How to record guitars into Maschine Mk3 PROPERLY [2019]

How to record guitars into Maschine Mk3 PROPERLY [2019]

Hey everybody and welcome to another episode. Today we are going to take a look at how to
properly record guitars into the Maschine Mk3 and get quality results. And this is a follow up to my previous video
on the Maschine mk3. My 1 year review, which you can watch if you
click the link above here. Let’s take the tour! Ok, so I think every studio should own a Direct
Input, or Direct Injection box. Because if you are recording guitars this
will help your signal tremendously and help your quality of the guitar to really come
through. This one is from Phonic and it has a Pad button
which can adjust the signal to different levels. And you also have a balanced output and a
ground lift switch. If you want to prevent electronic interference
between your electric equipment and a mixing console. Or in this case the Maschine mk3. And this is an active direct box so it has
battery power. And what a DI-Box actually do is that it converts
your unbalanced signal into a balanced signal. So your hi-impedance (Hi-z) signal will be
converted into a low impedance signal. And that will really help the quality of your
guitar to come out. Yeah, so let’s record a little guitar phrase
first with the Direct Input, with the DI-Box and then we will record the same phrase to
the Maschine mk3 but without the DI-box. That means that we will connect the cable
directly into the Mic Input of the Maschine mk3. So… Ok, and now we record without the DI-Box. Ok, so let’s listen back to these recordings
and see which of the recordings sounds the best. First with the Direct Input Box active. And now the recording without the DI-Box. As you can hear the sound without the DI-Box
you get a more muffled and more filtered kind of muted sound. And with the DI-Box you get a more full-bodied
and you get more hi-end in the sound too. I will switch between the two more quickly
now. Yeah so my conclusion is, get yourself a DI-Box
if you want to record quality guitar into your Maschine mk3. Yeah, so that wraps it up for this video. I hope you learn something about the Maschine
mk3 and that you can get quality guitars into the Maschine if you use a DI-Box. Please subscribe if you are new and press
the bell icon to get notifications when I have new videos up. And now you can watch my next video on the
Maschine mk3- It’s more of a full review after having the Maschine for about a year. Thanks again for watching and see you soon. Bye bye!


  • Mattias Holmgren says:

    In this video we talk about how to get good audio quality from your guitar into the Maschine mk3 audio interface. The Maschine is a lovely device for chopping samples and creating unique beats but the Mic input isn't really prepared for hi-z (high impedance) guitars. It's not that obvious how to get quality guitar sound in a device if you don't have anything to compare with. In the video you will hear the big difference between low quality and hi quality guitar sound.

    After watching this – How to record guitars into Maschine mk3 PROPERLY video your tracks will sound 100% better when you need to record a guitar. Trust me!

    Let me know if this video helped you with recording guitar on the Maschine mk3. Leave a comment, subscribe and like if you like!

    Happy new year and have a splendid 2019!!!


  • Klaus-Herbert Wachtelhuber says:

    This was just the guitar sound? Guitar directly in di box and di box to mic in on the mk3?

  • `Transverse Audio says:

    Well done, very nice production value! Keep up the good work.

  • Onya Malloy says:

    I have no clue what you were talking about with the box, but the guitar sounded beautiful.

  • Emmanuel Suarez says:

    When you say connect directly into mic slot do you mean guitar 1/4 cable connected out of the guitar directly into mic slot on mk3?

  • Carlo Geronimo says:

    How does the quality sound when running your guitar through an fx pedal and a guitar amp which is connected into the di box? Is this even possible? I'm interested in this product but wish to record guitsr loops and samples into the maschine without having to sacrifice the tones and effects I get from the fx pedals and guitar amp.

    Thanks. Great video

  • Colonel Callaghan says:

    Hi, I was asking myself a question, i have no DI for the moment , if i put my guitar into the mic input, could it be "dangerous" for the guitar/mk3 (like broken mic on the guitar , because of the impedence différence ) ? Sorry for bad english btw

  • Another Random Plant says:

    Hi! I been recording vocals and guitar directly into my machine mk3 but get a very low signal from both of them with some noise.. Are you using a soundcard when u record your vocals and the DI box only for guitar? 🙂

  • Jack Davis says:

    Is this a passive or active DI box?

  • Hoan Lee says:

    I Got Apollo Twin. is that better than DI Box that you're talking about? and Why u dont record straight to DAW through any soundcard u have? Sorry, i never have a drum pad before. thinking about to get Maschine MK3 right now. Thanks

  • Miles Mitchell says:

    ​Hi there Mattias, I am a new owner of the Maschine MK3 and hope to use it as a live production tool (with its scene activation etc.) I have an Arrow (baby of the Apollo) and am looking to direct in through that and utilize the guitar modeling/effects I have set up in Logic. Do you know if there is a way for the Maschine to capture the audio from a specific track in Logic or if there is a good way of routing that track's audio to Maschine so that I can live loop/play along with the songs I will have built to perform in Maschine? Appreciate any insight you might have, thanks!

  • DJ ICEMAN says:

    I like that!!

  • Spencer Shander says:

    Hi! Is there a way to record guitar in a live performance setting into maschine? More like Ableton. Now I'm using maschine vst in Ableton but would be great to just use maschine.

  • DJ ICEMAN says:

    I like that!!

  • MaG says:

    Great to see some guitar related content with Maschine MK3. Id love to see more, maybe integrating amp or pedalboard with Maschine. Perhaps also using the line outs for audio recording, maybe with outboard gear, to hear what sounds can be achieved?

  • DJ ICEMAN says:

    I like that!!

  • DJ ICEMAN says:

    I like that!!

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