Identify Your Face Shape to Contour | Sephora

Hi I’m David from Sephora Pro and we’ve
created a series of video tutorials to help you learn how to contour. What is contouring and highlighting?
Well contouring and highlighting is the use of light and dark to help shape, sculpt, and define the face. Sephora has a wide
variety of different products both cream sticks and powders that you
can use. Before you put any product on, I want you guys to start
by identifying your face shape. That’s the most important part. One size does not fit all with contouring. So how do you figure out what your basic
face shapes are? Let’s go over them. Heart-shaped face: A
heart-shaped face tends to have a wider width from temple to temple and tapers down to a more narrow chin. Let’s talk about a round shaped face: A round shaped face tends to be equally
distant from forehead to chin, as it is from cheek to cheek. A square-shaped face: A square shaped face tends to have the
same width from temple to temple as it does from jawline to jawline. Oval shaped faces: So an oval shaped face tends to be one
and a half times longer from forehead to chin than it is from
cheek to cheek. Now that you learned how to correctly
identify your face shape your next step is to move forward to the
video for you to teach you how to contour. And for deeper skin tones, we’ve got a
video just for you.

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