How To Make Yarn Balls | DIY String Christmas Decorations | DIY Yarn Christmas Ornaments

How To Make Yarn Balls | DIY String Christmas Decorations | DIY Yarn Christmas Ornaments

*Christmas Music* Hello everyone and Merry craftmas, yes
we’re up to day 4 now, if you have missed any then make sure to look back on my
channel, or I’ll drop some links down below so you can see all the other ones
that I’ve made beforehand. Today is kind of a strange one because I really like
what we’re making, I just can’t stand making them. They’re horrible to make,
absolutely awful, but I’m gonna show you how to make them anyway, they’re just a
pain in the arse, and messy, it’s just a nightmare, but bear with me, they do
look really nice they, are quite um a cool little thing to have, so yeah okay.
So we’re going to be making string snow balls and for this you’re going to need
a balloon, I would recommend wearing some gloves, you’re gonna need some string, a
container with some water, and some PVA glue as well. I’m just gonna blow this
balloon up first, you don’t want too big either, you just want quite a small one,
obviously depending how big you blow the balloon up, is how big your snowball
will be, and then we’ve got the container here and we’re just going to add about
half water, half PVA, just add that in. You probably see why this is gonna be
really messy, I do like the finish result I just can’t stand making them, absolute
nightmare. I’m gonna get our gloves on and then find the edge of the string,
we’ll just mix this up. Once you’ve got that mixed up, you’ll
have something that looks like this, and you’re just gonna start dunking your
string in, what I like to do, is I like to just put it all in, and then submerge it
into the mixture, this is why I wear gloves. I would recommend using more
string that I’m using but I’ve ran out, but I would recommend using quite a bit,
and you just make sure all of the strings covered, and once it is, it’s the
horrible part. Right you’re gonna take your balloon, and you’re gonna add your
string to it, and you’re just gonna slowly start to wrap it around, it is an
absolute pain in the arse because the balloon likes to slip around, and you get
splashed with glue, and it’s just a nightmare. But once you get the kind of…
once it’s started it’s fine, it’s just getting it started that can be tricky.
And you just want to go around and around, different kind of ways, do it quite
random, and whatever you want really, but try and keep it as tight, as you can you
don’t want it too loose. Keep going, and going, and I think this
will make quite a good kind of light, or something like that. You could make like
a nice lamp shade with it. Obviously I would use more string, but like I said
I’ve run out, but you want this way more covered because otherwise I think
this will be too weak, and it’ll look a bit naff, but that’s kind of it, just keep
going, and going and then you want to set this aside for about 48 hours for it to
fully dry. Luckily I’ve done some beforehand so I’ll show you what you do
next. And once they’re dry you’re gonna have something that looks like this,
obviously the balloons have start to shrink a little bit, but they’re nice and hard
now, and all you want to do is pop the balloon in the middle, which I hate doing! Peel the balloon out, and then
you have something that looks like this. And again you could probably do
different coloured ones and stuff like that. I didn’t actually try different
colours and but you probably could, and you probably get some nice effects as
well, and like I said these would make really nice like lanterns, or if you put
a layer of paper mache over and kind of a hole, they’d make nice lights as well,
Christmas lights, and but again I don’t have the time. I’m doing 25 craft
projects, so I don’t have the time to do any of that, but you can you know feel
free. So that’s how you get the kind of basics of a string snowball and I’ve got
some more I made here as well, so I’ve got another three, as well as the two I’ve
just made, and what you can do is just like slip them on to the tree branches,
and and they look quite nice. So let’s do that now. There we have it, hopefully you enjoyed
making string snowballs with me. It’s something you can try at home if you
want to, but they are a pain in the arse. But I like them, I think they look really
nice, the are quite fragile so I can’t imagine
after a few years of bashing around and stuff that will survive very well.
You’d probably’s have to make some fresh ones, but they would survive
for a good few years. If you are enjoying the series of craftmas then do make sure
to subscribe to the channel it is helping out a lot and I really
appreciate it. Make sure to give it a big thumbs up, and
I’ll see you tomorrow for another episode. Byee!!


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  • Amy Hall says:

    I e always seen these in craft books but doubted if they’d actually work! I might give it a go now… well… when I say ‘i’ I really mean my kids!

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