Kenshi Story Pt 14 – The Finale | Kenshi Narrative Series | Journey’s End | The Chronicles of Rook

Kenshi Story Pt 14 – The Finale | Kenshi Narrative Series | Journey’s End | The Chronicles of Rook

Men, it’s all come down to this. We are here tonight to make history and change
the world. We’re going to take out the Holy Lord Phoenix
and bring down the Holy Nation. They are weakened and distracted by the Shek
army, who are fighting at their gates as we speak. Even so, Blister Hill is still packed with
Holy Nation soldiers and hitting them head on would surely lead to our defeat. We’re not here to fight every last soldier
to the death – no, our goal is to sever the Holy Nation’s head and as a result, they
will crumble. I’ll lead a strike force and sneak through
the north gate while the guards are distracted by the Shek army. I’ve been to Blister Hill before and I know
where the Holy Lord Phoenix resides. We’ll ambush him in his own quarters where
they’ll least suspect it. Again, our objective is the Phoenix. If we take him, we leave. If things go south, FrAvatar will lead the
charge and the rest of you will join me. We cannot fail. If we do, all is lost. If we succeed, we’ll do what damage we can
and get out of there with the Phoenix. Does everyone understand? [Speaking Agnu] Wow this plan sounds risky
but this is the finale after all. If we do this, you should definitely subscribe
to Pixel Rookie and maybe even consider becoming a patron. Wow what a great idea. I am a genius and I think Pixel Rookie is
handsome enough to be a male model. I don’t know what you just said, Agnu, but
I definitely agree with you! It’s time for us to go. I hope luck is on our side tonight. We’ll need it. After his speech, Rook immediately turned
to Mack and handed him his Falling Sun and told him to hold onto it for him. Mack was confused and asked him what he was
doing. Rook simply assured him that he’d be fine
without his trusty weapon. With what he planned to do, he wouldn’t
need it. It was time to go. The men moved swiftly around the perimeter
of Blister Hill using the darkness to hide from any Holy Nation guards. The Shek army was locked in combat at the
back entrance which caused a perfect distraction for Rook to sneak through, undetected. The rest of the men remained hidden outside
while Rook dodged past any patrolling guards inside the walls. He managed to sneak in just fine. His small group of mercenaries were sneaking
in too but were lagging behind. Rook surveyed the throne room and found the
Phoenix. To his surprise, he and all of his men were
laying in bed, sleeping while the rest of his forces were outside dying to protect him. Rook scoffed in disgust. The Phoenix was being careless and his guard
was down. This was Rook’s chance to put an end to
him. He snuck up to the bed beside the Phoenix. One of his guards got up and walked right
past Rook – he froze as the soldier yawned and was so groggy from his sleep that he continued
on his way without even realizing he was there. Rook inspected the Phoenix’s gear and held
his breath as he removed his weapon as quietly as he could and disarmed him. Next, he unstrapped his chest plate as he
slept soundly. Rook caught it as it slipped off him and placed
it in his bag. The mighty Holy Lord Phoenix wouldn’t be
much of a threat without a weapon or armor. Next, Rook tried to take out as many men as
he could silently. The first paladin was knocked out cold and
as his body collapsed to the floor, the men noticed him and sprung into action. Rook threw the paladin’s weapon on the ground
and raised his guard. The Holy Lord Phoenix screamed and charged
at Rook, not even realizing his weapon and armor were missing. It was too late though, he already engaged
Rook and it only took 3 blows with his katana and the Phoenix collapsed. “This was almost too perfect” Rook thought
to himself as he scooped up the Phoenix’s limp body. Of course, at this point, every soldier in
the throne room was closing in on them. Rook and the mercenaries were locked fiercely
in combat, doing what they could to stand their ground. Sounds of clashing steel filled the hall as
the men locked blades. As soon as they heard the commotion, the rest
of Rook’s men charged through the gate, past the soldiers outside, and into the throne
room. It was complete chaos. The paladins were caught off guard and it
showed while they fought Rook’s army – they were sloppy. Blister Hill was a disaster. Their men were focused on the Shek’s forces
fighting at the gates and weren’t expecting an attack from within. There was mass confusion as the seven and
their mercenaries were cleaning up the Phoenix’s personal guard. Rook’s men were focused. In one fell swoop, the Phoenix was taken out,
which was the best case scenario, and now they were able to inflict a massive blow to
a large portion of their forces while they were there. They stuck together and fought in front of
