How To Pinstripe: Custom Pinstripes with Rick Harris & Kevin Tetz – Pt.2 of 3 – Eastwood

How To Pinstripe: Custom Pinstripes with Rick Harris & Kevin Tetz – Pt.2 of 3 – Eastwood

ok all right i’m gonna give it back to
you seriously what you did you just leave
the brush sideways and when you slide it sideways you lose all control and it
just starts done in yeah yeah but the main thing about the
grossest learning the pressure this same brush will do a big old fat stripe if
you make it if you really make it it’s unloaded pain very rapidly but it’s
just put a real fast right man see this but you can take the same brush set up
about the most teams try using the same brush the same load of pain but you’re
putting the last less pressure than the less pressure you put an arrow yes you can let up even more and down
there you time he’s trying it’s still the same
social . but it’s it’s only got the tip of the brush touching so we end up with a narrower line that’s
awesome and it’s the same brush the same look at
the same time makes the pain everyone to see the difference in putting pressure
now yep and so what you find one you like
you have to maintain that pressure and that’s muscle memory that so when I was doing this line I was
consciously thinking about locking my hand in the same position and just
moving it and it worked once you get locked in it’s not really going to change unless
the brush runs out of playing yeah there are some which is the same thing when
you’re painting the car with the pneumatic spray gun you’re a good paint
or two but you find that sweet spot that if one and a half inches off the deck
and you lock in one pass away from getting run after shooting with
absolutely i just you know get a little teardrop in a corner someplace you’re
not old enough on you came from the same school idea yet there’s more paint in
the can well I have a rather shoot is slick and buff it’s late yeah all the
runs easier to repair the dry spray i know that exactly her failure to address
break are all over yeah he’s done a nightmare but yeah
we’ll listen this is great i’m going to practice my butt off but we gotta get
hard to strike yes we do ok this is a Fender Telecaster belongs
to a friend of my name’s James Otto he’s a country star and yeah we can tell it’s
james autos guitar because it says auto on the bagging James got a new record
coming out and I was part of the music mafia with Big and Rich and all those
guys and has had a number one single he’s also sought after songwriter and
he’s a gearhead like you and me too so it’s kind of fun to be buddies with him
and and we got a lot of stories to swallow a look at colgate hours and no
guitars and cool cars these build no wicked cool little 66 chevy pickup right
now that i know i was really excited I know it’s hard to match his truck
that’s exactly what we need to do yeah absolutely at work yep so this
italie you’ve already got your your middle line down notice center line in stabilo it’s
nothing worse than getting a design finished and the whole thing is leaning
over the top for you didn’t get it centered right so always basically done
we pulled a little center line down the middle and it’s going to enable us to do
a design fits in the center line of the guitar yeah i’m going to task some stuff off of
this design there’s not a whole lot of area
telecaster is dominated by the pic tures yeah we’ve got this area right here then we can strive in and all the way up
into this column but you have to remember the shape of the guitar is very
important if you start doing stuff that’s fighting this shape it’s not gonna look right right so we
have to constantly keep in mind what shape it is but we have a lot of freedom
here because we can we can do what we want to and I’m not going to run just a
straight line around the perimeter you totally would be boy so we’ll start with the design in the
middle and then we’ll tie it in and I’m going to use ivory and I’ve got a real
bright red there we’ve been practicing with anger and we’ll do red in every two
tone but i have t need to color to match the Dakota this on the pick guard yeah and which and all that goes back to
what we were talking about before you letting the subject tell you what
exactly it kind of target you didn’t tell you what it needs yeah i mean
obviously apple green and purple and going to work on her up and maybe talk no you know what I mean somebody may
like those colors and that yeah I’m thinking about number one everything’s got your name or so you do
something weird nearby go see him up always lost its kind of filter by and
that idiot yep you want to be proud of you work so
you don’t do anything that would make you look stupid right good good good to remember to put to see
somebody wants a pearl paint car I am you might try to talk me into a
different color yeah you know because you don’t want to
