How to String Lights on a Christmas Tree : How to Weave Lights into a Christmas Tree

How to String Lights on a Christmas Tree : How to Weave Lights into a Christmas Tree

Hello, my name is Matt Cail. On behalf of
Expert Village I’m going to show you today how to hang Christmas tree lights. But how
do you get your lights on the tree branches to where they are not going to be drooping
or dragging and otherwise looking just not so good? The way to actually do this is, is
what I call the weave. Basically what you are going to be doing is you’re going to be
going underneath the branches up and over the branches alternating like so. Back around
the back side and you are going to keep that going on, let me demonstrate. Try to identify
three branches on your tree. This is a great way to break it down eventually this would
become second nature to you. But let’s start with three branches with our lights coming
in over here on the side. So on the first branch we are going to do is we are going
to drape the lights over it and this will have some weight. But then for the next branch
we are going to go underneath it. See we are going underneath here where we are weaving
underneath. See the basic weave formation, then on the third branch we are going to then
go back up on top again. What this will do is it will make like a natural up and down
you won’t get super straight boring or worst drooping lights. It will also keep your branches
from uniformly sagging and drooping at the same time. Luckily branches have like under
branches so even if you are going underneath the main branch odds are they are going to
get some contact with some of the small all chutes down here. Basically then you are going
to keep this weaving going on all throughout around the tree all the way from the bottom
to the top. As you get closer to the top the weaves will become shorter. You may actually
skip a branch where actually these three cycling need to go in a two cycle when getting that
far from the top and the branches are so much smaller.


  • honkycabbit says:

    Thank you very much.

  • SHaWn 2.0 says:

    This looks hard. I quit. lol

  • CafeGranizado9 says:

    Actually many of the traditional "Christmas" symbols (like the tree, for example) and activities associated with this holiday are pagan in origin rather than Christian and evolved as a way to mark the winter solstice. So although many of us may call this holiday Christmas for convenience, we don't necessarily subscribe to a Christian perspective of it. There's plenty of room for all our different perspectives and celebrations during this season of tolerance and, hopefully, goodwill to all.

  • Rachel G says:

    We weave in and out as well as up and down we like a full lit tree!!

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