the empty throne, which was fitting, due to their current circumstances. Rook and the others danced back and forth
with the paladins who challenged them. Their time dedicated to training paid off
as they were able to stand their ground. Having mercenaries there to buffer their force
certainly helped too. Rook remained vigilant while he held on to
the Phoenix. He had to be careful not to lose him amidst
the fighting. He somehow managed to get through all of this
combat while taking minimal damage, so he wasn’t concerned at the moment. At this point, most of the paladins inside
the throne room were taken out and the other few standing were getting overwhelmed. As the others fell, Rook’s men converged
on the last man standing who held his ground firmly, even while being completely surrounded. He was the Protector of the Flame – a very
strong fighter, but he failed at his duties. You could see the panic in his eyes as he
frantically tried to fend off Rook’s men and rescue the Phoenix, but there wasn’t
anything he could do now. Their guard was down and Rook capitalized
on it. The Protector of the Flame couldn’t save
the Phoenix now. He was, however, too strong for them to take
out. The sun continued to rise and more Holy Nation
men were alert and storming into the throne room. At this point, the seven were heavily wounded
and they knew they overstayed their visit. Rook called out for the retreat and the men
withdrew from the throne room. As Rook was leaving past the gate with the
Phoenix, he felt a jolt of pain in his leg as a harpoon bolt struck him. It wasn’t enough to incapacitate him or
cause him to drop his hostage but he couldn’t move quickly now either. As they rounded the corner of the wall outside
of the mounted turrets’ view, they turned to fight off the paladins that were trying
to stop them from escaping. Their enemies fell but they realized that
not everyone made it out safely. They quickly turned and ran back into Blister
Hill. Rockias ran over and scooped Mack up while
the rest of the seven fought at the gate, causing a distraction until they could all
escape together. They made enough of a clearing by the gate
and the men took this opportunity to escape together. FrAvatar was the last one out and he was taking
a beating until they got back outside and around the corner where they were in the clear. They were so close to escaping but another
group of paladins chased after the men. Rook fled while the rest of the seven held
the line, making sure he’d be able to successfully escape with the Phoenix. The other seven were wounded and tired. Mack and Wonsnot were both unconscious but
this didn’t stop them. This was the final stretch of their surprise
attack – they couldn’t fail now. As more reinforcements from Blister Hill arrived,
they knew it was time to retreat. Rook got enough distance between Blister Hill
and himself with the Phoenix. The rest of the men finally caught up to Rook
who was safely hidden away from the chaos. There were still a few paladins that chased
them this far. The seven used what strength they had left
and surrounded the paladins. Rook gave them credit – they were persistent
but it wasn’t enough men to bring the seven down. They teamed up and overwhelmed the paladins. They could see the defeat in the eyes of the
last man standing – he was overwhelmed and collapsed like the others. It was done. They did it – they captured the Holy Lord
Phoenix. But there was no time to waste. They immediately tended to their wounds and
took one last moment to bask in their victory. Blister Hill was still being attacked by the
Shek and any remaining mercenaries that didn’t escape. But their part to play here was finished. They left Blister Hill towards The Hub. Rook was thankful that all seven of them were
able to make it out in one piece. He also knew they wouldn’t have been able
to escape successfully if it weren’t for their hired mercenaries. Their sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain. As they were travelling south, they ran through
a Shek patrol fighting a group of Kral’s Chosen. They saw Rook passing with his men and the
Phoenix and a handful of them broke off and chased after them. The seven heard them berate Rook, calling
him a flatskin and a coward. They continued moving on until one of them
called out Rook, challenging him to prove his worth. Rook ordered the men to stop. Most days he would ignore such a petty challenge,
but not today. He told the men to stand their ground. Rook turned and charged into a group of four
Kral’s Chosen. He blocked their first attack and swung the
meitu grade cross in a wide arc that severely wounded all four of the shek. While they were recovering from the first
blow, Rook continued to press hard on them. He could see the regret in their faces as
the second fighter dropped. One of them landed a blow on Rook while his
back was turned and he quickly retaliated. He got hit one last time before dropping the