look like Mary Kay going down the road yeah yeah especially on the street right
and there were some while filters in the seventies where the past sales your
early eighties yeah oh yeah those are getting really finding that – yeah yeah
i think so there’s somebody wants to come up as a pinstriper there’s gonna be
work for a long time probably get a reading and all of that other ones that
were crazy yeah it’s like 275 an era where did some
crazy stuff in the seventies and it was cool for them but you see one now and it
looks kind of funky yeah it’s like what were we thinking Wow
styles change you know now the hot thing with muscle cars pro touring and
everybody wants he’s mean looking cars and you know the pro street cars of the
big giant sr tires on the back that’s your kind of yesterday’s news but I
don’t know it’s all relative it’s always fun to have see fresh style
is coming up I think that everybody wants something they can drive and
obviously a car with drum brakes & 0 60 style suspension is not particularly yeah fine to drive so you put disc
brakes to make it safer and all that yeah but all of the suspension stuff
that Detroit speak is even out with marvelous marvelous overstep their car
drives good it stops good it gets tears good so his handles and save the bottom line
is it’s safer absolutely we do the same thing with our project camaro it’s got
c5 corvette front brakes that our bolt on so anybody can get now they don’t
have to go through a junkyard is that back they didn’t have it back then and drum
brakes when they’re soaking wet that’s no fun glad to say it for great
stuff well it is it is it makes more people have the privilege of being able
to enjoy it strive and changes slowly it Stiles evolve get things that we were
doing in the nineties are not being done anymore the sponge fate graphics with
all the splatter and everything yeah it was cool and but nobody’s doing it I’m but the Von Dutch old-school designs
are still yeah well that’s the fundamentals i do
where Asia a you’re worse we’re going to put a little a very on
here first once that gets the ivory on will let it tack up and then we’ll put a little red
with it but I want the average to be pretty much the dominating color and
what I’ve done I’ve gone to a smaller brush I see that that pulls a smaller line
because a guitar being a small piece to work with you obviously don’t want to
strive to be just big old fat don’t be looking strike on you gotta put some
nice tiny little lines down this is a 50 and we’re using the King 13
which is made by mac and this brush has a very good control love the land with it i did a bunch of guitars for Gibson and
and when i was there i was using this exact size brush and he worked real well
and had a bunch of guitars to do and they all had to look at the light you know it was very consistent that in
having problems with things changing on me yeah we’re going to try this and i will
come around here and tie this thing right here this is my easy side so I can match that
side easier if I do it last explain that to be an easy side your
left hand is that what you mean if I was right hand that would be amazing sir right okay i have 10 so this is my a
side of man he could strike with both hands would have it made yeah i’ve only
seen it done one time and it was in daytona during Bike Week got it loaded
up two brushes it’s the same time so I stopped to watch
because i thought this might be something cool he said on Harley with a brush in each
hand and did in the duplicate design with both hands unbelievable yes Wow got my attention
I’ve never seen anything like that because I tried it later on when you
want anybody watching didn’t have yeah I couldn’t make it work it out okay but i did get to see it that one time
and I was impressed by anybody can strike with both dances is very very
good and out take my head off to him and I was
watching you twist that brush as you came around the corner and roll that
brush so i won’t flare yeah yeah now we got to figure out how
to tie all this together but i’m going to go to come up here first and a skip
around sometimes on a guitar when i’m striving it so I don’t it’s not
necessarily a specific order of the way it’s done you move around and just you kind of
figure it out as you go if you drew the design out I promise you before you got
through with it you would change your mind and you would change the design and they
would be something that you didn’t like about it or wait I got a better idea and so you you just find it’s better to
free and just make it up as you go along and just have fun with it it’s like doodling from a day at the
most of us are the same way we’re just we’re just having fun with it
and you’ll see something it won if this will work and you’ll try something a the dead
working wash it off and they did work to keep going yeah every on it candy red is really pretty
