How to Tune Your Harp, Part 1

How to Tune Your Harp, Part 1


  • Waric Momo says:

    lol come on B

  • Waric Momo says:

    thx for the demonstration

  • Steve Moss says:

    Probably. The ones I've seen are quite good.

  • Arnel Alaurin says:

    Thank you very much. can you make me a favor sir, i make HArp with 26 nyloon strings. I already finished it, ready for tuning. But i don't have tuning machine. I don't know how to tune it. I have a little bit idea to tune, that's why i contacted you to teach me or give me a tune each string from 1 to 26 string, There are three colors of strings, blue, read and white. Number 1 is red, 2,3 & 4 is white, 5 is blue, 6&7 is white, 8 is red, 9,10 & 11 is white, 12 is blue, 13 &14 is white, 15 is red, 16, 17 & 18 is white, 19 is blue, 20, 21 is white, 22 is red, 23, 24 & 25 is white. 26 is blue. Can you please send me a tune recorded sound each string please. I will use that tune every time i do tuning with my harp. Thank you very much. I hope you understand my situation. God Bless You Sir.

  • Mary Elizabeth Micari says:

    Thanks for this very helpful.

  • greek god apollos farts says:

    What happens if your tuner reads a different note on a string?.I am using the snark super sharp and when i play the c string for example it reads a,b,d and sometimes c .It does this for all the strings and it is really confusing for me as a beginner.I am having the biggest problem with the middle c string. I hope i explained good enough because it is very confusing . 🙁

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