last of the Kral’s Chosen. He took them on with one hand while carrying
the Phoenix and they were only able to land two hits on him. Maybe they’ll think twice before challenging
him again, he thought to himself. Rook grouped back up and ordered the men to
continue moving. They made it back to The Hub in no time and
passed through the gate into the city. They were out of Holy Nation territory now. Their mission was a great success and now
the men could rest and recover. Rook turned to them and told them to focus
on healing their wounds and then return home. He was going to deal with the Phoenix and
meet them back at New Raleigh. He bid them farewell and began travelling
towards Admag, the capital of the Shek. They were a critical ally in this war and
Rook’s men wouldn’t have been able to do it without their help. It only seemed right that he would deliver
the Phoenix to them and let the Shek decide his fate. He arrived that night. He was stopped at the front gate, the guards
were in awe of Rook’s hostage. He was told to meet with the Stone Golem in
their headquarters. The way they spoke to him completely changed,
there was a new level of respect in their voices. Rook thanked them and walked into the city. He felt a sense of accomplishment that he’d
never felt before, but he was also very tired. It would all be over soon now, he thought
to himself. As he walked into the headquarters, someone
told Rook to come over and speak with him. His name was Bayan and he looked over Rook’s
captive in disbelief. Rook explained that this accomplishment couldn’t
have been done without their aide and handed the Phoenix over to him. Bayan tossed the Phoenix into the cage and
thanked Rook. He told him to speak with Esata about this
and the Shek officially became allies with Rook. Holy Lord Phoenix just sat in his cell, silently,
while glaring at Rook. Rook just smiled and walked away – he’d
deal with him later. He found Esata at the other side of the building
and spoke with her – she repeated Bayan’s words of gratitude and thanks. She granted him the title of The Battle Born
and all the Shek cheered for their victory. Rook smiled. He was still in a state of disbelief himself. And while this was a massive blow to the Holy
Nation and the battle at Blister Hill was won, the war wasn’t yet over. Esata was so shocked by having the Phoenix
captive, she felt faint and had to lay down for a moment. When she got back up, she presented her daughter
to Rook – Seto. She asked that he would take her in and train
her as his own soldier. Rook graciously accepted her offer and Seto
approached Rook. Her weapon was a poorly crafted plank. For now, Rook gave her the Phoenix’s meitu
grade cross to equip. Rook welcomed her to the team and told her
they had to return to New Raleigh where the rest of the men were waiting. They arrived and for now, Seto was asked to
stay and help defend New Raleigh. As for the seven, they recruited YoloHorse
to join the fight and Rook explained that even though the Holy Nation’s strongest
fortification has been destroyed, they still had other strongholds that they needed to
liberate. They left the gates of New Raleigh again,
prepared to finish what they started and clean up the remains of the Holy Nation, starting
with Rebirth. Now that the Phoenix was taken out, Blister
Hill would fall and they could focus on the destruction of what remained of the Holy Nation
until they had nothing left standing. With YoloHorse as part of their group, they
were no longer the seven, they were now referring to themselves as the liberators, with the
goal of freeing those who have been oppressed by Holy Nation. They arrived outside of Rebirth in no time,
and they stopped to take a moment and scout the area. To Rook’s surprise, the gate wasn’t guarded
by Holy Nation men, but the Flotsam Ninjas. Word travels fast and they must’ve heard
about the Phoenix falling and attacked while they were at their weakest. Rook had the men wait while he approached
Rebirth to see what happened for himself. He stopped at the gate and the men let him
through. Rook ran over the bridge and took in the view. It was so long ago when Rook last stepped
foot in Rebirth and at the time, it was full of slaves and despair. Now, it was in ruins and no Holy Nation man
could be found. The slaves were offered freedom or they could
join the Flotsam Ninjas. Rook was glad to see Rebirth in ruins and
he didn’t even have to help. When he returned to the others, he was given
bad news. Mack got word that their home was being invaded
by a Shek challenge. The large group of Kral’s Chosen demanded
that Rook faced them or they would lay waste to their home. The liberators immediately left and returned
back to New Raleigh. When they arrived, Rook saw the large Shek
force that was waiting for him. Angry at their threat to his people, Rook