yeah ties in with the pickguard beautifully
there too I’ve always thought that an ivory color
looks really classy against a contrast well it’s an antique looking color a
pure clean why doesn’t look old it looks brand new and everybody nowadays is wanting stuff
to have an antique look to it so they use colors that are old looking right
out you know he right off the bat it doesn’t
look like a brand new guitar it looks like one has been put up a lot of these
change color as they get older to the other pic cards lose their whiteness every once in a while the hair will come
out of a brush if it’s a hair out just grab it and pull it out before it ends
up as part of the strike nobody in california he used to say leave the hair
and it makes it look more like this time with a brush that I don’t like to leave
area looks like a mistake when you do that and that’s the same brush you started
with right because it yeah i’m not changing brushes i guess i
wanted to add a little scroll to it right here gender just to give it some interest and they
make a brush for scrolling and and it works quite well but if you’re just
putting a little a little element in a design you can do with the same brush not a big deal and you told me earlier
that a shorter brush makes doing tight corners a little easier shoulder brush
turns a corner quicker yes a longer brush is really good for long straight
lines like the length of the vehicle yep you always want a longer brush for
that i’ll go up here and we’re going like this corner have a little interest
since they got a nice big area to play with right half fun parties making it up as you go over
all and sometimes you’ll try something this well Rebekkah come from if it works leave it if it doesn’t you
always have the option of brushing it off yeah let’s see how that works in the
corner there I do and it looks it it draws off the angle of it so yeah I
was going to I was wondering how you’re going to do
this because the panels in panel you don’t have any distractions but your
hand bumps into that or hand pumps into that there’s yeah there’s a lot of
obstacles yeah why the knobs and you know
everything is in the way who have had a Cadillac emblem and I’m gonna have to do
something I don’t even know why but yes there is a caddy and black edition of
you talking okay all right that’s like that yeah I want to go around there with some
of this kind of detail yeah but i’m also gonna do some up in
here in tie the whole works back together so yeah alright so the creative process it takes
a little felt it but that’s the fun part of it and everyone is different who if you’re making it up as you go
along on your obviously I don’t do the same thing over and over and over yeah so it’s never going to get boring
for you right yep now i would look at this and if I was
doing this by myself I would just say this looks fine i haven’t screwed up yet
I would quit but you’re gonna keep going right now don’t ya we’re just going I think so scared to
mess it up if you mess it up you fix it I know just washing off fixing all right
that’s what they make all right now we’re going we’re going to tie it all
together and make it make it continuous that I don’t want anything loose it’s all going to do together mmm and it
just looks at it doesn’t really look right if you don’t make it a continuous
design it’s hard to explain till you see it and
it’s like I always say why it works now how many guitars have been done on this
piece of foam a bunch i did a thousand in 10 for Gibson and two years but I
used their setup right but I’ve done a bunch of individual stuff and it’s just
safer to not scratch the backup course of what i was going to give some guitars
they were all brand know being built and i was doing i met the plan and really a
lot of fun that’s just a great product super bunch of guys to really had fun
being there that was that was a real thrill to get
to strive for those guys real honor well one of the cool things I found I
was fortunate enough to be able to give be given a tour there I didn’t realize how much of those
guitars are handmade in that amazing yeah it was fantastic i see my three
craps like scraping the binding yeah oh yeah I am this lovely lady was
scraping the binding that was your job is to expose the binding and that’s a
tedious job I mean it’s not something everybody can do yep but yeah the people there care about
their product and they do a really good job with it I had fun being there it’s a great bunch
of guys a I go by and visit every once in a while just to let him know I’m
still out here working right but the I’ll get back in there actually hopefully they will still do
some more I can’t wait to see one of them on TV
you make planning yep you know that’s eventually going to
happen it would be fun yeah one of these award shows or
something they’ll be a little bit less well strike but we’ll have to talk mr.
