I Turn Old Flowers Into Art For A Living

I Turn Old Flowers Into Art For A Living


  • Johnea Johnson says:


  • Mali Kat says:

    Yessss presses flowers. ❤️

  • Raja says:

    They are so pretty. My gma used to press flowers and we would find them in all kinds of books.

  • Hajnalka Schmitter says:


  • MyRosie2007 says:

    I've done this. Over time the flowers turn pale and brown!

  • Artsy Caboodle says:

    This is really cool !!!! I am a young art YouTuber with big artistic dreams !!!! Supports are really appreciate !!!

  • Alina Bttv says:

    love this😍🥰

  • ISwearToKira says:

    this is really cool to see the process. my grandmother used to press flowers and then put them between glass for her stained glass work. sort of similar to this!

  • Amy Mookerji says:

    It's a beautiful passion to have, teaching patience and visualization skills..❤️ touching nature! 🥀🌷🌺🏵️🌻

  • Jenny Brown says:

    I feel sorry for those poor butterflys in some of her pieces we need pollinating insects now more than ever they are dying off due to global warming and pesticide use and she just glues them to her art poor things

  • Kit-Sakura says:

    Woah! These are wonderful!! 😀 <3

  • Liliana Andrew says:

    Thanks for sharing 😀

  • Hibiscus Angel says:

    Wish I had this done for my bouquet

  • loomonda18 says:

    Loved this video, I'm in the same position where I feel that nagging feeling in my heart for years of what I want to do… Thanks for the inspiration xo

  • Art BanDit says:

    She absolutely knows her stuff. Thank nifty for doing an I depth, voice over with details. Much easier to understand the how and why's.

  • Swan Creates says:

    Like a Boss

  • Amanda Snider says:

    I've been playing around with pressing flowers and I've discovered that the best method (for amateurs) is to take books without glossy paper, fold one or two pieces of printer paper in half and put the flowers and petals in the sandwich of paper, then put the sandwich in the center of the book. I've tried just stacking books but oddly, I discovered that I got the best results by putting the thin books (with flowers) under my mattress, laying over the boards of the box frame. Then, every day or two I take the book out and carefully take the paper sandwich out (do not open it until the flowers are dry, if the paper feels damp or cold they are not dry) and carefully I put it in the center of another book and put it under my bed again. I let the first book dry out then I repeat this process until they are dry. I've found doing this method will dry them out faster and keep their colour much better. Note, this will warble the pages of the book and likely also stain them. I've also noticed that having stems or the bases of the flowers (the head) will make them less likely to keep their colour as they dry. Either it's because too much liquid or potentially the plant is sucking the moisture back into the stem and it takes longer to dry. I've given up trying to press some flowers with their stems because of this.

  • debbie boring says:

    That is some good advice. Thanks for showing the pressed flowers I think they look so nice.

  • joanna prevost says:

    This was really enlightening! Such beautiful natural art with meaning. Thanks for doing your passion and loving it, it shows in your work 😁

  • Be Happy says:

    These are beautiful!!

  • Shannon Fikes says:

    What a neat story, thank you Lacie for sharing it with us! I'm so happy that you put your dream into a reality!! That achievement by itself is very empowering……… Plus, what you do is very unique & it makes it that much more special!😉😉 In all my years, I have never come across a business like yours!!
    Here's to many, many, many more years of living your dream!! Cheers Lacie!!

  • marilyn bloom says:

    I also love flowers my name is Marilyn in boom I love making everything with flowers thank you for sharing I also press flowers enjoy

  • marilyn bloom says:

    Oh but I mainly work with paper flowers

  • Artfulgirl says:

    Thank 🌷you 🌹Lacie for 🌸sharing 🍀your Art and 🌿Story 🌼with us and 🌻your 🥀encouragement! 🌺

  • Julia Beth Larson says:

    Love this video! What an amazing artistry! ❤️

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