charged head first into their group and initiated the fighting. He danced around them, dealing massive damage
with every swing and doing his best to block their attacks. Some of the Shek split off to the rest of
the liberators who engaged with them after Rook began fighting. They greatly outnumbered the liberators but
Rook’s men greatly outmatched the Shek fighters. Rook had the attention of a large group while
the rest of the men teamed up and cleaned up the others. The Kral’s Chosen were being massacred. Rook’s men didn’t let up – there was blood
and corpses all over their town but they didn’t stop until every last one of them were taken
out. Even the others were eager to help defend
New Raleigh. They didn’t have the training and skills
as the liberators but they did their best to take out any stragglers. They worked together and slowly beat down
two of the Shek enemies themselves. It wasn’t much, but they wanted to do their
part and help however they could. Shortly after the fighting began, they were
wiped out and the few Shek that survived fled New Raleigh while Rook’s men were barely
hurt. They rested up that evening and the liberators
left for their next target, Narko’s Trap. The only major fortifications that remained
were Narko’s Trap, Okran’s Shield, and Okran’s Fist. If they were to destroy those final strongholds,
the Holy Nation would be no more. Later that day, they arrived outside of Narko’s
Trap. It looked like they were still holed up here
and their defenses were solid. They moved close to a large boulder that would
provide them enough cover while they devised a plan of attack. Well, that was until another pesky Kral’s
Chosen charged in on the men and attacked them. Man these Shek fanatics were being a pain
in the butt. He was brought down immediately but it caused
enough of a ruckus to draw the attention of the Holy Nation men on them. They alerted the guards as two paladins pursued
them. This also drew in the rest of a Kral’s Chosen
patrol that joined in on the fighting. It was an all out brawl at this point and
more Holy Nation soldiers were charging in to catch the liberators off guard. Rook’s men were too strong though. They were able to take on the Shek patrol
and the Holy Nation soldiers at the same time, even while they sent more reinforcements. They finished the fighting outside of Narko’s
Trap and Rook knew that they had to take out the mounted harpoon turrets as quickly as
possible if they were to take out this stronghold. Rook was caught outside of the wall by a few
men and he got disoriented. He regained his bearings as Wonsnot charged
past him, straight towards the mounted soldiers. Rook followed after him and they focused on
the men mounting the turrets while the rest of the liberators poured in to help. The fighting converged on the wall where the
Holy Nation desperately tried to hold their position with the turrets while the liberators
fought to take them out. The paladins couldn’t hold against their
attack though. As they were cleaning up the men, Mack made
his way towards one of the turrets to use against them. The last paladin fell on the wall and Rook
ordered the men to spread out and search the buildings. Mack would stand guard with the turret while
they cleaned up whatever was left here. There was just one soldier inside one of the
barracks, he charged at Rook and they locked blades. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the liberators
showed up and swarmed him… not that Rook necessarily needed the help. They heard Mack fire a harpoon shot outside
and immediately rushed out to his aide. Before they got back to him, a soldier knocked
him unconscious. More wounded men were returning to defend
their base. They were simply no match for the liberators
though and after some time, all but one man was killed off. They chased him down and he dropped like a
fly. Rain began pouring over them, cooling the
men off from the battle they just won. They looked over Narko’s trap and found
it to be completely rid of any Holy Nation presence. One down, two more to go. They immediately moved towards their next
target: Okran’s Shield. They traveled through the mountainous terrain
and as they got close, they realized this fortress was already overthrown by the Shek
army as well. Many of the structures were in shambles but
there were still some buildings that were being used by the Shek. Rook led the men into a nearby barracks where
they could rest from the fighting at Narko’s Trap. With Okran’s Shield already being liberated
from the hands of the enemy, the final target would be Okran’s Fist. This was the last remaining stronghold that
the Holy Nation held and Rook was about to send his men there and finally defeat the
Holy Nation in its entirety once and for all. The men slowly approached Okran’s Fist from
the hills above it and they saw that it was already in ruins. Something didn’t seem right though. They didn’t see Flotsam Ninjas or Shek guards
