How To Make Harry Potter Wands! DIY Witch and Wizard Magic Wands!

Lumos! Welcome to Pins and Things! Today. I’m going to be showing you guys how to make the most intricate Amazing Harry Potter wands these things are so cool. You make them with chopsticks and hot glue. You can be creative You can use all sorts of different little things to help you get lots of detail. They’ve got skeletons and spiders You could even add jewels. Have fun with it and make it your own. And it makes me so happy because it’s so inexpensive but it turns out so good. So the greatest thing about this is this is 12 pairs of chopsticks for just a couple bucks, and that’s gonna make 24 wands, and that’s super inexpensive So it’s really really good deal. Like I just can’t pass that up So I’ve got a picture of the Elder Wand on my phone, and I am ready to go. First, we’re gonna start by building up the buckle. I’m just using my hot glue to build up the base of it We are making the bottom the widest. It’s almost like a triangle going from the end in so we’re just gonna build it up So I’m just putting one layer at a time and letting it cool And then moving on to the next one. So I’m using a low temperature hot glue gun which is perfect because if you use too Hot of a temperature on your glue gun then it’s gonna take a really long time for it to cool for you to be able to mold it. We want it to go as quick as possible because I mean if you’re making it for a party and you’ve got 24 to make Probably want to do it a little bit quick I’ve actually drawn six lines on where the bumps are for the Elder Wand They’re kind of evenly spaced apart about one and a half inches apart all through up the chopstick I’m gonna add a few details to the wand where I have noticed Just by looking at the picture from the movie where I think I need to add a little bit of detail so I’m gonna drag Some lines down from here Just to give it a little bit more dimension Detail I’m dragging it down to my first orange line Perfecto! Perfecto! For some reason, I have to turn it into a spell! Perfecto Pantronum! All right, we’re gonna start building up our first bump here right on the orange line Accio bowl! So I’m gonna put some beads in here to just give it a little bit more detail and what’s cool is When you have it on a low heat you can touch it And it’s not gonna burn you and it’s even a little bit more moldable than it normally would be It’s so pretty even just without paint. Maybe we won’t paint them Just so I can have it be pretty. No, i’m just kiddin’ At this point it’s just following our little lines and making bumps all the way up and putting these little Beads on to give it a lot of detail the bumps will progressively Get smaller as you get to the tip of the wand so now that it’s done I would suggest getting round chopsticks for this, but square will totally work – all right now we’re gonna pay the entire thing Brown so you can get Creative paint yours any color that you want and do any different kind of style that you might want to in fact We’re gonna try some different styles also so now that the brown paint is dry. I have a little bit of black I know. I’m just going to go over the top of it very lightly I’m Loving the way that this looks. I think it looks it gave it so much like character And it makes it look like it’s been used a lot. Next, I actually have some metallic gold. So now I’m just gonna do the exact same thing that I just did, dry brush technique So this is gonna give it a magical look. It actually is a little tiny bit glittery, but it actually is really nice It’s not like too much glittery just enough that you can tell that this has magic in it. That looks so good! With this one, I’m gonna do something different I’m actually going to put spiders on the handle. So I have a whole bunch of little mini spiders They’re gonna Give us some detail that we wouldn’t have otherwise so I’m just gonna go ahead and glue them all over the handle here. Oh my goodness that looks so cool. That looks so cool, and it feels really cool I think I’m gonna do one more on the other side. Let me just say this is probably one of the funnest crafts I’ve ever done if I had to rate it like on a scale from one to ten this might be close to a ten No joke. You know it’s good craft when Everybody in the family decides to join in and I didn’t even have to force them to do it They wanted to and look. Oh, they’re turning out so good. Just follow the spiders I’ve actually built this up using glue sticks gluing glue sticks together I’m seriously staying up late tonight doing this because it’s so much fun adding on to that I’ve cut a little tiny piece of just the packaging from like from this A triangle and that’s what’s gonna. Give me the bone look that comes out at the top I think the top of this looks like a bone anyways. I think that’s what’s gonna. Help me to build it out It looks like it’s kind of curved in like that But I started out with flat glue sticks the way that I’ve carved out the middle to make it look like it’s not just a straight line here is actually by taking the side of the glue gun and Pushing it up against it and what that does is it heats up the glue And I can move the glue out of the way and actually bring it down to the bottom And it takes a long time it goes very slow, but you can see if you set it on there You can see when it starts to heat up the glue because it turns back to liquid This is how fast it goes which is very very slow, but what’s cool about it Is it builds up the bottom that needs to be built up and it carves out the middle that needs to be carved out. So It gives us the perfect shape that we need for Voldemort’s wand and now for the top part It looks like a jester hat Yeah, it does, but they’re all kind of different shapes And I’ve only been looking at the picture of his wand. So I’m just gonna continue doing these little twitlely diddlely thingies I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but you can get this at the dollar store. It’s a four pack We’ve already used two of these skeletons for one. You can get these they’re so Detailed and amazing that four for a dollar. That’s like 25 cents each That’s so cheap and so amazing. And look at these wands that you can make with them So here’s how the Voldemort one turned out. This is the finished look what I found with all of these ones is when you add Slightly different colors to it, it brings out all of the details like this one I actually didn’t do just plain white I did plain white and then I added a little bit of brown like a tiny bit just to make a cream color Then I brushed the entire thing with the cream color and after that I made a little bit of gray and did the entire Thing in just a few spots you can actually see really well on the handle There’s some grey and it brings out a lot more detail than would be there normally And then I also went over the beads With a little bit of black just to give the little spots on it that it needs to make it into Voldemort’s wand After I finish this I went a little cray-cray And I made about a billion mark so we recreated Hermione’s wand hers has a lot of detail little swirlies and Leafs And then it also has a little Ridge at the end and painted gold and the same thing I’m cool I painted it with two different colors of gold this one’s pretty plain But I think that we needed to have a few plain ones along with all of the crazy ones that we made that are amazing This one was one of the highlighted ones that I don’t know whose wand it is, but it looks amazing We used a skull for the top of it that came from the package of skeletons that we had from the dollar store And I made sure to put a little bit of black detail in between these little Swirlies on the handle the handle is made of skull Halloween rings, we just chopped off the ring part glued the skull on to it And that’s what we came up with and of course highlighting it with Gold to make sure that the detail comes out this one is one of my favorites. I decided to take little tiny plastic spiders and Glue them onto the handle it gives it a little bit of cushion Painted the whole thing brown first and then on the top of the spiders I just put a little bit more black so that people can tell it’s a spider this one might be my favorite I love the simplicity of it, but I also love the detail We just took one of the skeletons from the dollar store and chopped it into little pieces And he stood back together With its bones and pretty much shaped it into a handle. So I made a whole bunch of other really fun ones. My family even helped me make them We got really Creative and just had a ton of fun making them. Guess what guys? I’m gonna be giving away 10 of these Harry Potter wands that You see right here They’re so amazing, so detailed and I’m going to be giving ten of them away to Ten of you, so follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Because I will have more details there for you to win one of these. I feel like Accio comment! Accio subscribe Thanks for watching Pins and Things. Make sure to check out my other Harry Potter video over here and follow me every day on the beach house over here You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have so many other Harry Potter videos coming to you very soon! Alright, we’ll see you guys next time [Humming] [Giggles]

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