how to make a paper ninja star/blade. | Art and Craft Master

Welcome to my channel art and craft master here today, we are going to be making this specific Ninja Blade So let’s get started so You need to have two papers Square sheets Any color of your choice First fold a square sheet into half In the first square sheet unfold it Fold it into quarter. You can see this crease from this crease to this .fold it just like that Do the same thing to the other side And then fold this whole thing like that Look something like this So this into Half This is also just for the crease see you can get a crease. Oh, yeah now fold this This top to this edge like this. like so and this to this part like this And flip it over and fold This corner to this corner over here just like this And do the same thing to the other side from here to there and It looks something like this and Then for this like this and do the same inside this side Yeah, now this one piece is ready, so let’s go to the other part you have to do just the same thing fold it into half Unfold The whole thing like this and once again so this this And then fold this part And like this and note a point over here this One we did was actually going that opposite side look This one is this side and this one is this side So then the and then do this like this She looks something like this Now we have two pieces And then unfold it check if your Wings are lid is correct in shape should look something like this. You fold it. Just like that now This part should go in here and fold it like this and This part should go in here and fold it like this Like in this slit this little yeah This one should go inside this One The fourth one is a bit difficult because its tite So then this is how it should look This is ninja blade a thank you and click the subscribe button and the bell button for Getting to know other coming up videos Like the video also go bye !!!!!!

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