occupying it. Instead, they had a cruel realization that
everyone was taking advantage of the fall of the Holy Nation, including the cannibals. The Holy Nation must’ve helped keep them
at bay but now they were flowing out of the cannibal plains into the mainland. Rook knew they had to stop this. He led the charge into the ruins of Okran’s
Fist and attacked a large group of cannibals that surrounded him. There were so many of them that Rook had trouble
blocking all of their attacks. It didn’t matter though. They were weak and he shrugged off the hits
that landed on him. Every swing of his falling sun took down two
or more of them at a time. Once he broke free from their swarm, he really
started laying into them. The rest of the liberators were trying to
come help Rook but they were caught fighting off more cannibals outside of the fallen city’s
gate. Rook kept his cool though and was quickly
mowing through the unarmored men like butter. The rest of the men eventually cleared the
threat outside the gate and came in to help Rook. They couldn’t withstand the might of Rook’s
men and their armor was too powerful to really hurt them either. The only strength the cannibals had was their
vast numbers of men and being able to swarm their victims. Unfortunately for them, they weren’t able
to swarm Rook’s men. After the main group of the enemy was killed
off, Rook ordered them to find any remaining cannibals and clean them up. There were still lots of men left but they
were dropping like flies all around the liberators. It was a massacre. Rook was amazed that they were able to take
over Okran’s Fist to begin with, but he knew the Holy Nation was so weakened at this
point that they couldn’t even defend themselves from the cannibals. After they cleared the cannibal threat around
them, Rook realized that the last Holy Nation fortress was destroyed. This meant that the Holy Nation fell. They were no more. But there wasn’t any time to celebrate. A new threat was in front of them and they
had to stop it before it was too big of a problem. Rook was going to take the men to the cannibal
plains and kill off any threat to the newly freed land. They set their way towards a marked cannibal
village first. Rook was familiar with this land and he scouted
ahead of the other men. He could hold his own at this point and wasn’t
worried to be left alone in the cannibal plains. He ran as fast as he could and made it to
the first village in no time. As he got closer, he realized that there were
no cannibals in sight. There were lots of wounded men trapped in
cages though, waiting to be served as dinner. Rook used this opportunity to free anyone
that was still alive and able to escape on their own. It took some time but once he freed as many
men as he could, he saw his first cannibal patrol wandering near the village. In fact, a second group was there too. Rook thought he would brush up on his assassination
skills and snuck behind the first patrol. He was knocking them out left and right and
they had no idea. It was almost too easy. In fact, Rook grew tired of taking them down
one by one like that and finally stood up and drew his sword. The remainder of the group that wasn’t already
taken down turned and closed in on Rook. He flew into his first victim and he dropped
as the mighty falling sun landed on him. Rook quickly moved to others and they collapsed
to the ground when his falling sun crushed them. After spending so much time fighting Holy
Nation paladins, it almost didn’t seem fair to go against the primitive cannibals. He was finishing off the first group when
the second patrol spotted Rook and attacked him too. They were scrawny, tiny little things that
were more of a nuisance than a threat but Rook had to make sure he didn’t get careless
and let his guard down. As he fought, he reflected on the past few
days. Once they fought back the cannibal threat
from spreading outside of their plains, his mission he set out to accomplish so long ago
would finally be realized. A part of him felt very satisfied that the
evil Phoenix and his Holy Nation were destroyed, and he had a major part to play in their destruction,
but at the same time, he felt sad. There were things Rook did that he wasn’t
proud of. He killed countless enemies, even murdering
some, he peddled a massive supply of drugs into neighboring cities to fund his cause,
and most of the mercenaries that joined the seven to capture the Phoenix never returned. He kept telling himself that he did this all
for “the greater good”, but now there was a threat of a cannibal outbreak into their
land. He snapped back into the moment and realized
that they wouldn’t let the cannibals spread out beyond their homelands – he would make
sure of it. Rook knew that he got his hands dirty and
he had to do it in order to take out a force as powerful as the Holy Nation. For now, he would focus on finishing this