Otto into bringing this on the road of them and share doing some stuff absolutely he’s a big fan of years as
well by the way that’s nice to hear gotta figure out how to hook this all
together like it from plate i’m going to try this line back down and
I’m all blend it out right there at that point I’m gonna be no loose ends and
keeping things all got to connect one way or not now why is that is it just look
unfinished if it’s no i’m not sure how you describe what it looks like if it’s
not but it does look unfinished it looks like you forgot to leave on an office
here in there yeah I’m going if you make a mistake or
you see something you don’t like just watch it hot box where I didn’t
like where that one was ended up eat so I’m going to pull it back a little
bit and we’ll make it go a different
direction make sure you get it all off so if you’re doing design guys with us
develop and you did your center line with this to billow and you weren’t
worried about striping over top of that were you know actually paint it goes on
something and it’s water-based it’s a water-based pencil yeah and it goes on so thin it doesn’t
really get that occasion is not a problem . you get infected asian unless you get it on too thick and
then you can see it but now it you paint right over the top of it is
not a wax so it it’s not going to fish out of the pain or do anything weird too stabilo the water base you can actually
wash it off with a little bit of water on a rag and it just goes away I got a roast it’s starting to shake it
and when I shake it bad enough you obviously have to have a funeral service
form mhm I was going to ask me how how many
years does the brush last year does that depend on that way you like three years
weeks it’s more like if you’re using them
every day I’ve had a brush last a month before which is is a good long life for
a strike and brochure using everyday eating like they paid for their self
about a time they were yep I’m trying to balance this part of
the designer as much as possible paste the center it can change and do
pretty much whatever you wanted to do but i wanted the middle to have a
certain balance to and guitar is so different from side to side obviously the same does that wouldn’t
work on both sides anyway yeah well it’s asymmetrical you’ve got
the cutaway for the fret board at the bottom yeah and you lose this whole corner up
here he is there a lot of the Gibson’s i did did not have a pickguard so i was
able to strike this area and everything but the big dark covers it up if they
had one eventually now the fun is figuring out how to hook
these together I’m just gonna let you have used to
watch this is when I shaky Jake training comes
in I think what he would do yeah and shaky
Jake was your mentor and he was he was my mentor and he actually learned how to
strike from bondage he was just a kid at the time and his
dad was a minister and Hollywood so after school he would jump on his bike
and he would write down to where ever does was working and hanging out he started striking in 56 i met him in 73 at tulsa oklahoma and
the man I mean changed my life they really did
why he took me under his wing i’ll never know but I’m proud that he did and it
made a difference made my big difference it’s nice to have people that care
enough to pass on their skills and I think the deal was at the term with them
since he was in California and I’m in Tennessee there’s no way I’m gonna steal
any of his business anyway you know right right and so he we became really good friends
actually made four trips to costa mesa to work with him oh we got – gravity happens that right there I would work with him awake at a time
out there and we just had we just had a lot of fun it was we spoke the same language
service baby and just really kind of your time and he told me new things
every time i went it was like going to school and then we will go workshops and
striking her parents that body shops and stuff and of course everybody knew him
he was from costa mesa and he was the big orange county again and just really
can’t put a price on what that was worth yeah no kidding it was a lot of fun we got him here
wants for two weeks and taken to the Grand Ole Opry and fading crystal
hamburgers and they just had a big time how old was he at that time – cancer it’s 52 oh my god and he was
here was 85 he was not 40 that’s young – that’s yeah yeah yeah I was yeah that
was the method of studying for me yeah i was picturing a much older
gentleman and it’s a shame that we lost him so soon I guess he was about 49 or 50 when he
was here and we took him all over the place they had big time we took him to
the Grand Ole Opry and last part was playing oh my gosh i offer you wow yeah the way yeah very cool there is your first color very cool and
working it works fantastic and you’re you’re drawing off the the design
elements and see this kind of got in the way a little bit yet but you work around
what ever seen the way you just work around it I would have pulled out of this down it more had that not been there but
since it already is we’ll work around it i’m going to add some of the red – and
and more sanding first so I always saying you were never one if you’re
proud of it you’re going to put your name on it everybody knows who did it when they see
it and if anything ever happens to it they know who to call to fix it absolutely that sneaky Jake I always
said you have to have your signature has to be small enough to be covered with a
dime now whoever started that I don’t know if
you’ve got a real long name I guess you would be in trouble but I
started outside and it real big and he got all over me about there for you
ain’t putting a billboard on the man’s car he so i started learning how to do
it smaller and smaller and smaller unbelievable I can’t even read that it’s so small yeah okay then fascinating I’ve always wanted
to watch you do that because I’ve seen it on dozens of cars that’s awesome thank you it’s fun the smaller you get it to feel
more relate well to do it some of these brushes have a better .
