’t like that but we’ll see how it looks when it dries. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Okay so this isn’t actually dry but it’s getting late. The bottom half is dry and I put the
bottom half on the last. This is the bare quality watercolors So from here around this way, those are all the better quality watercolors but it seems like they have dulled a lot more than the dry student grade colors The texture, you can see the fibers in the paper. Some people would think that’s beautiful. I just don’t like that kind of texture. It just
looks like the paper is wrong. I guess I can’t really say much until I
do an actual painting in this. This is just swatches. Can you see that? How buckled
that is but I mean I don’t know if I expected it to be buckled or not because my last sketchbook doesn’t have the best paper really but it didn’t buckle as
much but I did tape it down and hold it down with clips so I think I’m actually gonna do that and then I’m gonna paint on this. I’m not going to talk you through it I think I’m just gonna do a speed paint and voiceover. Let’s get going shall we. Alright we are on to the drawing portion of this video and decided to do a puffin because I have been really wanting to do some birds and I thought I would do a puffin even though I’m not sure if a puffin is
actually a real bird or if it’s like a cross between some sort of weird animal and another weird animal I’m not sure. I enjoyed doing the puffin. I think I would enjoy it much more if I had the means to make it more detailed and I knew how the paper was gonna work because I had no idea. This paper works so weird. I don’t know how to feel about it yet. This is a first impressions video, it’s not a review but I have a lot to say about it. The actual paper itself like I said at the beginning of this video does seem to almost tear up but it’s just the fibers in the paper that seems to be a little bit loose and mingles with the paint which I do not like. It makes it feel really cheap even though it’s not and it’s 100% cotton. Pulp papers are more known for tearing up with the use of water and watercolors, so I don’t know why it’s doing that I think it may be just the nature of the paper. It’s handmade so it might not be – I don’t know how it’s exactly made. About the buckling though I left it to dry and then I closed it and put a little clip on it and kept it there for about three or four days and it seems to have flattened out very well the only crease is where the clip was sitting in the first place and there’s a little bend at the top. The Puffin drawing paper did not buckle whatsoever so in terms of buckling I think it’s okay It does seem to buckle if you do not hold it down with something while you’re painting and the clip that I’m using is rather big so it does take up a lot of real estate on
the paper when you’re trying to draw so I don’t know. I made the Puffin far too small over the page and I just went with it just pretended that I meant to do that, meant to leave a gap underneath, maybe I’ll put some washi tape around it
or something. As for the color lay down, it’s okay, it does lay down pretty well and in some areas it seems fine and it spreads out nicely and it doesn’t tear
up the paper and other areas especially when you put more water and more paint on like the beak for example it seems to tear up and I did get a little bit of bleeding too but that was just purely my impatience when I was trying to do the painting. So all in all I didn’t really have fun doing this. I felt like I couldn’t get the detail that I wanted. I felt like I was rushing it as you can
see with the feather type things on his face. I wasn’t really making that much effort to do a good job I guess. That kind of bummed me out a little bit but it was my own fault and yeah I just feel like I couldn’t get detail. I also tried to put colored pencil on top of this and it didn’t seem to work really well I’m just gonna do a little test while we’re here just to see what it comes out like. A completely different color, actually… Yeah… Hmm, colored pencil seems to work okay on top actually. I take that back what I said about that it seems to work but when you’re actually drawing on it
initially it’s okay with a graphite pencil but I don’t think it’s very okay with a prismacolor which is weird because that’s a colored pencil Anyway thank you so much for watching this video. If you liked it please give up thumbs up and I have a bunch of other videos that you can watch Click these playlists. Please follow those along and continue watching my channel because it really does help the YouTube algorithm realize that people do actually like my content and shows it to other people. Again, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.


  • Ruwiku draws says:

    Ur art is amazing I think u are underrated

  • Nicki Montie says:

    That is odd. Is the paper (not just the "book") itself handmade, which could explain it? I'm not sure I would call that a sketchbook, more like a paper pad.

  • Fran Boscow says:

    Thank you for the sharing. I like the puffin. Papers seems questionable though.

  • monkeymintaka says:

    I have two khadi sketchbooks (with hardback covers) but the paper is probably similar. One sketchbook the paper was quite a challenge and very bumpy, but the other book had really smooth paper, even though the sketchbooks are both cold pressed. I think that’s the charm of handmade paper 🙂 I would recommend the sketchbooks (they are beautifully made and the paper looks heavier then the paper here) but maybe not to beginners because of the difference in each page.

  • galina -purplelina says:

    Now I know what not to buy. Lol

  • cinnamonfae says:

    I love Khadi paper, but I understand that it’s not for everyone. Lovely video! 💖

  • Aurora's Art World says:

    Yes hunny, puffins are real birds and yours came out really cute in spite of the paper lol 💖

  • Dennis C. Nolasco says:

    Great start to the new sketchbook

  • TianaDIY says:

    wow this paper actually seems really great!!!!!!!

  • Meraki Painter says:

    What a cute sketch book

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