one last issue and then he could return home with the others and help keep the peace in
the land and make up for what he’s done in the past. It wouldn’t be in vain. More cannibal patrols found Rook and charged
at him. He fought them with ease until his backup
finally arrived. With the others at his side, things would
be even easier. They helped clean up the few remaining cannibals
but they were mostly met with just Rook and a bloodied pile of corpses at his feet. The last cannibal fell and before they had
a moment to breathe, a shrieking bandit approach Rockias and started… well… he started
screeching at him. Rockias wasn’t really sure how to respond
so he just screeched back. He seemed to be offended by this and the group
of bandits attacked the men, even though they stood no chance against them. The liberators didn’t want to fight them
but they wouldn’t let up so they continued to defend themselves. What remained after the fighting was a bloodied
mess of cannibals and bandits. As rain began falling on them again, Rook
couldn’t help but to remember when an amazing warrior by the name of Jinsei saved him while
killing off handfuls of cannibals – which ultimately let to Rook being able to capture
the cannibal grand wizard, claim a huge bounty from the Holy Nation, and learning about Hotdog’s
fate. That’s what initially planted the seed of
hate against the Holy Nation. It wasn’t until they attacked him because
of his rescued slave, Tao, that things became violent with them. In a funny way, if it wasn’t for that fateful
night at the cannibal capitol so long ago, and if Jinsei hadn’t been there, the war against
the Holy Nation might not have ever happened. Rook came back into the moment with his men,
he had to stop reminiscing and lead the liberators. And speaking of the cannibal capitol, that
was their next target. Rook told them to get there as quickly as
they could but he was going to scout ahead. He arrived in no time and found another group
of cannibals. He didn’t want to waste any time and charged
in at them. These guys were a little more competent than
the patrols he was fighting earlier. He had to keep his guard up until the others
arrived. Of course right then, Rook turned and saw
the rest of his men running into the fight. Together, they mowed through the cannibals
like they were nothing. Rook saw another prisoner tied to a pole. He went to free him and realized that the
threat of the cannibals was stopped, at least for now. He would have to speak with the Flotsam Ninjas
about doing a better job with securing the borders moving forward. He told the men that it was finished – they
were going to finally return home. It was a quiet, somber journey back to New
Raleigh. When they got back home, Rook told the others
to prepare one of their buildings for a gathering. They would celebrate their victory together
that evening. But first, Rook had one last thing to do before
he could consider his work finished and he would return to New Raleigh once his task
was completed. He left immediately towards Admag. Rook wanted to personally deliver a message
to the Holy Lord Phoenix himself. As he traveled there, he thought of his best
friend that he lost so long ago and what things might have been like if the Holy Nation didn’t
take his life before he arrived at The Hub. It didn’t matter though, they did take his
life and the Holy Nation paid for what they’ve done. It wasn’t just about vengeance though. It never was. It was about justice, and the death of Hotdog
only helped Rook to see them for what they truly were: hateful tyrants that used their
fanatic religion and power as a basis to oppress the weak. It was a long and tiring journey, but with
the help of the Shek and Flotsam Ninjas, the Holy Nation was no more. Holy Lord Phoenix lost. You… have you come here to mock me, dark
one? You think these monsters can keep me in this
cage? My men will come and get me, Okran will smite
you- Shut up. Nobody’s coming to rescue you. You know, I never thought I would find us
in this situation, talking one on one like this. I came here because I wanted to be the one
to tell you… I wanted to see the look on your face when
you found out that the Holy Nation’s gone. Every single one of your fortresses has fallen. Any paladins left in the aftermath of what
we’ve done will either turn away from you or be hunted down like dogs. Everything that you’ve built has been eradicated. A lot of people wanted me to put you in a
peeler and let you suffer but that wouldn’t do enough justice, would it? Instead, I decided to hand you over to the
people you hate, where you’ll live out the rest of your miserable life rotting in this
cell, surrounded by your enemy. The Holy Nation is finished, Lord Phoenix. Your legacy is over. HOW DARE YOU! YOU MONSTER! DON’T WALK AWAY FROM ME! YOU THINK THEY CAN KEEP ME LOCKED UP IN HERE?! OKRAN WILL FREE ME AND I WILL DELIVER HIS
WRATH TO YOU! DO YOU HEAR ME, DARK ONE?! MARK MY WORDS! THIS ISN’T OVER! Rook thought he would feel satisfied delivering