than others – right so you have to get a brush that’s got a
good time . that how long you have to wait before adding
a second color is good night can I touch that now no it’s still with all right but once it
takes up a little bit the sand color will not leave out into it right if you put weight on where you have a
bleeding problem but at this point is probably tacked up just enough to where
we can come back and add some of the red eat without getting in trouble this is fire red right out of camp it’s a kind of an orange II read and the
average has been tended a little bit actually added to drop a green to it to
make it look more like that ok what is your brochure good you know the pain out of it that
you can post the first color will bleed out into the second color if you don’t
get enough of it out you can see it and what are you using to clean your brushes
it just wax and grease remover this is the one shot at a presentation understood ok so what’s the youngest
pinstriper that you’ve ever taught 12 years old and the board just did his
first car so he’s out there striping yes and
getting paid for it and he’s batting awesome that code is better than cutting grass
yeah and I’m sure he’s he’s probably a hit is school he actually strive to door to like the
shot place he strike the door at school on really goes to school so they’ll
remember him long time after he’s gone from the
school you know we’re going to feel this in our here in the middle with a little
fire rated and you have to be careful obviously cuz if you make a mistake you
can end up having to do every ailment but it really it brings the colors out so so pretty
when you do the right color combination obviously for the good of the color out
here and it’s not work too well but you read that average very compatible is that cool it pops that ivory so
nicely now it really lifts that off there c is making the design have a
center yep and there’s a lot of places we could
put this but we have to kind of be careful with it we don’t want to get
crazy in this spot right here for example there’s a couple of options but
the one that stands out to me the most is the line coming out of here and going
back into the light he makes sense yep it does and when you say filling in the mental
image i have that has taken a brush and coloring it in but your striping it in
exactly i want to leave a space than a set of that second color – I’m not
trying to completely fill that and I just want to accent the shape and I go
all the way to the point with it the mouth gets in the way every time one
of those are the obstacles that are you talking about when you get it on the knob just like
that yeah we’ll come out that chrome easily
and there’s several places we can come with this one of the things i want to do
find it connected a lot of stuff with half circles eden and shaky Jay did the same time so
I’m going to come out of here I’m gonna come out of this point right here with
the lime it comes up and stops and it’s going to do the same thing on this side
and then we’ll connect those two together i have connected together we’re going to
do two half circles and Michael try to go all the way prowess i’m going to come
to the cinnamon star in the middle and stop sometimes you can get in trouble trying
to do that in one stroke he and it’s it’s simpler to go to the center from
this and just tie it together yep and once as a little shorter than
the other so I’m going to lengthen this up just a
little bit right balance so that gives it a dimensional look to it lifts the
design off some of the guys are actually striking a shadow stripe across right uh yeah yeah which involves taking some
clear you make my micro clear one shot and
yeah just a little shot of black to it right you go stripe across there in essence it’s a candy committed has to
be around when you do them who was it just makes the mass but said
the second filter is potent absolutely yeah it finishes it like i
said i would have left it like that but I’m so glad that you’re not showing me
an opening up my eyes to the fact that it’s not done until the design tells you
it’s done well everybody has a different idea of
what works and what doesn’t you know and obviously some people like
more conservative and more complicated all that I think it’s a balance you have to get a balance between the
two colors and you know when you get when it gets there you stop you can / work if you put way too much on their
everybody knows it well we should stop before we got there
for heat you know you’ve seen some may just get going get going get going yeah
just you’re not trying to paint the guitar with that brush yeah we’re trying
to access it I want to put some color down into here
and there’s a lot of ways we can do it one of the things we can do more coming
in right here with the line and it’s going to come down in here start I can’t leave that single because it
looks goofy just after hung out to dry by itself so i’m going to do a teardrop
right here and double that lineup and it’s still going to come down to the
same . now i’m going to come around every with a red blue yeah


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  • Belo Blues says:

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