How to Make Tin Punched Christmas Ornaments : How to Punch Designs for Tin Christmas Ornaments

Hi, I’m Marie French from Expert Village.
We’re going to now punch our tin. So we’ve taken our design and our cut tin circle. I
placed the design on the tin circle. Here I get my ball peen hammer and my trusty name.
I’m going to use a taller nail to make my outline. So, we’ll go ahead and start by placing
it on the front of the wing, and we punch, making a line with the punching. So we go
along making the line here. This is giving me a bit of a square punch. I can’t lift the
paper up now as I’m punching because I’ll lose my design so as I go around we’ll punch
out the major line for the wings and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to take
the smaller nail to add detail work inside the wing. So here, let’s say I wanted to do
swirls, I’ll do circles, maybe some stars and we’ll have a nice little interior design
that we’ll be using as a focal point within the major design. So always there is a pattern
that emerges first and then you give interior detail work and that is what we are doing
here with our tin punching.

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