this final blow but all he felt in the moment was pity. But that feeling slowly lifted as he walked
away back towards his home at New Raleigh. After all, this was the beginning of a new
world that he helped pave the way for: One where they would fight with their newly
founded allies for justice and protection for all. While he took his time walking home, Rook
thought about his journey that led him to this point. Did he do the right thing? The Holy Nation was cruel and abused their
power. They were oppressive and needed to be stopped. But at what cost? Rook dirtied his hands and the hands of his
men in the promise of creating a better world by bringing down the Holy Nation. Countless men, both innocent and guilty died
by Rook’s falling sun. A long time ago he told Hotdog that he wanted
to make a name for himself and make a difference in the world. He continued walking as he wrestled with his
thoughts until he realized that he would continue growing New Raleigh and offer food and refuge
to anyone who sought it. Rook was going to lead them to help protect
the weak and try his best to make the world a better place. But first thing’s first. They were going to feast that night and celebrate
their victory together… and hope for better days to come. This concludes the story of how Rook started
with nothing and with the help from his newfounded friends and a lot of luck, he rose to power
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in. I think I speak for everyone when I say that
you’ve made the world a better place and I’m proud to have fought with you during
all of this What do you plan on doing now, Rook? The Holy Nation was a scourge to many. Now that they’re gone, we can live more
peacefully. It’s finally over. They weren’t just a scourge, they were a
symptom. A symptom? What do you mean? The Holy Nation? They were merely a symptom of a much bigger
problem. You know, I was thinking a lot about this
on my way back here. Where do you think they got most of their
slaves? How do you think my best friend became a slave? They didn’t capture them, they bought them
from the slavers in the east. The Holy Nation oppressed people in this region,
yes, but slavery is still running rampart in the United Cities. I told my best friend once that I wanted to
make this world a better place, and I still intend on doing that. But the Holy Nation was merely just a symptom
of that problem. The Bugmaster’s still out there, amassing
an army of skin spiders and planning to eventually march them across the entire continent to
the Mad Cat-Lon. Out in the east, Reavers are still murdering
and pillaging anything in their path. The skin bandits are capturing and torturing
and human they can get their hands on. And most importantly, the “mighty” Emperor
Tengu and all of the United Cities are still flourishing from their slave trade while the
nobles abuse their systems and get away with anything they want. I now know that as long as the United Cities
stand, I cannot put my sword down. It’s not over, Tao. This is just the beginning.


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    #1 YouTuber in my book!

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    In the beginning, they kept to themselves. The first of the Phoenixes intentions were noble…"

    If you go digging through the hidden bits of lore long enough, you find that once, a long LONG time ago, the First Phoenix wasn't that different from Rook. He too fought against a tryannical dictator, and The Holy Nation had been founded on similar principles to New Raleigh, of charity, safety and the fight against evil. But as he passed and time progressed, the subsequent generations began to shift what their definition of 'evil' was.

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    A former slave that escaped from Rebirth, Derick has a deep seated hatred for his former masters. Using the skills he used to knock out and disguise himself as a guard, he would eventually travel to where the Bugmaster holed himself up and assassinated him. Sneaking paster the spiders with body in tow, he brought the Bugmaster to the Shek to convince them to let him lead their armies to bring down their mutual enemies. After that he gathered a group of Shek who would be his personal bodyguards and began training himself for war by exploring the lands all along the lands east of the Holy Nation.

    And soon now, he is ready to lead the charge as the Shek finished planning the war campaign. Though before that, he brought his guards once again to rebirth and slaughtered as many guards as he find there and freed any slaves he could find… not because he cared but purely as a fuck you to the HN. Anything to harm the Holy Nation he would do, no matter the cost. Even if the world would burn further because of it.

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